(2018-08-14) The Simple Pleasures
The Simple Pleasures
Summary: Syd and Bryce go on a date. It's surprisingly un-awkward.
Date: 2018.08.14
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Cedar Beach
The beach here is soft sand, with yellow reed like grasses adorning the bank which leads to the main part of the island itself. Some drift wood washes up from the woods of New England and the other islands themselves. A popular place for turns and gulls to visit, the light cry of seabirds can be heard from here on most days. Like the rest of the area, its small area of beach where most of the island has a rocky rough face for the sea itself. The prefect loction for the neaby cabin and campsite.


Bryce spent a lot of time and thought of what he could do for Sydney tonight for their date. He remembered Callisto's advice that since they didn't have money to spend that they should do things that don't cost money but would be memorable. That morning, he slipped a note under her door with instructions to be at the dock about an hour before sunset. The directions would include that she should wear a pretty bikini underneath a pair of shirts and a shirt. She didn't need to bring anything else as he would take care of the rest. Fifeteen minutes before he asked her to be there, Bryce has made his way to the docks and is pacing back and forth. He is clearly nervous.

Sydney only owns one bikini, and she spends a certain amount of time angsting whether it's pretty or not, but it's too late now. She shrugs, pulls on her usual cutoffs and a flannel shirt she really bought for fall and buttons it up just enough buttons to make people (Bryce) wonder if she wore her bikini top or not. Another quick touch to her hair with the brush, a last minute inspection of the full body shine (because the other fifteen before she got dressed didn't get it done, apparently), and Syd bites her lip and heads for the dock. While walking, she does wonder if combat boots were the right footware, but she figures she can always take them off if they're not. Who'd steal them? They're tiny. She arrives at the dock on time, by her calculator watch.

Bryce is wearing the green button up shirt that she helped him pick out along with the khaki pants that go with them. He hears her walking up behind him and turns to look at her. He bites his lips together before grabbing his left wrist with his right one. He then relaxes his face and smiles. The first smile she would have actually seen him show without hiding it with his hand. That is why he grabbed his own wrist. "I'm, I'm glad you came." He walks towards her so she doesn't have to walk the whole way herself and reaches out for a hug. He is clearly struggling with his own desire to not be so forward or to touch someone, but he clearly is making an effort for her especially tonight.

Sydney twitches a smile, relaxing a tiny bit, and letting the smile bloom more fully at Bryce's. "Wouldn't have missed it unless someone was burning down the city or something." She hugs him softly and lets her lips brush his neck just below the ear. "Thanks for asking me. You look fantastic in that outfit."

Bryce returns the hug though his hands barely touch her back as though he is afraid that the weak kid is going to break the metal girl. "Um, so I know that, well, I've kept tonight pretty much a, a secret. You probaby figured out that we, we are going to the, well, beach. I guess it would be silly for you, uh, to dress with a, in a bikini otherwise. But we are going to, uh, that beach." He points out over the water to the cedar island.

Sydney looks out toward cedar island. "Oh man. I've wanted to go out there for ages. I just haven't had the guts, you know? I've been dumped by canoes a lot, back when I was made of meat. If that happens now… I can't swim." She blows out her cheeks and nods. "Are you good with a canoe?"

Bryce shakes his head and says, "No, I'd be, uh, miserable with a canoe." He sits down on the ground and spreads his legs somewhat. He pats the ground between his legs and says, "Pl-please sit down here. I have a, a surprise for you."

Sydney blinks, thinking a moment. "Oh! I'll bet I know what it is…" She sits down between Bryce's legs as instructed. She doesn't lean on him. Much. Just enough to be friendly.

Bryce wraps his arms around her waist and turns his left palm down. "Cl-close your eyes." He doesn't wait to see if she closes her eyes because he won't be able to tell from where he is anyway. He then creates a disc of psychic energy beneath them that forms into a solid. Once it is big enough to be completely under them, the disc lifts them up several feet into the air. It is a pretty smooth lift off with hardly any jerking motion. He has clearly been practicing.

Sydney closes her eyes and smiles as they lift off the ground. "A magic carpet ride… I forgot about this." She's a little tense, one might note. Not as tense as she would be in a canoe, that much is certain. About as tense as she is on the ferry.

Bryce can feel her tension, but he had prepared for that as well. "Do, don't worry. I won't drop you." He pauses for a moment and says, "You'd probably want to, er, kill me, sort of, for getting you wet and ruining your, your pretty hair." It was a joke that was combined with a compliment, or at least Bryce's poor excuse for it. The disc starts to take them towards the island and an area that is otherwise difficult to reach.

Sydney chuckles. She smirks to herself, but decides that sharing the double entendre with Bryce right now would be a really good way to wind up in the water. Which would be bad. Contingency plan… really long snorkel? She does relax as we set down on the island. "Touchdown, and the crowd goes wild!"

Once they land, Bryce removes the disc from beneath them and says, "Crowd? I don't see a, a, oh, that is a saying. Sorry." He shakes his head trying to not dwell on it. "Open, open your eyes." He has set them down on a very quite part of the beach looking out towards the water and the setting sun.

Sydney opens her eyes and smiles. "It comes from football. Touchdown is when someone from one team has carried the ball across the end zone. They score 7 points, I think. Dunno. I'm more of a baseball girl." She looks out toward the water and the sunset, and her voice dips lower, a bit of awe creeping in. "This is beautiful. Thank you."

As she enjoys the view, Bryce just holds her like that for a while. "I'm, I'm glad you liked it. I thought if I, well, if I didn't have enough money to buy you something, uh, nice that I should take you somewhere nice. And since, since you are so pretty, I thought somewhere pretty was, uh, good." He then says, "We could have done the, the beach at the estate, but, well, uh, I thought it would, um, been better with some, some privacy."

Sydney tilts her head back very gently to rest it on Bryce's shoulder, still looking at the sunset. "Thank you." She draws her arms around his around her. "We have this. And money can't buy it. We're rich beyond the dreams of avarice." She draws one of his hands up to kiss his wrist.

Bryce says, "You are, uh, welcome." He read books on how to have a good date. Of course he did. The boy studies for everything. He's even read a book before on studying. "I've, I've never taken a girl on, on a date before. I'm glad you, you like it." He then asks, "Did you, uh, wear the bi-bikini?"

Sydney smiles. She's read no books on the subject. Lots on the subject of sex and reproduction, but not really on dating. The one that did cover the matter suggests Bryce is doing fine. "I did. Did you bring a swimsuit?"

Bryce shakes his head and then realizes that he is behind her and cannot see him shake his head. "Uh, no, I, I don't have one, but that is, is okay because I can't swim. Doesn't really, uh, work for me. When I try to, to swim it looks more like bouts of, uh, drowning broken up with, with occasional breaks of flailing." He swallows hard for a moment and says, "Go, go ahead and get more comfortable."

Sydney chuckles. "I can't swim either. I'm negatively buoyant by about six hundred pounds." She gets up and makes sure Bryce can see, then unbuttons her flannel. She might be taking a little extra time, it's true, but when she shrugs it off, the bikini top is underneath it. Likewise she might be taking more time than necessary to slip out of her combat boots and socks, and wriggling just a little more than necessary getting out of the cutoffs. But hey. It's fun. She piles her clothes in a neat pile on top of her boots.

Bryce swallows hard and watches her quietly as she gets undressed. He knows exactly what she looks like, but there is nothing like seeing it afresh. "You are, you are lovely." He then very quickly adds, "I, I hope you don't mind me saying that so much. But, but it is true." His eyes move over every curve of her at least not so embarrassed to look at her. Of course, being that he prepared for this and they are alone helps.

Sydney smiles. "Thank you. Have I told you lately how handsome you are?

Bryce tries to think and remember when she last told him he was handsome. "Um, no, I mean, I don't remember. If, if you wrote it down and showed it to me, then I would remember. I'm not nearly as good at….oh, uh, was that a … ah. Sorry, I didn't … oh," His mind is going faster than his mouth can keep up with. "I'm, I'm glad you th-think so. It would be bad to, to be dating someone you thought was, uh, ugly." He doesn't agree with her.

Sydney sits down again onto her heels in front of Bryce, facing him this time. "It's a rhetorical question. It's kind of… a way of making a statement without being so direct. You are handsome. In addition to everything else, Bryce." She rests her hands in her lap.

Bryce just looks at her with the sun setting behind her. "Oh….ooOOooh. Oh." Three different Oh's on three different pitches. All three with different meanings. The first: Oh - short and simple - as in, I didn't know that. The second: Longer on two pitches - as in, aha that makes sense. The final: A fading off - as in, oh, uh, I, wow, hmm … Bryce can stammer with a single syllable. That is talent. "Uh, everything else?"

Sydney reaches down to take Bryce's hands in hers. She gets the three different oh's. It's kind of like watching her Linux machine boot. do this. ok. do this. ok. do this. Ok. She curls a smile. Understanding how someone thinks: priceless. "Everything else, yeah. Like… you're a good person. You're gentle. You're kind. You're wicked smart. I mean… I'm the kind of girl who always thought Mr. Spock was like… the ideal man. Tender and fiercely loyal at heart, but completely logical and scary smart around that." She looks down. "And like I said, you make me feel safe. And it's not that you're nonthreatening. You could pick me up and drop me in the ocean, and there's not a damn thing I could do to stop you. It's just… I trust you wouldn't. I think I know you better than that.

Bryce listens to her and grows a bit red. Glows a bit red might be the accurate term. He isn't sure why she is referring to Dr. Spock and then realizes that she said Mr. Spock which might be the alien Vulcan guy. When she brings up dropping her in the ocean, Bryce shakes his head. "No, I would never, uh, never do that. I would hold on to you and, uh, that makes it sound bad like I'm trying to, to fondle you or something. Not that I, uh, huh…." Bryce takes a deep breath and tries to stop the runaway freight train of his mouth. "I wouldn't drop you, uh, on purpose."

Sydney reaches out to touch his cheek. "I know. And I wouldn't intentionally fall on you, or squeeze you too tight, or any of a few dozen other things I worry about." She thinks about it, then leans in to kiss his lips softly, just for a moment. When she draws back, she whispers, "is it hard for you to focus on the here and now? I mean… all these different thoughts, all these different analyses. Can you ever make your mind quiet, and just feel… something like this?" She leans in and kisses him more deeply, taking her time.

Bryce was a bit surprised, pleasantly surprised, but surprised when she kissed him on the lips. When she asks him the question, Bryce actually tries to answer it, but when he does, the other kiss comes. His mouth is a bit open in this kiss which is unusual for him as he has always closed his mouth for kissing. He did read that book on kissing recently and decides to try something. He explores forward with his tongue to try and clumsily lick her lips during the kiss.

Sydney settles into the kiss, letting her tongue brush his. She curls her fingertips over one of his ears, careful not to dislodge his power storage thingie. Having him go into a coma would put a damper on things.

As her fingers move near the circlet, Bryce's entire body tenses. It seems an instinctual reaction more than a conscious one. Even his lips tighten in the kiss as his tongue retreats back into his mouth. He realizes this is not a good kiss any more and moves back a bit. "I'm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to … well, I'm kind of nervous about certain things." Understatement much?

Sydney nods. "I'll do my best not to mess with it. I know you wear it in the shower and everything. I won't take that off of you." She curls a small, sly smile, however. "Now your shirt… that's a different story.

Sydney draws her fingertips down along Bryce's button-down shirt, watching his expression before she actually does anything with the buttons.

Bryce nods his head thankful that she remembers the importance of the circlet. When she moves to his shirt, his eye's widen. "My, my shirt?" He looks around and says, "Out here. You want to, to take off my shirt out here?" He pauses for a bit thinking how pale he is and probably how quickly he can burn if they aren't careful. "Wh-why would you want to, to do that?" He knows that he isn't muscular and doesn't have a good physique.

Sydney smiles a little. "Why did you want me to wear a bikini?" She slowly undoes the topmost button.

Bryce doesn't try to stop her but he does try to prevent his armor from activating. The light on his circlet that indicates that usage begins to flicker on and then fades off before fully activating. "Uh, be-because this is a, a beach. And you like wear-wearing them. I should have, uh, brought oil. Sorry. I will remember for, for next time." He then looks down before admitting, "And, and I like, um, how you look in, in them." He sounds a bit ashamed when he says that.

Sydney smiles a little and undoes the next button, and the next, and the next, taking it slowly, because she doesn't want to trip his armor on either, especially. "I like how you look without a shirt, too. And I have oil in my purse."

"You do?" Bryce sounds completely surprised at her answer. He would have never though that someone would have thought that of him. He never expected to be thought of as attractive either. When she mentions that she has oil, he nods and says, "That, that is good. We don't want you to, uh, burn. You like nice when you are,uh, shiny." He then quickly adds. "Not that you don't look like nice all the time, because you do, well, I don't honestly know about all the time because I haven't see you all the time, but I have seen in you in most, uh, situations and in, well, undifferent states of dress….and…er…undress." He swallows hard. "You've always looked nice to me."

Sydney finishes unbuttoning Bryce's shirt and snuggles against his bare skin. "Thank you. Don't worry so much about offending me, ok? Just… be in the moment." She runs her hand along Bryce's side, feeling his ribs, trying not to tickle them.

Bryce wraps his arms around her as she snuggles against his chest. "I, I just think you are, uh, really pretty and special. Er, the good kind of special not the, the type with the quotation marks around it." He swallows a bit and says, "So, so I want to make sure you, you always know that, but, well, I am not always good at expresssing what, what I'm, er, thinking. Well, not unless I steal other people's, uh, words."

Sydney nuzzles Bryce's shoulder. "You're fine at expressing it. You just second guess yourself a lot." She tries to block the sun off his admittedly pasty skin. "With the sun at this angle, I wouldn't expect you to get a sunburn, but… I guess you could. It'd take a blowtorch to burn me enough to notice five minutes later, so don't worry about me. Steel is uv-opaque."

"Be-because my brain works so, uh, well, so much faster than my mouth does," Bryce begins to explain. "By, by the time I go to say it, well, whatever I was going to say, I've, I've already thought of, um, better ways to say it." He then takes a deep breath to admit, "Plus, uh, well, you are r-right. I'm not exactly, um, very confident." Bryce then shakes his head and says, "I, I wouldn't, er, do that to, to you."

Sydney nods and nibbles along the root of Bryce's neck, then plays the tip of her tongue along it. "Trust yourself," she says eventually. "It's hard. For me too. And I was just… mentioning that I don't burn. Hyperbole is one of my favorite things."

Bryce places his hand on her back and slides it down to the small of her back. He presses there as she places his other hand on her forearms gently resting there. "You too? You, you seem so much more con-confident than I am? Plus, there isn't much that can, uh, hurt you…hmm. I guess that is physically. Things can still, uh, hurt you in other ways."

Sydney mms softly at the gentle pressure. "Yeah… and I had the habit, before I went metal, of royally fucking up my life, and then lying back and letting whatever was gonna happen happen. I've been clean and sober two and a half years now. I don't… want to do that anymore. I mean I had a good time, at least part of the time, but… I didn't have anything much to lose, you know? Now I do. And that's weird for me. I also don't want to hurt you. And I don't want to take advantage of you.

Bryce rubs her lower back and talks. He has zero experience being a date or a boyfriend, but he is going to do his best at both. "I'm, I'm glad that you are clean and, and sober. How would, uh, you take advantage of me?" He then shakes his head. "No, you, you don't have to answer, uh, that one if you don't want to, but, but what I want you to tell me, is, uh, how, how can I help you?" He moves the hand that was on her forearms up to lightly touch under her chin.

Sydney tilts her head back a little, and if she could purr, she definitely would. "mmm… I worry, I guess… that I could convince you to do things you don't want to do, get you caught up in the moment and then when you have the chance to think about it you realize you've gone somewhere you didn't want to go.

That goes in his memory. She liked that. Bryce holds her chin gently in his fingers and looks down at her face. "You are cute, er, I mean," she distracted him. "What do, do you want me to do? I want you to, uh, be free and happy with me, but, er, not afraid of things either. I think, I think I'm afraid enough for both of us." That was another attempt at a joke on his part. "How about, er, if I'm not comfortable with with something, I tell you and we try to do, er, either something else or, maybe, work up to the it."

Sydney nods. "Okay. And I'll do what I'm gonna ask you to do anyway. If I think I'm crossing a boundary, I'll ask. If you say no, we don't do it." She brushes her lips against Bryce's.

Bryce can take a hint and lightly kisses her on the lips. He slides his hand from the small of her back down a bit lower to her waistline but not any lower than that. "That, that sounds good, but, but I want you to, er, ask, and, this may be the hardest part, uh, try to be patient with me."

Sydney kisses back gently. "Patience is always hard. I have enough issues in this area that I'm gonna need patience from you, too."

Deciding to try to be a bit brave, Bryce decides to slide his hand further down until he is cupping her behind with his hand. Only the thin bikini fabric separates her metallic skin from his fleshy skin. "Well, perhaps we, we need to find ways to re-reward each other when we are both patient and, well, brave."

Sydney mmmms and nibbles up his neck to lick his earlobe. "I think patience and bravery in this… will bring its own rewards. I don't think we need to worry about that."

Well, she seemed to like that. Bryce swallows and squeezes her behind and holds it. He waits to see what her reaction will be to that. "Um, if, if you don't burn with the sun, why do you put oil on? Does it just feel good? Or, or, uh, do you like being extra shiny?" It seems his mind hasn't left that especially considering their first oil, bikini, Bryce, arcade claw encounter.

Sydney mmmms again, muscles in her behind tensing and relaxing as she shifts her weight, but it's maybe a little softer than the very first time Bryce touched her there. "It helps keep me from rusting as fast. And I like being extra-shiny. And it feels good."

Bryce continues to hold her behind as they sit and talk. "What happens if, if you rust? Is there something you need to do to, uh, well, to yourself? Did, did you want to put some oil on now then?"

Sydney chuckles. "Do you want the technical explanation right now? And I'd like that."

Bryce nods at her. "T-technical is almost always go-good." He then suddenly releases her chin with an 'Oh.' "I, I guess you need your arms if you are going to, to put the oil on. If you want, er, privacy I can try, uh, something I've been thinking about with, with my powers."

Sydney laughs gently. "Yeah, ok, silly question, I should have realized. Basically I'm made of steel nanomachines and living cells. My main fuel is oxidizing iron. So I'm always rusting somewhere. On the outside it's just from condensate…moisture in the air. I just scrub it off with a Scotchbrite pad. Sometimes I use some chemical rust remover to help. Had to go natural with that though. Evaporust was making me itch." She raises an eyebrow about the oil. "Well, I thought you were offering to put it on for me. Are you not comfortable with that?"

Bryce listens carefully and intently as she talks about her rusting. "It, it sounds like a redox reaction, though, uh, I've only briefly read on them." Which of course means he is going to study more about it. "Is, is it comfortable the way you remove rust or, uh, do you want me to try and, er, find another way?" When she says that she thought he was going to do the oil, he sounds shocked again. "Me? Oh, uh, I guess if you w-want me to then I can try." He points his hand at the ground and causes a long rectangle construct to appear. It is the exact size of a beach towel.

You say, "I'm always open to new ideas. It doesn't hurt to scrub it off or anything, but it does take time. Having someone else do it is kind of a luxury." She lies down on the construct and peels out of the bikini top, while facing safely away from him."

Bryce swallows hard when she turns away from him and removes the top. He is tempted to put up some sort of barrier to protect her modesty, but she doens't seem too concerned and it is a private area. He reaches over for her purse and pauses, "Uh, can, can I get the oil from your, your purse?" He sounds a bit nervous about going into a girl's purse though.

Sydney reaches over to grab her purse and fishes out the bottle, a re-used baby oil bottle. Designed to hold the stuff, convenient size… but the scent would make it obvious it's her usual mix of essential oils and mineral oil. She stretches out, cradling her hands under her head.

Bryce moves over towards her and kneels down on the construct next to her. He takes the oil and squirts it into one hand and accidentally squirts too much. "ooh." Now it is dripping between his fingers so he moves his hand over her back so it can drip on her. He was going to try and warm it up some not sure if that matters to her or not. The oil drips down onto the middle of her back.

Sydney shivers lightly at the dripped oil, but it's a hot day and the stuff has been sitting on the ground a while, so it's not that cold. She looks over her shoulder at him. "You ok?"

Bryce nods his head though he looks at his hands. He places the bottle down and starts to rub his hands together. "Uh, yeah, I, I squirted the bottle too hard and made a mess. Sorry." He then starts to rub her back trying to focus on long strokes parallel to her spine. He is having to twist his body in order to make the motions that he wants though.

Sydney mmmmms and sighs quietly. "that's nice… Um… you can like… straddle my butt and sit on it. Makes everything easier to reach."

"Straddle?" Bryce looks at her barely covered behind and blushes a bit. Well, he was just holding it. Maybe…be brave Bryce. He notices the good alliteration there even with everything going on. He nods his head more to himself and straddles her behind. He very slowly lowers himself onto her leaving his hands on her back for support.

Sydney 's butt is very firm, and it gets firmer as Bryce sits, then softens a bit as the non-newtonian fluid relaxes. She reaches up with one hand to brush her hair up from the back of her neck, encouraging Bryce to go up there too.

Bryce gets his sea legs, or non-newtonian butt and becomes more stable. He resumes sliding his hands up and down her back once he is steady. When she moves her hair out of the way, Bryce leans forward some so his hands can slide up to her neck and then part to slide over each shoulder. "Wh-what happens if I get it in your hair?"

Sydney mmmmms, squeezing her eyes shut. Again, she'd purr if she could. "Nothing special. My hair's made of the same stuff as the rest of me. I sometimes use the oil for conditioner.

Bryce nods his head and then remembers that she can't see him nod his head since he is sitting on her behind. "Oh, yes. That makes, er, sense." He reaches for the bottle to try and squirt more oil on his hands but his hands are quite slippery. He focuses and uses a small version of his claw to pick up the bottle and squeeze more oil on her back. The claw puts the oil down so Bryce and resume spreading it into her skin. He is quite thorough and tries to focus on the flow and direction of her muscles as he rubs.

Sydney relaxes to the point where she's half asleep. Her muscles aren't tense particularly, but they soften even more with the gentle rubbing. "Yeah… I'm not differentiated at all so… hair, fingernails, skin, all of that is the same stuff as my brain, same stuff as my muscles, and so on.

…Fade out.

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