(2018-08-21) Good Start
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Summary: Two roommates meet.
Date: IC Date (2018-08-21)
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Zolin is in his bed at the moment. How can it be told? Well, first, his bed has chains that are bolted to the ground attached to all 4 legs. From there, a strap is set up across the bed, roughly middle area, that would be in use. The whole thing is levitating slightly, it's more drifting as if gravity isn't keeping it down, while Zolin lays on the bed, reading a book. He has that belt on at the moment, so isn't using the middle strap, but he's also not paying attention to the fact the bed isn't on the ground.

Still, in the process of unpacking a few things, Dakota comes into his shared dorm with a backpack slung over his shoulder. Upon entering, he blinks before his lips twitch into an amused. "Your bed is floating," He remarks going to his side of the room and unloading the contents of his backpack over the bed. Mostly textbooks, reading material, school supplies, etc.

"Huh?" Zolin glances up and then semi-drifts down as the bed falls back to the floor with a thud. The chains are short for a reason, to not let him float too far away. "I.. oh. Guess I wasn't paying attention.. Ahh.. hi. I'm Zolin.. and well.." Landing lightly on the bed, he'd sigh, closing his book. "I'm a gravity controller.. So.. sorry in advance if things get thrown about. It's not intentional."

"Ah. Gravity manipulation," Dakota glances over his shoulder at the other bed. "That's a pretty kinky setup you got going there. Luckily, I'm not really the judgey type" After sorting out some of his school stuff, he slides it to the side and plops down on the bed. "Hi. My name's Dakota. I do mind stuff," He gestures vaguely to his brain. "How long have you been saddled with these powers?"

Zolin eyes the bed then shrugs. "I don't have control of it when I fall asleep.. So the strap is to make sure I don't fall out the window as the earth rotates. I have on gravity around me.." He'd tap his belt with the pouches on it. "This keeps me grounded.. but it's uncomfortable to sleep with." He'd chuckle and then shrugs. "About 2 years.. how about you?"

"That makes sense. Though I can't imagine a strap is all that uncomfortable either," Dakota glances at the belt and its pouches, weighing it in his mind. "Oh…um…ever since I was born, I guess. I didn't really know they were powers until my mom did some research on it." Giving the blonde a one over, he says, "Are you gonna be a Senior?"

Zolin shakes his head. "Junior.. I'm 16. Been dealing with this since I was 14.. and.. not really. But I can usually ignore it long enought o get to sleep." He'd shrug slightly and nods. "I woke up having fallen out of my window.. Needless to say it was rather.. disruptive."

"Oh, sorry," Dakota smiles ruefully, dimples showing. "You're tall." His eyes widen a touch. "That sounds insane. People here have all kinds of crazy stories about power mishaps, but I've never heard anything like that. Were you okay? Well, obviously, you're fine, but, like, how does that even work?" His brows draw together as he tries to think about the physics behind that.

Zolin motions towards the wall. "The earth rotates. Everything stays where it is on the earth due to the earth's gravity pulling it towards that center. When you're no longer connected to the earth? It's not going to keep you in place. I was asleep, dreaming.. and then the dream came real. I was falling. My mom caught me before I flew away and dragged me back in.. I've been tied to beds to sleep since."

"Must have been some dream to activate your powers," Dakota grins a little before offering, "And just know with your bed…you can alter the gravity of objects as well. People, too, I'm guessing." Nodding a few times. "Neat, really neat. Sorta like telekinesis but not. Have you ever tried, I dunno, making a black hole?"

Zolin flashes a smile towards Dakota. "I can alter any gravity.. And no.. I'm not strong enough. From what I've been able to find out training I can put enough force to be up to 5 times earth's gravity. which is enough to black out and kill most people if held long enough." Zolin sighs and shakes his head. "I've learned how to calculate trajectories if I alter gravity. So I can make stuff fall the direction I want it to fall. But it's never as fine as telekinesis. That can grab a pen.. I can make the whole table fall upward."

"Oh, okay," A few more nods, then Dakota's face breaks into the full smile. "Well, I think as long as you don't black me out or kill me, then we're probably going to get along just fine. I don't mind your powers sending things flying every once and a while. It might even make things more interesting." He thinks for a moment. "As for my 'stuff'…well, are you prone to panic or anxiety attacks or anything like that?"

Zolin muses, then shrugs, tapping his belt. "I panic if I lose a grip on the ground.. It's.. something I can't help. That dream and waking up like that? I've never really been able to shake it. Outside of that? I'm pretty calm.. If something tries to get to me that surprises me.. I usually slap it away with gravity.."

"That's perfectly reasonable, and I'll do my best to help you if that happens. And if I see that you're having a nightmare, I can try to wake you up too?" Dakota's not sure about the best procedure for that one. "I just ask because due to that sort of thing can sometimes hit me hard. I can take it in small amounts," In fact, he needs it in small amounts. "but…well, it's complicated."

Zolin grins wryly. "isn't it always? And yes.. if you see me having a nightmare? Wake me immediately.. I.. uh.. don't have a limiter on my power when I'm asleep. Which means things can happen. Like I crush the trees around us on the island. So it's better to wake me up if I have a bad dream and can't get myself awake."

"I guess so," Dakota shrugs. "Alright, I'll keep that in mind since I definitely do not want to be crushed." He stands suddenly, picking up a stack of notebooks and placing them on his desk. "Well, is there anything else you'd like me to know about you, Zolin? Cool name, by the way. Waaay cooler than Dakota. My birth parents were so basic"

Zolin hesitates, then shrugs a little. "Sure.. my parents may or may not be super powered wanted criminals that go around robbing places. I don't know.. I've never actually been with them for such a thing. But that means I'm not exactly wanting to go with them, if they come here." He'd chuckle a little. "But I do have access to a house in town that's got furniture and stuff, with no adults. So if I'm not here? I'm probably crashing there."

You say, "Aww, that's cool," Dakota beams. "We should definitely throw a party there or something, though I bet your maybe superpowered wanted criminal parents wouldn't take too kindly to that." His brows furrow again, but he doesn't really comment further on that. He wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't the judgey type. He continues to transfer his things to his new desk.

Zolin shrugs a little. "They're not in state. They haven't been for the last month.. so I've been alone, until I had a bad dream and had to be woken up before I crushed too many cars." Frowning, he'd just shake his head. "Thanks for not judging. Could I ask you not exactly spread it around? I'm not a criminal. I don't steal or anything.. But others may judge."

"Definitely. We all have our stuff," Dakota glances around at his belongings and rubs the back of his neck. "Darn, I think I left some of my books in the van." Cursing, he mutters, "Adaku's gonna kill me if I leave anything behind. I'll be right back, and I promise that your secret is safe with me, Zolin." And the dark-haired boy slips out of the room.

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