(2018-08-05) To Say Nothing of the Dog
To Say Nothing of the Dog
Summary: Ash and Syd meet Buddy. Also, Syd has only seen 2 Star Wars movies.
Date: 2018.08.05
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Back Patio
The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


Sydney is settled on the cement, far back from the edge of the porch, watching a movie on her school-issued iPad. What's on? Ghost in the Shell, the OAV, ca 1995, one of the years Syd missed. She sits spellbound, now that the opening music is over. To the uninitiated, Kenji Kawai's soundtrack can be a little grating in spots, and Syd's definitely uninitiated. Still.

Bark! Bark!
Out in the rain is a rather excited german shepherd dog that looks like is full grown though just barely. This dog has no collar and no leash but is running around in the backyard barking at and trying to catch the rain in his mouth. A bright bolt of lightning streeks across the sky and the accompanying thunder clearly startles the dog. He growls at the thunder though at the next loud rumbling he starts running towards the porch.

Feeling a connection to the savage storm, Ashton stepped out of the Billiards Room onto the back patio. He looks tired, really tired, though he offers Sydney a wide smile, which causes the slightest of dimples on his cheeks. "Good evening, Sydney." He arches his eyebrows and leans a bit to see what she is watching. "Oh, that one's a classic. It's pretty good."

Seeing the dog, Ashton tenses up quite a bit. The boy has faced demons, been kidnapped by hired thugs, but a dog has him nervous? He takes an almost timid step backwards as the dog approaches, expecting the dog to react the way that they normally do - with either fear or aggression.

Sydney looks up, first at the enthusiastic dog (is there another kind?), then at Ashton. "Hey Ash." Her first instinct, like Ashton's, is to be uncomfortable. After all, in the 1980s, German Shepherds had a bad reputation akin to pit bulls today. But then she considers. Dog teeth vs steel hide. It makes her wince just thinking about it. She pauses the movie and holds her hand out to the dog to sniff. "Well hello there." She glances up to Ashton "Yeah, so I kept hearing. I see why. It leaves Scooby Doo all cold."

The dog runs out of the rain and reaches the edge of the porch. He looks at the two for a moment with the strangest eyes: The right eye is a bright blue color while his left eye is emerald green. He hunches his head down a bit and walks over first to Sydney. He sniffs her hand some and then tilts his head to the side. He notices that Ashton takes a step back. The dog gives a little whine of uncertainty and takes a step back too. He shifts his head to the other side but doesn't get any closer to Ashton. Though when Sydney says 'Scooby Doo,' the dog starts barking excitedly again and wagging his tail. Unfortunately, his tail is still wet causing some water to fling around. Oddly, he hasn't shaken the water off of his body yet.

Well, the dog hasn't started growling or snapping yet. That's kind of new. He looks at the dog for a moment. He blinks at Sydney. "Crap… that was insensitive of me. I'm sorry… I didn't think." He shakes his head, "Really Sydney, I didn't mean it like.. Oh, I'll just shut up now." He looks at the dog, cocking his head slightly as he watches the dog, still with pensive eyes.

Sydney looks at Ashton, with a baffled expression on her face. "What?" She thinks about it. "Um… look, I have 35 years of stuff that I missed. Telling me something is a classic helps. I also have a really thick skin, and it's made of metal, Ash. You'd have to work at it to hurt my feelings, and I'm not one to take that quietly, so you'll know." When the dog barks at "Scoobie Doo," Syd chuckles. "Well, what else would a dog watch on Saturday Morning?" She slowly moves to pet the dog's ears once he's had a good sniff of her hand.

The dog seems very content to let Sydney scratch him behind his ear. His left leg starts to bounce a bit as she keeps petting. He then stakes a step towards Ashton and sniffs a lot. His canine nose moving as though he was trying to figure something out. Then without warning, he sneezes. Thankfully, he had his head down so the sneeze didn't get all over Ashton. "You smell funny," the dog says.

Something suddenly dawns on him. Ashton looks at Sydney, "Oh wow… have you seen all ten of the Star Wars movies? Well, twelve if you count the Ewok movies… and thirteen if you count that horrible Christmas thing…. but no one really counts that." He grins, "We can have a marathon.. I am always up for a movie marathon." He then jumps slightly, "Holy Shit! The dog just spoke…" He then pauses, "Well you smell like wet dog, not a very good smell either."

Sydney shakes her head. "I haven't even got around to seeing Return of the Jedi yet. I'm gonna…binge watch them one of these days, but everyone seems to hate the newest ones." When the dog speaks, she blinks once or twice and looks at the dog. "Are you a talking dog, or a shapeshifting human?" She shakes her head a little at the very question. "Man, if I asked that back in 1980, they'd have sent me in for counseling."

The words 'Holy Shit' seems to excite the dog again. He runs around in circles for a moment sniffing the ground and then looks up at Ashton. "You must have a great nose. I don't smell any." He doesn't seem to mind being told that he smells like a wet dog because he is one. Doesn't smell that bad to him though. He then looks to Sydney and tilts his head to the side. "I don't know. I'm me. I'm Buddy! Some people freed me yesterday. I followed them here." He sits on his haunches and then starts to shake but instead of a wet dog shaking, a young teenage human is there in the dog's place. He is wearing a pair of jeans that are a bit too short and a green shirt; however, he isn't wearing any shoes.

Ashton shakes his head, "They just aren't true fan-atics. You gotta love them because they are Star Wars, not because they are good… Yeah the first one is pretty bad, and Episode three didn't make a lot of sense at some points, but still… " Ashton offers the dog a bit of a grin, "There are lots of parts of me that are pretty great, but no one has ever said anything about my nose." When the dog turns into a boy, Ashton's demeanor changes completely, "You were freed? Freed from what? Are you okay? Let's get inside away from the rain. You need something to eat?"

Sydney is not entirely surprised that the talking dog just turned into a human. This is, after all, Coral Springs High. "Freed?" She takes another breath, but Ashton beats her to all the good questions. "Someone should introduce you to the headmaster. You'd fit right in here."

Buddy, now in human guise, answers their questions with the same rapid excitement that he had in dog form. "From Granger and Shocky Man. Bad people. Koga told me to talk to Headmaster and that he wasn't as creepy as Shocky Man." He then starts talking to Sydney with barely taking a breath. "Your skin in shiny. Why is your skin shiny? You smell like metal." None of that was said as though it was bad or negative - pure curiosity here. Then, he's back to Ashton, "Well, I did eat a lizard and some flowers today, but do you think they have people food? I haven't had people food in a long time."

Ashton's blue green eyes focuses on the boy. 'Shocky Man' does not sound like he would be a good person. He nods, "Yeah, there is people foood, and you will find a place here." Even if I have to pay for the tuition myself. "Yeah, there is plenty of people good… and if there isn't anything you want, we can order pizza too." He looks at the other boy, "Were this Granger and Shocky Man keeping you against your will?"

Sydney gets up and opens the door to the kitchen. Hunger, above all other things, is evil when it's not voluntary. "Come on."

Buddy bounces up to his feet as though he is practically made of energy. "I think so. I didn't like being there. They kept me in a tiny room so I couldn't escape like I did with Susie. They also put this thing on my neck that hurt whenever Shocky Man hit his button. I don't like that button." Somehow he growls a bit as he says that though he is a human. "Didn't let me be a boy either. Also, something. Normally something small. Took less room and took less to feed." Buddy walks to the door that Sydney opens and freezes as he reaches it. He suddenly turns into a tiny grey bunny rabbit and goes runny off under a chair.

Ashton kneels down, looking at the little rabbit. "What's wrong? It's safe I promise." He has a quick flash of a man with some button being engulfed in green flames. He shakes his head, then looks at Buddy. "Come on Buddy…. let's get you something to eat… and out of the rain, where it's dry. You can stay in my room, until the headmaster figures things out."

You say, "Whut… wait…" She steps carefully so as not to squish the rabbit. Watching her steps carefully, she heads for the fridge. Irony, since most of the stuff in it isn't of any special use to her (whereas its steel shell would be highly edible.) "To answer your question, my skin is shiny because my body was changed to be partially made of steel. Mostly made of steel, really.""

Buddy Rabbit slowly hopes a bit out from under the chair. His little nose goes to work again as he stares at the door. He hops up and ends up as a boy on the chair that he was previously hiding under. "I don't feel good about going inside. Could I stay out here one more night?" There is a pleading sound to his previously excited and joyful tones. Whatever happened with Granger and Shocky Man, being in a closed area is clearly hard on him right now.

Sydney carefully makes a ham and cheese sandwich, the first she's made since she went metal, slices it diagonally just like she was taught. "We can go outside. Can you drink milk?" Syd has no idea, really, how being what he is might have changed Buddy's ability to metabolize lactose. She knows she still can, but like most sugars, it makes her sticky.

Ashton frowns slightly, "I can't make you come inside if you don't want to., and I wouldn't anwyway." His demeanor has shifted nearly entirely in regards to Buddy. "Now what do you want to eat?"

Buddy looks up at Ashton and shakes his head indicating that he really doesn't want to go inside. "Wow. I haven't eaten people food in forever. Anything would be fine. My mommy made my sandwiches for lunch sometimes. I think. Hard to remember. I was little then." When Sydney asks about milk, Buddy exclaims, "I love milk." He almost immediately turns into a graceful house cat and "Meows!"

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