(2018-08-16) Hospital of SAD
Hospital of SAD!
Summary: Besa hides away to deal with some emotions; Grace hides away to avoid punching people. Then, poor Dylan walks into the middle of it all!
Date: 2018-08-16
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NPCs: Cocoa
Scene Runner: NA

Abandoned Hospital, Shady Cove
Thu Aug 16, 2018

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and fair.


Besa's been gone most of the afternoon, but that's not uncommon for any student near the end of the summer, wanting to get in a final hooray. Unfortunately for the ancient teen, this hooray is him crying in an abandoned building with his dog. His dusty, but at least the tears have stopped. But the tale tell tracks are still on his cheeks. Cocoa is laying in his lap, her head on his chest, and Besa himself is propped up in a corner down the hall away from the front door.

<FS3> Grace rolls Mind: Success.
<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Failure.

Sometimes it's not easy being Grace Halleson. Oh, things have been working out better for her since starting at Coral Springs, but there are still days where her affliction just makes being a normal girl hard. Try as she might to fit in and function, there's a part of her that wants to do anything but. Today is one of those days where Grace just feels wolfish… even if she doesn't quite KNOW it as 'wolfish' yet. Her need to be alone to deal with this moodiness has taken her clear across town toward the derelict Maple Drive. She's so disorientated that paying attention is hard. Grace goes where she suspects she can brood by her lonesome until the feeling passes. But then, the moment she enters the empty hulk of the old hospital, somewhere inside she can hear…. weeping?!

Shit. She'd be typically given to leaving, but when someone is crying in awful places like these.. it can't be good. Grace's brows furrow over scarlet eyes, and she presses into the building. Strangely, she doesn't feel afraid. The crying is closeby and tracking it, Grace comes upon the weeping boy and his dog. It doesn't take long either to recognize the small, sad body. ".. Besa?" Asks the surprisingly softspoken girl into the dark, dank space.

Immediately his hands fly up to wipe his eyes, like somehow he's going to cover the fact he was crying by just doing that. A sniff and he looks up to see who found him (are there no good alone places anymore? Maybe he'll go back to the island!). "G-Grace?" He's so out of it he doesn't drop his gaze right away instead, looking up at her with wide eyes that just makes him look so ironically young. Cocoa's eyes flicker to Grace, but she doesn't move from her spot of trying to smother the sadness out of Besa.

Nope, sorry.. someone is always closeby. At least Grace isn't a pushy, fretful sort. She is used to seeking out places to mope and snarl so when she happens upon someone else's misery, it fills her immediately with a stab of anxiety. Wide eyes are dark in the shadows of the building (though if the light hit them, they'd be reflective like an animal's.)

Those eyes flit from the watchful pup in Besa's lap, back to the boy who was very clearly weeping a few minutes ago. She's so startled by his upset that even she forgets to take care with her eye contact.. she studies his face before dropping her gaze back to the dirty floor. "A-are you alright?" She asks, the strain evident in her tone. She looks up at the Egyptian boy quickly.. always in quick little glances. Her nostrils flare briefly; all she gets is dust and rot. She must have just arrived, being reasonably clean in her tight denims and black camisole, hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

Besa lies, and it's so obvious he's lying, "Y-yes . I'm alright." He tries, and fails, to sit up more, but Cocoa is having none of it. "If I am in your way, we can leave…" He should probable move anyway, his butt is asleep. She'd also smell dirt from Besa, probable the only nice smell in the building.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Great Success.

Now that she's in out of the street and able to focus again, Grace delicately samples the air yet again. Even without MEANING to she's just always sniffing. It's a reflex that she needs to keep tabs on in public but this is a dark, dingey place with signs of people gallivanting about. Can you blame her for being vigilant? Even as she sniffs lightly, her head moving just so on her neck, her eyes continuously flit sideward to watch the boy and Cocoa. "You're alright. I-I had a bit of a cruddy day so I had to find a place to sit for awhile 'til it, u-uhm.. passes." Besa would remember well the desire to hide himself when he had Grace's powers for a stint.

And clearly she doesn't believe Besa; she turns to look at him directly, still not moving closer just yet. "You're not alright. Did somebody hurt you?" The girl asks outright, feeling that familiar rush of ire in her guts. She breathes deep again, smelling things beyond the rot and neglect. Lots of rat shit, too. Rotten mattresses on gurneys. Then.. boy and dog.

Besa nods, remembering. "Is….is there anything I can do to help?" Helping people helps him. A quick glance down to his left arm, but the pink scar there is a week old, "No….no new hurts. I am just…having a cruddy day too." He shifts, finally getting Cocoa to move a little bit so he can sit up more.

There's a reason why Grace is taking care… sometimes animals wig out around her. They never used to; just another heartbreaking part of her curse. She doesn't want to add to Besa's misery by possibly upsetting Cocoa so the girl lowers herself to sit down upon a sizeable piece of rubble that must have dislodged itself from the wall. It's like, very safe in here. Luckily if anything is to crumble or fall, Grace will hear the first groans of the wall and/or skittering of debris and react accordingly. She simply observes the two, looking troubled. "It's okay.. sometimes j-just talking to someone who is calm helps. It's also good for me to just work on it, even if you're not calm. Because you were crying." Grace looks startled briefly.

A deep breath, "Did you wanna talk about it?" She offers help in-turn, wanting to give the dog rubs but tentative too.

Besa's brow furrows and he looks away, realizing he's been caught. Caught! "I am sorry…I did not mean to lie. I just do not wish to make anyone worry…"He wipes his eyes again. "I was….caught off guard by someone's statement and…it just brought back many memories and…" He shivers, despite it being warm out. "It is in the past…I will never have to do anything like that again…" It's almost said as a question. Cocoa is doing a wonderful job of ignoring Grace, shifting with Besa's movements to try to stay on as much of him as possible.

The girl always seems to be moving, too.. not in a spastic unfocused way, but.. just, her fingers. They splay on her knees, they pick at a thread in the seam of her denims (her luck one wrong yank and her arse will be on display), she curves one hand inwards so she can give a nail or two a good savage bite. As she does this, sticking the tip of a thumb in between animal-white incisors, her large dark eyes watch Besa briefly. He has all of her attention even as she fidgets. "Was it a mean statement? O-or just… a mistake? Worded badly?" Blink. The girl looks confused. "Do what?" She asks gently, pausing in her nail feast and perking as a dog would.

"S-sorry.. I really don't know much about what happened to you.. I'm just trying to understand." And hoping Besa says that the words dealt to him were a mistake, so she can push down the need to punch someone.

Besa's shoulders lift, "I….I hope it was not meant meanly but…I think perhaps it was ore said in ignorance…." He hopes. A deep breath and he'll tell her, "Die. For the world…again." Oh, that's all? "I…I mean, I will if…if it's needed. I am not…I do not need for people to know.." What in the world was said? He sighs, letting his eyes close and his head drop back against the wall with a soft thud.

"D-die..?" Asks the girl, eyes rounded, torn fingernail forgotten. Just as well, one more nip and she would've been to the quick. She sets both palms down upon her knees and watches the two. Wait.. doesn't she… didn't she hear somewhere of Besa's previous sacrifice? It all just sounds and feels so wrong to her so it's hard for Grace to grasp and remember. "Again? Uhm, no.. I don't think you should have to go and do that anytime soon. Not again." She rubs the back of her neck, is about to speak again—

A pigeon takes wing somewhere in a floor above and the commotion echoes down the stairs. Grace sits up rod-straight, lips pulled back into a snarl.. but she settles soon after. "Sorry.." A whisper.

"I get that you're sad, Besa… but like.. do you ever get mad? Really mad?" Asks the girl carefully.

Besa's eyes crack open, oh…he thought she knew. "Yes." His head lifts and she looks in her general direction, but keeps his eyes on her shoulder, " He just…he made it sound as if it was….right. What happened to me." He glances in the direction of the bird, no snarl, but it also gets his attention, "it is fine. I do not mind." And he really doesn't. Her question though has him frown, glancing back to her, "Of course I do." No, not like what she means. That's hard to imagine, except maybe when he was a werewolf. "I….I remember killing Alraxmargoth'ha….it was a lot of emotions…" Anger was only one of hem.

Whew.. well, at least he doesn't repress things. Grace is the biggest hypocrite in the world to ever worry about that happening with other people but there you have it. She nods slowly. Now it's all coming back to Grace because her player is a derp and had to recall things.. ahem.

Another little flare of anger in her gut.. always there. "It wasn't right—" But she catches herself there. Grace doesn't know Besa quite so well as to tell him what's right and what isn't. Though, he knows her; a part of her. One that she never wanted ANYONE to know.

"I-I was going to say… sometimes what I'm feeling sad and upset, I like to…" Grace blushes, feeling a bit… she doesn't look the part but she just FEELS primitive. ".. move. Jump, punch, exercise. I wish I had some better words to offer to help … to talk this through. Crying is okay too. A-are you going to talk to this person again?"

Besa can't help it, a small smirk tugs at his mouth, "It was not. But someone had to. I…I do not mind that it happened. I mind that it kept happening…" Big difference. He thinks about the moving around and then looks down at Cocoa, who clearly isn't on board with that. "Perhaps in a. Bit, once Cocoa has calmed down." Yeah, it's Cocoa that needs t calm down. "I…would sometimes climb rocks to get away, to clear my head and think." Alone time used to be precious to the healer. AS for talking to Quinn? Besa makes a thoughtful face, "I…yes. I am not mad at him." Just hurt.

Funny how Grace defaults to 'anger'… be it her own response, or assuming others are so hasty to set phasers to BLAST. But.. 'hurt'? Grace blinks slowly and closes her eyes for a moment, inhaling slowly through her nostrils… yes, once upon a time she was a typical girl who wasn't so quick to default to such.. such emotions. "I understand. I-I hope you both figure it out." It helps if Besa is not 'mad' at Quinn. Grace finds herself feeling antsy and pushes herself up from her seated position. Movement helps her nerves when they are so raw, on days like today. The full moon is still a ways away.. but hoo boy, she's repressing. Hard. (Not the right way to handle things.. but try telling her that.)

"I can set out, if you'd like to take some time for yourself. I was the one who intruded."

Besa's curled up in a. Corner, covered in dust and Cocoa. He has tear tracks on his cheeks that he's not been able to scrub away and his eyes are red. "No…it's…"But she clearly needs to burn off some energy. "I will try to coax Cocoa off of me then we can go for a walk, yes?" He smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes. But he's trying! When she steps out he sighs, closing his eyes and letting his head drop back against the wall. In a very soft quiet voice, "I must do better, Cocoa, she does not need to see me like this." Thin fingers are in the dog's fur, like he's trying to draw comfort and strength from her.

"Who shouldn't see you like this?" Dylan wasn't there a few seconds ago, but apparently he skipped into the old hospital room. The boy offers a slight smile, his hands outstretched slightly. "Um.. sorry to interrupt your conversation with your dog…" He pauses, after meeting some of the other students at this "private school" that Besa wants Dylan to attend, "That is a dog, right? Not a fellow student at your little school, right?"

Besa actually winces, clearly he's upset and on edge. And Dylan's surprise visit wasn't expected. His hand flays up again to try to wipe the tear trails away and he struggles to sit up better underneath Cocoa's weight. The question of who isn't answered right away . Instead, "Cocoa is just my dog. She is not a student." His voice has a hint of raw to it that he tries to get rid of by clearing his throat, "Grace is around here somewhere. I do not wish to upset her….Cocoa…you must move." He tries to gently push her off, but she is at the right angle to just go limp and stay on her boy, who needs her!

Dylan shrugs slightly, "You know.. I met a girl made of shiny metal so it isn't an unreasonable assumption that Cocoa might be something other than what she appears to be… " He walks a few steps closer to Besa, "You okay, man? You look a little rough." He chuckles slightly, "I think that she disagrees with you about that." He is still a little bit away, as he lowers into a squat, "So, don't know if anyone else is here at the moment do you?"

The small girl wandered off, but her keen senses disclose to her another sound. A voice, unfamiliar to her. Grace is doing Besa a favor by doing a couple of laps around the lower floor, and her footsteps can be heard pattering gently across dusty floors. Then silence. Grace listens hard… new voices unnerve her, though this one: A. Knows Besa and B. Is asking if Besa is ok. So.. friendly?

A girl reappears, of a petite height and compact build, crossing through a wayward slant of dying sunlight which causes her eyes to flash briefly as an animal's would. She is visible to both boys and Cocoa now, though her scarlet gaze is affixed directly upon Dylan.. warily, to boot.

Besa gives a small nod, assuming that me met Sydney. "I am fairly certain that Cocoa is just a. Dog." That, or he's been snuggling with someone at with for a while now! He looks away, embarrassed, "I am having a …cruddy day." He's obviously quoting someone. Dark eyes are on the dog, but lift slightly to look at the crouching Dylan. "Grace is." Didn't he say that? "I think she is the only one. I have not seen or hear anyone else besides a pigeon." He sniffs, giving up on moving Cocoa. Her tail gives a soft wag, feeling him relax underneath her. "Tom, this is my friend Grace. Grace, this is my friend Tom."

Dylan shakes his head, "I'm just messin' with you. I know that she is just a dog." He cocks his head, "Sorry that you're having such a shitty day. So what cosmic force pissed in your cheerios anyway. Must be pretty major since you are like one of the most obnoxiously optimistic people I have ever met." He turns as the girl appears and then in introduced. "Nice to meet you, Grace. What's up?"

Unlike Besa, Grace knows of certain slang.. her nose wrinkles at the cheerio remark. Introductions are made and the girl continues studying the streetwise boy. Strangely, her bouts of eye contact are staggered: glance into eyes, look downwards.. look away. Look back to eyes. She does not hold anyone's gaze for long. She leaves Besa to answer Dylan's question, and at least has the grace (harrharr) to make the acquaintance. Hey, she was raised to be polite until her powers manifested and she unzipped somebody's guts!

"Hi Tom," The wolf girl offers, finally speaking and not sounding as briefly ominous as she tried to appear. She reaches up, something metallic winking on the ring finger of her right hand as she pushes hair behind an ear. Her nostrils flare once, scents speaking to her olfactories of mustiness.. this boy has been sleeping somewhere almost as derelict if not moreso than this hospital. "I got here not too long ago."

"I am not obnoxious." So there! "There was no cosmic piss." What an image! "Someone said something that was…upsetting. And brought up….bad memories." Besa looks down to Cocoa and lays a hand on her head, he really does appreciate her. "I will be better, once Cocoa decides I can move." If she decided he can move.

Dylan glances at Grace, "So.. um… what's the deal… you're kind of staring at me like … well, not even sure how to describe it… " He turns to Besa, "Yes, you kind of are… but not in a bad way, just kind of a you way…. and what? I'm not talking literal piss, just figuratively… like who pissed you off?"

Does Grace seem to be lightly sniffing the air just a bit/ more? It's just her genes! But there was something underlying the mustiness in Dylan's clothing that… she can't peg it. It's //odd. Why is it odd? Grace as a girl calls it that, 'odd'; but the wolfish part of her soul does not LIKE being unsure and/or unknowing of what she picks up via scent and sound. Grace exhales abruptly through her mouth, catches her behavior, is apologetic. "Sorry, I was climbing around a lot.. I'm a bit out of breath." .. ahem.

To Dylan, "Uh.. sorry. Meeting people here makes me a bit nervous. I was trying to place you." Yeah, that's it. That wasn't her inner monster casing Dylan out! Honest! She turns to look around the room as the boys talk, chiding herself for letting her eyes linger overly long.

Besa offers Grace a soft calm smile, which looks just pathetic with his tear stained cheeks and being crush to death by puppeers. He looks back up at Dylan, "A me way? I do not know what that means." He shakes his head, a little bit of dust flies up into the air as his pretty perfect hair brushes against the old wall. "I am not pissed. I was….hurt." He's willing to admit that. "It caught me off guard. I…I over reacted." And then his cheeks flush and he looks down again at Cocoa. At least he didn't punch someone this time.

Dylan nods slightly to Grace, "No worries… and I'm not from around here, so not likely, though I have been a bit all over the place. He reaches and combs his hair back from his face, which is almost long enough to put in a pony tail but not quite. "It's not a bad thing, Besa… it's just you… " He shakes his head, "You must not be used to people talking down to you… Try growing up a halfbreed… "

There is a battle going on in Grace's mind. Remember her slightly unhinged behavior in her arrival? What brought her to the hospital in the first place? That 'behavior' doesn't like being overlooked and fought against. The wolf wants to analyze the smell, perhaps smell closer (that'd make Dylan beyond uncomfortable) and Grace fights it. She looks away from the two boys and pupper, her pupils dilating and pulse pounding hard in her throat. "N-n.." She exhales in a whisper. She turns her head to face Besa and Dylan, her brow furrowed. Besa may recognize the expression as being indicative of Grace's 'breaker switch' being toggled.

"I-I'm sorry, I need to keep moving." Said hoarsely. Fidget, fidget. Look at her eyes, though; that's the sign. Irises so red; whatever measure of those irises haven't been overtaken by that expanding pupil. At least Besa isn't alone here, as she suspects 'Tom' to be his friend. It takes everything in her to not run into the deeper echelons of the abandoned building. As far as she can safely go.. and if it's tetchy? She's durable!

Besa frowns, not exactly sure how to take Dylan's statement. So as usual, he takes it at face value, "I am very short now, Tom. Most people talk down to me." His attention quickly turns to Grace, recognizing the signs (Symptoms?). "Go Grace. I am alright. Thank you for checking on me." One hand is raise from his pinned position to the wolf before he turns back to look up at Dylan, "He implied that it is right for a person to suffer for others. For the greater good….I….It is a touchy subject for me."

Dylan sighs and shakes his head, "Not what I meant… talk down… talking like you are less important… or that they are better than you…" His dark eyes turn to Grace, watching the girl a little more cautiously. "Um.. yeah… " He watches her head off. "What is it with you people playing around in this place, anyway?" He frowns slightly, "I don't know about 'right' but I think that it is sometimes someone's destiny to or at least their responsibility to." He frowns, "We can change the topic if you feel like you want to talk…"

"Oh." He thinks, an then lifts a shoulder, "I have been talked to like I am …not as salt. That is the same, yes?" You people/ Playing? He was crying, thank you very much. Besa doesn't think Dylan actually wants an answer, so he doesn't offer one for that. Instead he frowns and glances away. Dylan things that too? His stomach tighten slightly nd Cocoa shifts against him hater. Destiny. He's been trying for the past two years to change his views on it. 'Perhaps you are right. It is my destiny…." He sighs, dark eyes closing as he lets his head fall back against the wall. "I like my life though." His voice is a little clearer now, but now it's…heavy, tired. Maybe a touch of giving up throw in there.

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