(2018-08-16) Hot Girls
Hot Girls
Summary: …. like, literally hot. In a hot tub. Because those are hot, dyurr hurr! … c.c …. Callisto and Sydney have a chat at the pool.
Date: 2018-08-16
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YMCA, Shady Cove
Thu Aug 16, 2018

Any town worth it's salt has a solid community centre, and 'the Y' serves that purpose in Shady Cove. This recreational complex is home to a substantial indoor public swimming pool with a variety of fountains, slides, splash pads and even a lazy river that one can float along using a floatie or pool noodle. Also present are the other amenities of a public pool: a wading pool for kiddies, a large kidney bean-shaped hot tub, steam room, sauna and a variety of pool toys and peculiar flotation devices stored in a walk-in 'closet'.

Swimming lessons and aquatic fitness classes are also held here, at scheduled times. Present at all times are life guards, usually 2-3, who watch the area like hawks and sternly discourage running on the wet tiles.

The building also houses a diverse fitness area, three rooms that can be rented for parties and other occasions and finally a simple cafe in the foyer. The building itself was built sometime back in the early 70s, but continuous upkeep has kept it modernized and versatile

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and drizzling.


With only 4 days before the big move to the new school, Syd's making the most of the hot tub at the Y. She's not old enough to work off campus, so she'll be limited to weekend day passes *sigh*. Not too different from living at home in junior high…except for it being the 21st century, of course. And a host of other changes, mostly for the better. So yeah, she's back at the hot tub. She's more than happy to scrub off the rust, and winter is coming. Besides. She likes the water, and the Jacuzzi is shallow enough not to be uncomfortable for her.

In just a few short days, much of Shady Cove's young workforce will be back to school and the work schedules will be blighted with times to fill. Meanwhile though? Some of these teens with remaining summer holidays — such as Callisto — have been called in to get one more brunt of hours under their belt before lessons begin. She has just finished up on her shift for the day and after a rather intense workout, it's time to unwind with a soak in the hot tub before she makes the journey back to Winbarry for dinner and more packing. Between her workout and swim, however, she has opted to wear her 'casual' swimwear. Otherwise the lifeguard one-piece will leave her consistently on duty, being badgered.

The tall fey girl pads across the perimeter of the major pools, her thick silver-white braid swaying at her arse as she makes her way for the hot tub. In true Callisto fashion, not be be flashy but because she is a dark faerie who gives zero f'ks, she's wearing a pale blue bikini (albeit not the string variety) that nonetheless suits her. A glimmer of metallic skin catches her attention and once at the edge of the tub, Callisto peers in. "Sydney?" Asked pleasantly, "May I join you?"

Sydney looks up at Callisto and swallows. "Wow… um… yeah, definitely. Yes please." She finds herself having to work not to stare. The fae seems to almost glow, at least to Syd. She starts to understand why Bryce has trouble completing sentences sometimes.

Not to be conceited, because she isn't; not anymore. Maybe fifty or sixty years ago but now? If Callisto seems unsurprised at the staring or befuddlement, it's honestly due to just being.. on a day-to-day basis… herself. Constantly. She has one leg up over the edge of the hot tub, foot dipped into the heated water, as she watches the metallic girl's response to her. "How has your day been?" Asked with earnest interest.. another new thing for a previously self-serving creature. The staring, or attempts not to, Callisto takes for discomfort. "Is the temperature alright? I can adjust it, if need be?" She offers with all of the expertise of one who works here.

Though she studies Sydney in that intense way of hers, "T'is a lovely swimsuit. It suits you, and your shine."

Sydney shakes her head. "No, no, I'm fine. I can go way hotter… I mean the water… " She sighs, shakes her head and looks down. "Sorry. You look awesome in that, and it keeps catching my eye in mid-sentence. I'm good. I can take higher temperatures than regular people." She looks at Callisto. "And thank you. You're distractingly beautiful, just so you know." She smiles a little self-consciously. Yeah, it's gonna take a while to get used to saying things like that to her female friends.

Does Callisto catch the nuances? Her lips curve into a slow smile. "Can you, now? Well, I prefer hot. Permit me to get at the panel." Sad in her graceful way as she hoists her half-soaked body out of the tub and down the stairs, kneeling alongside to indeed pull out a panel to access some dials and buttons. Of course Callisto makes sure her hands are dry. Fellow lifeguards see that it is indeed their colleague adjusting the hot tub and leave her be. In seconds' time the bubbles increase, perhaps a good thing to carry away the rust… and in about fifteen minutes' time the water will begin to increase — just slightly — in heat.

Back into the tub she slides, flicking her bluish-green eyes back to Sydney. Callisto has the grace to blush lightly, though.. in gratitude? Sydney's comment touches her; something about how it was dealt.

"I thank you. But you see, t'is a constant.. I do not change much. I am not as interesting in the long run." A wink, "Try as might I cannot shine. But I do so appreciate hearing such a thing from you… I pray you understand how fetching you are." Because metallic skin is… striking. Callisto likes dealing compliments.

"Are you ready for the move to the new school?"

Sydney holds up her arms, dripping a little, into a shrug. She smiles. "Same here. It's a constant. I look in the mirror and I just see me. And oh hey look, a rust spot. So… I appreciate hearing it from you, too." She leans back into the increased bubbles. "Not really, no. I was getting pretty comfortable at the mansion. But I haven't lived in one place for more than a few months since I was thawed, and even then it wasn't what you'd call homey. So… I'll be fine. Pretty sure I don't like the whole "must be on campus except for weekends if you don't have a job in town" thing though. I'm not old enough to have a job in town. How about you? Oh, also, do you know if we have to have roommates?"

The fey girl eases back, half of her upper body and her head, atop a lithe stalk of neck, visible over the roiling water. It is a slow time and therefore the classmates are free to converse without interruption. Callisto has this way of just watching that can either be unsettling, intriguing, or both. "I am afraid that I've not yet asked you about yourself. Where you come from. How you came to be you. I worry about this being too discomforting a place to talk about it but if you are alright with it, I should like to know more. I remember some things, from back at the skate park… but… these powers are not new to you, then?" A slender brow arches with interest. Her studious looks softens into a sympathetic smile.

"T'is a bother, yes? You come into the school just before the holidays, become used to freedom.. and get carted off to a new location. I promise it shall be okay. So I suspect you are…. what is the limit in the United States…. are you fourteen, then? T'is fifteen when you can acquire very part-time work, yes?" Asked smoothly. A pause as she considers the latter queries, "I work here, at the pool.. it shall be enough hours so as to not interfere with my studies. As for the roommate situation.. forgive me," Such an elegant, old way of speaking. "I know naught."

Sydney looks over at Callisto, making eye contact, silver eyelids flicking over the reflective green eyes. She even has eyelashes, and if you look closely enough they're not quite black - they're the color of her head hair and eyebrows, gun metal blue. "It's a lot like summer vacation verses being back in school." She takes a slow breath. "Ok. Let's see. I'm legally 14. I turn fifteen in November. Minimum age without a work permit is sixteen in New Hampshire." She thinks over the other questions. "As for all this…" she knocks on her metal pec between her collarbone and the top of her bikini…

"I wasn't born like this, no. But I've been this way two and a half years, subjective, so I'm pretty much used to it. I don't know if you remember a super villain named Iron Fist. Big, metal, broke things, killed people, worked for the mafia back in the early 1980s? Well he wasn't born that way either. The guys who made him that way needed a test subject. I was the test subject. I was also his sparring partner. Maybe his friend, too. He didn't talk about that kind of thing much. Anyway, the night before he died, in 1982, he broke me out of the warehouse they kept me in… well really just told them to get the fuck out of his way and we walked out… went out for dinner and wine, danced… and then had me pour myself into a barrel in a walk-in freezer at the restaurant. My body temperature dropped below 40 degrees, and my metabolism stopped, and there I stayed until January of this year, when the restaurant went under and the marshals who closed the place got suspicious about all the plastic barrels in the walkin. I was in one of them. All the others had dead people in them. They thawed me. That's most of the story.

The fey girl is listening, evidently… she has a pinpoint sort of focus that tunes out everything around her for a time. Sydney confirms her age as that which Callisto suspected and she nods her sleek head once. Cerulean eyes flit to the other girl's body — that which can be seen — as she indicates it. But for now Callisto is held raptly by the details of this 'Iron Fist' and his reign / kickstarting of events. Does that name sound familiar? Callisto doesn't bat an eyelash at the span of time that has passed; she knows well, herself, the loopholes though which to escape time. But…

"Iron Fist." Echoes gently. "I was in New York in the eighties…. mayhaps between 1980 and 82. I was… investigating something," The awful death of her sweet artist sister Lymsleia.. but shhh. Callisto's eyes soften in a silvery fringe of lashes. "I remember the word of mouth surrounding such a being. He was killed, yes?" Asked gently as she splays her hand in the water, watches the bubbles burst between her fingers. She looks up abruptly at the culmination of Sydney's tale.

"It must have been a great trial for you to come to understand this…. turbulent century. The.. 2000s."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. She teleported him into suborbital space. We have to breathe. So he either suffocated or froze and then burned into the atmosphere." She shrugs and shakes her head. "I mean, I know how he was. He was a bad, bad man. We just got along, that's all. She did what she had to do."

"Of course." The beauty part about Callisto? She does not judge. She leans back then, her braid floating and quivering in the water. "And here you are, with us, in this sleepy town." A slow smile… Callisto's slow smiles are deadly in the best way.

"What has been the hardest adjustment for you, then? I shall reassure you that I, too, have had to understand a great deal… but I was not awoken. I am but curious." She admits. She'll get to the juicy bits later. She's still curious about how Sydney is faring with sweet Little Brother Bryce.

Sydney ponders that. "The hardest thing is basically… in 1980 girls were second class citizens. Today everyone says we're not, loudly and encouragingly, but it's like we still are in a lot of ways. I mean the Internet thing has been mind-blowing, but mostly in good ways, and I'm getting my head around having a computer that would have pretty much filled and heated the trailer I grew up in, and being able to carry that computer in my pocket, except for the screen. That's just 35 years of progress that I missed. I also… don't get… well I mean if you read Generational Theory, I don't get Millennials at all. They're so… group oriented… and I'm so not. Today's kids are like that only more neurotic about it. A lot like my parents and their friends. My gang… we always figured big groups were usually incompetent and untrustworthy. So that's been a problem."

The dark fey tosses her head back in a velvety laugh. "The world has come a long way. I was stuck on the inside, looking out, when I came to live. When I came to understand what was happening, t'was just shy of 1900," Callisto offers.. not trying to 'one-up' but simply increase the appeal of the world-at-large, even by a fraction. "Womenfolk are growing stronger and being seen as powerful, as they should be. But I, too, struggle to understand the mindset of…. people these days. My kind, we are not accustomed to finding comfort in groups." Admitted easily, "But—"

She's about to go on when someone ambles past the hot tub, shooting both girls what is obviously an undressing-with-eyes look. Your typical 'ruler of the testosterone' roost. Hey, not just in dudes; women can behave in such a manner too. Callisto shoots the gawker an uninterested, languid stare before very obviously turning her attention back to Sydney. Dismissed!

"If you need help, any at all, do let me know. I feel that I owe you an apology." Says Callisto simply.

Sydney looks up at staring boy and flexes one arm to make the muscles of her arm and chest pop out. She gives him a smile, and lets him walk away. Guys sometimes find her disturbing. She listens to Callisto. "1900? Geez… that has to have been a long ride. How long do your people live? And how are you still in high school when you're at least a hundred and eighteen?"

When seeing Sydney beginning to posture, Callisto instinctively turns her head to observe beefcake's response. She is about/ to bark out something along the lines of 'underage!' when Sydney effectively sees him off. She turns back to Sydney, "1900." Echoed, she makes no bones about it. "We live forever," Said with the //barest hint of melancholy. "We… benchmark at certain ages. I myself fall between seventeen and nineteen.. depends how I dress for the day." A sly smile, but there's something in her gaze there.. a worried glimmer. "Others, in my lineage.. some capped out in what humans call their twenties. It all depends, it's all individual." She leans back again, lashes fluttering closed as she considers. "You shall see me forevermore as this, a young adult. I suppose I am at heart, too, but it's… complicated."

She opens those astounding eyes again, watching. "I had no opinion on what age I was, initially. T'was coming to this school.. this had shown me what age I am meant to be. I attend not just to learn subjects, but to figure out how to be mortal." Callisto offers with a soft, achingly mortal smile. "So far so good."

Sydney nods slowly. "I don't know how long I'll live. El Muerto, who was the next one made, is into his forties now, and he's been in the power prison at Leavenworth since about 1999, and he's not showing any major signs of age that the cops will tell me about. So I dunno. I'm still partly living cells, so I doubt I'll have forever." She reaches out as though to pat Callisto, then stops.

The fey girl notices the hesitation, "You are alright. A glancing touch, a brief hug, is fine." She remembers that previous interaction and how she herself responded. "We fey folk have a… we do not like raw iron. You are composed of various elemental compounds, yes? To look upon you, to be in contact with you for a moment or so briefly, will not harm me. So forgive me if the last time we touched, I startled. I knew naught how to handle it at the time. But I can tell that.. it will be alright. Were I to grow ill, I will have done so upon entering this water."

She reaches to gently touch and hold the reaching hand, however long Sydney shall allow it. But lest contact become discomforting, she will release shortly thereafter. "How have things been, with Bryce?" A lighter (she hopes) subject.

Sydney lets Callisto hold her hand as long as she's comfortable, and gently curls her other hand around Callisto's. "I'm steel and meat, basically. So carbon, iron…everything in flesh… mostly protein.." After a moment, when the question is posed to her, she smiles. "We went on a date. He took me out… flew me out to that island off the docks that you can only get to by canoe? to watch the sunset. It was beautiful."

Ah, so the boy took some semblance of her recommendation. Callisto nods her approval following the brief touch — from which she did not shy away mind you — and admittance. "Good." She offers, looking pleased. She does not push the matter, not wanting to pry too much — young love? lust? interest? is special — and the dark faerie settles with that. "He is a kind soul. In need of gentleness, and care, and understanding. Do enjoy the process. No need to rush and be pressured by these… very forward times." Ah yes, back to the 2000s.. to be demure and chaste is not a commonplace thing nowadays. Not Callisto's business.

"He does so love the bookstore. Perhaps a trip there, to peruse books, and read to one another.." Hints the willowy girl.

Sydney blushes. Reading to one another? She hadn't even considered that. "I'm not in any rush… I mean yeah, he's adorable, and… sometimes he really makes me want to touch him in all the various ways… but… I am enjoying taking it slow. It's like the difference between watching the final fight in Star Wars, which is good, and fun, and important, without watching the rest of the movie. And for the first time in my life I get to see the rest of the movie.

Sydney adds, "Or like watching any of the JJ Abrams Star Trek films. All the good moments but nothing to connect them together into a story.

Okay, that is precious. Even technophobe Callisto gets this. Her expression sharpens into that token dark fey mischievousness. "Make it a trilogy… and watch the whole thing." Says the graceful girl, not about to push the envelope with a fourteen-year-old girl (however long she's been frozen; however close to fifteen) but just one look at Callisto and things are obvious: she knows things.


She relaxes again, one long leg lifting from the water so that she may observe the pruning of her toes. "… JJ Abrams?" Asks the white-haired girl next, looking perplexed.

Sydney looks over at Callisto. "Uh. Some TV producer who decided he wanted to produce and write Star Trek and Star Wars movies. Problem is he's got no attention span. It's like listening to someone on speed describe Lord of the Rings. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. To quote Shakespeare.

This catches even Callisto as funny, and she tosses her head back in laughter. Earnest laughter, though she's not boisterous with it. "I shall make a point to avoid that, then, so as to not be… confused-" A pause, Callisto suddenly looks quite red. Not due to fluster but due to being in this hot water for too long. An apologetic look, "I must take a break for a time… I think I am reaching my boiling point. I think I shall do some laps and if you are of a mind in about a half hour, you are welcome to commute back to the school with me." Said in offering; entirely up to Sydney to accept. Callisto hoists all 5'10" of drenched dark fey goodness out of the hot tub. "Thank you for the chat."

Sydney looks up at Callisto over that expanse of wow. "No problem. I like hanging out with you."

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