(2018-08-06) Coyote and Faerie
Coyote and Faerie
Summary: Callisto and Dylan meet, and burgers are strategically offered in order for the former to understand more about the latter.
Date: 2018-08-06
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YMCA, Shady Cove
Mon Aug 06, 2018

Any town worth it's salt has a solid community centre, and 'the Y' serves that purpose in Shady Cove. This recreational complex is home to a substantial indoor public swimming pool with a variety of fountains, slides, splash pads and even a lazy river that one can float along using a floatie or pool noodle. Also present are the other amenities of a public pool: a wading pool for kiddies, a large kidney bean-shaped hot tub, steam room, sauna and a variety of pool toys and peculiar flotation devices stored in a walk-in 'closet'.

Swimming lessons and aquatic fitness classes are also held here, at scheduled times. Present at all times are life guards, usually 2-3, who watch the area like hawks and sternly discourage running on the wet tiles.

The building also houses a diverse fitness area, three rooms that can be rented for parties and other occasions and finally a simple cafe in the foyer. The building itself was built sometime back in the early 70s, but continuous upkeep has kept it modernized and versatile

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and clear.

(OOC: Mood music - "Lurking in the Darkness" © Nobuo Uematsu)


Dylan doesn't really know why he drawn to this stupid town. He didn't even really mean to come here in fact. He fell asleep in New Mexico and woke up in the locker room. His grandmother always told him that when something like that happened it meant that he had something to do there. Maybe it was the Great Spirit telling him that he needed to break Marco and Carl out of jail. Of course, he would first have to find out where this Unit 23 put them. He is walking out of the locker room. His hair completely wild and almost free flowing without a breeze.

She is just completing a shift… it's been a long long day for Callisto. Her shift had begun at roundabouts sometime in the afternoon and there we have it, petering off into the early evening. Last Callisto heard New Mexico her… no, not boyfriend.. not… what is he, exactly? Well, Daxton has been away protecting a silver haired granny and Callisto has been between the Maple Drive cat house and here: work. In fact she is just striding out of the staff quarters, done for the day, when her lissome self encounters a one-wait. It's the hospital kid-

"May I help you?" Asks Callisto of the svelte one-piece swimsuit of Dylan as as he emerges from the communal locker room, piercing cerulean eyes trained upon him.

"No, no.. I'm good…" Dylan says before he even sees who is speaking to him, just dismissing the person out of hand. His dark green eyes turns to the white haired girl. His expression suddenly changes. It goes from friendly to sliding into 'oh shit'. He swallows, "Oh, it's you…" You is so much nicer than 'oh it's the frickin' witch that tried to brain whammy me' before I escaped police custody.

She stands there, long-legged and looming and watching. People pass them by, content from their laps and/or water-play and/or workouts. But no, poor Dylan is saddled with Callisto who indeed remembers him. She sees the change in countenance, she does. Her intense gaze, fringed by silver lashes, does not falter. "T'is I." Said softly, her tone tapering into wariness. "Daxton has been looking for you." She utters, recalling her conversation with the speedster not long after the initial meeting in the derelict hospital, "Whyfor did you run from those who have sought to help you?" Asks the faerie outright. Her pale eyes flit to the room-at-large; you can bet she knows well of all the exits!

Dylan's eyes do indeed flicker to all the possible escape routes. Of course, physical doors are not the only means of exiting for the teleporter. "One, I don't know who or what Daxton is. Two, what's up with the Shakespeare talk? And three, help me? The cops had me handcuffed to the bed… "

She sees you there buster, trying to determine an escape route. Callisto's eyes flit to the odd townie, moving past them wither shouldering their pool bag or wiping chlorine from their eyes. She folds her arms at her swell of chest, damp hair hanging over one shoulder as she watches the boy. "Daxton. He was the one who aided in the efforts to neutralize the…" Derelicts? Somehow Callisto knows not to say such a thing in Dylan's presence. "To set things to rights." Multiple meanings there; did the speedster not patrol a small part of New Mexico to see to it thta Dylan's grandmother was ok? Not Callisto's place to mention.

She does not see fit to answer the Shakespeare bit. "What brings you here? To this pool?"

Dylan blinks a few times. "Mister Quickie… gotcha… " The whole time, since he recognized Callisto, has stayed in plain sight. Who knows if she has a gun squirrelled away in that swimsuit. Might be fun to see her get it though. "Um… I'd probably put bets on Coyote… seems like something that tricky S.O.B. would do… Woke up here… I went to sleep back." He stops himself, "where I was before I woke up." Yeah, that's not sketchy. "What does that matter, Baywatch?"

"Mister… Quickie…?" Asks Callisto. Rest assured: no gun. That black and navy blue swimsuit is so well-fitted that she'd have to be a bloody wizard to make a gun 'fit' somewhere without being noticeable. The boy goes on to respond to her query and Callisto regrets her cellphone — with the Unit 23 speedster's number programmed in — being squirrelled away in a locker. Her hands do not make for any sort of device hidden in her 'swimsuit'; instead those palms are propped upon her hips. "Coyote..?" Callisto asks. She is confused but at least she is fairly level-headed despite. If she's drawing conclusions, they're hidden behind her patrician features.

Instead of pressing and pushing, asking onwards… her sharp cerulean gaze softens: "Do you need help?" Blink. "What is this Baywatch?"

The one thing that he does not do is make eye contact with the fae. "Yeah, Coyote… you know great trickster… Yeah, he teaches you lessons, generally the hard way… you know letting a kid get burned by a fire, then saying… that's fire it hurts, now you know not to do that… " He pauses, looking up, eyebrows arched, "Help? Um.. no. no help.. I don't need any help… Just…" He blinks, "You know the old TV show, Baywatch… about a bunch of stupidly attractive lifeguards… and David Hasselhoff… who is a lifeguard, just not that attractive… You really don't get out much, do you?"

The girl narrows her eyes, silvery lashes fluttering. "I know naught of this Baywatch and this… Hasselhoff.." She shakes her head, damp tresses trembling in front of her shoulders. Whyfor is this boy not making eye contact? For good reason, surely. Whatever the lore of his people, Callisto cannot quite surmise.. and even as Dylan looks away or pushes himself to not meet her glacial gaze, the fae girl watches him. People continue to mill round them; the willowy lifeguard and the shifty boy with the wild hair. "I get out plenty, I just see fit not to pay much mind to this… Hasselhoff," Says the girl airily. Her Northern accent makes even the ungainly drunken-cheeseburger-eating-actor-lifeguard's name seem regal, even.

Callisto straightens, "It does not matter. You are brave to come here to so public a place as this."

Dylan snorts, "I'm not brave… I wouldn't have been… " he suddenly stops and changes his train of thought. "Yeah, well, not like you could stop me if I wanted to get out of here… " Or at least he assumes or rather hopes, as he has no idea what she is capable of doing. He reaches up and tries to brush his hair back with his fingertips, trying to give a false facade of confidence. Whether he is trying to convince Callisto or himself is the question.

The willowy girl watches the boy… she could go on to reprimand him, ask of him if he is plotting something uncouth; keeping others who are in league with those who faced-off with Daxton back in the old hospital close at hand.. but?

… no.

Callisto recognizes in Dylan someone who is trying to bolster his own confidence, to be brave and untouchable. Should she do as Dax will have done, in this situation? Bluish-green eye watch the movement of Dylan's hand as he pushes his locks back. Callisto is no Empath but she recognizes some things.

"Perhaps I could not. I shan't dispute it. I've not the desire to do so," Regarding whether or not the boy could elude her if he wanted to. She tilts her head, pushes one hank of white hair behind a tapered eat. "I am hungry. You can either walk with me to partake in something to eat. Or deal with it on your lonesome."

Random? Maybe. That's a Daxton way of going about things. Though he'd prolly prefer to have his fingertips burnt than to speak in Callisto's old-English way.

Dylan looks at her suspiciously. He is about to say that he's not hungry, when his body decides to betray him. His stomach grumbles in obvious hunger. He expression drops as do the words poised on the tip of his tongue. "You're not plotting something are you? I mean, no cops… no drugs… or brain whammies?" He adds, "Cause I'll know if you lie to me… Coyote is my spirit animal afterall." He reaches up and pulls a necklace of stone beads, with a carved fetish stone in the shape of a howling coyote. He says this with a bit of a sly, mischievous grin, mildly reminiscent of one of Dax's own impish grins.

What does Callisto know of Apache lore? Perhaps nowhere near as much as one would expect of her, but there is at least an air of… knowing in her manner. "Whatever is in it for me, to plot against you?" Asks the white-haired girl in her graceful way, eyeing Dylan levelly. "I hadn't expected to ever come across you again, let alone here." She tilts her head, resting a lithe finger beneath a chin. As Dylan's words crumble and his expression drops briefly, it is Callisto's turn to smile in a wry way. "I know well of talisman and their power," Says the girl, gently pulling on a silver chain around her neck — even in a swimsuit — to pull a Gorgon-head pendant from the front of her swimsuit. "So I shall not disrespect your guide." Said simply, though something in the boy's expression catches her off-guard briefly. Gah.

"Wait in the lobby, for I need to change. T'is your chance to escape. Take it now, if you see fit. Otherwise I shall return in a few minutes. I suspect your stomach shall decide otherwise." Callisto says airily. Is she for real!?

Dylan looks at her for a second, "Well, you were with the guy that had me arrested, and you were the one that tried to bespell me or whatever you want to call it to keep me from being able to leave. So, I don't know what is in it for you, but you obviously have reasons to do so. " Well, the boy does have a pretty good point there. When she leaves to change, he just cocks his head slightly, watching her go.

Decisions, Decisions… as a certain song lyrics come to mind… Should I stay or should I go? Dylan can practically hear his grandmother's words. You're there for a reason. Best to find out what that reason is. Sure enough the boy is leaning against the wall near the door in the lobby. His arms are crossed in front of him and his sneakered shoe is propped on the wall behind him. He looks up through the thick mass of hair that hangs down over his eyes.

True to her word, Callisto's sleek head shall not peer around the corner seconds after her departure to gauge Dylan's response. As she said, he will be left alone for a perfect series of minutes. If he so desires to blow this popsicle stand, nobody will stop him. Who knows what goes through the faerie's mind as she does as she must to switch from, uhm.. 'Baywatch' to her everyday style.

So out she strides about ten minutes later, wearing a fitted pair of white capri pants (she's brave) and a champagne-colored camisole that only furthers her striking palette. Her damp hair has been pulled up and back into some manner of style that coils around her head like some sort of circlet.

"I would like you to know that whatever happened in the hospital, t'was out of an intention to help you. When you were flung, I simply went to see if you were alright. To try keeping you calm. I've full faith in… Mister Quickie… to have had a similar intention. T'is not what you expected." Ok, that's presumptuous of Callisto as she joined the party late… but. "What is your name, anyway?" Asks the girl as she joins Dylan in the lobby. No lie: she's surprised that he stayed.

Dylan cocks his head slightly, as he shrugs, "I don't know about Mister Quickie. All I know is that I saved his ass from getting skewered… hell if I even know why I did it.. but for that I got stuck myself… and now, Marko is going to kill me when he gets loose. He killed the last guy that double crossed him, and I'm sure that's what he and the others think I did….. next thing I know is that I can't skip good because of the pain… Quickie finds me, and the next thing I know I'm handcuffed to the bed… and not in the fun, sexy kind of way…." He shoves his hands into his pockets. There's no real point lying, since this Daxton guy knows his real name. "Dylan… Dylan Sawyer."

To look at Callisto, as they make to leave the Y, is to see a… barely restrained look of amusement upon her patrician features. "Well I thank you. I do not desire to see his.. ass getting skewered. But—" Blink… something else calls to Callisto. It's… understanding. Much as Dylan would be endangered should this Marko get loose, so too would Callisto be doomed if she lost the necklace around her neck. It's too close for comfort. She turns to face Dylan the moment they're in the street, "Then why do you roam, as you do? Danger stalks you, no? If you were to come with me, you would be taken somewhere safe." Says the girl rather frankly, "This… skipping… you are powered." A near-whisper; her gaze is penetrating and intent, but no usage of powers here. It's just her look, and Callisto glances aside briefly so as to not be too overbearing. When her head turns upon a lithe length of neck, back in Dylan's direction, her expression is soft. "Daxton has been posted to protect somebody dear to you, as I have come to know. So why must you go without protection, yourself?" Asks the faerie simply… but in true dark faerie fashion, Callisto adds mischievously: "T'is a pity.. beds and handcuffs can be most fun." Ahem.

All jest aside, Callisto is startled by the next bit of information. she heard of the name 'Tom' but not 'Sawyer' in conjunction.. else she will have made a big connection. Namely: fisticuffs Besa.

"MY name is Callisto." Said smoothly.

<FS3> Dylan rolls Skipping: Great Success.

Once they are outside on the street, the boy grins at Callisto, waggling his eyebrows at her. He turns and starts walking backwards, then suddenly he disappears, appearing ten feet away, then gone again, before reappearing elsewhere. He does this several times, seemingly with no effort. Once he has made his point, Dylan reappears at Callisto's side. "I don't really call it powered… My ami sani… grandmother, said that the spirits gave me my gifts when I was born… They say that the great war-chief Geronimo had a similar gift." He does not really care who sees or does not see him. "I don't need protection.. I can skip away if I need to… I can go anywhere I have seen before…"

Dylan frowns. "He is watching over my grandmother, because Marko always told me that he'd kill her if I didn't do what he told me." He sighs, "So now, I have to worry about Marko and getting sent back to the Johnsons… and I'd rather die than get sent back there… " The vehemence in his voice says that the boy isn't exaggerating about preferring death over going back to whoever these dreaded Johnsons are.

The graceful girl is marking a trajectory; which, might you ask? The Y is situated on South Street which is a nearby tributary to the main street so surely there will be an eatery closeby. Callisto will eventually make for the Burger Barn, but it's still about a twenty minute walk if you go by Calli-speed. Her feet slow as Dylan reveals a bit of his prowess to her, and just when she's turning her sleek head to his position a significant distance away, he's back alongside her and looking quite proud of himself. The mentalist cannot help but smile ever so slightly as she adjusts her bag at her side. "I see." Not even said skeptically. "I say powered as a sort of…umbrella term, yes? WE acquire these gifts by way of different means. A blessing, a gift, is an important thing. You are fortunate." Said in complete truth. "T'is important that you do not grow cocky. For how many people are after you?"

A beat, and she continues, "I promise, your grandmother shall be safe. This Marko shan't cause a lick of harm. But who… who are the Johnsons?" Callisto asks, looking right at the boy as they navigate the sidewalk.

Dylan raises an eyebrow, "Can't help it if I'm cocky… biology blessed me that way…" A thin smirk eases across his lips. "The gang had four people, five if you count me, in it… so until Marko and Carl get out." And he is certainly positive that they will indeed get out. "I only have to worry about two.. " His shoulders slump slightly, "The Johnsons are the foster family that the government forced me to live in after they took me away from my ami sani."

"Nobody shall force you to go anywhere that you do not desire to be." Callisto says firmly. How's that for hypocritical?! She's always harping on about how she's duty bound to solve one thing with her diabolical family; to go it alone; to suffer alone. And here she is truthfully telling a boy that she's only officially met now that he needn't believe himself to be forced into anything. She watches him, "I am not asking you to trust me. You do not know me well enough and it is a big thing to ask of you. But if you are to place your faith in anyone, do so in.."

Cough. Her lips twitch. "Mister Quickie." Cough. She presses her fingers to her lips delicately to bite back a laugh, but her eyes are soft with a sort of knowing. That is called faith.

"Trust him. If there is yet anything you shall take from our interaction, take that." She bids, then tilts her head. "Is there not any way to return to your grandmother, young Coyote? Or do you fear bringing danger to her?" There, on the wind: the tantalizing smell of burgers.

Dylan cocks his head slightly, "Why should I trust… Mister Quickie?" Yeah, he is fully aware of how hard it is for her to keep a straight face with the name. And he is quickly catching on that there is obviously more than just a working relationship between the two. He smirks slightly. "I um… well, I fell asleep in her room, before I woke up in the locker room… Please don't say anything about that… Only this kid, Besa, knows that I have been there…." As the smell of the burger barn hits him, Dylan's stomach cries out in either frustration or in mourning in the event that his throat has been slit.

"Because he has not lived an easy life." Callisto says simply.. she knows such things, even though Daxton hasn't quite told her. That's the downside to being a mentalist who can be privy to peoples' innermost, dreaming memories. c.c

She does not say anything along the lines of 'because he is an amazing person' or 'capable' or anything glowing, though it can be found in certain inflections in her tone. She watches Dylan then before continuing, "He has experienced pain, and trauma, and duress, and he simply knows. He will not coddle you and soften the blows, but he shall stand with you to help you weather and fight them." How do you like dem apples? As for her 'association' to the other speedster, Callisto does not touch down on much about that.

Then, mention of Besa causes something in her mind to thrum. Callisto is clearly making her way toward the eatery, and she's making sure that Dylan is keeping up. "How do you know Besa?" Asked gently, without guile.

Dylan listens to Callisto's explanation. He flexes his jaw slightly, as he does so. Yeah, her words may hit a little closer to home than he would like to admit. Then the change of conversation, he shakes his head, "He healed my ami sani yesterday… I think he kind of felt like he had to make it up to me for punching me, after I tried to help him, when he went all kind of psycho when this woman started to pester him and asking him for something…" He starts to say something more, but then stops. "Wow, I can practically taste the cheeseburgers from here… " He looks at Callisto, "You know… I could get us there a lot quicker…" Moving at a normal pace is almost torture for Dylan, as he urges the silver haired girl to move faster.

"So you are the boy." Callisto exhales, and her tone sounds… not amused but… satisfied? Simply because the mystery has been solved. She watches him with those startlingly clear eyes of hers, "He felt badly. I shall have you know that a friend and I ended up finding Besa directly after that happened. He was most upset… but I suspect t'was moreso due to what he did to you, than the encounter with the cultist." Declared smoothly. "Have you both made amends, then?" She asks hopefully as she indeed follows that amazing smell at a very casual gait. Something in Dylan's response to the smell is familiar and her lips twitch.

"How shall you do that, now?" Asks the fey girl, watching Dylan. "Get us there faster? I am about to implore that you do so, lest you fade away with hunger." She teases gently.. but looks briefly perplexed. "Whyfor did Besa call you Tom?"

Dylan arches a single eyebrow, which pulls that corner of his mouth up into a bit of a smile. "The boy? That anything like being 'the man'?" He knows exactly what she means, but he teases nonetheless. "Yeah, I am the one that he cold clocked out of the blue because I startled him. Amends?" He shrugs, "Like I told him later… I was pissed at the moment.. Moment's passed… I'm kind of … " he pauses, "reactionary… Hell of a punch though… shocked the shit out of me when he did it…" He puts up his hands in protest. "First of all, in my defense, I never said my name _was_ Tom, just that he could call me Tom. It's a nickname.. you know Dylan Sawyer… Tom Sawyer… wild child, adventurer…" He grins, "I could skip with you anywhere I can see… Down the street, inside a closed jewelry store… " He flashes a bit of an unpolished charming smile, "I could see a 3 or 4 carrot aquamarine pendant being at home around your neck."

There, in the sequence of Dylan's response — body language and spoken words — Callisto breaks out into an honest laugh. As her chin tilts up and her neck stretches in the tossing of her hair over a shoulder, some manner of sterling silver chain and a pendant wink in the waning light of the day. The gorgon head drops back into the cleft of her bosom, never apart from her person. "T'is understandable that you were miffed. You would not expect so gentle a soul to have such a powerful punch, but there you have it. Fear and desperation strengthen a body. But Besa is a good soul, a good heart. T'is water under the bridge." The fae girl says finally, her tone still chipper with bitten-back laughter.

She listens then to how this 'Tom' name came about and Callisto, aware of the classics, smiles again. "Hah, it makes sense. Adventurer is right; I can only imagine what you have been through…" Callisto trails off, watching Dylan for a few heartbeats before turning toward the eatery that they are closing in on. She looks at him immediately at this talk of 'skipping'. "If you are to skip us anywhere, it shall be to the burger place. I've no need of such jewelry," Indeed, aquamarine would look stunning on her. "And t'is in your best interest to steer clear after.. everything." To Callisto's credit she does not lecture the boy. ".. Coyote."

<FS3> Dylan rolls Skipping: Good Success.

Dylan grins, "I was joking… I figure if you're knocking boots with Mister Quickie, then you're probably a bit of goodie-two-shoes too… " He chuckles, "Yeah, I kind of got the idea that Besa is one of the good guys, especially after he brought me clothes and food. Besides he healed my ami sani, so anything he did to me… well, he could use me for punching bag every day for a year and we'd still be good." He smiles and grabs her hand. There is a quick sensation, a wild rush of air, like a storm compressed in a tenth of a second, and suddenly the two are several blocks down the way. The skip is repeated until the two are standing outside the burger barn.


Burger Barn, Shady Cove
It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.


"Knocking.. boots? T'is slang, yes?" Callisto watches the boy, head tilting. Judging by her accent — Icelandic? Danish? — .. English is not her first language. She looks to be considering something. "Oh! You mean… sex? Ah," A shaking of that silver-white head. "We have not… no," She does not blush severely like some girls would, but there is a touch of flister to her cheekbones. "I know naught, what we are to be called just yet. But we are surely not knocking boots…" Not entirely, if that pinkening is anything to go by. Ahem.

Details, details. She listens to more on that which has transpired between Dylan and Besa and judging by the soft humm arising from Callisto's throat, she is pleased. "You are close to your grandmother. I am glad. Your abilities must make it easier to get to her—"

You'd think Callisto to be used to such impulsive motions as this, her hand being taken up, when dealing with speedsters. But alas to move so fast… it'll take awhile. They go from a couple of blocks away to being right out front and Callisto exhales slowly. She held her breath the whole time. ".. point taken." Said with a delicate snort. Yes. She somehow makes that oxymoron work.

Dylan looks at Calisto for a second, "Not that it's any of my business, but why the hell not? I'd probably do either of you.. or both." He waggles his eyebrows at her. Whether or not he's serious, he changes the subject. "After my parents died, she raised me, until the government decided she wasn't good enough to take care of me, then they shoved me in foster home after foster home until the Johnsons… They are the ones that technically have custody of me." His tone changes as he mentions the Johnsons. He grins though, "So, I take it that Mister Quickie doesn't take you around the block too often?"

Blink!? Callisto squints at Dylan, her cheekbones flushing. Before she can offer a retort — isn't he a bit too young for her?! — the girl eases off at the topic change. Clearly this talk of the 'Johnsons' piques Callisto's interest and she is wondering, exactly, who these people are. "Are these Johnsons a family? An organization?" Asks the fey in her graceful way, her voice a fluting thing. One lithe arm reaches out to push open the door and the moment she does so, the hot breath of the burger eatery exhales languidly upon the both of them, like a seductress…!

.. what an awful metaphor. But there you have it.

Before she can ask onwards, Callisto glances sidewards to the trickster, "… around the… block? I do not follow. What do you mean by.. this?"

Dylan shakes his head, "Don't mind the block statement… I was just teasing… You already said that you weren't knocking boots… same thing kind of." He has a wide grin on his face. The smile fades quickly at the questions about the Johnsons. "They are a family - an abusive asshole that should have his dick cut off and shoved down his own throat, a cow of a woman that isn't much better, and a son, who is a few years older than me… well, let's just say that Besa's punch was like playing patty cakes compared to Nathan."

The willowy girl stands there, listening, watching. By now the hostess within is waiting and wondering why the two are just standing there, beyond an ajar door. Callisto ignores her, blatantly. Her eyes are on Dylan because, teasing aside, this talk of his awful experience with these sorts strums something within the faerie. She doesn't even flinch or shift uncomfortable around such crude talk.. props to her! Her head tilts just so, silvery lashes fluttering. "They do not define who you are." Says the mentalist simply. "Not in the least. Yuo draw strength from this experience; from those who would harm you. You become a better person. Still a Coyote, but nothing at all like such filth." Her eyes don't leave the speedster's face. "So—"

The hostess, tiring of the two standing there, wiggles forth. Yes, wiggles. The girl has quite the circumference of bosom and she uses it well. "Haaiii guys," She breathes. "Seating for two? Y'know we have a promotion on, right? Like, it's a good one too."

Callisto watches her thoughtfully, in an almost feline way.

Dylan shakes his head, "I am hungry but there is no way that I could eat that thing by myself… " He looks back at Callisto, "They define me, when the American government says that they have the right to take me back to their home, and then they can lock me up so that I can't skip." He gives her a pleading look to let the subject drop.

The girl nods gracefully. She is used to such a nuance in conversation from, you guessed it: Daxton. "You do as you must." Offered without strings attached. Dylan can take what he wishes from the proclamation, as Callisto's eyes leave him to look upon the hostess. She stands there wiggling, waiting to see if either of them will bite on the offer to spend just shy of forty-spot to eat a terrier-sized hamburger. Callisto considers; maybe she will challenge Dax on such a thing. Next time. Next time..?

"You get whatever you desire." The fey girl suggests; she does not look the sort to eat here. She should be at, like.. a juice bar.. or some other yuppy new-age eatery. But there they are. c.c

Dylan just lets the old conversation go like yesterday's news. He looks at the waitress. "I'll have a double bacon cheeseburger, mustard, no mayo, lettace, tomato, onion, and pickle… large order of onion rings and a large chocolate milkshake… actually can I get two milkshakes, just bring one out a little bit later?" No, there are no similarities what-so-ever. "So what about you? What is your story?"

Hey, Callisto doesn't judge as the other speedster lays out his order. The hostess, whose job isn't at all exciting and therefore, is deflated some by the declining of 'the beast'…. shows the two to their seat. A proper waitress takes Dylan's order and Callisto, being Callisto, opts for some boring-ass chicken sandwich and a salad. A salad. She asks for a fruit smoothie and has to settle for orange juice. Ugh.

She meant it when she implored that Dylan order what he desires. Heaven knows when he will see such a meal again, and the fey girl won't even ask because that's terribly patronizing.

"I am here to learn how to be good." Said airily, no hesitation. "So far so good.. but it has been a dangerous trek." Callisto says with a comely smirk. "I've a family that would see me dead at the earliest convenience. In fact, when I barged in on the whole episode at the hospital, I was seeing if one of them were truly dead. So I cannot boast a peaceful life, either."

Dylan cocks his head as he listens. "That really sucks." He offers a weak smile. "You know.. not all family is decided by birth…. I have a feeling that Quickie is your family, regardless of whether or not he ever figures things out and you two knock boots." He waggles his eyebrows again, trying to garner a bit of a grin at the least. "So you just happened to show up, as my life as I knew it was going up in flames."

The boy succeeds, and the white-haired girl's tentative semi-smile turns into an honest amused smile. What does she say to that? IT's honestly something she hadn't considered by all signs point to it. Ahem. She looks down at the table, momentarily caught off-guard and maybe even touched. "There is no rush. He has.. things to deal with. I am not one to push." Said simply, only for her to snicker softly as she purses her lips around a straw to sip from orange juice which is most certainly from concentrate, ugh—

The eyebrow waggle is what does it. Callisto looks up, snorts, looks down again… blinks hard. Breaks up into laughter and shakes her head. "Don't" She sighs, "Do not do that eyebrow wiggle, for you look" Snort. She sobers, looks up at Dylan's lattermost comment.

"Is that not the way most poignant meetings go?" She asks simply.

Dylan shrugs, "I'm not really sure… I haven't had much experience with … well with much honestly." Once their food arrives, he thanks the waitress and dives into it. From the way he eats, it is easy to assume that he hasn't eaten a whole lot in the last day or two. Unlike most his age, Dylan isn't very talkative while he eats. In fact, he eats like a wild animal, get it all down before it is taken from you.

"T'is something to learn of, as you go. I suspect you've a great many things to deal with, first, before you are to consider understanding…" Her eyes glint, "Other things. Eat your dinner." Demands the fey girl. She needn't tell Dylan twice. He tucks in, in a manner that Callisto has honestly expected. Her cerulean gaze watches him over the rim of her glass as the younger speedster gnoshes, cramming food into his gob as quickly as he can. "Have you any manner of.. contacting you?" Asks the girl suddenly, not wanting to imply that Dylan has secured a phone or the like by unsavory means. If at all. "I find myself wanting to offer you help, should you ask for it… if things grow dire for you."

Dylan swallows what is in his mouth at the time. "Um.. yeah… I have a burner phone that Marko gave me, so that he could call me back when he wanted me for something." He cocks his head, "Why would you want to?" He blinks not really understanding why a complete stranger would.

"Just to help keep you safe." That's a loaded meaning.. Callisto does not mention this 'Marko' or his contemporaries; she does not speak of the Johnsons. "Because I would like to. I rather enjoy your company." Said simply, meaningfully but not dripping with sentimentality. One can, however, hone their truth on Callisto's words. "Or to at least be part of the efforts to keep your grandmother safe, if things should become a bit… more frantic. T'is your choice." Says the girl as she spears a lackadaisical caesar salad and lifts the forkful to her mouth.

<FS3> Dylan rolls Snatching: Great Success.

Low blow, but his grandmother is his weakness. One that Marko was able to use as well, just in a different way. He nods, "Okay," and looks around. He concentrates for a second as a piece of paper from across the diner appears in his hand, then next one of the ink pens by the cash register. He scribbles down a phone number. He tears off the corner with it, sliding it to Callisto first, before sliding the rest of the piece of paper and pen over to her.

Blink? She wasn't trying to be conniving, honest! But then Dylan goes and blinks his way into providing her with a phone number! Callisto gently gathers it up with a lithe hand, before moving with a deft motion to write her own number down. This, too, is slid back to the boy. "In an emergency." Whether it happens sooner, later, or never at all. It is entirely up to Dylan. "Thank you." Says the mentalist softly. "Please, continue enjoying your meal.. I must make my way back to the school before long before lights out." Admitted ruefully. "There shall be a curfew imposed upon us, soon, and I must be getting into the habit to not be wandering of my own volition." A smirk then; it speaks of a deep desire to go against the grain but knowing better. "T'is a pleasure to meet you proper, Coyote. Take care not to have anything terrible happen.. and," She scrapes her plate clean, setting everything down gently. Callisto makes even the Burger Barn fare look elegant. "Do not take Besa's friendship lightly. He is a good friend to have."

Dylan looks up from the food. "You gotta go?" He sounds genuinely disappointed. "You can check out at the old train station, you might find me… it's one of the places I have been hiding out there." He pauses, "And um… thank you for dinner. I do appreciate it. I really do." He just nods thoughtfully about Besa.

THe girl will provide payment, and does she notice the change to Dylan's tone? Disappointment at her leaving? There is an honestly touched look to her countenance, just briefly. "I am in the area often." She says, watching him. "If you go onto the… main drag, as they call it.. of Maple Drive.. there is a house there. A friend and I have taken it on as our project. Just, do not visit if you've an allergy to cats." Said with a slow smile. She will give the exact corner upon which the house is located, street names and all. "I shall hope to see you again." She means it.

Eventually Callisto will stand, her hair swaying between her shoulders. "And the dinner, think nothing of it. T'is my pleasure."

And it was.

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