(2018-08-20) Moving Day
Moving Day
Summary: Syd, Bryce, and Ashton arrive at the new school
Date: 2018.08.20
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Metis/Prometheus Lobby


Sydney comes up from the ferry dock about three times. Once with a homemade futon, once with a homemade desk chair, and once with a very large box with literally everything else she owns in it. She carries them all as though they weigh nothing.

Is that Aladdin and his magic carpet coming in from the Cave of Wonder? Nope, it's skinny little Bryce flying in on one of his psychic constructs. It is a thin rectangular piece. He is sitting in the middle of it along with two suitcases. He flies towards the school having seen a map and therefore had little trouble finding it. He hasn't flown this far before and is clearly straining as he sets down just outside the dorm.

Ashton walks down the stairs from the second floor, with a man in a black suit and tie walking beside him. Ashton looks up to the taller man. "Thanks, Thomas. I really think that I'm good now. I think I'd prefer to unload everything myself."

The man looks at Ashton and nods. "I'll tell your grandmother that you are all settled. Just remember to call her before it gets too late. Take care, Ashton."

The boy looks to the man, "You should be good to go. Thanks again." As the man walks off towards the docks, Ashton sighs softly and looks around. On his shoulder are three fairly large blood red spiders. One of the spiders skitters from one shoulder to the other, looking around the new school grounds, almost comically.

Sydney waves at Bryce once she sets down the big box. It's not actually that big, and most of the size in it is computer stuff. Mostly the monitor and keyboard, in fact. Her entire wardrobe is stuffed in and folded over top to keep stuff from moving. "Hey Bryce…" She sees the strain on his face. "Does your armor give you flotation? And does it work if you pass out?" She notes Ashton next. "Hey Ash." She watches the man in black leave. She makes a show of it, in fact. "Man, I want a butler like that…"

Bryce remains seated for a moment even after the pyschic platform disappears. He is breathing a bit heavy as though from exertion. He waves at Sydney and says, "Oh, uh, no. I, I kind of sink with it. As for when I pass out, uh, I, I don't know." He waves at Ashton when he sees him with the strange guy in a suit. "Almost drowned the, the other day when practicing." When Sydney mentions wanting a butler, Bryce says, "It, it isn't always that fun."

Ashton looks at Sydney with a smile. "Oh, Thomas isn't a butler… he's part of the security detail that Grandmother hired… I'm honestly surprised she didn't try to have him as my roommate, even if he is like ten years older than me." He walks over towards the other two students. "So, how are you settling in? This place is kind of wild. Not exactly what I was expecting."

Sydney looks at Bryce. "Ok. First thing we're gonna do is find you a life jacket for practicing flying. If you turn up dead from drowning, I will kick your ass." Syd doesn't quite look as though she means that literally, at least to those who know her penchant for hyperbole. She looks concerned, and uncomfortable at being that concerned. As though something twisted inside her that she didn't know she even had. She listens to Ashton a moment, then glances where Thomas went. "Yeah, I kinda wondered if he wasn't secretly a spy or something from the outfit." She looks up the stairs. "I don't know how I'm settling in yet. I just got here.

Bryce pauses for a moment and looks up at Sydney with thoughtful eyes. Clearly his brain is going a million miles a second. "Floation. Brilliant idea, Sydney." He goes to open his mouth but instead of actually saying something, he starts writing with his finger in the air as though doing mathematical calculations though there isn't anything there. Finally he says, "It, it should work." Looking back to Ashton for a moment, he then quickly looks back to Sydney. "Pl-pleased don't kick me. I will try not to, uh, to drown." Finally back to Ashton he says, "I, I didn't know what to, er, uh, expect here. There was very little, er, information. Probably because they needed to, uh, keep it a, a secret."

Ashton chuckles slightly and nods. "I had a little bit of time before my stuff got here, so I got to wander around. From what I had heard, I had half expected it to be submersive or something." He looks to Bryce, "How are you doing, Bryce?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah, I heard the old school was under water. Boy was I glad to find out this one isn't." She mutters something under her breath that ends with "…medicate me." She looks over to Bryce. "Hon, if you die of drowning, you won't care if I kick your ass. It's an empty threat." She sighs and goes to pick up something heavy. "Sorry. Some days I just feel like anyone who isn't a brick is fragile like a soap bubble. It's not fair of me. But yeah. Maybe a waterskiiing flotation vest or just steal a life jacket off the ferry if we have to.

"Wouldn't it be hard to breath - oh," Bryce just caught what she said. "I, I didn't even think of it that, er, that way. Sorry. I, uh, I'm a bit too literal at times. I think I might be able to make a, a simple boat though, well, with practice. Maybe." Looking back to Ashton, he says, "Um, good, er, days and, well, other ones. One thing that has been, um, good recently has been, well, uh. …" He looks over at Syndey for a moment before he says to Ashton, "Sydney and I are, uh, well, dating…." He then quickly adds. "Each other…dating … each other." He voice get softer at the end as he realizes he probably didn't need to say that part.

Ashton grins, "That's great guys. I'm glad for you… " He does seem honestly happy for the two. He looks between the two, then grins slightly, "So I guess things have been pretty good then." One of the spiders skitters up to perch on the top of his head, looking intently at Sydney. One of the others buries inside the neckline of his shirt.

Sydney eyes Ashton. "um… spiders? Is that… normal?" She shudders as the one buries itself in his shirt. She nods to Ashton and smiles weakly. "Yeah. It's kind of a new thing for me.

Bryce watches as Sydney walks upstairs with the box. He'd offer to help because it is the nice thing to do, but she is stronger than he is. "Ashton has, uh, three spiders that, er, I forget." He looks to Ashton and says, "I haven't seen, um, your spiders - oh, thank you - haven't seen the spiders in a while. They are connected to, uh, your powers or something?"

Ashton reaches up and the one in his hair hops onto his fingers, clinging happily. "Yeah, I created them… they are kind of like homoculi. They are tied to my magic. When I was cut off from my power, they acted more like normal spiders and weren't as affectionate… when my power returned, they reconnected with me. They don't like traveling in the terrarium though." He watches the uncomfortable Sydney leave with the box. Once she is out earshot, he chuckles. "You know, it's kind of funny that she is scared of spiders when they couldn't possibly bite her."

Bryce shrugs his shoulders when he asks about Sydney being afraid of spiders. "One thing that I have, uh, learned about her is that she, she is strong and metal on the, the outside, well, inside too, but her heart, not the beating one, is still soft and kind. So maybe, that is why." He finally stands up after taking a bit of a rest and says, "I should get my luggage in the, the dorm." He looks at the luggage and reaches up to hide a smile with his left hand.

Ashton smiles and nods. "Oh, I know… trust me, I understand feeling things that don't make sense to others…" He looks to the other boy, "Do you need help? Kind of doesn't seem fair that I had someone move all of my stuff into the dorm like some spoiled brat who is too good to get his hands dirty."

Bryce shakes his head and says, "No, it's, it's okay. When I first came, Loukanos had to help me move all, uh, of my stuff. The bags were, were really heavy. Thankfully, while I, I may not be stronger, I am better with my powers." He gestures with his left hand an a small disc starts to appear in the air. Slowly three projections emerge from in and in a few moments they form a claw from an arcade booth. The claw grabs the heavier of the two bags while Bryce grabs the lighter one.

Sydney comes back down the hall from the girl's wing after a bit. "Sorry. Had to use the bathroom. That meant I had to find the bathroom, which was a whole other adventure. She picks up the futon. The close observer of its frame, since she's holding it over her head, might note that it's made of 2x4s 4 inches on center. You could probably park a car on it, folded or unfolded. "You guys need any help?"

Ashton nods to Bryce, "I was just offering… I didn't mean to imply anything." He does grin at the display of power. "I'm glad that you're getting a better handle on your powers though, Bryce." He watches the metallic girl head back down. "Nah… I just need to unpack, and I don't know if I want to let you anywhere near my concert tees… " He says it jokingly.

Bryce starts to pull the two bags (one by hand and one by claw) towards the dorm. When he gets to the stairs though, he says, "Uh, Sy-sydney, can you carry this one up the stairs so I don't have to, to make two trips? I'm not sure I can, um, do two claws yet." He looks back to Ashton and says, "Th-thank you. I used a really big version to, to, uh, when we, rescued…." Bryce comes to a stop for a moment. His eyes narrow and then he shakes his head some.

Sydney nods. "Sure." She looks at Bryce, and wonders if he's overextending… but he's not lifting anything that will die if he drops it, so she doesn't say anything. She does put the futon down and grab the box Bryce gestured to, giving the spiders in Ashton's clothes and hair - *shudder* a glance. "Yeah, well. If your concert tees wind up all stretched out in the front? At least you'll know what happened to them." With that, she heads upstairs with Bryce's stuff. Hopefully the guys follow.

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