(2018-08-07) Post-Doom Encounters
Post-Doom Encounters
Summary: After leaving the Temple of Doom, Sierra meets some new students.
Date: 2018-08-07
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Sierra emerges from the hedge maze with a glass cube under one arm. She wears her Ares uniform - blue jumpsuit basically. Inside the glass cube, on closer inspection, is a mummified head. Pavel, Sydney and Quinn had emerged from the maze before her and are already well on their way back to the school but Sierra is dithering a little. She keeps looking back the way she came.

Erica makes her way up from the beach. She is in a tank top and jeans, skipping along as she walks. She is humming a bit to herself, a satchel over her shoulder.

Sierra can't help but notice the girl as she skips closer. Skips? Who skips? And she sounds happy too! Sierra offers a wave to the stranger. "Hey" she smiles. "New here?" And so nice to see another non-white person. She was starting to worry that there was something strange going on in student acceptance.

Alejandra seems to just be sitting in the grass on a blanket. With headphones on her ears, she seems to be in her own world as she listens to music. The young Latina just seems to be laying in a cropped tank and some shorts, her feet bare so her wiggling toes are exposed.

Erica smiles and seems to be bouncing a bit as she skips along and then smiles to a stop and waves to Sierra, causing the dragon bracelet on her right wrist to dangle, there is a matching one on her other wrist. "Yes, I am new here, Erica." she offers and smiles. It does cause her to spy the one with the headphones too.

"Sierra" the Latina smiles at Erica before spotting another new girl. Another Latina! What is going on here? "Hey!!" she calls over to the Alejandra, trying to penetrate the headphones, before looking back to Erica. "Nice bracelets. How long have you been here? I guess you're just in time to move to the new school" she smirks.

Erica giggles and shrugs, "A few days." she holds them up and absently touches one of them, "Thank you." she says and then shakes her head, "It will be good, looking forward to actually being around people my own age." she smiles, "Who won't mind if I change into something sometimes."

Alejandra blinks as she hears a voice. Sitting up, she pulls off those headphones as she rubs her eyes. Letting out a yawn she then waves sleepily. "Oh hey…." She stretches a bit then, letting out a groan as she does so then smiles. "Sorry. I was in my own world."

"Is it a nicer world than this one?" Sierra replies with a smile to Alejandra. "Yo soy, Sierra." She turns back to Erica, quirking a curious brow. "What do you change into? Is it dangerous? I guess you didn't go to school before coming here? People kept you locked away?"

Erica smiles, "Home schooled, um, well best description is a dragon girl." she says and shakes her head a bit, "Dad told me Mom could turn into a dragon. Raised by an adoptive father." she smiles a bit, "I catch on fire and burn, breath fire, fly, wings and a tail. All that. He sheltered me, not really locked away."

Alejandra chuckles a bit. "Sometimes…." She then smiles a bit more as she hears that. "Mi nombre es Alejandra…." She then looks over to Erica, her brow raising. Hearing that she changes into something causes her to smile then. However, for now she says nothing as she doesn't really interrupt the two.

"Come and join us" Sierra calls to Alejandra. "Tell us about yourself, Alejandra. Pretty name." She nods to Erica, frowning slightly. "Sorry to hear you weren't raised by your parents. A dragon girl? Nice. Sounds like we have something in common. Fire." She raises her left hand, the right cradling a mummified head in a glass cube, and a fireball appears from nowhere in her palm. "Fire goddess" she explains with a shrug.

Alejandra smiles as she just bends over, picking up her phone that her headphones were attached to then folds up her blanket. Making her way over, she pushes her long hair out of her face as she smiles a bit. "Thanks. And not much to really say…" She looks between the other two girls then chuckles a bit. "I'm nothing cool like that…just…have a temper is all…." To her that's what she calls it.

Erica nods and smiles a bit, "Ah, cool." she says and then shakes her head a bit, "I have no abilities till I change." she rubs one of the bracelets, "Lexi is dormant until about to change and then we fuse and dragongirl." she grins and giggles. She is bouncing a little where she is, hard to stay still. "A pleasure." she says to the other girl, "Erica, can't remember if you were listening when I said it." she nods and smiles, "Dad was good to me, rescued my mom before she died and took care of me."

"A temper?" Sierra snorts with amusement at that comment from Alejandra. "You and me both. Have you two been assigned to teams yet." She gestures at her blue outfit. "Ares. Where they dump the troublemakers. Have you been meeting people? Everyone treating you with respect?" A little giggle. "We should so be a superhero team - The Not Whitebreads."

Alejandra purses her lips a bit as she nods. "Nice to meet you, Erica…." She then chuckles a bit as she shakes her head. "Um…no. I just got here about a couple of weeks or so ago…haven't gotten that far." Rubbing the back of her neck she chuckles. "And yeah everyone's been really nice so far. Met some really cool people…"

Erica nods, "Just a couple days for me. Dad is a whitebread.." she giggles a bit at the term and shakes her head, "Sorry, sheltered most my life." she says and shakes her head again, "Looking forward to having friends." she bounces in place, hands fidgeting a bit, "Haven't had any problems with anyone. But yea, no team yet."

"Oops…sorry" Sierra smiles apologetically to Erica about the whitebread comment. "Just teasing. But I hope we can all be friends. Oh…did you know there is a supervillain base over the hedge back there? I got this head in there." She shows off the glass case with the mummified head. "The others will be telling the teachers about it. Belonged to Doctor Wraith. Lucky we're moving schools."

Alejandra chuckles a bit between the two and just shakes her head then. "You guys are funny…." Shaking her head she then looks up to the sky, her lips pursing a bit in thought then back. "And…wait…" she then looks to the hedge. "Is this really…like…for real a superhero school?"

Erica grins and giggles, "It’s okay, really. I was teasing." she says and then she nods, "I need lots of friends." she looks over at the hedge and blinks a little, "Really?" she asks and then flinches as Sierra says the word Doctor but relaxes when she finishes the name. She looks at Alejandra, "That is what I was told. Dad was just a hero who used his physical training. He taught me some of that, but when I started being able to change…he felt overwhelmed."

"Umm…you guys didn't know that?" Sierra seems quite surprised. "Why else would you be here?" A nod to them both. "Yeah, this is a superhero school. And I even hear when we move that there is no tuition fees anymore. Some sponsors will be paying for it all." Her voice lowers. "Be careful. We have no idea who is paying the bills and what they may want us to do in return." A shrug as her smile returns. "Or I could be paranoid. I have to get back to my room but it was great to meet you both. We'll see each other again."

Alejandra blinks a few times as she looks between the two. "Wait a minute…." She chuckles a bit then. "My mom just sent me here before…she…couldn't handle my problem anymore…" Those hazel eyes then looks confused. "I thought that whole superhero thing was optional…"

Erica grins and then nods to Sierra, "See you around then." she says and then looks to Alejandra, "it probably is, it is more to probably help teach control and give a constructive use for abilities should you wish to pursue it." She giggles and refrains from the power/responsibility thing. She shakes her head as she thinks about it though.

"Depends what you mean by 'superhero thing'" shrugs Sierra. "If you mean doing good and all that stuff, I don't think anyone teaches you. Or I don't listen. If you mean learning how to control…yeah…what Erica says. Talk to you later." And with that she shoots up into the air to fly back to the school.

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