(2018-08-09) Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute
Summary: An odd, ancient presence on the patio confounds a pair of shifters.
Date: 2018-08-09
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Scene Runner: NA

Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Thu Aug 09, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.

It is a summer day. The weather is warm and drizzling.


That figure, the cloak about it, was crouched out on that patio. It was near one of those chairs, not actually sitting on it and quite clearly sitting in the lighter sun. The drizzling rain is hitting it, and yet.. the cloak doesn't actually show it being 'wet'. A close look shows the water drops going through it completely. Either way, it's unmoving, could easily be a statue if one didn't know better.

There is a girl jogging up from the beach, though she seems to admit defeat midway through and that jog turns into a casual stride. Fionnuala Reid has never minded a bit of rain, and it helps that the air is warmer though this paired with the raindrops casts a loamy scent across the space. It's a smell that the shifter rather likes and Fee resigns to end her morning walk along the beach with an impromptu shower.

The girl is outfitted in black cyclist-style shorts, flip flops, and a loose hippy'ish tie-dye camisole. Her hair has been left free and loose, though it blends into the black halo of feathered wings upon her back. She mounts the stairs to the patio, and just about strides past the still, cloaked figure… only to pause and double-take. Was this here, when she first left…? The girl squints, and peers in closer for a better look.

<FS3> WRK8392 rolls Analyze: Failure.

When Fionn slows to a stop near the thing, it'd be silent for a moment more, then finally speak. It's a monotone baritone voice. "Analyzing… failure. Specimen unknown. Status: does not match database. Begin friendly protocol." The figure would stand up slowly to it's feet, the hood of the cloak facing towards Fionn with that red pulse shifting back and forth within. "Greetings, specimen UNKNOWN. Query: Please provide label for proper greeting protocol to be issued."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

In her startle, the girl dances back some, speckles of solar energy fluttering out of her feathers. What the player failed to mention in her first pose (coffee is still sinking into brainmeats..) is the girl is carrying a lot of sun. As noted, Fionnuala was up early, drawing in those first early rays. Sunrises and sunsets make for very lovely energy to absorb into her being. But now, in Fee's startle, bits of the solar energy are cast harmlessly from her being, some of the will o' wisps scattering at the 'foot' of this cloaked figure.

Fee starts, her lemon-yellow-colored eyes filling her face, black hair rioting around her head. "… b'uh?" Yup. Real intelligent.

".. my name is.. Fionnuala?" She offers tentatively.

The figure would absorb the light. Something akin to what a solar panel would do, only much more.. urgent almost. Especially if there was a mix of arcana into it. There's a pause in response before the figure speaks again. "Salutations Fionnuala. This unit designation is WRK8392. Short designation: Worker 8. This unit has been assimilated into the Learning Center Node and designated: Student. Query: WRK8392 is not able to define what variant specimen Fionnuala is. Please provide label for specimen?"

The girl was too busy gawking at the figure to notice her scattered sunlight being absorbed. That which comes from Fionnuala is indeed a mixture of raw magic and pure sunlight. Ie. for those who absorb it in turn, good stuff.

"Uh…" Fee exhales, her tensely folded wings slowly untensing, casting forth more of that lovely magic. ".. huh. Yeah. I'm gonna just call you Worker 8, sound good? Or Eight? What would you like?" Is this a student? Or somebody/thing that will be utilized in the new year?! Fee is trying to understand… she's watching the figure intently. "I'm a shifter." Maybe that'll help. ".. what are… you?"

The figure pauses as more of that energy is absorbed. "… energy levels increasing.. current level: 26%. Analysis: Specimen Fionnuala secretes solar arcana. Conclusion: Specimen Fionnula can assist WRK8392 with restoration of power." There's another moment of silence from the figure before it'd speak again. "Holographic unit change to secondary pattern…" The figure shifted, a full shimmer across it and it changes from that cloaked figure to a very generic looking teenage male. It'd look to Fionn. "This Unit is WRK8392. This is a worker unit that was assigned to sub node GS)&*^)BSbasfg…" He'd pause in speaking. "Core OS corrupted.. 63%. Sub node: Unknown. Primary Node… not found. Association with Learning Center Node established." There's another pause. "WRK8392 has generated short designation of Worker 8 for non-technical specimens to use. Variant of '8' is acceptable standard variant of short designation."

The girl listens and watches, trying to sift through the highly mechanized speech to get to the nugget of what this entity is wanting and needing. She opens her mouth to speak, but is bowled into silence at a…. a…

.. what did she just hear?

".. it's as if the computers in the library woke up, and decided to start talking.." She whispers to herself, eyes still huge in her face. Worker 8 shifts holograms, as Fee was able to discern; now 'he' (he, right?) is a boy? Fee clears her throat. "H'ok Fee.. let's sort this out." She breathes, mind bamboozled.

"So are you… injured? Do you need—oh!" NOW she understands. "Do you want some of this sunshine!?"

Bark bark. A little playful looking german shepherd comes up from the beach looking a bit wet as though he has been playing in the water. He is mostly dry by this point. He trots along until he sees the two talking in the back lawn which is one of his favorite places. He barks at them excitedly and heads towards them. As he gets near them, he looks at WRK8392 with his blue right eye and emerald green left eye and lowers his head some as though in fear. His tail tucks underneath.

<FS3> WRK8392 rolls Analyze: Good Success.

The teen watched Fee as she'd process through what he said. Finally, there is a very slow, jerky nod. A mimicking of what it's seen, it seems. "Correct. Specimen Fionnuala secretes arcana infused solar energy. WRK8392 works on arcana infused solar energy. WRK8392 does not have recharge station to extract Arcana. Attempt to run on just solar energy: 43% successful. Secondary systems shut down to conserve energy…" The teen changes it's attention towards the dog that runs up to them, then acts scared of it. "Analyzing.. complete. Specimen Human variant 225.. Probability of reproduction of specimen.. 11%. Updating database.." There's a moment's pause before it'd speak again. "Greetings human variant 225. Please provide label for proper greeting protocol to be established?"

The winged girl had spied the pupper running down on the beach earlier on, but left the dog to it's own devices to play and frolic. She hears the barking and Fee looks up, watching the pup run up toward the patio. Does this dog belong to a teacher? Because last she saw, only one dog was permitted! This is not Cocoa!

Buddy, too, is stilled and perplexed by the presence of Worker 8. Unabashedly Fee reaches down with a hand to try scritching the doggo behind an ear, though she marvels briefly at the heterochromatic eyes. "What do you think, pupper?" She notes the tail, "It's ok, pal. He won't harm ya." The girl tries to reassure, before looking up at the figure. Her lips curl into a smile at the prospect of something she can understand… Fee likes her energy serving a purpose. Without preamble, she extends her palms, and pours the entirety of her concentrated solar payload off in the direction of Worker 8.

The dog seems even more bothered by the way WRK8392 talks. Thankfully, Fee starts petting him and talking to him. He moves over to her side and sits done. Pretty well trained doggy. He looks up at her with a happy panting face though when he looks at WRK8392 he tilts his head to the side as though trying to figure him out.

A surprised look would flicker over the teen's face. Literally, the image flickers to that of surprise. Then the hologram would flicker out, revealing what it actually looks like. Humanoid, the thing seems to be made of wood and some sort of unknown, polished stone. There's a gem of some sort planted in it's head, red in nature that had a glow to it but is fading. The other interesting aspect is a rather large, pink gem of unknown type sitting in the middle of it's chest. This is what reacts to the power given to it by Fionn, pulsing softly, then brighter as it's chest opens to allow more of it to be gathered. There's a moment's pause after Fionn is done, for the chest cavity to close about the pink gem, encasing it again. While it has no mouth, that voice does come from it's head. "Power level increased to… 83%. Nominal energy power restored… WRK8392 extends gratitude to specimen UNKNOWN Fionnaula." As the dog continues to react poorly to it, the thing backs up a step. "Holographic emitter re-establish setting 2…" And with that, the generic looking male teen returns to covering it.

Hey, Fee needn't level thoughts in the passing on of her energy. As she passes the brunt of it on to charge what is in fact an ancient machine, her eyes widen as she watches this next shift. The 'true' form? Fionnuala gasps lightly, "… dude…" She focuses again on her siphoning off of energy. Once done, she simply stares in awe. The girl also kneels alongside Buddy as the pupper sits, and a small warm hand will reach to scritch the side of his face. "It's all good doggo.. I know it's a bit confusing. I'm kinda lost too." Said cheekily, as if the dog can understand her.

To Worker 8, Fee asks tentatively. "You're, er.. welcome. Yeah! So how.. old are you? Like Noah's ark old?"

When WRK8392 shifts to the humanoid wood stone thing, it seems the doggy's suspicions and confirmed. He barks a few times at him though the barking stops when he looks like a male teen. He tilts his head. Again, Fee's petting comes to the rescue. When she says that she is a bit lost, the dog turns to look at her with his unique eyes. "I'm lost too." It talks!

The teen looks between the dog, then Fee. "Unknown canine variant allows vocal communication… database updating.." There's a moment's pause before the teen's focus turns to Fee. "WRK8392 has been offline for 99999999999999999…." It'd pause a moment. "Current temporal measurement system is incompatible to Core OS… WRK8392 has been offline for unknown time. Last known status before critical power loss was cataclysmic event. Temperatures noted to drop below freezing of water. Lifeforms of reptile variant unable to adapt and expired."

For the second time, chatty Fee is stunned into silence. The dog talks? Her eyes round themselves with excitement, "Hey.. you… doggo.." Blink blink. "Are you a shifter?!" She asks outright, wings ruffling. She stares hard at the german shepherd. "You're not lost if you are…. are you a student?" Asks the girl, then looks up at Worker 8 as 'he' speaks again. The drizzle has abated and up above, the broody clouds… a glimpse of sunshine. The day looks as if it will turn around nicely. "999…" She gives up at the fourth digit. She's no slouch… freezing? Ice age? Reptiles?

".. DINOSAURS?!" Fee exclaims outright.

The dog was just about to answer Fee when she suddenly yells dinosaur. He knows what that is. He just saw a dragon yesterday. Then this whatever he is. The dog yelps and turns to run, but in less than one second it has become a cute but scared little bunny. That little bunny takes off into the nearest bushes to hide.

The teen watches the dog turn into a.. rabbit? Then vanish into those bushes. It'd stare in that direction for a long moment, then rotates it's attention back to Fee. "Conclusion confirmed. Human's current name for the reptile variants is dinosaurs. WRK8392 was buried from cataclysmic event. Lost contact with Primary Node. Lost contact with Secondary Node. WRK8392 has scanned for other units… not found. Conclusion: WRK8392 is last known WRK unit active."

"Unreal…" Exhales the girl. Suddenly there's no doggo beside her but… a bunny? That rockets off with bunny-like speed! Strangely Fee doesn't seem too startled by this, given what Oliver is capable of. Nonetheless, Fee tries to find her words. "Cripes.. that… wow." How can she piece together the proper thoughts? Fionnuala instead manages.. "I need a glass of lemonade…" Said dumbly. Way to go Fee. "You just, sit in the sun for a bit.. and I'll be back out. I kinda have to process this."

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