(2018-08-11) Almost Inside
Almost Inside
Summary: Buddy almost makes it inside the school but demon talk frightens him off.
Date: 2018-08-11
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A deadly hunter silently stalks his prey through the back lawn of the estate. The prey, a small lizard that is still enjoying the warmth of a sun baked rock. The hunter, a graceful tabby cat that moves with a careful and measured step. This hunter, though small, is experienced.

Sierra is floating in the air…or hovering to be more accurate…over the back lawn, scanning the grass for something that could possibly be… There he is. She swoops down to land next to cat and lizard. "Buddy! No eating the wildlife!"

The floating girl lands and startles the lizard. The lizard jumps off the rock and goes running. The Buddy cat lunges out of sequence and crashes unfed on the rock. He lets out a complaining meow.

"Serves you right" smirks Sierra before crouching down next to the cat. "You know, if you come inside, you can have as much food as you like. Even cooked if you want." She reaches out to give Buddy a pat on the head. "What do you say?"

Little Buddy cat sulks a little though he lifts his head when she pats him. The kitty meows and looks at the estate. He slowly curls his body upwards until he is standing. He walks around her legs and then stands up as a boy. "I'm good at hunting. I took care of myself a long time before Granger." But he remembers they were going to go inside last night. He takes a deep breath and is clearly worried. "I'll try. But I can come back outside if it gets too bad, right?"

"As long as you give it a proper chance" Sierra counters. "No running away outside after five minutes. Can you promise me that?" She stands. "Being good at hunting is fine, but you don't need to do it all the time now. And we can't find your parents if you're out here."

"I can't promise that," Buddy says walking up next to Sierra. "I horrible with telling time. Look, no watch!" He laughs at that. Then sounding a bit sad, he adds, "When I escaped Susie, I looked and sniffed for them everyday for a long long time. Gave up hoping with Granger."

"Never give up hope" Sierra replies with some certainty. "We will find your parents and they will be so happy to find you. And you them." The Latina strolling slowly towards the house in the company of Buddy (in human form). "We don't give up hope here."

Buddy walks next to Sierra. His jeans look an inch too short. "What if you've already given up hope? Do they have extra hope here?" Despite the silliness of the words, he is clearly serious. As they near the imposing looking business, he becomes visibly agitated. He reaches out to try and subtly place his hand in her hand.

"Hope never dies. It's just buried deep until something can bring it back to the light" Sierra smiles, allowing Buddy to take her hand and give it a little squeeze. "You had no hope of going into a school once, but here you are. You probably had no hope of escaping Granger, but here you are."

Ashton walks out on the lawn. He is wearing a pair of form fitting black pants that disappear into a pair of black ankle boots. A crimson buttoned up shirt, crisply pressed, contours his upper form rather nicely. The sleeves of which are rolled up to halfway up to his elbows. He has a rather somber expression as he walks alone. When he sees the duo walking, he alters his path to meet theirs. He smiles softly and says in an almost melodious voice, "Hey Sierra." He looks to the boy, "Are you doing okay, Buddy? You know, when need to raid my closet. I am pretty sure my clothes should probably fit you."

"Wow. I never thought about that," Buddy exclaims as she speaks of hope. "And I'm really good at doing of I need to be," says the boy who can become a dog. Her starts to squeeze her hand as they get close. "Oh, hi!" He wanted his other hand to Ashton. "I wouldn't steal from your closet. My mommy taught me not to." He looks down at his clothes, "What's wing with me clothes?”

"They're too short" Sierra asides to Buddy with his question about his clothes. "And who knows how long they'll last with all your shifting. And I think Ashton was /offering/ you clothes, not telling you to steal them." She offers a smile and wave of welcome to her fellow Ares. "And speaking of hope. Ashton here had to be rescued by some of us, like you were. And look how well he's doing. You two know each other then?"

Ashton nods in Sierra's assessment of Buddy's clothing. "Yeah, I just meant that you could have or if you didn't want to take them, you could just borrow them… I don't mind sharing…" He looks at Sierra. "Yeah I'm doing great." For the moment. "We met the other day…. He ran up in the guise of a German shepherd…" He says almost under his breath, with a saddened tone, "It was kind of nice to think that a dog wouldn't instantly hate me again…"

Buddy looks down at his clothes again. "They are?" He seems surprised by that assessment. "Oh," he says as they explain that he can borrow the clothes. "I guess I can look. These feel ok. Not that I wear them a lot. Animals don't need them." He seems pleased by that. "Why would dogs hated you?"

"You wear them so you're not naked when you change into a boy" Sierra points out to Buddy. "That is important." A curious look at Ashton. "Why would dogs hate you?" Sierra does miss a lot of what goes on at school.

Ashton swallows a bit nervously, not really wanting to freak out Buddy, "Because of me being half demon… Most animals instinctively fear me… Besa's dog can barely stand to be around me, even though she spent several months of being friendly when my demon nature was suppressed."

Ashton's concern was well founded. As soon as he hears the word demon, Buddy quickly moves so that he is on the other side of Sierra. "Half what?! What half?" He is crouching behind Sierra and would have changed forms already if Sierra wasn't holding his hand.

"Oh…that thing" Sierra nods with a frown. "I guess I should be thankful that dogs don't dislike me. I mean, Aztec gods are demons to some." She tries a soothing voice to the boy hiding behind her. "Hey. It's okay. No demons are coming out to get us. Ashton has it all under control. He's our friend."

Entering the back lawn from the expanse of brown sand behind him, Loukanos seems to have been out for a late-night swim. Droplets of ocean water still cling to his hair, darkening it slightly, and he's toweling the crown of golden locks as he walks. The godling is dressed in red dolphin shorts and a loose white t-shirt. "Hello, Ashton!" He offers the boy a beaming smile. "And others." Glancing at Sierra, who he recognizes vaguely, and Buddy who is unfamiliar. "Everything alright?" His psychic senses are tingling.

Ashton looks at Buddy, "My father was a demon, but you don't have to worry… He's dead." Actually, he was killed coincidentally by one of his best friends. He sighs slightly, "I never thought I would miss having a dog around me until I had one that wanted to be around me and sleep on the bed with me… " He chuckles softly. His expression brightens up when he sees Loukanos. As soon as the boy is close enough, Ashton hugs Louk tightly, putting his head on his shoulder for a moment. "Hey, Love. Have a good time on the beach?"

Buddy listens carefully about the demon discussion, but he doesn't seem to be doing well. "The demon is dead? No demons are coming?" Seeing Loukanos come up, Buddy says, "Hi, I'm Buddy!" Then movement out in the grass catches his eye. "Sshhhh." He becomes very still. Then without warning, he shifts back into a little tabby cat and runs out into the back lawn. That lizard is about to become dinner after all.

Sierra sighs as Buddy disappears into the grass again. "We'll get him into the school one day." Then a smile for the new arrival. "Hey, I'm Sierra. I think I've seen you around but never been introduced." And it seems that Loukanos and Ashton know each other very well. "I should probably leave you two alone. See if I can find my girlfriend."

"You might not want to do that," Loukanos says, chuckling. "I'm still pretty wet." He makes no move to stop the other, though, but there is a slight frown at talk of demons. What did he walk into? Buddy scampers off before he can even ask, so when Sierra introduces herself, he turns his polite smile on her. "Hello. My name is Loukanos. You're one of Ashton's current teammates, yes?" He gives her a nod when she mentions leaving. "It was nice meeting you"

Ashton shakes his head as Buddy scampers off. "At his own time… he's been through a lot… If it is forced too early, it might do more harm than good." Yeah, he knows a little about it. He then grins impishly at Louk, "Just means that I have another reason to shed my clothes, doesn't it?" He tightens his hold just slightly, feeling a little clingy and a lot content. He pauses, "Um… until the school year starts officially at least…" He chews on his lower lip, "I'll be starting the school year as a member of Metis… " He looks over at Sierra from Louk. "Well, that's new huh? I guess a lot of things have happened while I was gone…"

"Metis?" Sierra gasps at this insult to Ares. "I /was/ in his team" she frowns at Loukanos, "But I guess he got a better offer." A snort at Ashton. "I have lots of girlfriends…had…but this one is special. Saoirse." A warm smile at that name. "She's probably off hiding marshmallows. I'll see you guys later." A wave as she heads back to the school.

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