(2018-08-12) Thank you-ish over Burgers
Thank You-ish over Burgers
Summary: Daxton runs into Dylan at the Burger Barn.
Date: IC Date (2018-08-12)
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Burger Barn - Shady Cove

It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and fair.

It is late and the Burger Barn is mostly empty by this hour. Sitting in a corner booth, watching the door - well mostly, Dylan has the remnants of his order. There is a few bites left of a burger, a few onion rings, left and two empty glasses that once were filled with chocolate milkshakes. The boy looks tired, but well enough, with the exceptions of a few fresh-ish scratches on his cheek. They look to be more from something scratching his face than from someone or an animal’s nails. The strange thing is that he is wearing a Coral Springs athletic shirt. It doesn't look new, in fact, it looks slightly discolored. In fact, there is a chance that Daxton might recognize it from being in the school's lost and found box from back at the mansion. While he was watching the door before, he has gotten himself lost in a comic book. See he can actually act like a normal teenage boy.

Daxton comes in wearing a red tee shirt of Lighthouse pizza underneath a blue and black leather motorcycle crock rocket jacket. His hair, short as it is is mushed up from running fast and he has two pizza boxes in hand. He also smells slightly of the food he's been around all shift, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Instead he walks up to the counter and leans against it waiting to be noticed. He's got a food trade to make. It seems that maybe this is a normal thing as the waitress sees him and calls back to the kitchen, "Daxton's here. I need those burgers and shakes pronto!"

Well, that gets his attention. Hmm decisions, decisions. Leave and not deal with Mister Quickie or finish his food. Dylan slinks down a little bit in his seat. At the same time, the comic book raises just a touch to hide his face. He is keeping an eye on the reflection in the window to watch Daxton.

Daxton's been trained as a soldier. He's usually pretty aware of his surroundings. While he might not pick up on who's there, he knows there's someone in one of the booths. He flashes the waitress a warm smile and she smiles back. It's friendly, maybe a little flirtatious on her part. "Good shift, Lilith? No one dinned and dashed?" They banter for a minute waiting for the food. While he waits he's given a to go cup to get soda with. Which he goes and fills, no ice.

Dine and dashed? Dylan would never do that to a Mom & Pop's establishment like the Burger Barn. He didn't really have a choice when it came to Marko's gang anyway, but he really only chose to rip off those who would not really be harmed by his liberation of goods. Besides, good food should never go unrewarded. The several times that Dylan has come here, he's always left a good tip on top of actually paying for the food. Thing about reading a comic, is that it isn't something that generally is held up like that or kept on the same page for so long, but he is at the same time hesitant to turn the page and potentially draw attention to himself. He is not sure what all Daxton is capable of doing, but he knows that he beat Marko and Carl, and that is enough to make Dylan more than a little intimidated by Daxton.

Daxton does glance at Dylan. Yeah, he'd probable do better if he had cut out eye holes to look though. The speedster gives him an up nod and moves back to lean against the counter and drink the soda. One of the dishwasher comes out to get the garbage and he and Dax fist bump as he walks by. Seems Dax come here a lot (Where does everyone think he gets all those milkshakes from?!?). The former Ares lifts the cup to his lips and the suddenly he's back over at the fountain refilling it in a blink of an eye.

Dylan catches the nod in the reflection. He sighs and drops the comic. "We're not gonna have a problem are we?" He watches Daxton zip to the soda fountain. He arches an eyebrow, seemingly very unimpressed. "And if you were referring me to be the one dashing, I have you know that I wouldn't do that. I got principles, you know."

Daxton glances back at Dylan, eyebrow raises, "Jesus fucking christ. Are you serious?" An eyeball, "I wasn't referring to you at all. Lilith's had people do that to her." Whatever. He finishes filling up the paper cup again and moves guck to his leaning on the counter, content to not talk to the rude ass kid in the Coral Springs shirt. He can guess where that came from, Unit 23 saw Besa go into the grandmother's place. They may have to have a 'talk' with the healer about compromising their estates.

Dylan smirks slightly, "I am never completely serious. Besides, with how preachy you do-gooders can be there is really no telling if you were talking to me by talking about me." He snatches up one of the remaining onion rings, "And if someone does that to a place like this, then they are worse than bubble-gum on the bottom of your shoes on a hot summer day." He looks over at Daxton, "Thanks for watching Ami Sani, by the way… "

Daxton drains the second cup just a s quickly. That can't be healthy! "If I make a comment about you, it'll be to you." Do-gooder? That just makes Dax smirk. When eh smirks he looks younger than his 18 years, almost boyish. "Right. Preachy." He can't even take that serious with the next sentence that comes out of Dylan's mouth, what is he, stick in the 1950's? The waitress comes back with a bag that has to have at least 3 burgers in it and two milkshakes. "It's kinda what us good doers do, I guess." Protect Grandmas. What does that make Dylan? Dax reaches over and scribbles something on a piece of paper for the waitress before giving her that crooked smile and grabbing the food. Dylan gets another nod, "Later man." The waitress looks down at the paper and smiles before looking back up as Dax speeds out of there faster than humanly possible. When Dylan goes to pay, he'll find that Dax has covered his meal.

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