(2018-08-09) Fur to Feathers
Fur to Feathers
Summary: Fionnuala encounters Buddy once more, and the two find some common ground… er… air?
Date: 2018-08-09
Related: Hours after this log.
Scene Runner: NA

Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Thu Aug 09, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and overcast.


After the fright he received earlier today, Buddy has decided to stay as a bunny. It wasn't strong, but it was small, fast and good at hiding. He had hidden for several hours. No one saw him in the bushes near the hedge maze. Plus, the dormant flowers were tasty. The little grey bunny with the blue right eye and the green left eye has eaten a few of these dormant flower stalks. Now, as the pressed on, the thick clouds overhead warned of another possible shower.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

After her strange encounter with a strange being and a doggo-turned-bunneh, Fionnuala went about her business for the afternoon. Fast-forward through things that were fairly unremarkable but nonetheless fulfilling to get over with, and the girl is returning to the back lawn with intention to resume her beachcombing. She walks across the lawn, fingers dipped into a bag of washed green beans and cut red peppers, lifting one or the other to her gob to gnosh on them. The winged girl's gait slows and her eyes lift to the heavens, spying the clouds as they return for an encore. Fionnuala hmmps softly as she stands close to the hedge maze, "Guess it's a good thing.." Said to nobody in particular as she munches. She's making no move to backtrack, not yet. As with before, rain never truly bothers Fee Reid.

The little bunny sees the girl who yelled dinosaur from before. He hadn't seen any dinosaurs, but one could never be so sure. And then there was the guy thingy with the fake face. Laying very still, he watches as she walks closer and closer. She doesn't seem scary. And she did pet him really well before. Maybe she just liked yelling scary words. He very slowly and stealthfully hopped himself towards her hoping he doesn't spot her. If she doesn't, then he will hope up and poke her in the foot with his little bunny nose. The moment he is seen though, he will freeze in place

The shifter isn't even aware of the little critter as she munches, waiting for clouds to burst. There's something nice about how the rays of sunlight yet try to pierce dark wet clouds, and Fee is watching that as the bunny creeps closer. She is rapt and watchful right up until she feels a fuzzy nose nudge her bare toes. To Fee's credit she doesn't startle loudly, though she crunches down hard on a green bean and flits her gaze downward to look upon the frozen bunny.

"Oh..! It's you!" The girl swallows her mouthful of raw veggies, and kneels. "Hai, bun-bun! Have you been out here all this time?" Asks Fee in her cheerful, sing-song way, her wings large, sparkly and dark behind her slight body.

The bunny is frozen for a few seconds in that protective stillness they are capable of. Finally, he sits up on his back legs and looks up at her with those colored eyes of his. At her question, he nods his head. Seeing her wings, the bunny hops up into the air but about mid-hop it turns into a bright yellow finch that is only a few inches long. He flaps his wings and flies up towards as though wanting to show his little wings. Even as a bird, he has the same looking eyes.

The winged girl watches and waits patiently to see what the bunny will do. She does not make to grab or touch and she is rewarded for this by the little furred critter shifting into a… hey! One of her peeps? Does she have a finch-type somewhere in her family line?! Who knows. But the change brings a smile of pleasure to Fionnuala's face. "Well check that out… one of my all-time favorite colors too!" She giggles, taking a bite of a piece of raw red pepper and, as she munches, holds out a finger for the little bird to consider perching upon. "You have very pretty wings."

The little bird lands on her finger and looks around as though wanting to make sure it is safe. Though its hard to tell if he is wanting to make it safe for him or for her. When she compliments his wings, he spreads them wide and very slowly flaps them just to show them off. He tweets very happily at her a few times. After a few tweets, he says, "I'm Buddy." Which sounds a bit singsongy coming from a bird.

"You've a right to show them off, aren't they just the prettiest shade of yellow." Fionnuala compliments, talking as if she were speaking to a humanoid. Not even in a patronizing baby way! She flexes her slender shoulders and from their blades, her big black halo of wings stretch wide and glitter with sunshine. "I would love to have some splashes of yellow in these, you're very lucky." The girl compliments, turning to hold the little birdie up, upon her finger, to squint at him. "It's nice to meet you, Buddy. Do you have a main form? One that you really, really prefer?"

Buddy nods his little head and tweets a few times. He flies off her finger and towards the ground and turns into the german shepherd again just before he hits the ground. He looks back at her with a waving tail. Bark Bark. He sounds pretty happy. He then looks around again still on alert and asks, "Is the rough fake face boy still here? or Dinosaurs?"

"Ah, that actually does suit you best." Fee giggles gently, popping another green bean into her gob and biting down with glee. She does not reach out to scritch the pupper because she's too busy nomming. Buddy's query gives her pause, "I didn't see him.. I guess he's a him. He's not up there. And dinosaurs are extinct, so you don't have to worry." She'll just leave out mention of the portal sprouting back in November… that unleashed actual dinosaurs and destroyed the original school.

"Where did you come from, Buddy?" Asks the girl, seating herself Lotus-style in the grass, wings draping like a cloak.

Buddy seems visibly relieved at both of those things. Something about WRK3892 made him feel very uneasy and to dinosaurs he'd look quite delicious. When she sits down, he sits down as well. He starts to shake his body but after a second, he is just sitting in front of her as a young teen boy wearing a pair of blue jeans that are about an inch too short and a green tshirt. "It's easier to talk with this mouth." He says honestly though with the same excited voice that the animals spoke in and with the same eyes. "Well, some people from this school, students I think, rescued me from Shocky Man and Granger. I was able to flyyyy away. Yay! I ended up finding them here. They said I should talk to a Headmaster. You are pretty. I like your wings a lot. Can you fly with them? I hope so. Flying is fun."

Bam, now there's a boy! Fionnuala has only a few seconds to look startled before she calms herself, her lips curling into a silly smile. "I think I should be introducing you to my boyfriend. Did you know he can become a variety of animals too? Mammals and reptiles and…" She will leave out the dinosaur part. "Anyway…" She listens, watching the younger boy, struck by his innocence. "Well I'm glad you were able to flyyyyyy away to safety, that you were saved. I dunno about Granger but 'Shocky Man' doesn't sound like a really nice name." There, an inflection of sadness in her tone. "Do you wish to stay with us then, Buddy?" Asks the winged girl, before she blushes. "Aw.. that's too sweet." Regarding the 'pretty' comment, though Fee twitches her wings happily. "These can help me fly, right as rain. Did you want to fly with me?"

Buddy seems surprised that there is someone else who can turn into different animals too. He is very emotionally expressive and quite easy to read. "Wow. He can? People said that there were people like me here, but I guess they really meant it. Was he forced to be part of a petting zoo too?" And that is what he was rescued from. "Shocky Man worked for Granger. Shocky Man had an evil button that made me hurt a lot when he used it. It was worse than the fake fence Susie's dad put up. But Blue Girl broke the collar and broke the door. I don't want to wear a collar again. Ever!" Then she mentions flying. "Oh, that would be great. But, I fly as a bird. Can you fly as a girl?"

The dark-haired girl looks pained at the thought of anyone making this boy hurt. "Well you're safe here… I think we should bring you to the Headmaster to get you in with us. Does that sound good? Then you can safely be a dog or a rabbit or a bird and never have to worry about things hurting again." Fee says tenderly, hiding her unrest at people being so cruel. Regarding her boyfriend, "He sure can, too… he can become anything. His name is Oliver." She declares happily, "He's the sweetest thing, also.. he'd be really nice to you. Just remember that, ok?"

After a moment, Fee's wings twitch. "Want to know something even better…? Really really good?"

Buddy nods his head at the idea of staying with them. "I think I want to stay here and play in the grass and everything. Plus, I haven't been to school in a long time. Although," he adds a bit wistfully for a moment, "I haven't been anywhere for along time except Granger's cage." He then quickly perks back up. "But now I have green grass, clear water, and blue skies! It's fun here." When she asks him to remember, he nods his head and says, "I'll try. I'm not very good with names. I tend to think of people how they look and act instead of a single word like a name." Perhaps that was from all that time as an animal. He then bounces a bit on his behind when she asks if he wants to know something better. "Better? OH, a game. Uh, worms? Worms are really delicious. Or maybe ice cream. I remember that being good. Am I close?"

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Shapeshift: Good Success.

A flash of light, like a miniature solar flare. And where a pretty, smiley girl once sat with her wild nimbus of black hair…. there perches a glossy black crow! Where typically there would be inkdrop eyes, here they resemble twin topaz stones. There is a hearty caww-caww, and much like Buddy enunciated.. she 'speaks' though her voice has been drastically altered. Fionnuala relied upon magic to further 'emit' her voice as birds' vocal cords differ drastically. "Now this could be fun!" Exclaims the sleek black bird, and with a beating of wings she lifts into the sky!

Buddy shields his eyes when the bright flash comes. He blinks them a few times trying to see again and is surprised when he sees the black bird. She can change too! Buddy quickly moves up from his behind onto his feet and jumps. One one fluid motion he shifts into the little goldfinch again and starts to fly off after her. He tweets happily as he flies in her direction. There is almost a laughing sound to his tweets as he flies. The pair are an interesting sight flying through the sky. The bright little bird and the sleek black one.

Save for romantic flights of fancy with Ollie, Fee doesn't often get to fly with another bird! Natural birds are territorial and testy; here there is a humanoid sentience so that, paired with the carefree ability to move in a body that is made for flight? BLISS.

The clouds from earlier seem to be chased away by their conjoined moods, and in their stead is a blaze of dying evening sunshine. The crow, thanks to the considerate mind fueling her body, takes care not to smack or disrupt the cute little finch with her wings. "Come along, follow me, the day is just right! If we go to the water, the sun makes the waves look like jewels!" Exclaims the crow in the language that is hard for humans to discern, but easy for a fellow 'bird'. Fionnuala makes for the shore with deft wingbeats.

<FS3> Buddy rolls Transform: Good Success.

Buddy normally only turned into a few animals, the ones that Granger wanted at the petting zoo. He didn't have a lot of experiences with other animals. But watching her fly faster than he can, he focuses on her flying. On her shape. On her. Finally, as she tells him to follow along, he shifts into a black raven just like her. Now he can fly as fast as she can and keep up. "I'm coming!" the caws back to her. And with the larger shape comes greater speed.

Can a crow 'sound' surprised?! The sound that Fee admits as she beats along is very much akin to that. "How COOL!" She 'exclaims' in that manner of birdspeak. "There you go. Being a crow or raven is useful, you know. You can do well to have that form. And look—" They easily cross the lawn, two avian shadows spiriting across the grass. Grass is replaced by sand; sand replaced by the glittering surface of the water, revealing to them the sunlight as it is dashed across the waves in a kaleidoscope of color. Fee flutters overhead, swoops, dives and curves inwards for a second look.

<FS3> Buddy rolls Physical: Good Success.

When Buddy transforms into an animal, he transforms down to the very genetic level giving him the instincts and skills of that creature. He flaps his wings happily as she seems pleased by his mimicry. "It is definitely faster." He pushes his new form to a faster speed than the finch could go. Flying behind her, Buddy follows her manuever through the air and dives down towards the water. He skirts the surface of the water letting his feet drag across the surface for a moment before pulling up.

The crow follows, and being rather close to lifelong in her expertise with the form, Fionnuala negotiates the art of flight with expertise. She swoops upwards, wings arched wide, "Classes start soon, Buddy," Cawws the crow, "And with them, we'll be moving. Let's make sure that you're in with us, and coming along. I bet it'll be nothing but good for you." Declares Fionnuala, and she banks sideward to make her way back to shore. The day is growing late. "It's not often that I get a flying buddy." Blink, a staccato of cawws to signify laughter, "Literally!"
GAME: Save complete.

Buddy follows along as best as he can, but while he has the same body and strengths of the bird, he just doesn't have the experience yet. "Moving? I've moved a lot." He can't quite follow the rest of her moves as well and ends up flying to land. As soon as they get to the shore, Buddy lands and shakes his feathers. "That was fun. I'm getting sleepy though." He can speak bird perfectly though. "Thank you for flying. It was fun." He gives a little birdy yawn and then shakes his feathers again. But this time, there are no more feathers. He has turned into a little tabby cat that starts padding off for a place to sleep.

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