(2018-08-09) A Dreadful Find
A Dreadful Find
Summary: Nothing good typically comes out of rooting through old trunks.
Date: 2018-08-09
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Thu Aug 09, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and overcast.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Yoga: Failure.

Since coming back from Thunder Bay, Callisto has not been on her game. 'Something' happened; things, really.. and the girl ended up returning to Winbarry in a bit of a kerfuffled state. She hadn't felt brave enough to remove the necklace when she went to bed that night (late); and despite the hour at which she finally put herself to bed, despite sleep being hard to come upon given her state… Callisto eventually fell into a slumber which took her into the next morning. She rose early as a good soon-to-be-student-again should; neither of her jobs required her this particular Thursday so she was stuck at Winbarry. Just as well.

Fast-forward through the day… packing, cleaning, sorting…. dwelling, thinking, fretting… as evening encroaches, the elegant fey girl decides to take herself up into the attic to meditate and stretch. Poised upon a yoga mat and preparing to twist her body into a complicated pose, Callisto falls short and loses balance… and flops over onto her side. She rolls onto her back and rests a forearm over her eyes, chest rising and falling in an exasperated sigh.

Besa and cocoa come up just in time to see poor Calliso topple over. "Oh! Callisto! Are you alright?" Before Besa can get over, Cocoa is there, licking at the key's face. Besa is dressed in casual beach clothing. His hair was washed recently, and then dried in the sun, so it's looks and smells fantastic. A combination of clean, sunshine, and Earth. He makes it over to her, "Cocoa, get off of her. Not everyone wishes for your kisses."

She's just there moping and ruminating on what's next, and then there's something lapping at her face. Callisto's eyes fly open but then she realizes: it's a pupper giving her kisses. She can be seen physically relaxing. Is Callisto a dog-person? Cat? Hard to say. Seeing as how she's not scrambling backwards and just letting it happen, she must be fine with the attention. She lifts both slender hands to scritch at both sides of Cocoa's marauding face, closing her eyes to the pooch's tongue. "T'is alright." She offers.. and she means it. "Are dogs not the most earnest beings upon this Earth?" She asks in her smooth way, though she eventually must carefully coax Cocoa back so she may sit upright, turning to watch Besa.

"Good evening," Says Callisto of the black Lulu Lemons, hair pulled back into a low ponytail, face flushed. "You look rather content this evening. Have you been soaking up the sunshine?" Asked amicably.

Besa nods, agreeing, "I wish more felt that way." He smiles down at the Fey, "Good evening. Will we be disturbing you if we're up here?" Another smile, "I did, yes. Loukanos and I played music for a bit. That was …nice." A glance to Cocoa and then back to Calli, "Are you well? How is the temple going?" His hair has that slight curve that sunshine can do to drying hair.

Mayhaps Callisto had noticed! Do not let the name 'dark faerie' fool you; it applies solely to mannerisms, not actual weaknesses. She LOVES the sun. "Sunlight agrees with you," Says the faerie to the Egyptian, her gaze alight with mirth. Mention of Loukanos causes her to again, very briefly, graze the pendant with her fingertips. Briefly remind her of the challenge that she must soon undertake. But she will not let that dampen her mood, not when Besa looks so happy and her entire being still buzzes with that which happened to her last night. After Oridove. Before the damned call for donuts. Fucking donuts.

"You are fine, I think I will take a break." Callisto muses, then looks down at her bare feet. "I've… something to make mention of that may interest you."

A light chuckle, "The sun is a constant in my lives." Besa does to sit down across from her. "It is still summer, the time of taking breaks, yes?" His head tilts, "Oh, is it of the Temple? There is a cat shifter here who may be interested in helping."

"The Temple upkeep is going well." Offers the faerie finally because her player is a derp. "We had a brief… bit of trouble with delinquents, but I do believe that shan't be a problem again." Callisto declares… was that ominous? Really it wasn't! Really! She watches Besa as he moves to join her, gazing directly across at him as she folds her long legs inwards to nestle neatly beneath her body. Before she can speak onwards of 'Coyote', that which Besa says causes the girl to color with pleasure. "Oh..!" She perks, "Truly? I should like, very much, to see others who will be kind with lending aide. Brier will be thrilled." There is tenderness in her tone at the mention of the hippie. "Please tell me more about them." Callisto asks, and there is an almost child-like quality of glee in her tone before she checks herself.

".. alas, t'is not that. I have met the boy with whom you had the misunderstanding. The punch. Have you both spoken since?" Asked softly.

"Do you need protection for the temple?" Best can stand outside with his sword. He'll do that for Baset. "She is a panther. Her name is Alejandra. She is dating Zolin." His smile turns into more a frozen uncertain expression. "I….no?" He's a terrible liar. Just terrible.

Oh Besa.. regarding lying? You suck. Meant in the kindest way possible. Callisto watches him, looking unconvinced. "We need protection. I caught Brier recently, he spent the night. But I dread the thought of anyone having returned to harass him. His powers are compromised at night." Says the faerie, worriedly. She speaks of the flower child not as a lover, but as…. as if he were family. Her brow furrows, "The more to aide in the cause of defending the temple," Callisto pauses, adopting Besa's moniker. "The better. If thid Alejandra and her lover see fit to help us, t'is a good thing." Declares the faerie… she pushes to stand and stretches languidly. Pale eyes flit to a stack of trunks closeby.. the very same ones that a certain crow shifter sought to explore, before getting a gold earring jammed into her foot.

"He spoke of you feeding him, and lending aide. Are you both on good terms, then? For, what I could tell, he has forgiven your throwing a punch."

Besa offers then, "I can stand guard if you wish." His gaze follow her up, she's so much taller than he, especially when he's sitting. It's hard to tell with his complexion, but the Egyptian blushes. "I…" His gaze drops, "I am sorry. I did not mean to lie. He told me to tell no one…" A deep breath, "I hope he has."

She stands, long-legged and watchful, turning 'just so' to allow for a satisfying 'crack' from her lower back. "Nnnn…" She exhales, then cants her head back in Besa's direction. "T'is alright, Besa. God know I have done the same. You sought to protect your friend." She demures. Something catches her attention: a flash of cream-colored fabric from the closed maw of a trunk. Silver-white hair swishes between her shoulderblades as she strides toward the heap of neglected boxes.

"He has forgiven you. For you healed his grandmother, did you not? And he said to me, dear heart," She looks over a shoulder. Besa is one of few who can elicit such a fond response from stodgy Callsito. "That he would weather a great many punches if it meant seeing his grandmother safe. You made him happy." Says the faerie as she squints at the bric-a-brac. "Would we…. get into trouble if we were to explore some of these trunks…?"

Besa follows her with his gaze, "I do not know that for certain. He is ….complicated." And Besa's feeling on the whole situation are the same. "I did. She is a very sweet woman." A soft sigh, "I still feel awful about it. " He tries to look form his vantage point at what Calli is looking at. "I wish to make him happy….why, I think we can? What do you see?"

"You feel awful, about punching him?" Asks Callisto, pausing to look once again over a shoulder. "He said himself, Besa, that he is over it." She offers, hoping to reassure. Then, with a strength which betrays her slender frame, she pulls one whole trunk (3x Body blips FTW baby!) from a stack and drops it unceremoniously at her feet. A quick glance within the box fetches very little interest on Callisto's part, and she cranes her body forth to investigate the steamer trunk beneath it. "By helping his grandmother, you made him happy… and even more important… you reassured him." Said simply as she yanks the lid open and gets rewarded with a cloud of dust. Callisto coughs, though not for long.

She turns to observe Besa, "Coyote is a good sort. Just rough around the edges. I fed him burgers." Said before she turns to dig into the contents of the bottommost trunk.

Besa nods, "Very much, yes." How did he kill a demon feeling this bad about a punch? He blinks watching the box get pulled and he scrambles to stand. Stepping forward he peers at the truck, "I hope I did. I only wish to make the world better…what are you looking for?" The dust clod attacks and he sneezes a few times. "C-coyote?"

The girl waves the dust away, and takes care in breathing until the dust cloud casts itself to the rafters of the old attic space. "It will be alright. You must take care not to keep bringing it up to him." Said Ms. Hypocrite Mc.Hypocritison…. ok that's kinda dumb. But Callisto is the one who is forever apologizing for her asshole kith and kin. She looks up from the antiquated contents to the boy with his perfect sun-dried hair. "He mentioned something along the lines of what's 'done is done'," She imitates Dylan's way of speaking in an awful way. It's endearing. "You move forward. Continue bringing him meals, and clothes." Oh snap she knows that much. But her look to Besa is gentle and understanding. "Trust me."

She turns to dig in the trunk, peeling back layers of knit blankets. "Coyote. T'is his nickname." Said simply.. then she pauses. Looks aghast.

Besa says, "Oh…okay." He can do (or not do ) that. Besa clears his throat still blushing, "I will bring him more clothes then and food." Tom's nickname is Coyote? That seems…strange. But ok. "Oh…like his code name? Mine is Ankh. At least that is what all my files say."

What files? His eyes widen, moving closer, "What is wrong?!?"

To Callisto's credit, she utilizes 'good timing'. Before she reaches in to extract that which gives her pause, she watches Besa levelly. Despite her best efforts her heart beats fast, finding a like situation in this discussion. "Ankh…" She exhales, still leaning forward, her svelte frame dipping into the trunk. "The breath of life. Crux ansata," How is it that most often, Callisto's words are provocative? One can bet though that they are anything but when spoken to Besa. She turns into the chasm of the trunk. "The Coyote. The trickster. Accustomed to survival. I beg you, Besa, do continue lending your aide-"

She pauses, pulling forth a doll. Burnished ringlettes, a pretty hand-sewn dress… eyes painted, meant to appear demure in slumber but the artist has fallen short. The doll looks as if her eyes are rolled back in demonic agony; not at peace.

"What.. is this…" Breathes Callisto.

Besa shrugs, "I do not know that I would have chosen tat for myself, but it is there." He nods, I will try to…" What era it is he trails off, dark eyes wide at the doll. He speaks on Coptic first, but then repeats it in English, "What in hell is that?" Is it a demon? A demon doll?

The faerie lays the unsettling thing out upon the floor. "Whomever in their right minds would //lavish// in the presence of something such as this?" She asks outright. "Is there anyone out there who would find such a thing fascinating…?" … COUGH. COUGH.

Besa's response is rather intense. Callisto, in all of her years alive, has known nothing such as this. "Do you detect anything off-putting? I… believe it to be safe but…"

She pushes her hair back, eyes narrowing. ".. t'is dreadful."

Besa moves closer, but maybe to protect Callisto? "It may be a vessel…." What? "Do not touch it more than you already have." His hand twitches against his leg but he doesn't cast the rune to pull his khophesh yet. "It is." Dreadful.

Despite instructions not to, Callisto reaches forth in an attempt to try prying open one of the long-forgotten doll's painted eyelids. When unsuccessful, she draws back and shoots Besa a wary glare. "T'is… t'is an omen. Let us bury it back into the space from whence it came." She bids, gooseflesh rising up along lithe forearms. Even the punching of Coyote is forgotten.. the doll is just too off-putting.

She looks ready to kick the thing back onto the truck, blankets held poised to cover once more. "I am returning it.." She inhales sharply.

Besa winces when she touches the doll. "Be careful." Curses are not something to mess with!! "Perhaps burn it first?" He's dead serious, moving closer and touching her arm, "Do not touch it, I am double cursed…" What's one more curse? He'll move to pick it up.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

"What?" Asks the fae. The freakish doll now rests within it's bower of blankets and Callisto, bid to remove her hands from it's dreadful porcelain body, gazes sideward to Besa. "I detect nothing sentient." Is offered next, though she eases back. Then Besa… PICKS. IT. UP,

To hell with dangerous vibes. With foreboding psychic currents. With ancient curses. The wretched doll, surely played with and loved during a decade where dolls were seen as innocuous surrogate babies, stares up at Besa. Callisto leans forth, poised with a knit blanket that was woven by Great Great Aunt Gertrude. "Lay it down!" Whispered tersely.

Besa whispers back, "Open the blanket!" Is she does so, he''l lay it on the blanket so they can carry it without having to touch it. "The beach we are aloud to have bonfires, yes?" He's very serious about burning the creepy thing. "I will dispose of it. This is not….healthy. I will not have this hurt anyone here!"

She opened the blanket, and the moment the ghastly doll is laid down Callisto practically throws the musty blankets over it's body. Besa is intent in his purpose and Callisto follows suit, watching him. "We shall see it off into the beyond by way of trial by fire. Meditate for the cleansing of your body, for you have touched it." Is she serious? Does this girl, honestly boasting decades of life with nothing to show for it, expect an ill-fate from this old doll? She watches Besa, "We shall burn it at dawn!"

They're immortal. They're eccentric. You can bet that they will.

Callisto thrusts a lithe hand forth, slamming the trunk lid shut.

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