(2018-08-08) Ollie's BSoD
Ollie's BSoD
Summary: No, it's not a kinky move. Aliens can get mental Blue Screen of Death, too.
Date: 2018-08-08
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Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Wed Aug 08, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and clear.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

There have some official dates flung around re: the school's move and reopening in a brand spanking new location. Naturally students are simultaneously happy and anxious with the underlying sadness at the summer holidays coming to a close. Between working (though her schedule will have to change soon to accommodate classes) and being at home, Fee has been in and our of Winbarry, helping out with packing up school belongings and supplies to help make the move easier. It's nice to be busy and helpful!

It's the afternoon and the weather beyond the school grounds is hot, hot hot. Fionnuala has been out and about for the morning and much of the earlier part of said afternoon, and when the doors are pushed open to admit her into the estate's main entry foyer, a long streak of sunshine precedes her and with this arrival, a gust of hot breeze. Even Fionnuala, who worships the sun, has to admit that's almost uncomfortable out there.

The moment she's indoors, her wings manifest and a dash of sparkling energy cascades from the feathers and skitters around her bare heels. The girl carries a few books under an arm, and her color is high with excitement and warmth.

<FS3> Oliver rolls Guitar: Good Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Singing: Failure.

Oliver is willing to help with the move and all, but oddly enough, he hasn't really done any packing himself. Until he's made a decision about the 'alumni housing', he's staying put at the Estate, helping with chores and contributing some rent money so that he has a place to live for now. He's already moved into a room other than the boys' dorm room so that part's all done. Everything that he owns can probably fit into a single suitcase anyhow.

He was outside earlier, having gone to and come from work already, and there's the faintest trace of coffee-scent on him even though he did shower when he returned. He's also currently in his 'original' form, seated on the stairs with his guitar and working through the opening chords of 'Pinball Wizard'. Upon seeing Fee, sharp teeth show in a smile and he goes to start the lyrics but can't seem to find the beginning pitch in the jumble of chords!

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

"Good song," Calls out the girl to the alien boy, seated there and trying to set himself to rights to make a tune out of chords and voice. She doesn't quite know the guitar chords very well to this one, but heaven knows she is aware of the lyrics! And their pitch! Fee pads over to get closer to Ollie and in a manner that is meant perfectly to be of assistance, she holds up a hand. "Let's start over. I can get the lyrics started, you strum us in. Then you can join me." She offers, but should Ollie deign to try again later the girl will not push him. Tucked under that bare arm — she's wearing a rather fetching fire engine red sundress — are a couple of magazines and a…. a scrapbook?

"I don't know if it works without the bass guitar though, but…" Ollie wanted to try! He clears his throat a little before he nods, looking at the music on the steps in front of him before he begins the opening chords once more. At least he has built in guitar pics in his claws! This time, he'll let Fee start the singing part. He may or may not join in.

The girl at least knows where to jump in, bass guitar or none! The moment she sees her window, the shifter supplies with gusto: "Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball! From Soho down to Brighton…" And on she will go, for as long as Oliver wishes to proceed! Assuming the boy traipses through the melody successfully, Fee will keep up until the last of the lyrics pass her lips. She even manages to dance while she belts it out, sunlight flickering here and there. "That deaf dumb and blind kid.. sure plays a mean pin ball!"

After doing a bit of air guitar of her own, Fee will lean in to press a smooch to the side of Ollie's face, right onto the dark scales. "How are you holding up?" She asks cheerfully.

Her skin has darkened a fair deal… Fee tans nicely!

Oliver will let Fee do the singing this time! He might need to get a little more familiar with playing the song before jumping in with the singing. Her dancing and belting out of the song just has him grinning along as he plays. The last chords get a flourish and he leans a little into the kiss against the side of his face, "Oh, I'm fine. Enjoying having the afternoon off…no second job tonight!" A rare occurrence! "You? I thought folks were supposed to be packing things to take out," he nods to the items she brought in with her, "Not bringing more in."

The girl laughs, "This? Naw, it's sticking with me. I've been in that library here-and-there getting the books ready to be boxed up. I was going cross-eyed because stuff is still out of order from when we got here. So I went to get a few things for tonight, since I'm overnighting here again." She explains, and lowers herself to sit alongside Ollie but a step down from him, so it's easier to look up and converse. She keeps her wings pulled back and folded behind her body. Her hair, woven into a loose & hectic plait, is pulled over one shoulder. Both magazines and the strange scrapbook rest atop her thighs. The magazines? One appears to be about beading (there's a magazine for everything) and the other is a catalogue, actually. But the scrapbook…? It's that new one that she has been carrying around, trying to find a purpose for it. Now she has it; is this why Fee is so excited?

She drums the cover of this scrapbook, now, with small fingers. "Guess what this is for."

Glowy, blue-green eyes flick from Fee to the magazines and book before he shrugs, "I…don't know? What is it?" Maybe he doesn't have that much experience with scrapbooks? "Are you doing crafty stuff?" Because she always gets excited when she gets to do crafty things, he's found. "Do you need any help or want company or anything? I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself for an entire afternoon!"

A giddy little snicker. Fionnuala watches Ollie conspiratorially, hands splayed atop the pretty cover. It is of a neutral color scheme, though surely as Fee comes to know 'things' she will assign particular colors to this project. For now it's a blank slate. "Of course you can stick with me, if you can handle my being so happy. Because~"

She opens the cover, and there in Fee's rather lovely cursive: "The Extra-Awesome Amazing BABY Book" …. wut?

Before the poor boy can be left wondering for long, Fee giggles softly. "Guess whose got a bun in the oven~?" She whispers, wings wriggling. This lead-up is meant to be exciting, but maybe she should just be out with it!

Is it possible for a scaled alien to go pale? It seems so because the colors seem to drain out of Oliver even as his mouth drops open. "But…but…" he starts to stammer, "I didn't think that…I mean, that…is that even -possible-?" He might be close to hyperventilating. "I am -so- sorry! I thought…because I wasn't human…I didn't think…" the guitar is remembered just in time to set it aside safely, "I'll do whatever you need me to do. I'll…I've got money saved, so if you need it, it's your's…" he really only pauses as he lifts a hand to scrub at his face.

Blink? Fionnuala looks briefly alarmed at Oliver's reaction, "Possible..?" Sure it is! It took awhile, lots of leaving it up to chance but—-" Gah, does she REALLY have to talk about her parents' difficulties with conceiving since before and after her own birth? Poor Ollie seems really rattled! His quickened breath really worries the girl and she reaches out for one clawed hand as the other mops at his face. "Ollie..?"

Then he mentions not being human, that he didn't think.. he… wait.

Fionnuala lights up like a candle. "Oh my goodness Ollie, I'm so sorry!!" She cries out, looking incredulous. "I'm such a dunderhead… I really need to work on how I break this sort of news." She leans forward, tries to get Ollie's attention. "Ollie—Ollie! I'm not pregnant!" She whispers, shaking her head quickly. The motion loosens her chosen scent of the day: Bath and Body Works' Japanese Cherry blossom lotion. "We are fine. It's my Ma! She's finally taken after twelve years of trying!"

"What?" Has he let out a breath yet? He does stop and blink at Fee a moment when she gets his attention and her clarification as to who exactly is pregnant causes him to practically collapse on her. "I think I nearly had a heart-attack…" he admits a little breathlessly. Indeed, his pulse and adrenaline are racing! "Your mom?" That's what she said. "That's…that's great!" He may not be quite as enthusiastic as he could possibly be, but he had quite the scare.

Ok, well, she's pulled him from that tangent of thought! But now the poor boy is rattled and Fee is rattled by him being rattled and oh if only she had just outright said 'Ma is in the family way!' … but, details details.

As Ollie eases forth in stark relief, Fee will try to collect him into a hug while balancing the books in her lap. Her heart can very easily be felt racing. "Y-yeah, it's Ma. I really should have worded it differently.. it's okay." She doesn't even mind some of the momentum of the surprise having been spoiled by the miscommunication. Fionnuala eases back and smiles into the alien boy's face. "Trust me… it's still a long way off before anything like that can be considered, if that's the route we wanna go. I still have to get my arse through school… and we really don't even know if we can.. well, y'know." She shakes her hand, "We are fine Ollie. Ma is just over a month gone. They are over the moon."

Oliver isn't going to fight being pulled into that hug; he probably needs it pretty badly after that. "I just couldn't imagine…I mean…maybe it's possible," but he hasn't really tried to research that. Not at eighteen! He wouldn't even know who to ask! He'll hold her close for a whole minute or so before he has settled down some. "Good. I mean, that's really great for you all. Will it be weird to have you so far apart in age? I guess you could help a lot…" says the one with no real siblings.

She will hold him for as long as he needs, and once she is certain Ollie is ready to break away, Fee will ease back and simply watch him. "We don't have to think about it or even wonder. It's just fine, Ollie." Said in a softer way, trying so desperately to be reassuring after her flub-up. "This is awesome for all of us, really. Ma and Da always wanted two kids. They got married young, had me young… had full intention to pop out a sibling a couple of years after I came along but then they just… couldn't. They're not even forty yet, the two of them… close but not quite.." She considers, looks down at her toes in her flip-flops.

Regarding the age gap, Fee shrugs. "It's different, for sure, but I guess it's for the best.. I can be far more useful. I'm really good with kids as it is." She looks up with an utterly brilliant smile. "Better late than never.. I've always wanted a sibling. So this here," A touch to the scrap book, ".. I'll be making a baby book for the whole thing, since Ma is more given to horking her guts up."

Oliver's breathing is back to being normal and his scales are back to their dark iridescence. He'll nod as he listens, "That's wonderful news!" It might be a little less energetic now but it's honest. "Is there anything I can do to help? And it's really sweet that you're making a baby book. Do you need me to come help with anything around the house while your mom rests up?"

"It's way too early to even know who is in there," Fee muses, patting her belly… this would be cause for another dash of horror, had she not already clarified the matter. "I think she can find this out by.. 18 weeks, I think the doctor told her. But we're Scottish.. we have all these old wives' tale ways of getting hints." Said with a giddy little giggle. She is clearly not going to be a jealous older sibling; Fee will be 18 this year. Way way waaayyy beyond that line!

"It's the least I can do.. I think it's more for me, truth be told. I should rename this to be more along the lines of a sister's POV. We'll see." Chimes the winged girl, feathers dripping with sunshine. "And any Reid worth their salt is born with a bird form. They don't always take after the parents, so who knows what this little one will be." She speculates… in her excitement, Fee will be doing a lot of that. Then Ollie has to go and be sweet…

"The house is in pretty good sorts. Da has been losing his mind making sure she's ok, though she's not even showing yet. We're having a crappy go of figuring out herbal remedies for her sickness, though."

Oliver looks at Fee's belly when it's patted, "Please don't scare me like that again…it's too soon…" as she said earlier. "And as long as the baby is healthy, does it matter? I don't know that I'll be much help with that sort of stuff, but if you need me to do anything or…run any errands or just be there, I can be." He knows very little about young kids or babies.

The girl offers another round of hug therapy, wrapping her arms around Ollie tightly. "Sorry again. I've been kinda bamboozled by the whole thing.. in a good way.. but sometimes my mind just goes crazy. It was such a surprise." Fee grins sweetly. "Trust me, the kid will be born glowing." Is she serious?! Knowing the whole family line's affinity for sunlight… never know. "Errands would be helpful, honestly.. with Da at work and my going back to school soon, it'll just be Ma on her own for much of the weekdays. If you have time, stop by to see her… I think errands would be the best way to help her." The girl chimes, easing back again and hugging the books to her chest. "I'm gonna go put these away in the room that I've been using here, and get cleaned up. Why don't you meet me later on and we can go beachcombing?" Suggests the girl. Something calming after her news!

One more smooch to Ollie's shiny mug, and Fee practically dances up the stairs.

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