(2018-08-07) Temple of Doom
Temple of Doom
Summary: The hedge maze is explored. There is, of course, a secret door.
Date: 2018.08.07
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Scene Runner: isis


Hedge Maze
The hedge maze is just that, a maze of hedges. There are long corriders with intersections that go in one direction or the other and sometime both. There are corridors that lead to deadends where there is usually some ivy and bird poop covered statue or perhaps a little sitting area with a marble bench. It's all over grown with ivy, brambles and the hedges themselves. In most places it is passable in others it takes some work.


It's been a lot of work for the students, but finally enough of the entrance of the Hedge Maze to making going in feasible. A few of the corridors are even clear enough to walk down, others not so much. The headmaster has given leave to the students to wander and cleat the maze as much as they want before the soon to be move. Especially if it keeps them out of trouble.

Sydney takes exploration seriously. Also, it tends to be hot in the maze, from her experience clearing the entrance, so Syd came dressed in her fighting togs. Hopefully she won't be unconscious today, since the only thing that isn't made of Syd that she's wearing is a pair of cheap sunglasses. So here she is, wandering into the maze with a small mob of other students. "Should be fun, right? I wonder if there's treasure or something at the center? And I wonder if they'll let us keep it?"

WRK8392 showed up for work. There was a designation by the prime processor that has been labeled 'Headmaster' in the Learning Center Node requesting the hedge maze get conformed to it's standard designation from extended growth protrusions. This? This was something that the unit could do. So it'd show up there at the same time as others did, that figure in the cloak rotating a little to take everyone in as it'd determine the proper arrangement for the hedges.

Clothes are something that are useful, yes? Quinn's dressed in his slightly large blue jeans and the ill fitting white tee. He doesn't mind those getting dirty. They will also protect his skin. Although he's not sure why one worries about minor cuts and such. That's part of nature right? You work, you get hurt. He is here to lend a hand although he's not entirely sure how useful he'll be.

While he was absent during the beginning, Dakota has been present for some of the hard labor that went into clearing out the maze near the final stretch. He feels kinda bad about showing up at the end, but he wasn't actually at the school when this project started. "Hmmm…treasure seems unlikely. I mean, this isn't a great place for a stash of gold. Why would anyone hide their gold anyway?" That question spirals him into another train of thought. "Pirates are SO dumb. Who buries treasure?" The brown-haired boy is dressed in a form-fitting pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Of course the offer to take part of clearing the maze is something he can't resist, and so the Russian in the powered armor, also known as Pavel Kovalenko, has made his way out. There's a grin and a nod to the others present, as he looks around. "Good day for exploring, yes?"

The necessary tools were given to the students to aid in thier efforts and while they wander and clear, clear and wander they run into a deadend here and there and have to turn back, but after the last deadend and turn around they seem to finally be on the right track to finding the center. It's certainly a team effort and thanks to that there isn't to much backtracking.

Sydney wanders forward. "Oh hey, another statue covered in bird poop! Yay!" Syd chuckles. "I've never been in one of these things before. This is kind of fun. Assuming you enjoyed The Shining…"

Tools! The Prime Director provided tools to be able to adapt to! This was perfect. WRK8392, that figure in the cloak, would move along each part, mapping out the maze as it'd use those tools with a machine-like perfection to make sure everything they left behind was in line with what it should be. It was good at this, if a little slow, due to what it was.

"It is like… adventure, yes?" Pavel remarks, before he turns another corner, removing some of the stuff to clear it up a bit. "Another end," he calls out to the others, before making his way back to the others again. "Why is this maze here in first place, hmmm?" Sounding a bit curious.

Honestly, it felt good to be working with his hands in cleaning up the maze,"What is the Shining?" Quinn asks curiously, a bit confused. Pop culture references aren't the ancient teen's forte.

"That's a good question," Dakota says to Pavel's inquiry, clearing out his part of the hedge maze. "I don't know much about the people that lived here before this place was used as a school, so I can't really say." He frowns. The tools are helpful, but Kota has very limited experience when it comes to lawn work. "I wonder why they allowed it to get so out of hand."

Sydney shrugs, forming her right forearm into a machete to hack off a branch that's in the way. "Well, you gotta remember. Things were more boring before the Internet. People'd do all kinds of stuff to keep entertained. Probably also a yuppie kind of thing too. See how much wealth I have?

As the work and exploration continues on, Dakota and Pavel go one way at an intersection that seems to turn to the left while the others clear a bit here. That turn seems to the the final one at the end of the short hedge corridor a large open area with a large decorative, yet non-functioning fountain sits in the middle. There are a few over grown rose bushes, some more benches and statues. It seems the group have found the center of the meze.

You say, "Wow… check it out…" Syd walks around the fountain. "Wonder if we can turn this fountain on, or something? That'd be really cool." Having no idea how fountains work, she crouches down to look at the base for an access panel or something."

As soon as he spots the fountain, Dakota calls back to the others, letting them know that the center of the maze has been found. "I doubt it," He says when Sydney circles it. "Not in the state it's in." Setting down some of his tools, he pulls out his phone and takes a picture of the abandoned structure.

That figure int he cloak would move with the others, stopping to the side of the entrance to that center, it'd look around. The figure is silent for the moment, simply trying to process it all, take it all in to determine logical next steps. Besides, everyone was looking it over too, what's one more student just there to help, right?

"You-pee?" Pavel isn't certain about that particular term, but keeps on moving through the maze, blinking as they reach that large open area. "Wait… is this?" He goes silent as he starts making his way over towards the fountain, a bit slowly. "Interesting…" he mutters, looking around again.

Given his background, Quinn stares at the fountain intently,"What is it?" He asks after a long moment of trying to figure it out. He's still getting used to things and as he stands before the dormant fountain, he's rather confused as to what it is and the purpose amongst the statuary.

Sydney murmurs "No, I did that before I left." She feels around the base of the fountain. "Okay, I have no clue how these things work. There's probably a pump or something I'm not seeing." She looks at Quinn. "It's a fountain. A decorative water display, basically. It'd probably also cool this part of the maze off really nicely with all the evaporated water.

The fountain has seen better days. It looks like it has been more than a few decades since it has been used. There are a few stagnant puddles in it from some recent rain. Nothing more than a breeding ground for insects at the moment. The statue in the middle is all cherubs and the like, the water probably comes out of mouths or other parts left unsaid. The bottom of the fountain is a spiderweb of cracks where the cycle of freeze and thaw has taken its toil. /Pavel/ will notice a crack though that doesn't fit with the rest. It is to straight and linear and upon closer inspection there seems to be a space underneath it, but very little light seeps through the crack to make anything out.

After snapping a few shots of the statue, Dakota turns and gets some pictures of the surrounding area, the stone benches and neglected areas around it. "Maybe if we ask the Headmaster, we can get this thing up and running," He murmurs as he zooms in on the cracks at the base of the fountain. The crack that doesn't quite fit? It goes completely over Kota's head.

Pavel moves over to the fountain, watching the cracks as he lets his hand move along some of them. Pausing at one, he blinks a few times, moving his hand along it once more, letting out a muttered statement in Russian, before he looks to the others. "Look at this one. Like someone cut through it, or something?" Leaning down to look into it, he frowns a bit. "Looks like there is something there?"

"Oh. That is interesting… I wonder what it looked like when it was functional." Quinn says softly as he looks embarrassed about not knowing what a fountain was. His blue eyes do go to the crack when Pavel points it out,"Does it feel smooth or rough?" He asks curiously.

Sydney crouches down to see what Pavel's found. She looks over at him. "Search for secret doors? I'd say you found one…" Ever the D&D player…

Looking even closer, yep its an entrance way of some sort, there are smaller linear cracks on each side, clearly the seams of said entrance way.

Slipping his phone back into his pocket, Dakota walks to where the others have gathered and leans forward, hands on his knees. "Can you try opening it?" Huh. "It could be controls or something." He, too, has no idea how fountains work. Maybe there's an on button.

Nodding a little, Pavel blinks a few time, "Yes. But how we get in? Is there a… what's it called? What doors hang on?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Or we need to smash it open?"

"Hinge I think the word is." Quinn says trying to be helpful. He eyes the crack,"I do not see a hinge though. It might not be that kind. The Greeks used to have strange mechanisms that they used in their buildings." He says seriously,"But only in their temples."

Sydney hmms. She stretches one finger thin and flat, like the blade of a screwdriver, and slips it in the crack, following the outline of the "door". And hoping she doesn't find the live power cable or something. She pries a little every now and then to see if the "door" will move.

Using the level technique the door does have some give. It seems to slide toward the center of the fountain

Sydney hmms, feeling the door. "It seems to open in." She gives it a firm, if not brutally hard push, experimentally. "If Zuul comes out, run I guess."

"Who is Zuul?" Quinn asks in a baffled voice, trying to follow along with the references that Sydney's making and failing most spectacularly. His blue eyes watch as the door gives in on the fountain and he just sort of waits for others to do something.

Pavel holds out his hands ready in case there's something coming out from the opening. After all, then he can use the energy beam, if needed. "Ready…" he says, after a few brief moments of pause. Not quite following along with all the references either.

"Alright. Before we get ahead of ourselves, I think I'm gonna go see if I can notify someone. Like a teacher or something," Dakota stands straight and takes a step back. "Not saying you guys can't figure out what's inside there…I just want to make sure we have some backup." Plus, if it's something really scary and he's forced to be around a group of panicking teens…well, he'd be feeding right into that little monster in his head.

There is a few moments where nothing happens. It has been years, decades even since this entrance as been opened. The mechanisms are surely rusted. With a screeching metal on metal protest the 'door' slides a few feet but then stops, it isn't move any further. Maybe that is all that it is meant to move. The opening is easily wide enough to go through and light shines down into into. There is a flight of metallic looking stairs leading down into what appears to be a dusty hallway.

Sydney whistles music from Raiders of the Lost Ark. "You find a stairway leading down. What could possibly go wrong?" She peers down into the hole. "Anyone got a flashlight?"

"Flashlight?" Quinn asks quizzically. He considers for a moment before he begins humming softly to himself, and for those sensitive can feel him actually bringing up his magic as he layers the spell in his head. It's all about light. They need light in the darkness. He taps his right hand slowly upon his thigh.

"We make list of what can go wrong?" Pavel offers, with a bit of a grin, before he adds, "But we're team. Nothing go wrong as we work as team." Confident, isn't he. For the part about the flashlight, he shakes his head a little. "Not I."

Sierra was practicing flying. That's the only reason she saw the group in the maze. No way was she spying on them. Nope. Nothing about being snoopy. But since they've found something interesting, she comes swooping down and lands…straight into a hedge wall before rolling off to the ground and uttering some choice words in Spanish. It is not her flying that she needs to practice, it's her landings. "Are you sure you want to go down there?" she asks as she brushes off some twigs from her Ares outfit. "That is how I ended up like I am. Dark places that haven't been seen for a long time. But if you are going in…" She grins wickedly. "Can I come too?"

Sydney pulls back out of the hole to let others go first. If she's gonna wreck the stairway, better it be with light down there to find the entrance again. "Oh hey hotstuff." She grins at Sierra, the pun intentional. "Yeah sure. If you can make light without setting stuff on fire, having more than one light bringer might be nice." One might note that "Lucifer" literally means "light bringer." Syd's probably making another pun. Or it's an accident.

The group descends the metallic stairs that lead to a metal walled hallway. Yellow tungsten lights embedded into the ceiling flicker, casting long shadows and giving the hallway an eerie vibe. No flashlights needed. Footsteps echo hollowly on the metallic tiled floor. The floor is covered in dust, indicating that no one has been down here for a long time. At the end of the hall is what is probably a door. There is a frame certainly, but there is no door knob to speak of. As the group starts to head down the hallway, on the walls to the side of the door 6 circular spaces open up (three on each side) and beams of light shine around a moment before focusing on a spot a foot before the 'door'. A black and white projection of a female appears. She wears vintage clothes, circa early 1940's, like one would assume a well paid secretary would wear, her hair styled in victory rolls. "Welcome back Doctor. It has been 75 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 27 seconds since you last accessed your lab. Please provide the passcode to proceed." the voice doesn't come directly from the projection but from all around.

The shadows make Quinn feel a little uneasy but the way the projection is 'speaking' is what seems to REALLY set him on edge. "Who is that? Why is her voice not coming from her? Why doesn't she make sound?" He asks shrinking a bit in on himself as he feels like his hearing is being messed with for a moment it was NOT a happy thing. However, when he's able to hear his own voice and it wasn't getting delayed or not seeming to come from himself, he relaxes.

"Of course I could light up things without burning them down" Sierra sighs at Sydney as they head down the stairs. "I can even be an area heater…or marshmallow toaster." Thankfully, there is no reason to turn on the lights as the building does it for them. Spooky place! She stares at the hologram for a moment before… "Cool. An AI /and/ a hologram. From the 1940s? What is this place?" She notices Quinn's discomfort and offers him a consoling pat on the back. "It's okay. Think of it like a television that talks back to you…with surround sound." He'll understand that…maybe. "Can anyone see a control panel or anything?" she asks, looking around. "And I have no idea what the passcode would be. And if we get it wrong, it'll probably self-destruct or something." A sigh. "I should have brought my laptop."

You say, "It's a projection. I don't think it can see us either, or it would have already realized we're not the doctor." As Sierra says, she looks around for a control panel, or an access panel, maybe a fuse box. "We could burn a little hole through the door and peek, probably. But like you said. Self destruct stuff… could be bad."

Looking around, there's a brief pause as Pavel sees that spot the woman appears. "Doctor?" he asks, after a few moments. "What Doctor?" He steps a bit closer to the projection. "Can you hear us?" he asks. Just to be on the safe side.

The walls on each side of the group are seamless, and seem to be just one long sheet of metal from floor to ceiling, which is also metal. The only features of the walls are the projectors and the doorframe "Please provide the passcode." the projected woman repeats staring straight ahead, not looking at any of the students or answering the questions.
GAME: Save complete.

Sydney takes a close look at the doorframe, hoping to get an idea just how thick the door is, and whether she can get her fingers between the frame and the stonework it's attached to and simply tear the door out.

"Maybe it even has poison gas or something to release if we just stand around here all day?" Sierra frowns. "How are people with poison gas? I'm probably not too good… Anyone know the 1940s very well? What the passcode could be? Careful, Sydney, we have no idea how it would react to violence."

"Think we can shoot through the wall, hmmm?" Pavel asks, after a few brief moments of pause, otherwise just watching the walls, rather carefully. "How can we provide the password if there's no place to put it?"

Sydney blows out her cheeks. "Well… world war II. There was Project Manhattan, which would make a fine passcode… Winston Churchill quotes… like "We shall never surrender." Man… I really have no idea. Does anyone know who used to own this house?

Sydney spends 1 luck points on To help with a mind check..

Sydney guesses. "Winberry."
Sierra spends 1 luck points on Remembering something uncool about the 1940s.

"Passcode denied." the projection states "You have three more attempts before system lockdown.

Sierra thinks hard and tries to work it through out loud…or mumbling loudly at least. "Okay…so this base is from World War 2. Like scientists throughout time, this Doctor was probably a nerd. That means he wasn't good with women, and would be too busy anyway, but he would still be interested in who the pinups were. Right? So…gosh…let me think. What was her name…" Her eyes narrow a moment before she tries… "Betty Grable".

Pavel keeps silent as he watches, since he has no idea what the passcode could be. He pauses a little as he listens to what's said, though. "System lockdown?"

You say, "I'm assuming that would be bad. Whatever's talking probably has data we'd like to have. It could also lock us in and gas us with cyanide or something." Syd moves toward the stairs, ready to run up and rip THAT door off its hinges if everything goes south."

It seems Sierra either got it really right or really wrong. The projection goes from black and white to color. Strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes and the blue-grey of her clothes are a stark contrast to her B&W self. A smile forms on her lip and her blue eyes pin on Sierra "Passcode accepted. Welcome back Doctor." the projection steps aside as the door slides open. The projection sweeps a hand toward the door indicating that they should enter "Everything is exactly as you left it. I have instructed the bots to prepare tea for you and your guests." apparently the system has tagged Sierra as the Doctor for the moment.

"I hope there's not more weird things." Quinn says as he starts going through the door,"I cannot imagine the tea after all this time." He says softly as he scurries along. "By the way, will be find out who The Doctor is?" He asks curiously to Pavel.

Sydney looks at Sierra and just shakes her head and chuckles. "Okay, that wouldn't have ever crossed my mind. I mean it should have. But it wouldn't. Nice going, Doctor. She peers through the door.

No one is more surprised that Sierra that it worked. "Oh…cool. She was pretty hot" she smiles to the others. "Lots of legs" she adds before she steps through the door. A nod to Quinn. "Yeah, don't drink the tea." A wink for Sydney. "I could get used to being a doctor."

"Good job, Doctor," Pavel offers to Sierra, before he blinks a few times. "Tea…?" He pauses, before he offers a brief grin to Quinn. "We shall do what we can," he replies, as he follows after through the door, looking around.

The area behind the door is large, with the same metal walls and floors. Two walls are lined with large floor to ceiling ENIAC computers, with various input devices and viewing screens. There seems to be no activity coming from them. The same kind of lights are embedded in the ceiling and give off flickering yellow light. There must be a power source of some sort providing electricity. Several desks with paperwork fill the area and a bank of file cabinets flank another sliding door.
A glass wall divides the room in the back. On the other side is the other kind of lab. Long tables, beakers, Bunsen burners, etc. Shelves line than walls with books and the bottles of labeled liquids, powders, etc. There are a few animal specimens in jars of formaldehyde and a mummified head in a glass cube.
A small section of the wall slides up and a metal box on treads rolls out, on top of it a tea service with a steaming pot and a plate of round cookies. The projection seems to have acquired a clipboard which she consults "I regret to inform you but your compatriots Doctor Blaze and Baron Pain have been detained." anyone who has keep tabs heroes and villains of the past would recognize those two names. They were the most famous and feared villains during the WW2 era.

Sydney whistles. "Ohhh crap. That's not good. I'm thinking… we might want to just leave and lock the door behind us and tell the faculty what's here. Those guys are both serious supervillians. And I don't want to find out what this guy had cooking that's still on the stove."

Sierra looks around as she wanders into the room. Her mouth parted in awe…particularly when she sees the mummified head. "Wow…look at that!" She peers into the cube, tapping the glass with her fingernails, before looking at the hologram. "That's a shame. Do you know where they are being held?" She peers at the others. "They were bad guys, right? Our school is sitting on a supervillain base?" A clearing of her throat to speak loudly to the hologram again. "Are all my experiments still functional?"

"This place does not feel right." Quinn says as he looks around shuddering at the perversion of nature. This is pretty much the antithesis of how he was raised, an utter lack of respect for nature and its inhabitants. He looks a bit sick to his stomach when he sees the mummified head. He's seen worse but it just all is getting to him, which is clear from the even more than normal nervousness to his body."So who does that make the Doctor?" He asks curiously. "Or was it a title passed on from father to son through the years?"

You say, "It's talking about your compatriots." Syd backs away from the lab, though it would be obvious to one and all that on some level she's burning with curiosity. "Guys… we're dealing with someone who associated with severe baddies. I would not assume that this machine won't try to kill us if it figures things out.""

Pavel whistles as he looks around, walking over to look in the direction of the jars and glass cubes. "Interesting…" he offers, after a few moments, before he pauses as he hears the names of the people. "Wait… Compa… What does it mean?" Not one of the words he's learned so far, it would seem.

The projection seems to follow Sierra for now, the fact that the projection hasn't set of any alarms that this teenage girl isn't the doctor is puzzling "The last I knew your compatriots were being held in a special section of Alcatraz Prison." she seems to ignore any statements by the others until Quinn asks about who the Doctor is "This is the Doctor. Doctor Wraith." oh snap

The projection seems to follow Sierra for now, the fact that the projection hasn't set of any alarms that this teenage girl isn't the doctor is puzzling "The last I knew your compatriots were being held in a special section of Alcatraz Prison." she seems to ignore any statements by the others until Quinn asks about who the Doctor is "This is the Doctor. Doctor Wraith." oh snap, that's even worse. Doctor Wraith was a mystery. No one ever saw their face, it was always covered with a black surgical mask and they had a penchant for tacky fedora's and dusters. It was rumored that he was actually working for the Nazi's, leading some of the worst experiments on the concentration camp prisoners. "The only experiments that were left functional at your departure were the cyro-chambers. It seems two of the five are still working. Three suffered catastrophic failure, 52 years, 2 months, 1 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes and 12 seconds ago."

Sierra sighs at Quinn. "I will forgive you not knowing that I am Doctor Wraith because I am usually masked, but that is your last warning." A wink for him before she is nodding to the hologram. "Can I get a full report on the current cryo-chamber occupants, please? Let me see the chambers too. Might be time to wake someone up." A pause. "Oh…and is my room clean and prepared? Open all doors. These others work for me." Sierra is enjoying this.

"I do not think this is a good idea." Quinn whispers to Sierra and looks positively ready to faint now. Cryo-chambers? What are those? Whatever they are they must be bad! This man seems horrible, and he hasn't even learned about the holocaust yet! "I think we should go now…. Work to do and all." He says in a nervous voice. This was not looking good. Nope. Nope.

Pausing as he looks to Sierra, Pavel frowns a little. "Perhaps they are right…" he offers, but otherwise keeps silent, looking around rather carefully.
Dakota leaves, heading towards the Back Lawn [BL].
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Sydney shudders at cryochambers. "Guys. Let's go. Now. Sierra, whatever's in those cryochambers, the fire-goddess needs to be nowhere near. Come ON. I've been worked on by a mad scientist type. You don't want to go there." Syd heads for the stairs.

"Please provide the passcode to access experiment #132." the projection says at Sierra's request. Seems Doctor Wraith was super-catious and no dummy either.

Sierra frowns at her companions. "Seriously? You want to leave? But…but…there's so much cool stuff down here!" A frustrated sigh. "Fine. We can leave." She wanders over and picks up the mummified head cube. "But I am so taking this." Sierra stops to speak to the hologram once more. "It's been seventy years since I set that passcode. I'll have to go find my notes to remember what it is. It's not 'All Heroes Must Die' is it? Never mind, I'll return with the codes and some new experiments. Good work keeping everything going."

Sydney sighs a little with relief. And hopes that when the machine said "This is Dr. Wraith" it wasn't referring to the mummified head. Because if it was… well hell, even Syd has no real idea what could happen. You start dealing with magic and she's so out of her element…

"We should definitely be going." Quinn says as he works on carrying as fast as his legs can carry him out of the chamber of horrors. While Sierra may find it all fascinating, this was even worse than the movie, and that gave him terrors for awhile afterwards! This is probably why they're trying to get him to talk to a shrink, and not the kind that leave shrunken heads in glass jars around the place. He shudders as he thinks of that. "I do not think I like Doctors." He mutters under his breath.

Sydney stands by the stairs to make sure everyone gets out ok. Also to discourage stragglers. She's reasonably confident she could force her way out if she had to… assuming no poison gas, as usual…

As the last of the students leave through the sliding the door they can hear the woman's voice behind him "System going into standby mode, 5…4..3…" the door than slides shut and there is the sound of air being released. No worries, it isn't poison gas, just the vacuum seal on the sliding door.

Pavel lets out a breath of relief as they all agree to go. He finds this quite fascinating, but doesn't want to stay here, unless there's someone else with them. He pauses as Sierra picks up that mummified head. "What?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, frowning as he does. Starting to move for the stairs as well, ready to fly if needed. There's a sigh of relief as the door slides shut behind them. Muttering something under his breath.

Sydney is trying… really hard… not to hyperventilate. Yep. Definitely going to have to talk about this with the shrink. Not…the specifics, or anything. Last thing the world needs is a super powered psychologist trying to take the world over and make it better.
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"I did not like that place. It was not good. Not at all." Quinn says shivering a bit. "He made the romans seem like good people!" And that's from the kid who has a severe thing about the Romans since they killed his mentor/mother figure. His blue eyes were staring straight ahead and he's actually muttering something in his native tongue instead of English for once.

Sierra cradles the mummified head case under her arm as they emerge back into the hedge. She has an Aztec god inside her; mummies are a thing. "I suppose you will all want to tell the teachers" she frowns before looking back down the stairs. "So much we could have found out in there" she sighs, "Now all the adults will get the glory. Do you thin anyone will remember that /I/ figured out the passcode? Whatevs… Sydney, do you think Sao will like my new friend?"

Sydney reaches under to pull the door closed. She watches sierra and her new friend a moment. She mutters, "Who doesn't like a little… oh nevermind. Ick. I'll make sure your figuring out the passcode makes the report, for sure. Hopefully they'll give you class credit for it or something." She sits down outside, catching her breath a moment, though she's not been working hard. "I'm… sorry I got so weirded out down there. I just… don't know anything about this guy. I mean, when he went into a tomb or whatever, Indiana Jones knew what was there, knew the mythology, yadda yadda. And…" She shakes her head. "Actually that's not really it. Something about the place reminded me of where I went metal, ok? The feel of it, the names, the cryochambers… my Doctor Wolf could have done all those things without a qualm."

"It was a bad place and that… keep it away. " Quinn says shudderingly at the mere thought of the shrunken head and looking anywhere but at it. "I am going to lay down… I do not feel well at all." He says shaking his head a bit. He was shaking a little,"Who is Indiana Jones?" He asks pausing for a moment. Another reference going over his head.

Sydney begins the trudge out. "A fictional explorer. He um. was in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Basically he finds the ark of the covenent. Bad things happen. People's heads explode."

Pavel pauses as he looks over in Sydney's direction, stepping over towards her now. "You okay?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Everyone is so boring! Sierra is getting a pouty huff going before she realizes that her friend is a bit shaken. She puts her free arm around Sydney and gives her a little squeeze. "Come on. Let's get back to the school. We can talk about things if you want."

Sydney nods to both Pavel and Sierra. "Ok. yeah. Probably should get dinner anyway." she eyes the mummified head warily. "That winds up in my room for any reason… we will have words…"

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