(2016-08-19) More About the Goon
More About the Goon
Summary: Annaliesa and Derek react to the arrival of Krutchan vin Gadoon
Date: (2016-08-19)
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Today was the day, families would gather, some festivities to be head. Meet faculty, meet new faculty, make sure all the items needed for class were under way, maybe not all the books until registration was finalized, but uniforms, lockers, room assignments, the like. Derek said good by to family back who knows when. He was hunting down for Annaliesa. News spread of the new faculty, maybe he heard, maybe she wanted him. He was looking for her, his search starts in the dorms of course. Her room, the one with her name on it, the common areas. Good thing they shared a dorm. He could even poke into other rooms, ask if they'd seen Annaliesa and all. Maybe they didn't want him poking his head in, but he figured it couldn't hurt much, hopefully everyone is dressed.

Annaliesa is dressed and she is seated on her bed in her room, stewing. When the door opens, she lifts her head and there's a storm in her eyes, darkening them, bringing a malice there that perhaps had never been seen before, save for once. In the old park. Resting her gaze on Derek, she smiles, the storm lessening, not so much taking over with the appearance of Derek there. "He's here." The words are flat still and hold a world of anger. "My place away, and he is here." Rising, she approaches him, still battling that internal struggle of anger and malice versus her happiness to see him.

A lift of his brow, Derek comes in, the door staying half open behind him. He sees the smile and sense the storm there, even though it lessons. "There you are," he grins, end quirks a brow, "He is is he?" A step closer as she approaches him. Like she has to finish closing that gap, he stops, "How's that?" He may know, but he's made a lot of crazy assumptions of late, maybe he doesn't want Team Ares blowing up at him again. Least of all not her that is. He does lift his hands, as if a hug is offered for when she meets him. To help with that struggle of hers, or to support her side of that at least.

Annaliesa just can't deal with it in any constructive manner and after a moment of battling it, she buries her face against him at the offered hug, not crying, but close. The stiffening of her spine shows the effort she puts in not to. "Goonie is here. He came here and is staff at the school now. He's invading my territory and he's doing it on purpose. I have him for a class this year Derek. You heard him back home, you saw the animosity. Why did he come?"

His hands do come up in that moment, not just to pat, but he fully embraces her, holding her into his chest. His hand pushes lightly on her back, nearly a message of sorts, a struggle against her stiffening, rigorous body at what is happening. "Yeah, he's here isn't he, squid face himself." A pause, "Is that offensive?" He knows she doesn't like the guy, but maybe she's neutral to his race of squiddies or something. "You think he's here for you for some reason? I mean I did hear him. Maybe, I don't know. I don't trust him, that's for sure. But Honey Badger, she must have some trust in him right?" He's a rebel, but bringing in a villian to help, in his eyes, is not something he would do.

Annaliesa sighs, lifting her eyes to meet his, accepting the comfort where it's given. "I don't know. I don't know why he came. I mean it'd be awfully vain of me to think he came here for me, right? Maybe he wants to change things. Maybe I should just give him a chance." The question of offensiveness is met with a shake of her head. "I don't care what you call Goonie, I mean I don't exactly call him by his name." A nod about Honey Badger, accepting that. "I suppose she knows best."

"Its Jubilee or whatever today, but I vote we skip this, get a cabin, make a fire and cook marshmallows." He throws that out there at least, but ponders the case of Krutchan. "Maybe, either he is changing, or who knows, maybe he's studying the surface, to take over us next?" A shrug, see they can both be suspicious and vain, Derek doesn't see it as vain. "I think we keep our suspicions and just try to get through is class no worries. Hopefully she comes back soon anyways, and Weald can get back to regular teaching duties right?"

"Maybe he is." Annaliesa ponders that, a distinct unease settling over her features. "My parents are here, maybe with Vinny, meeting the teachers. I don't want to join in that, my mother knows how I feel. I know how she feels. Maybe she's going to check him out, find out if there's something more sinister." Slipping her hand into his, she steps back a little. "A cabin. I would like that. We can talk more about your amulet and see if we've discovered anything new. I can take my phone, we can do google searches and stuff."

"If you need to say hi to your parents, we can do that, but then we'll get away from school," agrees Derek with a grin. Its a reassuring grin, smug even, cocked to his right side. "Hopefully she does check him out, we could make our way out and be seen by the Goonie, give a distraction for her to do what she's doing?" He doesn't know, but making an appearance sounds like something to do, and a way to get out. "Yeah, google searches, that's a good idea. Maybe find something out about Onida's people, so we can go to Thunder Bay, see what the library says too?"

"I was with my parents when we all heard about Goonie, and that's when I came in here to calm down. They understand why I'm not there with them, they're not going to make me go to meet with him. A slow smile creeps across her features. "Yes, I think we should do just that. We can make an appearance, we're seniors now and all, sort of check out the new arrivals and head to the cabin for marshmallows, something to drink and Google searches. I can get a bottle of alcohol from the house and we can head out there."

"Oh, official senior appearance, I need to mad dog the new students and freshman," chuckles Derek, a slight hint of glee in that maybe. For good or bad. Holding her tight and tucking her into him again, he kisses the top of her forehead. "Whatever happens with the Goon, I'm here baby." Those rare moments of the true Derek in there, the one that cares and loves for someone other than himself. "Lets go have some fun, not stew on this jerk showing up all day, yeah?" He lets go, enough so she can get ready if needed, his ready is, if he's dressed hes ready. He is dressed. "Alcohol says you, you had me at kissing for this cabin trip." Beat. "You said we would do some kissing too right? I mean, I'm in for mashrmallows and all, but you need to come with the package to totally sell me on it."

"Of course you do." It was what Derek's did to starting Freshmen. "I honestly don't think he will start anything at the school. Should be good at least until graduation." Or the school year is over, same same. Feeling that he is there for her though, she tightens her hold on him with a smile. "Yes, fun. We'll let this all sort itself out too." She does step back and finds a backpack, "For the alcohol and the marshmallows. We can fly over to my place, snag it and head out." She gives a playful smile. "Of course there will be kissing involved. You're going to be there."

"See, just one year, and we have our Freedom," he grins, and as she tightens her grip, she gets a very snug hug. Full open hands, holding her, one hand to each shoulder, right into him. "See, fun, we start this year off right. Drinks and mashrmellows and kissing. We have started on the right foot." A pause, "Or the left, which is your favorite?" Realizing he doens't know little things, he knows how she likes to be touched, kissed even, little things. He may be maturing here. "I think we play 20 questions tonight." Or just ask each other things, so he can learn more. He is growing up.

"Are you going to college?" Annaliesa asks him, well aware that they had talked about this some before, but it was a new year they were looking in the face. "I wish there was something like Hogwarts, for college age. Like Coral Springs. A place to further our education." If there is, Anna is unaware of it. Wrapped in his embrace, it feels like nothing can touch them and bolsters her mood considerably since finding out about the Goon. Apparently, she's got a head start on the questions with that one on college, but she smiles, tilting her head back. "I'm right handed, so I like right better. I guess I've always favored it. It's always associated with the good guys too. The Right side of the law, things like that." With the backpack, she slips away, taking his hand, "Let's go do this."

"I think there are places for college. Not full Hogwarts, but like greek houses and stuff, for us," says Derek, turning for the door, his hand in hers, he nods. "Our adventure begins, Liesa, no telling what the day may bring." Other than camping at a cabin of course. But he brow waggles just the same to her. "Right handed it is, and I don't know. Maybe college. I'm not feeling it. I want to go out, do things, be, I don't now, a hero, an adventurer, a swashbuckler." A slight turn of his chin, "That's s thing right. Sounds sort of dorky, like fencing though. I'll stick to the flying. Which we should do." Its school, he can fly when they get to open air.

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