(2018-08-08) Needle in a Haystack
Needle in a Haystack
Summary: Callisto searches for the sister who has beckoned her, and Daxton isn't too pleased.
Date: 2018-08-08
Related: Relevance to the NPC sister who contacted Callisto at the end of this log.
NPCs: Oridove Aine
Scene Runner: NA

City Center, Thunder Bay
Wed Aug 08, 2018

A rush of support for the city in the wake of the alien attack lead to many companies, both US and Foreign, to build new headquarters here. These buildings are state of the art fo the late 20th century. The only area to rival the marvel of the Financial District, these glass giants light up the night sky with crowns of neon designed to draw the eye from all around. There is a newely developed green space extending off the harbor towards the new State House moved to this location with the rebuilding of the metropolitan area.

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and fair.


Part of Callisto's 'challenge' in acquiring the guidance of this sister was to find her. Not as easy as expected, especially when this dark faerie is: A. old as the hills, just shy of Mommy Dearest's reign and B. powerful. Age, for mentalists of this nature, is a boon: Callisto is yet a child in the eyes of her kin so where her shields and defenses lack severely… this other fae? A well-protected needle in a haystack. But damnit Callisto will try because she cannot rely on the gorgon head necklace forever.

Coaxed on the dreamplain to search; that she (the sister) will place herself so close yet so far, the Metis girl set out that morning on what happens to be one of her dwindling days of free time. Callisto isn't a dumbshit, though; she does not expect people to babysit her, but she left notice of her day trip. Certain people were texted (along the lines of 'BRB Thunder Bay') with a promise that she will be fine. Callisto is an old pro at the bullet trains, now.

Here she stands in this congested city street, the afternoon waning into the early evening but still with daylight (and heat) to spare. Clad in a fitted, fetching maxi dress of aquamarine and silver floral print, hair braided ornately, Callisto scans the crowds. No, it's not as easy as looking… but sensing. For hours now, she has come up short.. and she's starting to look a bit frustrated.

Daxton wasn't coming home today, but then he got the damned text from strawberry saying she's poking a bear. So here he is, in Thunder Bay, looking himself. Did he ask someone to tuck her phone? Maybe. But that only gets the frustrated speedster so close. Now he's standing, arms folded as he just looks. The tired 18 year old is dressed in jeans and has his armored bike jacket on, the black and blue that sorta matches his running shoes. Not that he cares about thing, he cares about not becoming road pizza.

Hey, she promised she'd be fine! Sure Callisto cannot guarantee that, but if this other faerie was going to grease her, she'd be a mindless thing (worse than death) by now. But the fact that Callisto is still coming up short after being bid to search this astronomical city… how much longer can she go? The good thing is that she doesn't put out a nervous, 'lost' vibe… a good thing here. Her willowy height and intent bearing makes her come across as a sort of businesswoman. Though she is, by all intents and purposes 'eighteen'.. her appearance can be made to look far more worldly and formidable. Even if she is… inwardly… tired, and frightened.

Tic-tic-tic-tic; her heels, accentuating her height, carry her along a sidewalk as she dodges bodies. She is not hard to miss, especially if her phone is potentially bugged.. but just look for that flashing silver-white hair. Callisto slows… she could have sworn she saw—-wait, what? What is Daxton doing here?! She squints through the press of bodies, sure that she is seeing a speedster looking none-too-pleased.

Daxton turns, his profile to hr as his brow furrows. He considers just calling her, but if she's in trouble, he doesn't want to show his hand to whatever sibling this one is. A 20 something guy bumps into him, although the guy basically bounces off the speedster. His hand darting out to steady the guy, "Sorry. You alright?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

Blink? The dude bounces off of Daxton and Callisto, in her heightened sense of wariness… watches the speedster steadying the man. She watches the man herself, the 'eye' of her mind sweeping over him and rifling for any signs. Hey, glamour is a universal thing in her family. IF there is anything uncouth that she could pick up from this dude, here is where she tries. But even as she 'scans' him for bad mojo or fae-specific thought processes, she's moving toward them at a hasty clip. Now she is in proximity, her expensive perfume preceding her (but not too powerfully), eyes flitting between the two. Her lips open to speak, but she pauses.. waiting to see if this guy will grunt and move on.

Grunt indeed, he nods, and then Dax gets an upend beef the guy hurries off. Dax tries to not roll his eyes and goes to start looking again. But then his nose twitches and he turns directly in Calli's direction. An eyebrow raises and eh folds his arms again, almost like he's waiting for her to explain.

Headtilt. IT's her thing; for how striking she can be, the headtilt which sometimes precedes questions of her own is a rather innocent expression. Her pale gaze watches the dude trudge off and once she deems him not a killer fae in disguise, her gaze slides back to Daxton. Callisto looks unsure on what to do, what her parameters are, and if she is glad to see him, his expression is keeping her from indicating it. "You have returned? When did you return to Shady Cove?" Asks the girl with earnest curiosity; people just go on milling around them, paying them very little mind. The lowering sun plays peek-a-boo through the towering buildings. She does not yet offer an explanation.. but she looks unharmed! That's a bonus, right?!

A deep breath and his chest expands impressively, "I ran here when you said you were going to go poke one of your siblings." She can't know that that's part of the past girl friend issues. Poke family issues without him. Daxton's blue eyes study her, his expression hard to read.

Her hands twitch at her sides, like she wants to do something but restrains herself, so as to not deflect the moment and it's explanation. "I know naught where she is, only that she is here… I am about to give up my search for the day." A pause, a flicker in her expression… defeat? Callisto takes a deep breath, chest rising, before she watches the speedster again. "T'is my… her conditions for out meeting. That I find her." She looks skyward, around them, aware of their presence on this street amidst a whirlpool of humanity.

Then, she looks back to Daxton, the gorgon head's sterling features winking just above her dress neckline. "I am sorry to have worried you… but I had to try. For we've been given the date to return to the new school, and I knew naught when.. you were to return." She takes a step closer, uncertain and… worried! How far she has come!

Daxton makes an annoyed noise, 'What if this sister had gone bad like the other one, Callisto? You'd be out here by yourself getting your brain fried!" His fist tightens slightly, along with his expression and he too glances around. "You live a billion years, you don't have to rush this. Says the speedster.

The girl shakes her head, hair swishing gently. "Nay." Said firmly.. no no, not a horse sound.. it's her denial of this 'sister' being one who is inclined to destroy her. "T'is the one who contacted me, when I had to sleep long, and deeply of a night and the day beyond to 'find' her. On the dream plain." She is closer now, so that her lowered voice — barely a whisper — can reach Daxton better. "Were she to do anything to me, it would have been then.. where I was most prone." The fey girl looks up at him, imploringly. "I yet live for as long as I must, but if I am to lose this," She indicates the necklace. "I shall not see those years." She inhales deeply, exhales through her nose.

"However did you find me here?" Asks Callisto next of the annoyed boy; she brings her phone out to look at the screen, to check for any replies to that text she sent. This takes her into contacts briefly, and there is a new name added to her small roster: 'Coyote'. Very briefly visible.

She looks up at him again, simply watches his face, begging him wordlessly to understand. "Forgive me for worrying you needlessly. I had to act."

Daxton doesn't look convinced. Stepping closer and taking her elbow to steer her to the side of he pathway, "You can't do this alone, Callisto. That's how you're going to lose this war." He avoids the next question by just saying, "You're not that hard to spot." Finally that hard expression softens, "You look like a damn magazine cover." He glances down at the phone but doesn't ask. Prolly a new student. There's a pause and then nod, "Just….don't do things like his alone, okay?"

Blink? She is easily steered aside, and people mill past.. though they give the two curious looks. Or opportunistic. Hey, it is a big city. Callisto looks toward the street from her new position off from the center of the sidewalk, and back up at Daxton. He speaks to her of not being hard to spot; the magazine cover bit quirks one eyebrow. The softening of his expression causes her own quizzical look to soften with… does she look sad? Briefly. The phone has been put away and her hands are free, and if he will allow it she will seek one of his own palms with both of her own. "What of New Mexico. Has Coyote's grandmother been left safely?" Wait.. why is she calling Dylan 'Coyote'? She's currently looking down at his hand if he let her take it, cheekbones flushed.

Daxton's hand is warm but he takes hers. "Pulse is watching her…" But then he blinks, "Coyote? Is that his name?" No wonder he was a little shit. The flush is noted and he smirks, "You know…you could have asked me for help…"

She nods approval of the elderly woman not being left alone, and looks up at Dax's smirking mug. "A nickname." Supplies the mentalist, watching him. "He is much like the trickster, to whom that name refers. And I shall have you know that he is almost as bad as you, with his table manners." Callisto watches him with a wry look. "Help.. you mean coming out here? You had a grandmother to protect, yes? I could not ask of you to turn your back on a mission for my woes. I knew it would be.. that I would be ok—" Pause. Squint. "Or do you mean in interacting with the boy? I know of his true name, as well."

Daxton doesn't like that. "I have manners." He just chooses to not use them always. "She's fine. One of the haters from the school ended up there, conveniently. So she's healed." He shrugs, "I'm a speedster. I can be lots of places." His legs will just regret it later. "You don't know." The boy? "Why would I care if you interacted with a kid?" He knows his name, Dax read the police report.

The girl watches him, and gives him the barest nudge. "I am trying to make you laugh." Said haughtily.. Callisto isn't the best comedian, aside from her Mario Kart exploits. "But I appear to have fallen short." A gentle sigh, "I shall have to abandon this part of the search for awhile… and you needn't worry of my being here anytime soon, with what is to come." She is trying to make it better, she is!

"What can I do to make this up to you, then?" Asks the fey girl, looking to be genuinely concerned. "T'is something I am trying to get used to.. somebody worrying about me."

Daxton just gives her an eyebrow raise, clearly thinking she's not the next biggest comedian. But the his stomach take the nudge as a chance to growl, he's not eaten in a. Few hours, and New Mexico is far. "Just….don't leave and go off without someone." It's the leaving that's stressed. Wetting his lips, he glances around, like he's trying to decide something, "I need to eat."

The white-haired girl goes on watching him, waiting for any manner of response. Is he angry with her? Perhaps not so much as frustrated. Callisto, too, isn't used to being affected by somebody being displeased with her. Once upon a time she cared less but here, suddenly it troubles her greatly, the thought of being in this massive city and on bad terms with the one who tried to find her. "I shall not. I promise. I left only because.. I wished not to place stress on others. It appears that backfired."

In that pause to breathe, the speedster's guts roil. Callisto looks at his abdomen pointedly, "We've daylight, still.. and I have an idea. A place where we can go." There, in her eyes, a little spark of intrigue… excitement, even?

"There is a cafe… outfitted in the manner of the 1980s." Callisto watches his face.

Daxton's jaw tightens, maybe in some embarrassment, but he just shrugs, "As long as the food isn't from the 80's sure." What did people eat in the 80's anyway? Wasn't it all pop rocks? "Lead the way."

She did not overlook the tightening of the jaw. "There are other places, yes? Do you know of anything else?" Callisto turns on a heel, having been ready to walk forth but lingering on the boy's expression. "We needn't go to this cafe, if you are set on something else." She muses, flinching back as somebody passes way too close. Her hand instinctively lifts to rest against the silver chain of her pendant.

"I would think that is more for the… t'is nostalgia, yes? A great many people seem to miss the 1980s. I thought they were rather.. obnoxious."

"No, it's fine. Lead the way." It isn't the place, really. His own expression turns into a proactive glare and he steps closer to her, hand with her's pulling her closer. The man gets a , "Watch it, dude."

She's watching the dude leave, 'scanning' as she had done prior. Nothing. No pains in her head; not a spark. No threat. But then Callisto finds herself tugged closer and she looks up at Daxton thoughtfully. She feels badly to have placed him into such a state of awareness… wariness. He looks tired. One good thing about Callisto however, she has a good memory for directions. The eatery that she is thinking of isn't too far away and maybe a brisk walk will help the speedster clear his head. The guy who was spoken to by Daxton pauses in his gait and glares back, "Whatever. It's a busy street, buddy." He grates out. Callisto glares at him.

"Come." She bids the speedster, squeezing his hand and giving a light tug.


Cafe 80s

A blast from the past. Fluorescent colors abound, waitresses with big hair and wearing clothing from that era serve greasy hamburgers, fries, shakes, soda while a jukebox in the corner pounds out popular hits from the 80's. The floor tiles light up with each step taken across them while the disco lights above help add to the ambiance. A cashier stands at the long bar-like counter, looking bored. Menu's are on each table, printed beneath the plexiglass table cover.


Daxton's hand tightens on hers, but he lets the rude guy's comments go. "Let's go." He let's her lead to the obnoxious cafe. Maybe he should have argued it. "This…it wasn't really like this was it?" Ugh, how terrible.

In they go. Callisto inwardly hopes that the food is decent. IF not then this will be a double whammy and she'll be left with a boy who is hungry and annoyed with her. Callisto enters first and freezes, seeming to be mildly stunned by the florescence of it all. The music indeed pounds out of a jukebox… it's Rick Astley. Daxton and Callisto just got rickrolled.

Blink. Her hand can be felt tightening in Daxton's, and a deep breath through her nostrils. "It was." She whispers. "T'is precisely as I remember.. whomever was behind the decorating was spot on." Callisto looks up at him, eyes wide. A waitress waves them over, her massive hair bouncing. "So—" she steps forth, a floor tile lights. up. Each tile lights up with every step taken and the fey girl looks utterly flabbergasted.

A slooooow look up at a disco light.

"… h-huh…"

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "Gross." Or would it be 'Gag me'? Either way he nods towards the waitress, "Let's just sit." He's hungry enough that he'll put up with…disco? Isn't that 70's? So gross. "Looks like they have shakes." That's a step in the right direction.

The waitress, who appears to be in her early twenties and as stacked as her hair, seems to be making a big do about Daxton. Maybe it's the blue eyes! She sidles on up to their table, giving Callisto an indulgent smile and turning the full wattage of her white teeth and… assets.. upon the speedster. "Oh my goodness you remind me of a certain movie character~" She warbles at the speedster, smacking her gum. The uniform for the cafe is surely as loud as the surroundings and she giggles coquettishly.

"Oh, we have shakes." She looks as if she could shake, herself! Ahem. Callisto watches her outright, expression unreadable and only vaguely curious.

"The 70s were better." Callisto says wistfully, an odd glimmer in her eyes. The buxom waitress looks to the fey for a moment, eyes lingering on her ears, before sweeping back to Dax. "Isn't that cute…? What can I get ya'll~?"

Daxton sits and then is accosted by …assets. "Uh….really?" No one has ever said that to him before, weird. Those blue eyes look between the waitress and Calli. Oh. OH! Derp, for a speedster, he's sometimes slow. "I think…" He looks down at the menu in the table, "A peanut butter and chocolate shake please." As he asks he reaches across the table for Calli's hand, "What about you, Strawberry?"

"Yah," Smack smack, chomp. "Like… what was that movie? Breakfast Club? Yah, kinda like that Bender fellow. The one with the stare. You kinda have that look.." The waitress says cheekily with a wriggle for good measure. Callisto goes on watching her as an intellectual would observe a new breed of animal or species of insect. "You got it sweetie, comin' right on up. And what about you?" Demurs the waitress, turning to wait for Callisto's order, and case her out.

Callisto is still watching her pensively, but a touch to her hand brings her out of the reverie. Oh.. oh. She looks to both of their hands, finds herself inwardly quite touched. The response of the gawky waitress amuses her all-the-more, and she looks from their hands, to Daxton, and down at the menu. Fruit smoothies weren't much of a thing back in those days. Not in cafes. "A.. strawberry shake shall do, yes?"

Off goes the bouncy one, and Callisto watches Daxton's face intensely. "She will spit in my drink." Said with a languid smirk.

Bender? Isn't that the robot from Futurama? He watches the waitress bounce away. "Maybe. I'll take first swig if you want." He's brave like that. Her fingers get a gentle squeeze before he lets them go.

The fae's nose wrinkles becomingly with a little bark of laughter. "T'is alright. I jest." The waitress was all butterflies and bubbles for Daxton. It honestly amused her.. though was she feeling that jab of jealousy? Callisto isn't by nature insecure, not at all.. that may have been a little bit of dark faerie mojo going on. It's complicated.

Her lashes flutter lightly as her fingers are squeezed, before being let go. Did those fingers of hers just splay slightly as if reluctant to release him? Maybe. Her arm is brought back and she folds both of her hands politely in front of herself.

"Are you anticipating having the estate cleared of loud, intrusive students? It shall be very soon." Callisto asks with earnest concern, followed by a half-smile.. but there's a look in her eyes. It's not unpleasant. "Shall I have to upgrade my phone plan to allow for more swapping of nature photography?" … oh. XD

Daxton flashes her a smile. "It'll definitely be quieter." His eyes flash and that smirk grows, "Maybe."

She narrows her eyes, about to retort with something snarky, but then Jiggles is back and setting down their drinks. Callisto bows her head in thanks, retrieving hers, though it appears Daxton's was the only one set down with a paper coaster. Why is this? If the thing is examined or turned over, there it is as plain as day on the bottom: the waitress's cellphone number! What gall!

Without even trying, Callisto makes even the sipping of a milkshake from a straw look provocative, her eyes shall hold his if he looks to her. "Maybe?"

"Anything to eat~?" Interjects the waitress.

Daxton doesn't see the number as it's stuck to the bottom on his glass, but Calli can when he lifts glass. He smiles at Calli before turning to the flirty waitress. "I wanna double burger, the works. And fries." He looks back to listen to what Calli gets.

The mentalist is looking at the menu beneath the countertop. It all looks precisely to be up Daxton's alley however, and for that she will grin and bear it. As the waitress scrawls down the speedster's choice, warbling and nodding and giving the cup and coaster a pointed glance, Callisto finally figures something out. "A.. simple burger. Single. Mayonnaise. Extra lettuce." She requests politely enough, and knows better than to ask for salad. "Fries are fine." She'll just give them to Daxton. Who picks up his milkshake to sip, and indeed the fey sees the coaster and it's cursive on the bottom.

A snort and she begins to choke on her milkshake! Wrong tube! Wrong tube!

"Are you okay honey?" The waitress asks, 70% snark, 30% actual concern.

The glass is set down and Dax leans forward, "Hey…." His hand reaches out for hers again, "Light breaths…" Blue eyes watch her with concern.

"Wr-" Callisto hacks. She's flushing but not turning blue; it was seeing the number that caused her to simultaneously try to laugh and gasp. The waitress snerks, "Careful with that now, honey," She says sanguinely, before walking off to place the orders. Callisto closes her eyes briefly and clears her throat. The coughing brought tears to her eyes and she looks up ruefully, "Hah.. hn, I tried to inhale the drink. Something struck me as amusing and—" Hack, still a bit in there.

She pushes hair behind one tapered ear with her free hand, reaches over to pluck the coaster out from under Dax's drink.. and shows him the number. She doesn't look bothered, just surprised and mildly amused. "You've a fan." Said huskily, as she tries clearing her throat again.

Daxton is so confused, brow furrowed he grabs the straw and opens it . "Stop talking you're going to hurt your throat." And stop being weird!

"I am fine." Or so she believes herself to be.. least she can breathe. An amused look after she gives the room a onceover, keeping an eye out for Jiggles. "Look at the bottom of the coaster."

Daxton lifts his glass and flips over the coaster, "Jesus. Thirsty much?" It's flipped back to look like he didn't notice and he sets the glass down. "She's not my type." Although maybe he's judging her because of the 80's themed hair. His eyes narrow, "It's not funny." Although there's a hint of amusement in his voice.

The girl seems perplexed on the slang; it was bad enough the stuff that Dylan was hurling at her yesterday. Callisto pieces two-and-two together and assumes that by thirsty he means … well, Callisto won't let on about what she thinks is going through the young lady's mind. "No?" Asked with a slight smirk, "I think it is a bit amusing. We shall not have to leave a full monetary tip. You just have to—"

She's back, bearing food. The plates containing drastically different volumes of noms are given to each, and Callisto watches the waitress, calm and composed as can be. "I should like to snort a chocolate milk shake next." The fey demurs to Jiggles.

Daxton's eyes widen. Was Calli serious? He starts to thank the waitress and then the fey is just…what? He shakes his head, "You are so weird." But whatever is going on between her and jiggles, Dax needs to eat. So he does. Quickly.

"Sure thing.." Drawls the waitress, "Just shout if I'm needed~" Then her shapely self is off, though she hovers at the jukebox to adjust the lineup. Callisto watches her go, before tucking in. She chews slowly, looking surprised. "T'is good.."

The waitress moves to the rear of the eatery, beyond the boisterous cooks. Unbothered, she slips out a man door into an alley. She 'wills' somebody to wake up, whom she had left safely propped between a dumpster and fire escape ladder. One leaves; the other stumbles back into the cafe as if awakening from a very pleasant dream.

Hastily patting her clothes down, a sloe-eyed and sated-looking young lady who looks PRECISELY like the waitress that just left looks around the eatery. "Where'd she go?" Is asked outright as she appears to be searching with a look of longing… and it's not for Daxton! She passes their table, confused.. and those who were studious enough before may notice that what was previously a blue-eyed waitress… is now a brown-eyed one. Her voice, too, is different.. higher.

Daxton's not blind, and now that the number was pointed out to him, he watches th waitress walk away. He's not going to deny it's a nice view but then he turns back to the view of his burger and his….date? Are they dating? He doesn't know. Instead he focuses on the food, "It is. I'm glad it's better than the decor." He doesn't talk much, enjoying the food . Although he will look over at Calli and smile a few times. That boyish one even! But that disappears when the waitress walks by and doesn't even check on their drinks….and doesn't seem to realize that they're her table, "Huh. Weird." Looking from her back to Calli he reaches for some fries.

The fey will have been enjoying the boy's offhanded smiles, also inwardly wondering that the heck to call themselves. One might think Callisto to have enjoyed many dalliances in her years, but truthfully? There was only the one, the true benchmark. This here is different… it's perhaps the most mortal experience that she has had lately. What is Daxton, anyway?

THe jukebox eases into the programmed selection, right when the true waitress (not what had been an illusion) ambles out, lovestruck. Now it is upon Callisto that she drops her misty gaze.. "Oh hey.. you look a lot like her… are ya'll part of a theatre troupe or something? Those ears…. where did she go, though? Do you know?" She offers languidly; her lips are still reddened as if from a very thorough smoochfest. "Wow…."

Right then and there, the song "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright fills the cafe. Callisto drops her food onto her plate, and looks white as death. Her pupils dilate.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

As soon as the waitress starts talking weird to Calli Daxton is up out of his seat in-between the two, "Back off, lady!" One hand is up, thankfully not balled into a fist yet, the other is held behind him, in the fey's direction. He's not piecing together the song or anything good. Just that Calli seems freaked out and this waitress is being super weird. "Callisto?"

The willowy girl digs into her purse, at least having the presence of mind not to break the law. She hadn't even seen the bill, she just surmises… throws random bills onto the table. It'll be more than enough. By now people are noticing something amiss and are looking over to see the white-haired girl pushing to stand from that table, a waitress who looks like she got a bit of slap and tickle somewhere, and a boy with striking blue eyes going on the defensive. "I.." Callisto exhales shakily, grabbing up her handbag. The waitress watches her, confused and misty-eyed; Callisto looks pleadingly at Daxton before she swiftly makes to leave the cafe, the tiles lighting up beneath her feet. The waitress stares after her, then looks to Daxton. "I.. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't upset her. Can I do anything—"

The onlookers, suspecting it was a messy breakup, go back to eating nonchalantly. Callisto spills out onto the sidewalk in front of the cafe but doesn't go far from the entrance, looking around frantically. She senses nothing.

Daxton looks so confused. What is happening? Calli darts away and he makes a strangled annoyed noise. His food! His….date? Bah! Nose wrinkling he just shakes his head at the waitress before going after Calli. "What the hell, Callisto?"

Nobody. Nothing. This horrifies Callisto and she leans back against the facade of the building. Luckily poor Dax will have not had to search for her; she is right there. People mill past.. such a heavily populated, crazy place! Comes with the territory of being one of the nation's biggest cities. c.c

The waitress watches Daxton trudge off, and does her waitressly duty in cleaning the table. She picks up the coaster, sees the number and scowls. "Damnit, Gerry? Who is leaving the number to Fook Hing Chinese Restaurant laying about? Do we have a mole working here?!" Is barked out at a nearby co-worker. Let's leave that hot mess behind.

The moment the speedster rejoins and questions her, Callisto looks to him and does a very un-Callisto-like thing. Her lovely features fall, and the fey girl breaks down weeping. Huh.

Well….damn it. For a brief moment Dax freezes. It's his kryptonite, crying girls. "I…I'm sorry…hey…" He steps closer, lifting and to though her shoulder, "I didn't mean to yell…are you okay?"

Her head shakes quickly, "T'is.. not you.." Callisto whispers; lucky bitch is a pretty crier. Comes with fae territory. Her hands lift to press into her eyes, and where she would typically hasten to squash it and compose herself, she just can't. Hey, she's not frantic .. but there is just something in her tone and movements that signifies intense emotion. "She was in there. Oridove was there and I hadn't sensed her. She was the waitress." Explained between hitching breaths, "She did not seek to hurt me.. only to prove.." Prove what?

Callisto throws her arms around the poor speedster and just clings. She's shaking bad… and she owns up to the thing that she never, ever wants to own up to. In this moment Callisto is the most mortal that she could ever hope to be: "I am scared. I have made a g-grievous mistake."

Daxton's arms go around her, although his gaze starts scanning the area. God damn fey. This is stupid. "Come on….let's get out of here…." He doesn't move though, just holds her a little tighter.

God damn fey is right. Poor Dax, hopefully he won't have to meet more of them. They get worse. Callisto clings tight, staring out into the street. Her head can be felt nodding slowly, but there is an awareness now behind her very upset countenance. "She will not cause hurt. She was teaching a lesson." Whispered tautly, more tears skittering down her cheeks and off of her chin. Some diners depart the cafe and see them there.. yup, has to be a messy breakup.

Callisto looks up at Daxton finally, heaving a deep breath. Even in this craziness, this frustrating yo-yo of dark faerie 'tag you're it', he's there. The mentalist's brows draw together in a look of poignant hurt and thought, and without much hesitation — hey, he's holding her tight! — she will lean up to press her lips to his.

"A lesson? What the fuck is wrong with her?" Can't she see Callisto needs her? Daxton frowns, blue eyes still scanning the are and ignoring the people gawking as they leave the restaurant. "We can go back to the Estates, or we can-" kiss, apparently. A soft noise, but one hand goes up to touch her jaw. A vibration and then he breaks the moment, "Not here."

It was an almost desperate motion on Callisto's part, a grounding. That and it's just the sheer appreciation of the boy not turning tail and running in the wake of more of her familial fuckery. When Daxton speaks, she breaks off the embrace but leans back, going on to watch him. She seems calmer. "She is old.. a-and wise… and when we last spoke," In dreaming. "She mentioned my… using a bandage cure." Her hand can be felt moving, touching the necklace. "E-exchanging growth for peace. Where I should have been strengthened my defenses, my shields… I've been hiding behind the necklace. She simply proved this flaw."

A gentle sigh, she leans in to rest her temple to his chest where she clearly wants, very badly, to kiss him again. He is right; not 'here'.

"Let us.. let us leave."

Daxton just grunts, she sounds like a bitch to him. But instead of arguing he nods and then scoops Calli up into his arms. What's the point of a speedster if they can't get you to places fast, right? "Home or somewhere else?"

"Anywhere, as long as you are there." Callisto says gently, no longer weeping (mercifully) and seeming to be coming back into herself, though resolved. Sometimes the lesson sucks, but at least she takes it as it is. There's work to be done and she knows now that she can't do it by herself. Feeling herself being lifted the girl secures her arms around Daxton, "I am sorry that things were.. dashed. I rather liked being there with you." A nod to the cafe… gaudy lights and all. She holds him tight.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton adjusts the girl in his arms and then starts running. Thankfully the streets have cleared up some, and he's able to navigate. Soon enough he's out of down town proper and headed to the residential area. Unit 23 has safe houses all over the United States.

She's getting used to speedster-travel… she even experienced another brand recently when Dylan drug her ass to a burger restaurant. The awful shaking has subsided however, "She is the eldest female. Were mother to be destroyed, she would take over." Whispers the mentalist, eyes closed as she thinks. "But her methods are sometimes… crude. Her role was played well, making eyes at you. For Oridove prefers Sapphic love." Pause, she's learning to translate her terms. "Women." … well, that explains the bamboozled waitress.

Before long Callisto is made aware of where they are headed, though it's a residential area that is unlike Shady Cove. "What is this?"

Daxton rolls his blue eyes, "I make a pretty woman." No, he wouldn't. He doesn't say anything else until he stops near a small duplex. It's not fancy, but the yard is mowed and there's. Alight on. He sets her on her feet and whisks forward to dine a hidden key…somewhere on the property. And then is at the door way, "Come on."

The girl is set down, and she takes the time to look the place over. Was she about to make a comment on the 'pretty woman' bit? Maybe so, maybe no. Daxton moves to find the key and Callisto looks around the yard, up at the house again.. always looking and watching. She's not clutching her head or breaking down again so clearly, there's nobody else lurking and wanting to troll her. A hand lifts to gently rest upon the gorgon head pendant. While she will not ditch it, she knows that.. it cannot be a crutch forever. Callisto shivers lightly at the thought of what will happen, when the safety is removed.

"Do you know who…" She trails off; 'lives here?' .. the question is left unsaid but easily picked up on, and she pads toward the door. In her confusion, Callisto is at her most innocent.

"I do." Well, sorta. "It's Unit 23's." He unlocks the door an steps inside like he does indeed own the place. There's no sounds from inside, except a fridge running gently in the small kitchen. Dax turns back to look at her and motion her in, "Come on. It's safe here."

"Am I to remain here tonight?" Asks the girl tentatively. For all of Callisto's confidence, something about staying in a place that she does not know makes her just vaguely anxious. Mind you she is grateful for not having to get on a train back to Shady Cove or expect Daxton to run them back. She seems to stand there, still as an alabaster statue; she's listening and watching and finally Callisto seems to come to terms with her circumstance. Though, her ultimate accepting of the place hinges on one answer. She turns to look upon Dax, pupils still dilated and nervous. But.. something there, too. Something else.

"Will you remain?"

Daxton blinks, that wasn't his intention. "I…no. Unless you wanted to. I just thought we could chill out a bit before going home…" He offers her a crooked smile and head nods towards the kitchen, "Want something to drink? The fridge should be partially stocked." Hopefully.

"Stay with me." Bids the girl, watching his face raptly. "But only if it is what you wish to do." Callisto adds.. hey, she may be a dark creature by birth but she is moving to the light and therefore, consent is a thing. He can read between those lines in any way he sees fit, but there in the tone and the girl's gaze.. she means what she's getting at. The choice is that of the speedster's.

Her bluish-green eyes slide to look toward the kitchen and the humming fridge beyond.. is she thirsty?

… bahahahaha!!!


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Daxton's very aware of what is being asked of him, his own eyes, that sharp blue, study her before he nods once, "I have to get you back tonight….I need to run back to New Mexico tomorrow." His poor legs! Suddenly he's right in front of her, hand reaching upwards towards her face, "But we can stay a while…."

The girl nods once, "You needn't run. Do the trains not go all night?" Asked quietly, but suddenly how they get back isn't at the forefront of her mind. "But.. yes.. of course." She's tired, but not physically. Mentally? Yes. But—

And there he is! Callisto needn't words to agree that whatever time is taken, it's more than enough. His hand touches her face, her hand lifts to rest atop the back of that hand. Her other arm, slides forth to reach around the speedster's waist and hug him closer. "Do you trust me?" Asks the mentalist. This is the most important question of all.

Instead of answering her right away he leans forward and kisses her. It's not the soft tentative lip brush from before. He pulls her close, tilting his head for a better angle as claims her mouth. Before he's done she'll find herself against a wall with him pressing into her, "I do. Just not when your dealing with your family…" Cause girls and their families are dumb. His lips trail down to play with her neck, letting her talk if she wants to.

Here's Callisto's language! She tilts her head to an angle that is complimentary to how Daxton comes in for the kiss. A little groan as she is eased back to the wall and he will find her more than willing to be guided to wherever they are to end up. Meow!

But she is not a compliant, meek thing either. Once she breaks out of her little haze Callisto is jousting back, as good as she gets, pulling him closer still. He more or less says she is trusted — ok, the family thing makes sense — and that is all the girl needs to proceed. She moves, lips still seeking his, but the boy is moving downwards along her neck and Callisto's words fail her briefly. "U-understood.." There will be very little talk out of the fey girl from hereon, outside of her own reciprocal statement: "I trust you too." A husky whisper.

Then it's on. c_c

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