(2018-08-06) Doggo Beach Run!
Doggo Beach Run!
Summary: Buddy relishes the open space of the beach, and attracts some students. Conversation ensues.
Date: 2018-08-06
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Mon Aug 06, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and stormy.

The setting sun is barely visible due to the rain that is falling. Thankfully, tonight there is no lightning or thunder. Just the steady pattern of rain. A few beach umbrellas have been opened as someone paid attention to the weather reports that day. There is one person that doesn't seem to mind the rain right now although calling him a person might be a bit generous. A thoroughly soaked german shepherd is running along in the shallows along the shore. Clearly he is having a good time. His tail is wagging; he is barking happily and occasionally tries to catch the rain drops in his teeth. All in all looks normal except for two things. One, there are no animals here at the estate. Two, this dog has a bright blue right eye and an emerald green left eye.

There is a girl walking in the rain, and she doesn't seem to mind. Grace is one of those ridiculous girls that jogs in the heat; not out of a need to keep slim and fit but to do away with the nearly inexhaustible wellspring of energy that her untapped, unknown 'beast' side imbues her with. It is, simply put, a coping technique. So when the clouds roil and break and dust the earth with their bounty of moisture, Grace Halleson is grateful. She, clad in dark workout tights, pads onto the beach and looks actually quite relieved at the downpour. Rain is the cheapest shower available and Grace takes full advantage of it, rivulets of water cascading down along her shoulders and rendering her ponytail a soggy, hanging thing. But then movement on the beach stills her steps—-

… a dog? Is it lost? Winbarry is not home to pets. The slender girl jogs toward the shore.

Walks on the beach have become a staple to Dakota's short time at Coral Springs. He didn't have one to go to back home, and the crashing waves make it easier to ignore the literal voices in his head. That said, he doesn't much care for the rain and is actually in the process of heading back when he spots Grace…and the dog. "Didn't know animals were allowed in the building. Well, except Besa's," He smiles, presumably speaking to the girl nearest to him and holds out a hand towards the german shepherd. It's barely noticeably, but there's a thin inky sheet of energy above his head that blocks the rain from touching his hair.

The barking german shepherd stops barking when he hears the girl coming jogging towards him. Even through the rain, he could smell her, and she wasn't a smell that he expected. He tilts his head to the side as he looks at her with his differently colored eyes. There is an intelligence behind those eyes as well. He barks a couple times at her. The barks are not aggressive but almost curious. Finally, he turns his head towards Dakota. He blinks a few times in a hard fashion as though trying to believe what he was seeing. He wasn't wet. When Dakota reached out his hand towards him, the dog tilted his head to the other side and then took a step forward to sniff his hand.

The girl with the scarlet eyes doesn't seem to be at-all bothered by the falling droplets. Her trajectory carries her in the direction of Dakota and Grace's eyes flit from the energy above his head — the barest bit of it, it's a wonder that she even noticed — before dropping to Dakota's face. "Oh, ah," She tilts her head, hair dropping and framing her face as rain water sluices along her jaw, "I didn't think so either. I really only know of Cocoa," Admitted easily, though Cocoa doesn't quite respond well to the underlying (undetectable by human senses) werewolf scent. "D-do you think it's a stray?" Asks the girl, pausing then as the pup barks at her. Grace has noticed animals' varying responses to her since her 'changes', and she doesn't reach for the dog as it (he? she?) makes to sniffle at Dakota's hand. "Seems friendly. " Grace whispers.

"Yeah, he does," Dakota glances up at Grace with a dimpled smile before squatting down, and the petting begins. "It'd be weird to find a stray out here…maybe she…or he belongs to someone inside the school." He shrugs. "Are you lost?" He says in a cooing voice, but his hazel eyes widen when he notes the dog's bicolored ones. "Woah, his eyes are, like, super cool."

"Yeah, he does," Dakota glances up at Grace with a dimpled smile before squatting down, and the petting begins. "It'd be weird to find a stray out here…maybe she…or he belongs to someone inside the school." He shrugs. "Are you lost?" He says in a cooing voice, but his hazel eyes widen when he notes the dog's bicolored ones. "Woah, his eyes are, like, super cool."

The rain doesn't seem to be bothering Quinn terribly much as he's walked barefoot and shirtless along the beach, his hair soaked through and hanging around his face as small rivulets run along his body. HIs shorts look like he might have been actually swimming in them for the amount of water in them. The ancient teen's humming Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin softly to himself. Thankfully there is no magic being added to it or things could be getting really messy. Instead he's sort of relaxing as he walks, just humming for himself. He's managed to get himself a pair of shorts fairly recently, and they actually fit his small waist. The lad has put a little weight on since he arrived here, now, the current era, but remains quite scrawny.

At the question of it is a stray, the dog begins to shake his head. He then pauses, and then just tilts his head to the side again. It almost looks like he would shrug if he could. The Dakota asks him a question. The dog whines a bit and tilts his head again. The dog barks at Grace a few more times as though clearly trying to tell her something and expecting that she would understand. Is there a student named Timmy here? Is there a well?
Hearing the humming of Quinn down the beach, the dog turns his head towards him and barks at him too. Almost a greeting bark if you will. So far the dog hasn't done anything aggressive unless you are a raindrop which he has been trying to catch. He then turns his head to Grace again and waits a second before speaking. "I'm Buddy."

"I have never seen eyes like that before." Grace says next after having observed for a few moments. "Not quite in dogs.. sometimes cats." The girl offers next. Her silence and watchfulness has afforded to her the chance to notice such details. She is just turning to acknowledge another presence — the approaching Quinn — when the dog—-WUT

… WUT?!

Grace turns to stare outright at the german shepherd. "A-are you…" She's learned of this terminology in her partial year at Coral Springs, "A shifter?!" Then she's staring outright at the dog that Grace is certain had spoken to her. She does not yet move to touch or engage. Grace is a nervous girl by nature… and she sure as heck doesn't have dimples like Dakota. Lucky boy. c__c

"I'm sure it's not impossible,..he just must be special," Dakota's smile widens, and as Buddy's head turns to Quinn, so does Dakota's. He lifts a hand in greeting, "Hey Quinn!" Yeah, the petting ceases when the dog speaks, and the brown-haired boy fails back on his butt in surprise. "Huh," He scrambles to his feet and takes a cautious step back. "This school is so weird."

Returning the wave from Dakota, Quinn walks up to the group just as he hears the dog speak. He's probably the ONLY one of the group that doesn't seem to be showing shock of the dog speaking, although there is a LOT of nervous energy to him so it's pretty hard to tell. Using a hand to push the hair back from his face as he looks at the dog,"Do most dogs speak now? I am confused as Besa's do not." His blue eyes watch the dog intently as he listens closely to those around him. Listening to sounds of the world as he calls it, which Dakota might recognize when he's doing it by now.

As Quinn manifests that nervous energy, Buddy starts to back up into the water as though he senses it and it is hard for him. He does answer, Grace's question though. "No, I'm a Buddy." He barks happy. He then asks her a question. "You aren't the first to .. wait." He starts to shake some but instead of flinging water around like a dog would he ends up becoming a young teenage human. Standing to his feet, he says, "Easier to talk like this." He is wearing a pair of blue jeans which seem a few inches too short and a green tshirt. He isn't wearing any shoes. "You aren't he first to say that. What is a shifter? Why do people think I'm a shifter even when I tell them I'm Buddy." When Dakota says that the school is weird he says, "Oh, I thought it was made for people like me and others like me. Since you are here, are you like me?" Then with a greater excitement, he looks to Quinn and asks, "Is there a dog here besides us?" He doesn't specify who the us is though.

"A shifter…" Grace is no shifter, so how can she describe such? Grace is just struggling with the meaning when the dog turns into a… a boy? Grace is silent and startled, unable to speak for a turn.

There's a series of blinks as Buddy stands as a human. "Definitely a shifter," He looks over at Grace, stunned into silence, and decides to try and offer a half-baked explanation. "You can turn into stuff. Shifters do that." He grins sheepishly. "Yeah, it is made for people like us…I don't think I'm nearly as weird as some of the school's other residents." Shrugging, he adds, "Which is unfortunate 'cause weird is fun. I'm Dakota, by the way."

There's a pause from Quinn as he watches Buddy shift,"I knew of a man who could do that… He was killed by a hunter while he had the form of a boar. He killed the man too for his trouble." Quinn says honestly. There's no sympathy evident in his voice about either situation. "You may call me Quinn… It's easier." He says with a nervous smile but seeming to shrink a bit in on himself as if trying to make himself seem a bit… smaller.

Buddy looks at Grace as she stops talking. He thought that talking human would be better than just barking at her though he felt sure she could understand the barking. "I can't turn into stuff. Only animals. I don't know about all animals. I only do a few so far. Most were just to survive in the woods until Granger and Shocky Man caught me. Then I had to turn into what they wanted, but school people stopped them. So Buddy is free now. Yay!" Speaking to Dakota, he asks in a completely innocent manner. "What way are you weird? Is it cool? I met a girl who turned blue and broke through the doors. Another girl can light herself on fire without burning. Quinn," he says repeating the name, "Why is it easier? What is easier?" Lots of questions his kid.

The werewolf is, for a time, utterly flabbergasted. One moment there's a barking dog; the next? A boy. Grace herself doesn't know what she, herself, can turn into… so imagine her shock when this amicable pup turns into a humanoid. "Shocky Man…?" Asks the brunette nervously, "Shocky man?" She continues. "I… …" Yup, she's stumped. This is clearly not 'easier' for Grace.

Dakota, too, seems at a loss for words at the mention of Granger? Shocky Man? "School people…students or administration?" As if it matters, but Kota is curious. At the question, Dakota rubs the back of his neck. "Heh. Well, everyone in this school is a little weird since we all have powers. I can't do anything like that, though." He glances over at Quinn when Buddy questions him, genuinely interested in his answer.

"My name is difficult to pronounce as the language is different from anything spoken today. It is similar in degrees to those still spoken in the Celtic nations." Quinn says honestly, shoulders slightly hunched now,"Quinn is very simple for people and it means something similar to what my name meant then." He doesn't explain that, and instead changes the topic back to Buddy,"I believe a shifter is a general term for someone who can change their shape. Whether it is from person to animal or such. I am still learning." Which explains his strange accent probably.

Buddy nods his head sadly at Grace. "Shocky Man. He isn't a good guy. He had a button that made me hurt a lot. School people, they were young like us though. One of them took the collar off my neck and broke the door. Then -poof- I was free and gone." Looking over at Dakota, he asks him, "So do you turn into things too?" Although it is to Quinn that he says, "Oh, my name is longer than Buddy. In fact it isn't really my name but everyone calls me so it became my name. Even when I was little before I could become animals." He then adds, "Oh, since you are still learning and I know less than you, I must know next to nothing." He laughs at that.

Oh. Dakota frowns deeply, that dimpled smile of his faltering for the first time. "I'm sorry," He starts seriously. "I'm glad you're safe now." Shaking his head, he shoves his hands into the pocket of his jeans and answers, "Nah. I don't turn into anything. I'm not afraid of the dark, though." Not wanting to linger on that subject, he quickly asks, "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

"I hear things." Quinn says smiling at Buddy,"And other things. However, I know very little. I only speak your language thanks to the help of a friend." Quinn says with a weak smile,"And do you remember your real name then? Perhaps you should go by that so you can differentiate between then and now." He says shrugging a little bit.

Buddy jumps into the air and thinks of turning into something, but he just lands again as a human. "I wish it would stop raining. It's hard to fly in the rain." Buddy shakes his head and says, "Oh, my mommy and daddy named me Judson after my grandfather, but they called me Buddy too." When Dakota asks him how old he is, Buddy says, "I don't know. I was 11 before I was picked up. Then I was a pet for a while, in the woods for a while, then with Granger and Shocky Man for longer. I'm not sure how long it has been since I was taken from home."

Yeah, Grace has been struck dumb. Silently, at that. No ifs and buts, she's coming to terms with that which has happened. She cannot admit to turning into 'anything' because she know naught of that which she can turn into. Though certain words break through Grace's reverie and she watches Buddy with a soft look, "Taken from home?" Asks the girl with the sodden ponytail. "Who are… Granger and Shockey Man?" Asked tentatively.

"Oh, okay," Dakota nods, noticing an innocence that most high school teenagers don't have. "That's a little young for high school." But like he said before, this school is weird. He quiets and glances over at Grace when she finally speaks up. In part, because she's finally speaking up, and she's also asking the questions that he wanted to bring up but feared that they would raise anxiety levels.

"I would assume you are of the appropriate age." Quinn says softly to Buddy,"I will not call you anything you do not wish. I have no real experience in your situation." No parents for him so he doesn't get the concept. He also doesn't know what any such things mean. "I can understand though about being in a situation that one cannot escape on their own." A couple thousand years in stasis. One can see the shiver pass through his scrawny body when he thinks of it.

"Well," Buddy says as he starts to kick at the water with his bare feet. It is hard to tell if he is just having fun or if this is getting uncomfortable for him. Not much changes in his tone though. "I was playing, oh, maybe I was ten. Hard to remember. Anyway, I was playing in my backyard as a doggy when I found this incredible smell. You know how that is?" he asks Grace for some reason. "I got out of the fence. I wasn't supposed to. Someone called these people I didn't know and they took me for a ride in their van. It wasn't nice like my mommy and daddy's but it smelled like a bunch of other animals. They put me in a place with a bunch of other doggies. We talked and talked for a while. Then some people came and took me to their home. The girl there called me Skippy but I didn't like that. I'm Buddy!" Buddy shrugs and says, "It was okay being their doggy for a bit but then I started missing my mommy and daddy. I tried to leave, but the girl's daddy put a collar on me so every time I tried to leave the yard it hurt a lot though not as much as Shocky Man."

The girl in the workout attire listens and watches, properly boggled. But rest assured: Grace is following. Is this boy a student, or yet-to-be? She 'knows how it is?'….? Grace seems to understand and she looks down at her feet, discomforted. She knows and she does not want to admit it. "I-It is nice to meet you, Buddy—" She starts, still looks concerned. "Are you going to be attending Coral Springs?" She asks tentatively.

"That's a lot. You're not trapped anymore. Do you want to visit your parents again? There has to be a way to make contact," Of course, there is no way for Kota to know just how long it's been. Dakota glances between Buddy and Grace like he's missing something on that front. His gaze settles on the girl, and he asks with a small smile, "Can you turn into a doggo too?"

"I am sure that there would be a way to find them. There used to be but I didn't learn how. My training wasn't complete." Quinn says sounding like he's apologizing for not being able to help,"I might be able to improvise but your ears might hurt from me doing so. Besa or Ashton might be better choices."

Speaking of his parents, Buddy says, "I tried looking for them for a long time when I lived in the woods. I couldn't find them though. Then Granger and Shocky Man found me." Buddy loses a lot of his energy and excitement when he says their names again. "I couldn't get away any more." He then gives a big yawn without covering his mouth at all. "I think I'm should go to sleep." He looks like he is about to fall on the ground but by the time he hits the ground, he is a little tabby cat.

Blink…? Grace is confounded. A pup, then a… a kitty? Suddenly the pup-turned-boy-turned kitty… flops onto the ground! The girl, having been quiet and watchful and when Buddy yawns unabashedly and settled down in a cat's kin the werewolf observes thoughtfully. She kneels alongside the small form of the little feline and makes to collect the creature into her hands. In sleep, and perhaps as a creature with human sentience.. he will not fear her. Grace holds the tabby cat, looking up and between Quinn and Dakota, "D-do you think he is a student here?" Asked in a whisper.

"Well, do you know their adre-" Dakota's cut off when Buddy drops and turns into a slumbering cat. "Oh, that's too cute." He walks over to where Grace is and crouches down, looking down at the creature in his arms. "Eleven is young for a high school student. Unless he's some sort of genius, I'd have to say no." Shrug. "But if he's here, there has to be a reason. This place isn't exactly made for the public."

Now Grace — nervous, twitchy Grace — finds herself with an armful of tabby cat. She is not used to animals slumbering on her or otherwise being in her company for more than a few minutes. Despite herself the werewolf hugs the cat to her chest — it's instinctive and turns to Dakota. She still looks stunned at talk of this cat — and the boy at it's heart — being so young. When Dakota draws near and speaks, Grace watches him worriedly, "I-I get it.. but young or not, maybe we should bring him with us. I-I don't want to leave him alone out here.." Whispers the girl. Student or not, he is yet on the grounds… why?"

"Don't worry. I wasn't suggesting we leave him at all," And Dakota reaches over to place a hand on Grace's shoulder, hoping to calm her. He knows an anxious bundle of nerves when he sees one, and more importantly, he knows what that can turn into. And for Grace's sake and his own, he'd rather not have that ever-present entity in his head feeding off of students. "He said he was rescued by some students. It could be that they brought him to the school after finding out about his powers." So they aren't entirely drenched, that sheet of inky black spreads over them both now.

The girl seems to visibly startle at being touched, though she takes care not to jostle the sleeping kitty too much. The rain, if any, continues to speckle downwards though Grace's body mostly obscures the cat in her arms from being touched by the moisture. Until.. that strange force, originating from Dakota, spreads overhead and prevents the downpour from falling upon them in earnest. "F-fair enough.. I wonder if he'll be ok enough with coming in. It's probably not going to get much better with nightfall coming—" Blink. She then realizes that the inky black 'energy' is what's not allowing the rain drops to continue falling into her eyes. Something so obvious occurs to Grace…

"What is your name, anyway?" Asks the girl of Dakota as the breeze sighs wetly, and the waves exhale on the beach.

"Dakota Springs," The dark-haired boy introduces himself again, lifting his hand off Grace's shoulder. "I'll be a freshman here this month, so my mom thought it'd be worth it to send me down here before the school year starts in full." He smiles. "What's your name?" Glancing at the tiny tabby cat, he says, "I can't imagine he'd want to stay out here…at least bring him to the patio?"

AS it stands, the rain begins to ease off. The steady trickle morphs into a sporadic dashing of droplets. "My name is Grace." The girl offers… it is to be noted that she barely speaks beyond a soft-spoken timbre. No incensed, excitable inflections. She seems to be taking measure of herself right down to the very manner of her speech. Her lips curl up into a shy smile, "I started here as a freshman. I-if you need any help with getting prepped for the lessons, starting this September, I can lend you my notes. I transferred in during my freshman year, I'm about to become a sophomore." Explains the werewolf. She is still holding the tabby cat and glances toward the patio.

"Let's at least find a chair for him. I don't think he'd want to come inside. He seems too happy out here."

"Sure thing," Dakota stands, and that dark wispy sheet above his head fizzles out of existence. "Sweet. I've been trying to figure out ways to study, but I don't really know what to expect. Plus, I hear the school's getting relocated or something…which should be fun." He starts to head towards the manor. "If he is a student, he's probably gonna be a freshman too." He as in Buddy.

There, one of the brunette's rare easygoing smiles. "It's pretty… it's alright. I came into t-the school year mid-way, a direct transfer from out West. In February. I had an easy go of it, when I arrived. You're starting right at the beginning so you'll be alright." Grace tries to reassure. She's making her way toward the back patio of the estate, her feet dreading the damp lawn that stretches between the estate and the beach. She slows, considers.

"Yeah… it should be any week now. Probably soon." Grace watches Dakota, fingers gently scritching the dozing kitty!Buddy behind an ear. "Where did you come from? I take it you're not local?" Asks the red-eyed girl, head tilting in an almost canid display of inquisitiveness.

"I know I will be. Been through worse than high school," Dakota says with a confidence that comes off forced, almost like he's trying to convince himself more than anything else. "Straight outta NYC." He says with a grin and in a Brooklyn accent that was nonexistent a moment before. "This place is nothing like the city. Still not sure how I feel about it. It's pretty like you said but," There's a shrug, and he looks to his feet as he walks. "I was homeschooled, so I guess I'm not all that used to making friends." That's…part of it. Having a psychic parasite in your head makes the whole friendship is magic thing tough, too.

The wolf girl recognizes that push to bolster confidence. Something in Dakota's manner, in doing so, brings an earnest smile to the girl's face. "New York? Wow. I-I've never been, but I have family…" The barest wince. "Family travelled there. A long time ago." Talking about immediate family is hard. Grace skirts that part and as she mounts the stairs to step onto the patio, she carefully deposits Buddy onto a patio chair. She noticed, as she made for the door into the estate, the cat grew restless.

"If you miss the big city feel, you can take a train to Thunder Bay. T-that place is huge." Grace recommends… she will not be going there again anytime soon. This talk of making friends and the difficulty therein strums something else within the girl's countenance, "I get it. I had a hard go of it too, coming here, but people kinda make a point of getting to know you, or trying to… try as you may to hide from 'em, they'll find you. You're gonna learn quick what it's like to have people trying to befriend you no matter what. Whatever what your gig is…" Spoken out of experience, obviously. A pause, a blush. "What is your deal anyway? Y-your powers, if you don't mind my asking?"

The talk of family gets a slow nod from Dakota, He takes note of that wince and even understands how it can be unpleasant to talk about. "I'll definitely check it out once I get a handle on my schoolwork. Adaku will skin me alive if I fall behind," He watches Grace as she speaks of her own experience at Coral Springs. "Huh. People really that friendly here?" He smirks then. "I dunno…I'm pretty good at hiding. It's part of my gig, you see." Then, there's the question that drags his smirk down. Up until now, he's skirted around having to answer it, most not asking so directly. Deep breath, and he shakes his head. "Mind stuff. I haven't got it all figured out yet." Technically not a lie but yeah. It's a sore subject for him.

And well, to Grace's credit.. she gets when something is a no-fly-zone. She notices Dakota's change in behavior, right down to the expression, and once she finishes making sure the tabby cat is happy she stands and wipes the fur onto her damp jogging tights. "It's ok.. you don't have to say much more if it makes you uncomfortable. I get it." She starts, offers quickly. "N-not to say I know everything but I know how it is to be figuring stuff out. Trust me, I know. I don't even know my 'gig' yet." Said sheepishly as she points to a temple. "But that's what we're here for, right?"

A few seconds pass and Grace shrugs gently… she's not one for extended speeches but which she does offer should hopefully be helpful in how concise it is. "I hid too, in the beginning.. d-didn't want a damned thing do to with anyone. But try as I might, people kept finding me. Someone even wanted to date me. So try not to hide too much or they just try harder to find you. It's not an awful thing."

Though, a beat later, "Who is Adaku?"

Dakota just nods again, but he seems to appreciate how she doesn't push him and assures him that he only has to talk about what he's comfortable with. As horrible as it sounds, he hasn't had a whole lot of that. "Thanks. Most people think I'm a freak and avoid me entirely, and others are really…pushy. It's good to be around people who've been through similar stuff." He looks at her and narrows his eyes at the question. He seems confused before it hits him. "Oh! Um, she's the mom I mentioned before. Adoptive. I sometimes forget most kids don't call their parents by their name. Remember those people I was talking about before? She falls into the pushy category. I tried to 'hide' from her for a while but only 'cause I was an idiot. I came around eventually and now I'm here." He gets sheepish and smiles self-deprecatingly. "I guess I'm being an idiot again, aren't I?"

"We're all freaks." Grace smiles outright, her nervous stammer abating with that singular admittance. "So you're in good company. Not to make light of what you're dealing with, but if you're to ever be in the best place, it's here. I-if anyone is pushy, you can generally tell them to buzz off and they usually listen…." She trails off to listen and that cheeky little smile melts into another look of concern. "You're not an idiot. L-like, what are you supposed to do when you end up creating, or moving in a way that is not typical? Especially if you don't expect it? It's traumatic." This.. spoken from experience. It's in the very core of her tone.

"What matters is you're here. If you don't mind me asking, you don't have contact with your birth family, right? Are they… around? Or uhm…" Blush.. she almost hates to ask it. "Or did they.." She has trouble asking whether or not they're alive.

"Moving around is kind of what I do," There have been few in the way of constants in Dakota's short life. "That doesn't always make it easier." The tension comes back with the even more personal question, and his head shakes. "No…they died when I was young, so I don't remember them all that much." Just the stuff Shadow says. None of which is remotely pleasant.

Luckily, Grace 'dances' back again. "I'm sorry." For the circumstance; for prying. Mercifully she jumps tact, which is perhaps for the best so as to not give 'Shadow' more footing to either make Dakota feel miserable, or to feed off of his difficult thoughts. If that is part of how it all works!

"I… I'm thinking of going in to get a bite to eat. Would you like to come with? I-I might get a little something for Buddy here, too." She nods to the dozing kitty. "Only if you want to. I hope I didn't put you off by asking about too much." The werewolf offers in her softspoken way, pushing a hank of damp hair behind an ear.


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