(2018-08-04) Can We Keep Him?
Can We Keep Him?
Summary: Buddy shows up at the school after his escape the night before.
Date: 2018-08-04
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After the events of last night, Sierra is sitting out on the back lawn with her iPad on her lap, checking out the news sites for any word about crystalline teenage superheroines. Hopefully they won't get in trouble but…people like Sierra and Stephanie often do. She is dressed in her gym gear - leg warmers, shorts, off the shoulder t-shirt - and has an unopened bottle of Coke Zero leaning against her leg.

Tweet -tweet- tweet. A little yellow goldfinch has flow along the edge of the water nearby. It stops from time to time to sing, but now it is just flying overhead simply singing away. It is a sound of joy and excitement. It flies onto the edge of one of the hedges and notices Sierra sitting there on some weird square thingy. He bounces up and down a bit on the hedge and tweets a few times. The last one seems a bit .. inquisitive as though it was asking something.

Koga had been out doing practice. The odd part is that he was swinging around a stick with some sort of small tassel on the end. And said tassel was leaving small light trails in the air. He was dressed in a pair of track pants and a tank top, too, and was mostly apparently trying to perform something. Said something left a few designs in the air, but they all quickly vanished into nothing when he stopped moving. Koga himself looks slightly annoyed at it, but he hasn't noticed anything odd yet. Taking a deep breath, he pulls out a really old looking, if well preserved, scroll of all things to look it over.

Sierra manages to find a report about the travelling zoo being closed and Granger arrested but nothing about crystal girls so far. This is good. She glances up to give Koga a wave…she can trust him to keep quiet. Especially about the weed too! And then there is tweeting…and not the kind on her phone. Sierra looks over to see the yellow bird. A familiar yellow bird. Her eyebrows open wide. "Koga! Look, it's Buddy!" She offers a, hopefully, welcoming smile to the bird. "Hey there. Remember me?"

Another inquisitive little tweet? The Buddy Birdie seems a bit hesitate all of a sudden and actually looks around. Then it visible takes a breath in its tiny little body and flies down from the hedge towards the Latina who does not look so tiny to him. He flies up to her as though about to land on her shoulder when he sees the light display of Koga. Tweet! he sounds a bit frightened and instead lands behind Sierra.

Koga looks over, rolling up the scroll as he does to walk over, using the stick as a means of walking. "Hm?" He walks over, raising an eyebrow before looking at the yellow finch. Peering at it a bit, then nods. "That does look like the same one. How can we be sure it is? The only reason we did not try to follow was because it is hard to tell one from the other, after all." The fact the bird goes into hiding has Koga shaking his head. "Sorry, Buddy. It is just my magic I am practicing."

Koga moves to sit down, a careful distance from Sierra to make sure that he doesn't spook Buddy any more. The stick is put down, Koga keeping an eye on Buddy. "I am Koga, the young woman you are hiding behind is Sierra. Would you be willing to talk with us?"

"Hey, Buddy, no need to be frightened" Sierra says to the bird, trying to soothe him…she's never been good at that. "Koga isn't scary." As long as he doesn't change. A nod to Koga's introduction. "Sierra Jiminez. We met last night…if you're the right bird…cat…dog." A quick look around but she has nothing to feed the bird. "Koga, do birds drink coke?"

The little bird hops around the side of Sierra to look at Koga. He gives a little tweet again and then looks up at Sierra. When Koga asks if he is willing to talk, the bird backs up a bit and looks around as though it is looking for Granger. Not seeing the man, the little bird decides to take a risk. A big gamble. He gives another breath and does a little hop and flaps his wings. Flying up in the air just about a foot, the bird suddenly changes to the German shepherd. The change takes no less than a second and it is the dog that lands on the ground in front of them. He sniffs the air a couple times and seems content having not smelled something. He barks exactly three times as he did at the show.

Koga shakes his head. "No… but I do not think he is a bird, nor a dog." His eyes follow the bird up as it changes to the dog, then hums. "Do you have a human form, Buddy? It would be easier for us to talk to you. If you do not wish to show it, we understand." The young man smiles, "But, I think if you do, we might be able to help. The light show you saw was only one aspect of my powers."

Koga's hand raises up, tracing small lights in the air that turn into a small flying fish of all things that swims through the air. The tracing is done all with one hand and it is obvious that he is well practiced in doing it. "See? I have a few other abilities, but well… I am here because I can not control them fully, or rather I do not know how to use them to help others in a lot of cases."

Sierra giggles as the bird turns into a dog. "There he is" she grins, ruffling his fur before listening to Koga. "Oh, yes, if you are a boy then you should change into human form. I bet Granger didn't let you, did he." A growl in her voice at the thought of that man. "Made you be an animal all the time. In case anyone came by or you tried to say anything. Well, don't you worry about that. He's gone now so you can change." Something comes to her mind and she adds, "I can look away if you're, umm, naked or something."

Buddy the dog lowers his head down some and tucks his tail in some when Koga starts talking about a human form. He glares at the flying light fish and is wondering what happens if he turns into a cat. Can he eat them? All such thoughts are set aside when Sierra giggles and pets him. He stands up nice and tall and moves a bit closer to her. When she starts talking about not being an animal all the time, the dog nods his head. He looks at her with two differently colored eyes and tilts his head to the side. Then, in a voice so soft it can barely be heard, the dog says, "Gone?"

Koga gives a nod. "He is. He will not find you, nor harm you again. If he does, well…" He nods at Sierra. "I can sic her on him first. Whatever is left will probably not be much of a worry." He winks at Sierra, then looks to Buddy with a smile. He shrugs, "Do you need something to eat? Oh…" He motions at the fish and it disperses into small lights that disappear. "Sorry, those can be slightly mischievious if I leave them without direction."

"He better be gone" Sierra nods to the dog before skirking at Koga's words. "Definitely. If he isn't gone then I'll turn him into ash. After I rip out his heart." A shrug for Buddy. "It's what I do. I can get some food from the kitchen. Steal some clothes if that would help too. Umm…borrow. /Borrow/ some clothes."

That one word seems to do wonders for the dog. "Gone?" he looks around and barks a couple times very happily. "Gone!" The dog starts jumping around and wagging his tail a lot. He bounds a few times and runs off as fast as he can. He then leaps into the air, turns back into the bird and flies back to towards the pair. As he gets nearby, he gently lands on the ground tweeting all the while. After a few more seconds of this joyful singing, he changes once more to a young boy, barely a teenager. Thankfully, whatever ability allows him to change shapes, decided to perserve his modesty and provide his clothing along with him.

The now teenage boy sits cross legged in front of the two of them. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a green tshirt though he isn't wearing any shoes or sock. "He's gone?! Yippee. That is great." He barks a couple times even though he is a human again and says, "I ate some. Worms taste really good at least when I'm a birdy they taste good. I don't think I'd like them now. You really do magic? That's cool. And you, wow, did you know you are pretty? How would you light him on fire? What is this place? Have you seen my parents? I'm Buddy by the way. Really." He talks just like the dog was running, fast and all over the place.

Koga's head turns to watch. Looking over the running, leaping, and singing. Then he blinks at the barking of a human and shakes his head. "Neat! You are a human. And yes, I do. Magic is what I do. My family are a line of priests in a way. The… loose translation is 'Soul Priests'. We cast magic from our souls, rather than drawing like others."

He smiles. "At least it is easier to talk now. So Buddy is your real name?" Koga's head tilts to the side. "I think we need to talk to the headmaster soon and see if we can get Buddy into the school somehow." He blinks, then looks to Sierra and sighs. "I guess we need to report what happened, too. That will be annoying."

Sierra blushes at Buddy's compliment. "Yeah, I know" she replies with a giggle. "I would light him on fire like this." She holds up her right hand and a fireball instantaneously appears, heat emanating from it as it rolls around in her palm. And then it is gone. A reluctant nod to Koga. "Yeah, we'll have to tell them the whole story. You came to the right place, Buddy. This school was built for people like you…and me…and Koga. They should be able to find your parents too. Where do you come from? What city?"

Buddy points at Koga and says, "Neat. You are too!" He doesn't sound like he is mocking him but is excited about, well, just about everything. "Oh, no, my name isn't really Buddy. I mean it sort of is because that is what people call me even before shocky man and Granger. Well, that little girl called me Skippy but I didn't like that as much. My name is Judson which is my pappy's name too so they called me Bud which became Buddy. See!"

He then looks at Sierra and says, "Wow, when your cheeks turned read your hands lit on fire. Doesn't that hurt? Is it really hot?" He then starts bouncing on his bottom even though he is still sitting down cross-legged. "This school was made for me? Wow! I didn't know anyone knew about me. Did you guys come to rescue me? Thank you so much."

Koga blinks a few times, then shakes his head. "Uh… the school was made more for people like us. But we probably need more information on you to make sure, and you will probably have to meet the Headmaster. Trust me, I do not envy you on that one. He is… rather creepy at times." The asian teen shakes his head. "Well, that complicates things. You have no parents, I take it?"

"It doesn't hurt" Sierra assures Buddy. "I'm pretty much fire proof. I can do other things but we're not here to show off. We're here to help you. Okay, maybe not you in particular, but people like you and us. Would you like us to call you Judson or Buddy?" She looks over to Koga. "I think he said he wasn't sure where his parents were. So I guess he doesn't have any until we find them. Buddy…who is 'Shocky Man'?"

Buddy sounds defensive when he says, "I have parents. Two of them. Mom and dad, one of each." He crosses his arms over his chest. He then asks innocently, "Is the headmaster creepier than Granger? Yucky, his name tastes bad. How does a name taste bad? It isn't even something you can eat." He then looks at Sierra and says, "I'm glad it doesn't hurt. Pretty girls shouldn't be hurt." His eyes get really big when she says they are there to help him. "Really? You mean, wow. That's so cool. Oh, call me? You can call me whatever you like, well, don't actually call me 'whatever you like.' That's a silly name. Buddy is fine. I do wish I never told Granger about that." When she ask about Shocky Man, Buddy's head goes down some and his body tightens up. A hand goes up to his neck as to rub the ghost of a collar. "He, he had a button that would make me hurt, a lot. He liked that button, but I didn't."

"Did he make the button or did Granger?" Sierra asks, before her serious face becomes a little more friendly. "We don't have to talk about it right now. We should let you get a bit more used to us. The headmaster isn't too bad. He's not like Granger so you don't have to worry about that. You're safe here. And once we find your parents, you can be safe with them again. Do you remember how you were taken away from them?" She frowns at herself. "Sorry, we weren't going to talk about that stuff until you wanted to." She reaches out to squeeze his knee. "It's all cool here."

Buddy seems to like talking about all of this right now so he is glad when she says that she says that he doesn't have to talk about them. "If he isn't like Granger or Shocky Man, that is fine." When she asks how she was taken from his parents, "Granger didn't take me from my parents. I was out exploring as a dog one day and was picked up by animal control. It wasn't too bad at first because there were a bunch of other dogs there, but they said it wasn't a good place so I was looking to escape when I was suddenly adopted." He then shakes his body and turns into a German shepherd again. He curls up at her feet and says, "I think I'm going to sleep here if that's okay. It is great to be on grass and see blue skies again. I love all the smells. Woof."

"Did your parents know what you could do?" Sierra asks but there is soon a dog at her feet intending to go to sleep. "Umm…sure. It's okay" she replies, stroking his fur. Does this mean she is caressing a naked boy? This superhero life is so confusing. "I can't stay our here all night though" she points out before shrugging and going back to patting the dog while looking at her iPad. "You want to get a teacher, Kago?"

Koga nods as he was mostly listening, keeping that scroll and the stick in hand before he smiles. "Sure. I need to go put up this scroll in any case. I should be able to find a teacher on the way." He stands up and makes his way back towards the Estate. "I will tell them to come find you two out here. He gives you any trouble, Sierra, just launch some fire skywards."

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