(2018-08-17) Weeeeegie
Summary: It's almost time for students to leave Winbarry. There's still enough time for another Calli + Dax spat!
Date: 2018-08-17
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Fri Aug 17, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and fair.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Fluke Gamer: Good Success.

Once upon a time Callisto reveled in her natural stealth; how easy it was to SNEAK around unseen, unnoticed, to do as dark fey do. Never before had she batted an eyelash or felt anything beyond satisfaction at a sneaky job well done. But here? This evening, on the 17th of August? She successfully made her way into the boys' wing with a special little bauble and BACK out. What is it about that trek that leaves her heart tripping? And her mind very much in need of a distraction of the 16-to-32-bit variety? Maybe she should have waited until literally the morning of the 20th… but really, Callisto hadn't known when Daxton was due to return.

It's too late now.

So as the hour approaches 7 o'clock PM, after supper has been served, a certain fey girl is downstairs in a cave that she has truly come to enjoy. The Nintendo 64 has been rooted out, set up, and she's currently CRUSHING … not Mario Kart…. but Goldeneye 64! The cult favorite / smash hit from the late nineties! Whooda thunk it? Callisto being good at shooters.. however old?! A bowl of cherries is propped in the nest of her legs, folded lotus-style, and she's intent upon the screen.

One moment she's alone shooting people, the next there's a speedster lounging on the couch, slightly man spread. He smells of pizza, but his shirt has been changed at least. The moment he appears, there's a gust of wind that follows, filling in the spaces he ran through. He's watcher her, not the screen and has the Luigi hanging from one finger. There's that boyish smirk though, clearly the keychain is liked.

BLAM! Callisto is pursuing the main baddie of the current level! His badly-pixelated body is running through what appears to be some sort of skyward catwalk level. Intense music! No guns needed; switch to unarmed! WHACK WHACK! She almost got him! Must knock him off of the antenna cradle!

Then a 'WHOOSH' of air is felt and Callisto's white hair lashes across her features somewhat, distracting her. She adopt the scowl that all gamers have perfected when things don't go their way. That few seconds of distraction means the end of her PC in this first-person-shooter… and the level must restart.

She turns her head upon a lithe stalk of neck to glare at those who dare to interrupt her.. and she sees Daxton. With Luigi. He's.. back!?

Callisto stares at him, cheekbones beginning to flush. She is settled there in what appears to be her typical choice of elegant pajamas.. anything but the usual gamer uniform. "Ah.." Blink. The smirk fizzles out her anger.

"Do you.. like it?"

"Yeah, I do. Thanks." He feels a little bad, are they at the gift giving stage now? Dax's head tilts, still amused, "Should I put my keys on it, or hang it in my room?" He shifts, legs spreading a little more and getting comfortable on the couch, he worked today it seems.

Why do boys do that? Is it uncomfortable to keep their bits and pieces too tightly cloistered? Is it a status thing? Either way Callisto, knowing what she knows of his so far (damnit Pulse) blushes and has to look away with a pert clearing of her throat. "I found it in town and t'was… an impulse. I thought you would like it. We shall be leaving soon and it serves as a challenge to keep your skills honed for when we can meet next." Said haughtily at first, but her slight smile breaks the facade. She looks to him as the game insists that she continue. "You do as you see fit.. though moving as you do, going where you go, I should not wish for it to be lost. Place it in your room somewhere." Bids the girl, head tilting.

She doesn't look to be expecting anything in return.. truly, she isn't! Callisto watches him. "How have you been doing?" Asked with earnest interest.

An impulse? He can get behind fast buys. That laugh and he says, "So…it is a challenge then?" He nods tough, already thinking about where to put it in his odd collection of things. "Tired, been running a lot lately." Work, Unit 23, New Mexico. "Ran into that Dylan kid the other day." He rolls his eyes, "Kid's got some issues. I bought him dinner." See, Dax can be nice!

She makes to rest the horrific-looking controller into her lap, pauses as there are cherries there. Instead she sets it down and listens thoughtfully to the speedster's words. "You certainly have. Have things resolved wiht Coyote's grandmother? Are things alright?" Asked with genuine concern… how things have changed for Callisto. "Are you alright, then? Regardless of speed, t'is not wise to stretch yourself so thin." Advises the graceful girl, studying Daxton.

At the talk of Dylan having issues, Callisto's expression falls slightly. "He has challenges… I know naught of what to say, of how to proceed. I know where he resides and I am thinking of seeking him out before we are schoolbound. But—" Daxton bought Dylan dinner? Callisto appears touched; her half-smile pulls into a full, earnest one.. and all of that wattage beams upon the tired speedster. "T'is kind of you. Have you eaten yet?" Surely he must be sick of pizza by now.

Daxton shrugs, leaning over to snag one of the cherries between her legs (what?). "I don't know. There's been no sign of any out of the ordinary visiting her beyond that healer kid from here and Dylan himself." A grunt and another shrug as he leans back, "I'm alright. Just tired." He honestly doesn't know what to do for the kid either, "yeah? I had my tips, it wasn't a big deal." Yes, so sick of pizza, "I ate at work, but I could eat again. You hungry?"

Anyone other than Callisto would blush to see the wayward grabbing up the stone fruit. But 'lo and behold her pale eyes follow the trajectory of Dax's hand to the bowl, right to the delivery of the cherry to his gob. Hmn. She's too busy focusing upon his voice to really put too much thought into his snagging of the fruit. As she pledged initially, she was not.. not .. going to rush anything. Even at the safe house in Thunder Bay Callisto had left the pace entirely up to the speedster right up until Pulse asked for donuts.. damnit. Walking it off was fun.

Callisto watches the boy's face thoughtfully, taking a deep breath through her nostrils.

"I could do well to eat something," The girl muses. "Shall I go fetch something from upstairs?" Asked as she offers the bowl of cherries to him with a slow smile. She curls her long legs inwards beneath her body, looking like a queen in her powder-blue sleepwear of a camisole and capri-length fitted (matching) bottoms. The look clashes with the controller beside her calves.

Daxton chews, and then shrugs, "If you want food here, sure. Want me to get it?" It'll be faster. The bowl is taken, if she wants any she'll need tot ell him, or they'll all be gone soon.

"Eat them." Callisto insists, having already had her fill. She is more of a snack lightly, snack often sort. The cherries are not long for this world and Callisto is surprised that the boy accepted them. "You've been on the move for the day, yes? I can go, but it would take far longer." Said with a light smirk. "T'was a… lasagna casserole tonight. There should be some left, along with salads and bread." A pause as she considers, "There was also some manner of vegetarian dish." Added as an afterthought. "There was a lot leftover, if you wish to grab some. But I truly do not mind if you want to rest." Says the fey girl… huh. Cripes, if her mother could see and hear her now, she'd spin like a dervish. Dark fey do not serve others.

Callisto makes to stand, long hair swinging down behind her body, eyes observing the boy to see what he would prefer.

Daxton's chewing slows as he tilts his head to look at her. Some manner of thought races through his head before he nods, "Sure…okay. Thanks." This will be interesting. Blue eyes travel up those long legs as she stands, not making an effort to disguise his look before he meets her eyes and smiles crookedly.

Hey, at least he's not all in denial anymore about checking out Callisto's assets! And much like before, she isn't one to shy away or shrink beneath the scrutiny. She fixes him with a pointed gaze that says 'yup, take your fill' (oh Callisto) before she nods lightly. "Alright then." Said easily.. Daxton is the brave one here, entrusting Callisto to find something to bring to him that would work. Brave boy. Would she be so foolish as to bring a portion that is fit for her? Or does she know the boy well enough by now to carve off most of the casserole and cart it downstairs?

We shall see.

The mentalist pauses after reaching the bottom of the stairs, glances over a shoulder. "Ready yourself for battle. T'is food not only to feed your stomach, but fortify you for the devastation of my beating you. You shall be smarting from it long after we all leave." There's the fighting words. She pads near-soundlessly up the stairs.

Daxton's not too worried, he can always get more. Fighting words? Watch Dax flip this, "Beating me, huh? Didn't know you were into that. I can work with it though…" And then he waggles his eyebrows at her.

Heard somewhere up the stairwell.. "… ugh."

About five minutes shall pass. Students have been fed and there are no bodies to jostle with and/or wait behind as they serve themselves. Daxton shall not be left to wait for too long because eventually Callisto descends, carrying more fruit for herself but having indeed carved off a sizeable quarter of an 8" x 12" casserole dish that has been brimming with Miss Annalee's lasagna recipe. Nestled in alongside it is a haphazard scoop of salad (you don't make friends with salad) and a few leftover bits of bread. And Callisto.. bless her heart…. carries a 2L bottle of Pepsi beneath an elbow. Topping it all off is a mug hanging from her pinkie finger.

She pauses at the bottom of the stairs, looking to Dax. "How's this? Is this enough?"

Daxton snickers and then closes his eyes to rest. And as it goes, he starts to drift in the 5 minutes. Nothing deep, no dreaming. He hears her coming down the steps and cracks an eye open. Oh, heck yeah. He smiles sitting up, "That'll do." Both hands go up and make a gimme motion. Once it's in his hands he'll tell her, "Thanks."

The girl makes no motions to imply that any of this is for her. She's grabbed up enough to feed perhaps two teenaged boys. Carefully she will hand over the food-laden plate, the mug and entire bottle of soda. Then Daxton, remember his manners, thanks her and Callisto simply smiles. Did she notice, though, that he was dozing? Perhaps not seeing as how he perked up when she returned, though she DOES study his face again. "You require sleep." Said without hesitation, "What I said, t'was in jest if you wish to lay down afterwards. Take Luigi with you." The girl offers, and after having taken up her own (healthy) snacks she moves to settle in alongside Daxton as he eats. Once again her legs fold underneath and she's biting into an apple. She cannot help but look at him on occasion, as if memorizing his features. Stuffed gob and all. c.c

That smirk remains, "You want me to snuggle with an Italian man…After feeding me lasagna?" The food is taken and he ignore the talk of a nap. Instead h sets the bottle down and starts digging into the food. He's a sight, eating at super speeds. Some of the sauce ends up on his chin, but he wipes it with the back of his hand and continues eating. He can feel her eyes on him though. After half the food is gone he stops, "Did you want some?"

"It works, no?" Callisto asks offhandedly at the pasta and Luigi comment, her lips twitching. "And—" Blink. Pause. He's digging in and much as she always does, Callisto watches for a few set seconds. Perhaps long enough for Dax to shovel much of the meal in. Her eyes flit to the napkin that she brought for him, left neglected and lonely on either the couch or table (wherever it landed c.c ) when he took the grub. Instead he uses his hand. Callisto, not for the first time, pictures in her head how this will have boded in, say.. 1910…

She blinks back into reality at the question. "Oh, no.. I am fine. Really. Take all of it." She insists.. flitting her gaze back to the television so as to not discomfort him. In the motion of her upper body the gorgon head pendant slides across her collarbones. She stands, goes to grab the control as the television yet awaits her command.

"Must you return to New Mexico, or is that all said and done? Can you catch your breath now?" Asks the mentalist, bending forth to adjust the volume on the television.

Daxton grunt sin pleasure. Miss Annalee is a good cook. He'll be sad to see her go, although Afterthought will eb happy to have the kitchen back. He nods and then works on finishing it. The salad is left for last, be he eats that too. Blue eyes slide over as he starts t slow down, watching Calli's form as sheets up to start playing the game again. "Pulse is there now. I'll go back on Sunday." He leans forward to grab the soda, but stops when she bends over, enjoying the view. "I don't know how long we can keep run-in out there. We're both needed for missions."

Did she just add a little flourish in how she moves, just because she knows he's watching? Of course! Have to give him a little something for him to remember her by! Cripes she's behaving as if she is gone for good.. c.c

Once she has the volume to her liking and controller in hand, Callisto folds herself back in right beside him. Her presence is a warm, comfortable weight upon the couch. "Is she now? Has she plenty of donuts?" Asked with a snort, her gaze flitting in Daxton's direction as she leans in to give him a gentle nudge with a bare shoulder. The level that she flunked upon Daxton's arrival re-starts but Callisto finds herself not quite able to focus upon it as easily.

"I find myself feeling a bit.. anxious. I became quite comfortable here. I am not really ready to leave yet for I shall miss this." She indicates the basement, "And you as well." She's said it before, surely, but she really means it now.

Her player character gets blown away and Callisto curses softly underneath her breath.

Daxton groans softly, "Shit…I hope so." F donuts. He sips at the soda, finally feeling full. "If I can run to New Mexico, I can run to the school. All you have to do is text me and I'll be there." Well, if he can. He doesn't look at the screen until she curse, and then he laughs. Cause that's the supportive type he is. "This is nice though."

The girl knows not to spoil the easygoing mood with heavy talk. Lord knows Daxton needs the peace and relaxation. She eyes him balefully as he laughs at her hit and miss on the old nintendo 64 game. "Why don't you—" The threat dies on her lips, her bidding him to 'do better'. No, Callisto is touched by the notion of him running to the school. Somehow. Can he truly run fast enough to speed his way over the water's surface? Callisto wouldn't doubt it. She sighs gently, and tilts her head to rest her temple to his shoulder. This is a nice way to sit; her people could learn from such a thing instead of being all intense and domineering.

Callisto attempts the level again.. gets farther, flunks it. Daxton's presence is more interesting to her. "I quit the Silver Fable job.. I will be pulling more hours at the pool. You are welcome to meet me whenever you wish, before I am to board the ferry back. Just," She looks up at him. "It would be late."

Yeah, he totally can. It's impressive, if he does say so himself. He smiles as she leans into his shoulder, "You quit? I thought you liked that job?" There's a nod, "I can meet you, yeah. I can run you back too if you miss the ferry." Daxy-Taxi at it again!

And 'lo and behold, he doesn't shy away when she gets comfortable! Her head can be felt nodding gently, "T'was enjoyable, but the hours were not reliable. Not for the schedule I must keep to be back to the school in time to avoid.." Callisto looks up, "Cut off. I do not do detention. T'is the penalty if we miss ferries, and I wish not to have you feel obliged to clean up my mistakes." Callisto smirks, then eases her head back down to lean in comfortably again. She watches the screen but does not access the game again. "T'is funny.. when I started, I cared little about this.. graduation. I regret to say that it was an experiment but now.. I care. I shall graduate with the best marks." Where there was haughtiness before, now she's earnest.

A hand lifts to touch the necklace in contemplation. She dares not mention the other, darker part of her cause this year… again, not wanting to ruin the moment. Callisto's eyes flit uncertainly to the television's glowing, uncaring screen. Her voice silences for a beat, brow furrowing. "It shall be a trying year." Understatement.

Daxton chuckles, his shoulder lifting slightly with the motion, "Seriously? You'd rather have detention than have me carry you across the water?" He's teasing…mostly. "You're a junior now? Or senior? It's not so bad, you'll do fine."

The girl snorts lightly, "T'is not it. You've enough to deal with, rather than keeping me on schedule. Otherwise I shall never deny such a manner of travel." She pauses as her head lowers again, following the motion of Daxton's shrug. Teasing or not, she took him seriously. One hand reaches to toy with the edge of her bottoms, picking at the hemline. "Hah.. a senior." Callisto grins outright, eyes fliting up to glimpse his profile but her head still facing forward. "I am at the jumping off point, as they say. The things I have bore witness to and survived… and yet the act of completing high school, of earning what is called a… high school diploma, yes? It has become of the utmost importance. And…"

A little huff. "Is it strange of me to already be contemplating where to go next? To not fancy a trek into the world beyond but to stay here? Even if in Thunder Bay?" Her nose wrinkles. "These are foreign thoughts. I just have to make sure not to be killed." Said in jest.

That smile tugs at his mouth, "I don't know. You're age is all over the place." He's like older than dirt, right? "Well….no. It's not. You'll need a job of some sort. You need to support yourself." Or find a rich sugar daddy. His smile fades, "That's not going to happen, I told you I'll find her and kill her." So romantic.

Rich sugar daddy? Not likely! Oh it's not beyond her ilk; so easy too. Then just fry their minds afterward, take the money and run! Callisto may not pick up on that tangent of conversation but some semblance of that thought occurs to her. A slow nod.. she could go anywhere; a twisting of thoughts and perceptions, be almost anything. It's a conniving, superficial way to live and it's no longer hers. "And I shall. But—" No no, don't go, smile! Did she say the wrong thing?

Callisto watches him, "I believe you." Said levelly, but not yet.. he can't just yet. Callisto merely takes him in with her gaze, fingers resting upon the amulet. "We shall find her." She supplies, anxious to correct. "But—" No, enough about that awful creature.

She will simply hug his arm to her. "Think nothing more of that monster. Please, forgive me for even mentioning."

Daxton's blue eyes narrow, focused at the girl in front. Of him. He can tell there's something she's not saying, but….he doesn't push. He too can hold his tongue so they can have a nice evening. Finally he'll ask, "Do you want to play or go somewhere?" Choices are hard.

"Go.. somewhere?" Blink? His words work, her fingers drop from the pendant. "I am not dressed—" Because it's a Big Deal to be dressed, afterall. The game on the screen glares at them, awaiting orders. Anytime now! Hello? Game waiting! Callisto sits up slightly and will release her brief death-grip upon his arm before realizing she still has an old controller in her lap. "I should like to spend some time with you, be it here or elsewhere… I noticed, too, a stack of movies… perhaps one of those shall do." Because he is tired, he is! And Callisto is not DRESSED. Doubly bad.

She eases forth to pick up the stack of about six DVD cases, the back of her camisole riding up slightly to reveal the slightest line of her back. Maybe Callisto not being dressed to go somewhere is a good thing. She flumps back though and squints down at the selections.

".. what is Sharknado."

Oh. His face smoothes. Okay, stay here they will then. "Sure. We can watch a movie." He swallows , watching her but then answers, "It's a sci fi movie. B, but fun. If you wanna watch it we can." Holding back a sigh, he leans forward again to get more soda.

"Someone has chosen a rather eclectic series of…" Callisto studies the DVDs in her lap, then slowly turns to watch him again. ".. movies." Blink. She studies his expression, the lay of his body posture as he reaches for soda. "T'is Friday night, however… were you desiring to go out into the town?" Honestly if he did, she hadn't expected it! The poor guy has been on his feet all day! But Callisto's expression is just so open and.. yes, keen on pleasing… that it's almost cute. Cerulean eyes trace his features before glancing back down at the decidedly awful selection. "… Monty Python and the Meaning of Life?" She whispers.. okay not so bad, but she has no idea what it's all about.

"I can dress, if you wished to.. walk. We needn't stay here if you're feeling restless." Regardless of how cozy it could be, folded in beside him. ".. or we can learn of the meaning of life, according to this Monty Python." Just see how much she'll be able to focus on it, with him there. c.c

Yeah, he's not dumb though. He knows what 'I'm not dressed to go out' means. "A movie is cool. Monty Python is a classic comedy." Dax takes another long sip of soda, "We'll go out tomorrow or something."

Her lips curve up at their corners.. now that she'll take. Suddenly Callisto just finds herself wanting to be with him more.. they don't even have to be grabby and hot and heavy with it! "Yes." She says, clearly pleased. "Let us watch this, then." Said as she sets the stack aside and makes to reach for the game console controller to set it aside. This kickstarts an unremarkable series of events. The motion pulls a chunk of her long, silky hair forward; it snags something. Callisto reaches to unsnag it, working at the tangle with abandon as she looks down at the DVD case upon her thigh. Hair freed, she is dimly aware of something soft and warm moving against her neck in an almost serpentine way. The gorgon head necklace has unlatched in the confusion with her hair, and falls to the ground. Callisto startles abruptly.


<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

With her attention elsewhere, Daxton shifts slightly, tying to calm the raging hormones of his 18 year ol body. Bu then disaster strikes. Or, starts to. The bandaid that Calli's been wearing slips from around her neck and starts to tumble to the ground. Lucky for her Dax is a speedster, and good one. His pop is slammed on the table and the amulet is caught mid air. In the next slide through time Daxton has it pressed gains her chest. He doesn't now if it' skin touch, or the encircling of her neck, but he does know that he's too tired right now to fight her mother. "Careful."

Thank Christ for speedsters. Callisto looks horrified, because if it were to be her cause to catch the thing, to gather it up.. it would have been a few seconds too long. A few seconds in which to look around, potentially spy Daxton, give that.. that constant presence in her head, that terrible apex of a hive mind, but a view of the boy—

But seconds are spared in Daxton's response time. Callisto is staring right at him as the amulet is pressed to her chest, and the sigh can be seen in every inch of her body. Her eyes close, lashes splayed across her cheekbones as she breathes deep, deep through her nostrils. A ripple of frustration — not her own — exhales in that vast universe of her mind's eye.. hot like dragon's breath only to be snuffed like a spark.

"I need to fix this." Whispers the girl, easing in to rest against him. Hands work to re-fasten the latch to keep the thing around her neck. Fingers then move to work at the DVD case as if nothing happened, but they're shaking.

Uh…no. "Callisto….stop." She doesn't get to act like this was nothing! "Why did this come loose….do we need to fuse it or something?" He tries to brush her hair out of the way to look at the clasp, no playfulness to the motion.

She pauses, fingers just about to pluck the shiny disc out of it's holder. Bluish-green eyes slowly look up from beneath said fringe of lashes, watching Dax's face before he makes to examine the necklace latch. It's your standard hook clasp, perhaps a bit heavier duty though not impervious to a finger pressing it overlong in the wrong spot to unhook said latch. Precisely the error in the girl's way when unravelling her tresses. She stays absolutely still as the speedster examines the mechanism.

"I do not think we should.. for I will have to remove it and face her at night, eventually. T'was the first time it has fallen off, I promise-" She gazes down at her knees. Her hair, despite the very unhappy moment, is silky. "I should have been more careful, for it became entangled."

Daxton scowls, "Like fuck you have to remove it." There's a tone, slightly demanding. Maybe that's part of the problem her had with Becca. "You …" And then he stops eyes closing as he lets those silky locks fall, "You know what? I'm tired. I'm gonna head to bed."

Blink? Callisto watches him, "But-" She eases back, anxiety roiling her guts. "I.. I what?" She makes to ask, looking confused. "What must I do? What were you to say?" She asks suddenly, tone wrought with worry.. no disguising or biting it back. "Talk to me!" Exclaims the fey girl, nerves raw by the brief loss of the necklace, her mother's notice. How quick it had been.. she is just waiting.

He's already leaving.. and she doesn't want him to. They all leave in three days. Callisto sinks back, hurt and nervous. And her mother is waiting.

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