(2018-08-20) Clarification
Summary: Buddy is confused, but Dakota's there to explain a few things.
Date: IC Date (2018-08-20)
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Right in the middle of the hallway is a german shepherd. He seems to be looking directly at the hall directory with a rather surprised looking expression on his face. After a few moments, he tucks his tail between his legs and curves his backside down. His head drops down and he starts backing up from the sign as though it frightened him. Odd for a dog to be frightened of lettering. He ends up backing all the way to the opposite wall.

With a duffel bag slung over his shoulder and dragging a suitcase behind him, Dakota is a late arrival to the boy's hall of the Metis wing. It means that the halls are not crowded with excited students and staff, but it also means that he probably won't make it to dinner before he's finished unpacking all his belongings. Spotting the familiar dog, Kota gives a surprised smile and approaches. "Hey!" Kneeling before him, he reaches out a hand. "I didn't know if you'd be joining us at the new school or not. That means you're, like, an official student, yeah?" He catches the waves of anxiety dog!Buddy is emitting. "What's wrong, Buddy?"

Buddy whimpers a bit and sniffs for the hand some. He finally looks over at the board. "Scarey," is all he says about it in his canine accent. When Dakota says that he wasn't sure if was joining the school, Buddy nods his doggy head. "Yes. Suity man said to come and obey cur-few."

"What's scary?" Dakota takes the sniffing as permission to stroke Buddy's coat. Rising again, he approaches the board Buddy glances off to. "Suity man?" Chuckling, he guesses, "You mean the Headmaster? Yeah, we all have to obey the curfew. I don't know how he'd feel about you running around in your animal form…" Frowning in thought, his eyes scan the hall directory. "Looks like you're rooming with Hunter. I don't know a Hunter…is he mean to you?"

Buddy looks up at Dakota with his two colored eyes. He barks a few times at him as though trying to tell him something. Then, finally realizing that Dakota doesn't speak dogese, Buddy says, "He's a hunter!" Buddy shifts to human mode to make talking easier. He stays seated against the wall though with his knees up by his chest. "What if he decides to hunt me?!"

"It's hard for me to understand you when you talk like that, Buddy…" Dakota gives a little chuckle and watches as dog!Buddy turns into boy!Buddy. Now that he's a human again, the panic is much more tangible…and liable to feed off of by his psychic entity. A look of concern flashes on his face, and his eyes dart between his own room and Buddy curled up in the corner. He takes a deep breath, calming himself even as 'Shadow' begins to snack on that fear. Dropping to his knees next to Buddy, he places a hand on his shoulder. "Hunter's a name, silly, just like Buddy. He's probably not even a real hunter."

Buddy swallows a bit and wraps his arms around his knees. He is just a few seconds from going rabbit and bolting out of here, when Dakota says it is just a name. He looks at the board and then back to Dakota, "You think so?" He reaches up and rubs his chin. Rolling forward a bit on his toes, he says, "Hey, that wouldn't be bad if he wasn't a real hunter."

"I know so," Dakota smiles brightly, feeling some of that fear ebb. Shadow's not too happy, but he is never satisfied with how he handles situations like this. Dakota will just have to deal with the consequences of that later. "Yeah, lots of people have names that also mean other things. Like you. My roommate is Zolin, but I've never met him before."

Buddy pops up to his feet in less than a second. "Okay. That sounds fine than. I hope he is nice. I'd rather sleep out side but Suity man said I have to obey cur-few. I'm just glad there are not cur-many if cur-few is so bad." He wipes his hand across his brow and says, "phew." He then says, "Zo-lin?" He shakes his head. "Don't know the name. I might have smelled or seen him though."

With an amused grin, Dakota watches Buddy jumping to his feet. Even if the other has a lot of energy, he finds it somewhat endearing. "No such thing as cur-many," He stands, tilting his head slightly. "He didn't smell too weird, right? Naturally, I'll probably get used to it if he does since I'm going to spending a year sleeping in the same room with him, but it'd be nice to get a heads up."

Buddy laughs and says, "I don't know which one he is. Oh, has he moved into your room yet? I can smell his stuff and then see if I recognize the scent." He may be a boy, but smell is a big part of a dog's life. "I tried to ask Suity Man if I could sleep outside, but he said not to. He did say I can go camping. I plan to do that alot." He chuckles a bit.

"Not sure," Dakota admits with a shrug. "I was just headed to my dorm room when I found you here." Picking up his duffel bag again, he chuckles, "Headmaster. He probably wouldn't appreciate you calling him Suity Man. Hm. I've never been camping before, but if you plan on going, you probably want to take a friend."

Buddy looks at the duffle bag and says, "What do you have in there?" He walks up next to him as though he plans on walking with him to the dorm room. "Friend? Why would I take a friend camping? I lived for .. for a while out in the woods before Granger and Shocky Man got me. Don't know how long it was because I didn't have a calendar or a watch."

"All of my belongings from the old school and then some," Dakota takes the hint from Buddy and starts off towards his own room. "What about you? Where are your things?" He frowns, giving the boy a one over. "Dude…we have to get you new clothes, at some point." Considering for a bit, he suggests, "Maybe a friend would be good to make sure that you got back to the school on time."

Buddy whistles a bit as they walk down the hallway. It sounds halfway between a normal whistle and a bird whistle. "My things? Well, I did have this really nice stick back at the big house, but I left it there. I thougth someother animals might want to play with it." He places his hands behind his back and looks around. "I can tell time, kind of. I know when it is about to get light and when it is about to get dark. Hmmm, maybe someone who can tell better time might be a good idea."

"Exactly. Or you know, you can just bring a watch," Glancing over at Buddy, Dakota frowns slightly and thinks. "I mean clothes. They probably provided you with sets of the uniform…but you can't wear the same thing after school hours every day. I know that sometimes stipends are provided for kids that don't have much. Did you get anything? If not, I'm sure Adaku wouldn't mind me splurging some cash."

"Suity Man said something about a stripped end or something," Buddy admitted. "He said that I should use it to buy some clothes." Buddy looks down at his clothes and says, "I don't know what is wrong with these, but someone said they were too short. WHo is Ad-addykuaka?"

"Yeah, you'll definitely want a change of clothes. If you wear the same ones every day, they'll start to smell. Plus, it looks like you've outgrown these clothes," Dakota grins a bit. "And for a lot of people, the way you dress says loads about your character. It's good to find your style." The dark-haired boy then laughs at the butchering of Adaku's name. "She's my adoptive mother," Smiling, he briefly adds, "The name's Nigerian. Hey, wanna help me unpack? Then maybe we can do something about your lack of clothing. Online shopping is always fun."

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