(2018-08-15) Hardbodies
Summary: Syd and Steph go for a soak at the Y. Get soaked by Dylan. He gets burned.
Date: 2018.08.15
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Any town worth it's salt has a solid community centre, and 'the Y' serves that purpose in Shady Cove. This recreational complex is home to a substantial indoor public swimming pool with a variety of fountains, slides, splash pads and even a lazy river that one can float along using a floatie or pool noodle. Also present are the other amenities of a public pool: a wading pool for kiddies, a large kidney bean-shaped hot tub, steam room, sauna and a variety of pool toys and peculiar flotation devices stored in a walk-in 'closet'.

Swimming lessons and aquatic fitness classes are also held here, at scheduled times. Present at all times are life guards, usually 2-3, who watch the area like hawks and sternly discourage running on the wet tiles.

The building also houses a diverse fitness area, three rooms that can be rented for parties and other occasions and finally a simple cafe in the foyer. The building itself was built sometime back in the early 70s, but continuous upkeep has kept it modernized and versatile


While the ocean tends to be the gathering spot for swimmers in Shady Cove, there is still something to be said about soaking in a hot tub to relax. And Stephanie has been gradually letting herself relax more and more over he past few weeks as she gets used to life at the School. Or the Estate. Or whatever Coral Springs is supposed to be. Apparently, the students will be moving to the newly rebuilt school in a matter of days, so Stephanie suspects that her days of 'freedom' in the town are coming to a close. And today, she's more than happy to accompany Sydney on a trip to the hot tub in the YMCA. Stephanie sighs as she lets the water warm her body and work through the tension in her muscles. Her eyes closed, she smiles at her friend and says, "This was a good idea. It's been years since I just chilled in a Jacuzzi. Forgotten how good it feels."

Sydney gets a few stares as she comes out of the locker room. One little boy in particular asks her, "are you made of metal?" She nods. "Mmhmm. I am." "Ohhh…" after that the little boy's mother scolds him for staring. Syd arrives at the Jacuzzi and joins Stephanie a few moments later. "Mmmm…. oh yeah… " She settles in next to her friend. "How're things?

Stephanie slides down in the water a bit, bending her head back to get her hair wet. "Fine," she says with a shrug as she sits back up. "I mean, I guess. Nothing really happening except that whole carnival thing. And I guess the kid that escaped ended up with us at the school. He's kinda…" Her lips tighten and she shrugs again. "Not all there, I guess? Doesn't really talk like us and has trouble with names. But, cant really blame the kid; I mean he was trapped in animal form and enslaved for a couple years. Shit like that's gonna mess you up one way or another."

Sydney ducks under the water… only for a moment, as long as she can bear. She sits on the bench and tilts her head back to rest it on the rim of the hot tub. "Yeah. It's like part of him hasn't grown up. I mean… he's gonna be doing remedial stuff forever.

"Yeah," Stephanie agrees with a sad nod. "I mean, I can relate. I'm a couple years behind myself and doing catch-up work. Still, beats the Hell out of what was happening to him." She exhales, leans back against the side, and props her elbows behind her on the rim of the tub. "How about you? Anything going on?"

Sydney curls a smile. "Had a date with Bryce… he took me out to one of the little islands to watch the sunset. It was very sweet. Beautiful too. I'm trying to get a job in the school library or the commissary…although if I were smart, I'd get one in town so I could come ashore on weeknights. The days are just packed." "Did I tell you about the hedge maze the other day?"

"That's nice," Stephanie says of the date, smiling with approval. "Yeah, the powers that be are 'guiding' me towards getting a job. Not really interested in all that, though. Got a bed. Got food. got clothes. Don't need much more than that." She shrugs. "Anyways, I'll probably be too busy with make-up work for a job. And no, you didn't tell me about the hedge maze. Something happen?"

Sydney looks around to make sure we're alone. "There's a super-villian mad science lab under it. We found it." Syd shivers, despite the hot tub. "It was scary as heck, at least to me. I mean… way too much like the place I went metal in."

Well, Steph wasn't execting *that*, and she blinks a couple time. "Like, legit? Man, that is freaky. You'd think the staff would have checked for something like that before setting up in the Estate." She reaches over to put a calming hand on her friend's arm. "Hey, you're okay now," she says. "Lots of people around you and no-body's gonna run any experiment on you or stick you in a tube or other crazy shit like that."

Sydney looks at Steph. "I told you about the tube?" she whispers. "And yeah, you'd think, but nobody'd been to the center of the maze in years. The lab computer said 75 years since the last time anyone had accessed it."

Stephanie shakes her head. "No, you didn't tell me about a tube. But…" The corner of her lip curls up in a smile. "I mean, it's a mad scientist, yeah? A tube is sort of required for mad science transformations, you know?" She laughs a bit, then ponders the rest of the information. "75 years? Jeeze….that's, like…what? 1950's? Something like that?"

You say, "1940s. Guy named Dr. Wraith. I've heard of him. Hopefully he's long gone."Syd blows out her cheeks. "They put me in a tube. She looks down. "Then they flooded it with water. Liquid. I don't know what. I drowned in it… except that it had enough oxygen to keep my cells alive. But what I remember most…besides drowning… was all the shit that was in my lungs from smoking getting washed out. It burned my eyes, even when I realized they were right and I wasn't going to die… it was like rinsing an ashtray into them. The nanomachines needed as much surface area as possible, inside and out. They got to work. Then it started really hurting."

As Sydney related the events of her transformation, Stephanie's lips draw tight and she takes deep breaths to keep herself steady. She takes a firm, comforting grip on Sydney's arm to show her support. "Fuck….that's…that's horrific. Sorry you went through all that." Stephanie does look a bit unnerved and shaken, and she eases herself down lower into the hot tub to try and get the sense of relaxation back.

Sydney looks down. "Sorry. I… try not to tell people the ugly details of things. It's bad enough I get flashbacks without giving them to others. But yeah. The lab… I was kind of messed up after that. It was like… why are we in here? What if we wake something up?" Sierra was kind of pissed, I think.

Having spent the last little bit in the pool, Dylan is walking past the two girls. He is wearing a pair of black swim trunks that reach about halfway to his knees. Without a shirt on, you can see a stylized coyote on the back of his left shoulder. His hair is plastered as it is still quite wet. Of course, it is hard not to notice the two girls, especially when one is shiny and metallic. He can't help but to stare, more in disbelief than gawkingly. The result is that he isn't paying attention and trips. A hard landing on the cement and tile floor would be painful and bloody, except for the fact that the boy blinks out of existence before he hits and blinks back into existence over the water, appearing in the same position as he was when he blinked out.

Dylan appears above the water of the jacuzzi. His eyes wide with that 'oh shit' expression, right before gravity yanks him down and a massive splash hits both girls.

"It's okay," Stephanie starts to tell Sydney. After all, she's been sharing her own grief with others. But then, there's the boy gawking at them. Then falling down. Then…teleporting. Into the Jacuzzi. And Stephanie lets out a shriek of surprise as the splash from the landing soaks her and leaves her sputtering. "What the FUCK!?!?" She blinks and wipes away the water from her face and glares at the boy. "One of us?" she asks Sydney with a mutter as she sweeps her hair back behind her.

Sydney is vigorously splashed. She coughs and chokes, but retains the presence of mind to reach out swiftly - in human terms, not in the terms Dylan would be used to - to grab Dylan's shorts and lift him bodily out of the water so he doesn't drown. She holds him up at arm's length out of the water, still coughing, trying to catch her breath. Yeah, Stephanie pretty much said what was in Syd's mind.

Dylan's mouth was opened when he hit the water, not expecting it in the least. That's one of the problems with reflexive power. Granted the jacuzzi isn't exactly deep enough to drown in, but that isn't a concern since he finds himself being hoisted up into the air bt Sydney, whose hand is gripping the trunks very, very near to one of his more favorite and sensitive body parts. "Woah there!" The boy blinks from Sydney's grasp and reappears sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi. "Sorry about that… um… yeah…" He looks at the girl that was holding him up, "Generally I expect at least dinner or coffee before getting taken to second base."

At the boy's comment about getting to 'second base', Stephanie rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Better put him back, Syd…." she says with a smirk on her lips. Stephanie looks down at the area where Sydney has ahold of the teen, and the smirk becomes pouty. "Looks like he's *way* too small to be legal…" And Steph emphasizes her point by moving her forefinger and thumb closer together, indicating her assessment of the boy's 'size'.

Sydney blinks as the weight is suddenly gone from her hand. Then blushes swiftly at the comment, from the usual straw color into the blue-purple colors. How she does it without heating her skin hot enough to boil water? Even she doesn't know. It just…happens. She finally manages to breathe again when Stephanie makes her crack, which breaks Syd up laughing. Eventually she does manage to mumble "third base." She looks at Dylan sheepishly. "I thought you might have hit your head or something."

Dylan looks at Stephanie, smirking slightly, "Oh, I promise you, I'm hardly too small… which your friend can probably confirm." He looks over at Sydney. Whatever words on his tongue are held there for a second before he shakes his head, "Um.. sorry about staring… and um.. yeah, thanks for that.. I probably would have…"

Stephanie returns the smirk to the boy, squinting her eyes and scrunching her nose to make it more mocking. "Careful, chico…" She raises up her right hand, water suicing off it. "How do you know I don't have a power like dissolving someone's flesh with a touch?" She wiggles he fingers menacingly at Dylan. "Don't try to play when you don't know the game."

Sydney fans her face with her hand ineffectively (but we all do it, right?) "I did NOT grab you there." She turns to Stephanie. "I didn't!" She tries not to hyperventilate, and tries not to give up Steph's play either. To Dylan, she adds "Why were you staring?"

Dylan holds up his hands, as he continues to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, "Hold on there… I wasn't asking you to feel me up… " He blinks at Sydney, "You're kidding, right? I mean, it's cool that you're so comfortable with yourself, but um… I can honestly say that I have never seen um.. … you're not going to rust are you?" He pauses, "So I take it that you two go to that private school for special kids?" Oh, like a teleporting boy?

"Well, *we* go to the school for the gifted kids," Stephanie retorts, gesturing between herself and Sydney. "*You* probably go to the school for the special kids. As in 'short bus' special." Yes, the Snark is strong in this one. "So yeah….why *were* you staring?" he scoots over towards Sydney, eyeing the teleporting boy suspiciously, and folds her arms across her bikini-top chest.

Sydney listens to Dylan. The rust comment answers her question, pretty much. Syd shrugs. "I've been stared at since I was like… ten? Only went metal when I was thirteen though. I'm kinda used to it. Don't worry about it. And yeah… I'll rust if I stay in here too long. It's no biggie. Just some Scotchbrite and maybe some lemon juice. Turns out Evaporust makes me itch." She rolls her eyes at Stephanie. "We're snarky today," she says to the other girl. Yay, new vocabulary for Syd. 'Snarky' may go back to 1906, but it sure wasn't in use when Syd was in junior high.

Dylan reaches up and combs the tendrils of hair from his face, wrenching some of the water from his hair. He looks at Sydney, "I'm not a bigot are anything like that… just caught me off guard…." His words are earnest, but as he turns towards Stephanie, his tone is less friendly. "Sorry, if I got you all wet… but look at the bright side… Dorothy must have splashed your sister with something other than just water."

Stephanie remains unfazed by the comeback. "Oh, wow," she says with mock amazement. "Is your secondary power the ability to time travel so you can bring back fresh jokes from the 1940's?"

Sydney tilts her head back and laughs softly. "Guys. Guys. Take it easy. We already know you won't be dating anytime soon." She looks at Dylan. "Yes, we go to Coral Springs. And yeah, I know I look unusual. It's like me asking about your tattoo… which is really cool, by the way…you get used to it." She gives him a smile.

Dylan is about to reply to Stephanie, until Sydney attempts to sooth the situation. He then blinks at Sydney, "What tattoo?" He holds the look of absolutely confusion for about twenty seconds before a wide grin stretches across his lips. "Thanks… Coyote is my spirit animal. And yeah, that's the place.. Someone has been trying to tell me that I need to go there… " He shrugs, "Not really sure why." He winks at Sydney, "Sorry to interrupt your little girl party…"

"Ugh," Stephanie says with a roll of her eyes. "Like I already didn't have enough wanna-be with bad tribal ink to avoid back in LA…" She looks over at Sydney and smiles. "Please tell me that Bryce can knock this dweeb on his ass if he starts acting up with you at school?" Stephanie hopes that the not-so-subtle hint doesn't escape the notice of Dylan, but it's not a great deal of hope. "Anyways, speaking of the school, think we should be getting back?"

Sydney blinks and looks at Stephanie, apparently not aware that tribal style ink is something of a cliche. She's still getting used to everyone having ink, to say nothing of gauged ears and body piercings. She looks back to Dylan to see what he'll say

Dylan looks at Stephanie. "Seriously what is your malfunction?" His dark eyes turn to Sydney, "Well, sorry for bothering you… Who knows we might see each other again.. but if there are more like your friend at that school, maybe not." He gives a quick wave and is gone.

Sydney looks up at Dylan and says, to his retreating backside (which did not go unnoticed, thanks ever so much) "Glad you weren't hurt."

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