(2018-08-20) - New Roomates
New Roommates
Summary: It's time to move into the new school and see who the new roommates are.
Date: 2018-08-20
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It's move-in day to the new school and, no doubt, there will be some time taken to explore the new grounds. It's both a relief and a little sad for Sky that it's no longer under-water, but it will mean less anxiety from his sister and Besa. Still dragging his luggage, he first went to see if there was an Art room and, joy of joys, there was! It means that the goth kid is a little lighter of spirit as he finally finds his room so that he can start unpacking.
Ares Room 200 Coral Springs
Mon Aug 20 12:13:32, 2018 — Mon Aug 20 09:13:32 2018

This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and overcast.

Move in dayyyy! Lazarus may be one of the many who are actually quite happy that school will be back to normal. though admittedly he was curious as to who would get paired with who when it came to Dorm stuff. so…the door that his and Sky's room opens and in walks Lazarus with a sheet of paper. he is in uniform. he looks up and sees Schuyler.

"Oh, hey Sky. guess we're roommates." he has a small bag slung over his shoulder. aaawwwkkwaaaarrdd.

Schuyler looks up at the all-too-familiar mental presence that comes into the room. There's a brief narrowing of his eyes before he gives a little sniff, «Better than my last. You just be careful what you think about my sister when you're in here.» He's already at the closet, hanging his fairly large collection of clothes.

Lazarus just chuckles as he moves to his bunk and starts unpacking. "I will certainly try to not think such things. though…try to stay out of my head where altering is concerned yes? then we're square." he smiles lightly before moving to the closet, setting clothes and the like.

Schuyler glances over as Lazarus moves next to him at the closet, «I have a lot of clothes.» Maybe it's a warning. «I won't purposely go into your head but if you start thinking things about my sister around me, I can't help but pick up surface thoughts. Now you know.»

"Thanks for letting me know at least." Lazarus looks at the closet. "I can tell…" but he shrugs. "I don't have or need a lot, so…yeah." he shrugs. "You don't snore do you?" he says in humor.

Schuyler just blinks at his new roommate. «I wouldn't know.» if he snored. «No one has told me that I do.» Surely Rain would have mentioned it and teased him about it. «If you end up managing to date her…I don't want details.» Everything else he can deal with in a roommate. Mostly. «You aren't messy, are you?»

Lazarus looks at Sky. "Well…." he leaves it at that. "I planned on asking her about that because….I?m confused at the status." he sighs. "So….yeah. but whatcha gonna do?" he shrugs lightly

«Talk to her. That's what you should do. Actually seek her out and talk to her.» Sky pauses in his unpacking to really look at the other, «Look, you aren't pressuring her and you're willing to go along with what she wants, so…I appreciate that. But she may not really even know what's going on, so if you can still be patient, that's the best thing. But if you want to move on, that's ok too. Just talk to her.»

"Yeah." Lazarus says as he accurately tosses his bag into his own bed without even looking. it's contents now empty,but he now sets up his deodorant stacks and the like. "I just don't know if she even likes me that way or is just doing this as..curiosity. but…I'll take the advice. I just didn't want to pressure or make her feel like I was demanding."

Schuyler looks pensive for a moment before he offers, «She's not playing you, if that means anything. She's not like that.» He doesn't dislike the other, but he's wary because it's his twin! «If she felt pressured or felt like you were being demanding, she'd shove you away. I'm pretty certain of that.»

Lazarus nods. "Good to hear.." he admits, before he offers Sky a small smile. "Thanks for the advice…and the encouragement." he chuckles. "least I have a good roommate."
Wake up!

«Yeah, you might want to withhold judgement…» on the 'good roommate' part. There's another glance as if he might say more, but instead he goes back to his suitcases and unpacking. After a moment or two of silence, he'll add, «Don't try to impress her. Just…be you. If she likes it, then she does.»

Yep, back to casual unpacking. theeen they speak again! this is gonna be a fun high school life… "yeah, that was the plan lad." his heavily Scottish accent peeking through once more. "But…we'll see how it goes yea? so…you got anyone Sky?" he says with a teasing grin on his face.

Are accents noticed by telepaths? Sky doesn't really comment on it even though he seems to know that the other isn't American. For that matter, neither are the Masters. There's a brief scowl at the question and he turns back to his own unpacking with a simple, «No.»

Eh, accents probably don't quite make it to the telepath's radar. But! Lazarus takes the one word answer as his cue. "Fair enough." he chuckles then. "…sorry if I struck a nerve…"

«You didn't,» Sky offers quickly. «No one here interests me right now. They're either not into guys, into each other, or too into themselves.» So far. Maybe he hasn't met everyone, but that's the conclusion he's come to.

"Yeah, that?s pretty fair." Lazarus shrugs just a bit as he sets aside simple things like toothpaste and toothbrushes. But with a smile, he shrugs. "who knows? maybe you?ll find someone."

Schuyler also shrugs, «I'm not going to go looking for anyone. If it happens, it happens. If not…well, I suppose that's what I just expect.» His laptop and tablet are pulled out and placed on the desk before he goes to his portfolio to see if there's anything that he might want up on the wall or on a shelf. «As long as you don't sleep with the light on, I guess we'll be fine.»

Lazarus nods softly. "Hey, it makes sense. no point in rushing it anyway. you would look desperate." he teases. "but no rush in relationships. you find 'em if or when ya find 'em. and no…I don't sleep with the light on, so you?re safe there." he shrugs.

Schuyler also nods, «We should be fine then.» With the groundrules stipulated earlier. «I don't care if you play music and all.» There's that, as well. «And if you're going to be bringing in stinky food, at least warn me…and I'll do the same. I can't smoke in the room, so you're safe from that.»

"Good…I can't stand the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. messes with my senses." Lazarus says with clear distaste for the stuff. guess smoking isn't in his future. "We'll be just fine regardless. and I don?t like stinky food so…you?re good there too." he winks.

Schuyler's clothes may carry the faint aroma of clove cigarettes…but he does try to launder them asap. It will also depend on how long he'll be able to hide the smoking from the faculty. Lazarus gets another long look before Sky just lifts his eyebrows and gives a little shake of his head. «Well, this will be interesting. Could be worse, I suppose.»

"You have to admit, the pairing with us as roommates is a bit funny. didn't see it coming." he shrugs very softly as Lazarus finishes unpacking and flops down on his own bed, clasping his hands behind his head.
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Schuyler is still unpacking as he apparently has stuff. Clothes will come and go per the season and any more growth spurts, but he also like having things. «It could have been worse. I could have been with my last roommate again. I was hoping Besa and I would be able to room together, but I guess it's still by team. As if that has anything to do with compatibility.»

Lazarus remains laying down with a soft smile on his face. « Hey, I figured I'd be rooming with RJ or somethin', but this works just fine for me." he says with a very small smile on his face. Though he does seem to hum. "I was actually surprised you weren't paired with Besa. You, Rain, and Besa are practically inseparable." he tilts his head. "Buuut team-pairing does make sense, I suppose."

Schuyler wrinkles his nose at the mention of RJ, «Well, so glad that you're pleased with the arrangement. Of course, the school catered to your whims, no doubt,» is offered with a healthy dose of sarcasm. While he can't lie through mental speech, he can be as snarky as he wants. «I think it's kind of ridiculous that they keep it to teams. It promotes cliques.» As far as he, Rain, and Besa being inseparable, «We're family.» As if that's all that needs to be said.

Lazarus shrugs. "You're ability with Sarcasm almost matches my own." Laz says with his own little wordplay of sarcasm, though admittedly a tad on the less side in terms of effectiveness compared to Schuyler. Regardless of such things, Lazarus gives a look to Schuyler. "Family means much, but many family members hate each other. Saying 'we're family' doesn't quite say much in terms of how close you three really are." he'd know. "Regardless, it's good to see." Lazarus then closes his eyes, as if he intended to take a small nap in the near future.

«Not in our family. In our family…family comes first. We may hate someone but being family means more.» Sky can take a hint as Lazarus closes his eyes. There's a roll of his own as he finishes unpacking the suitcase he was working on. Then, in a possibly surprising move, he grabs his sketchbook and pen and makes his way out of the room to give his new roommate some peace and quiet for his nap.

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