(2018-08-03) Pet and Fly
Pet and Fly
Summary: Brier, Koga, Sierra, and Stephanie get some tickets to a travelling petting zoo where the find multiple animals are just one who is being held against his will.
Date: 2018-08-03
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NPCs: Granger
Scene Runner: Buddy

The Granger Traveling Petting Zoo has finally come to Shady Cove. This little traveling petting zoo has been making a name for itself in the last year and a half. Setting up in a little piece of the park, the Zoo is home to three different areas. The area on the left is where little kids go to get their pictures taken with puppies and kittens. It seems primarily for baby animals and children. The area on the right is set up mainly for the reptilian animals which has been a bigger draw recently. There are snakes, turtles, and even a few lizards. The main draw is in the central trailer which has the large sign proclaiming the name Granger.
At the entrance of the petting zoo is a young girl, probably no more than 18. She is chewing her gum and spending most of her time looking at her phone. She seems to be the one collecting tickets. The school received a few tickets and offered them to some of the students.

Koga had been considering how best to break the news, and well… petting zoos? Hey, he hadn't been to one of those before! Seeing a few different things could be interesting in his opinion. Especially as he was not familiar with the wildlife in America as opposed to his home country that much. So, here he was.

With a ticket in hand as he approached the girl at the entrance. "Hello. Are you the one taking tickets, miss?" Koga has on his best smile, pleasant attitude, and the slightly wild hair style along with his casual clothes today. Sans the leather jacket that is laid over one arm just in case.

Besa's not at the park for the petting zoo, but he is there looking for someone. Someone he doesn't see. The ancient boy has his service dog with him, who is sticking close to his legs. Either Besa is stressed out, or Cocoa is by something in the area. He's walking, eyes scanning the area. The walk brings him closer to the entrance, he almost looks like he's trying to peak in to see if whoever he's looking for might be in there. But that seems unlikely. Why would Tom be in a petting zoo? That would be…weird. Seeing Koga he waves, "Hello my friend. How are you this evening?"

"Have you ever tried peyote?" Sierra asks her companion in their outing to the zoo. "My companion swears by it. You get to go on all kinds of trips and stuff. But I have weed too" she smiles, patting the pocket of her puffy jacket. The Latina otherwise dressed in boots, shorts, t-shirt and baseball cap - worn backwards of course. Sierra has their tickets in hand as she approaches the booth and sees some fellow students. "Hey, you two" she smiles before her brow furrows. "Are you wearing lifts, Koga?"

Koga looks well… down at Besa and Sierra. That's a bit awkward for him. He was used to being around the same height as his classmates, curse it! He smiles at Sierra. "No, I wish I was… I had to rebuy most of my clothes." He looks towards Besa. "Hello, Besa. Good to see you. I am doing well. The… zoo seemed interesting to me. I hope it is a lot different than those back home."

A travelling petting zoo? It seemed kind of lame to Stephanie when Sierra invited her to come along, but Steph figured there might be some toking involed later, so why not? She's dressed in black, as usual, with a Social Distortion t-shirt, jeans, and heavy Doc Martin boots the clothing of the day. "Once," she replies to Sierra as they approach the park. "Tried mushrooms ones, and decided they're not fo me…." As they approach the two other students, Stephanie lets Sierra take the lead and waits to be introduced, looking at the two boys cautiously.

The girl at the front entrance barely even looks up from her phone. Clearly a temp work. "Hmm? Oh, yeah, tickets." She talks with a vapid accent as though she would rather be anywhere else but here, but clearly she either needs the money or is being forced to work here. She finally looks up from her phone and reaches her hand out for the tickets. "There's three places: there, there, and there." She gestures with her thumb in each direction. "I'm supposed to tell you that the center place has a show or something. The last one today is in a few minutes, whatever."

Besa blinks in slightly confusing, but looks at the other students to see of that's whee they're going. Cocoa shfts a little closer to Besa's leg, not liking…something.

Sierra hands over tickets for her and Stephanie to Miss Disinterested before remembering she is with a new girl who might not know everyone. "Oh…sorry. Besa and Koga, this is Stephanie. Stephanie, this is Besa and Koga. I don't know the dog's name. Steph's new here and pretty cool so be cool too." She hands the other girl her ticket. "Sounds like we have to go see the last show of the night. You just /know/ that the teachers will want a report on it to make sure we saw it." A smirk for Koga. "You needed a new wardrobe anyway. Not sure if you can even call this a zoo. Looks more like a carnival. Shame Ciera is not around. This would be like home to her…which is probably not a good thing for her."

Stephanie raises a hand to Besa and Koga. "Hey," she offers in greeting. She looks over Koga again and nods, "Right…you were on the beach the first day I got here. Mister magical umbrella and invisible critter." She looks back at the overall layout of the 'zoo' before them and shrugs. "Wonder what kind of 'show' they have. Probbaly, like, some dog dancing or walking backwards on its hind legs…"At the mention of the umbrella and invisible critter, Koga actually blushes a little. "Ah, sorry… I just decided to relax and take a nap out there. The critter was a protective barrier to keep from getting bothered too much." Oh, yeah. Koga looks embarassed at that one. "It kinda got bigger than I thought it would be at first that day."

Brier had gotten a ticket from the school for the Petting Zoo…because why not!? It was something to do and a good way to check out more of Shady Cove! So here the hippie was, walking up to join the line of people waiting to get in. Oh hey puppies and kittens! Wait…that was a kid attraction? Aw man. Brier wears his typical attire, long blonde hair left hanging free as he looks to his ticket. Then, his attention goes to the center trailer where most of the crowd seems to be heading towards. "Wonder what's over there?…" he says aloud before heading in that direction.

At the mention of the umbrella and invisible critter, Koga actually blushes a little. "Ah, sorry… I just decided to relax and take a nap out there. The critter was a protective barrier to keep from getting bothered too much." Oh, yeah. Koga looks embarassed at that one. "It kinda got bigger than I thought it would be at first that day."

The ticket girl seems to take Stephanie's question as asked to her. "I don't know. Never looked." Also sounds like she doesn't care. Having received the tickets, her "job" was done which means she no longer needed to pay attention to the new arrivals.

"Hey, mommy, look at this puppy. Isn't she so cute? Can we take her home?" asks one of the little girls in the children area. Her mom shakes her head and says, "No, Susie, we've had enough pets. This is … safer."

A man wearing a pair of khaki pants and a blue collared shirts seems to be a regular worker here at Granger's. His collar shirt is even embroidered with the name and logo of the zoo. "Ah, a good question, young man. Step on in and find out. You will see animals who have been trained like you have never seen before." Oversell? Perhaps, but he was at least doing a good job at his job.

More blinking and Besa looks up at the suddenly tall Koga! That's just…not fair! He smiles, but there's a sigh underneath it all (Besa will never be tall!) before looking to Sierra and Stephanie, "Hello Stephanie . I am Besa Ini-herit, a Guardian. This is Cocoa. She is mine." She's wearing a service vest, so it's pretty easy to know what the short teen means. A soft frown as he looks from the dog to the gathering inside, "I….I do not think I will bring Cocoa in there." He smiles to the group of students though, "Have fun!" And he'll ehe away with his dog. Also, he didn't have one of the free tickets and paying to pet animals sees weird to him.

"See you later, Besa" Sierra waves as the boy leaves before she looks to Stephanie. "I don't really know him very well. Didn't even know he needed a guide dog." A shrug before she is leading her new friend into the center tent. The enthusiastic advert causes her to smirk. "Got wi-fi in there?" she asks, not expecting an answer before slipping inside.

Koga shrugs as he looks to the two ladies with him now. "I do not know if they do. And it could be a support dog. Besa is… a bit tricky to explain, far as I know, and I am not in on the full story. We should probably go see this show, however." He makes his way in, sticking his hands in his pockets as he listens to the oversell, then shakes his head as he moves around towards said place that he was directed for that show.

Stephanie follows Sierra into the tent. She's as curious as the others, but puts on a blase attitude to mask it. "I swear, if this is a lame-ass puppet show…" she mutters as she enters the tent. Kogas explanation of Besa gets a shrug. "Everyone's got a 'tricky' story. If he wants to explain it to people, he will. Otherwise…" She shrugs again. "Not really a concern, you know?"

Brier follows the masses heading into the tent. That was always a good idea in the movies right!? Ack! He doesn't see the others from the school yet, or if he does he doesn't recognize them. For now, the hippie just follows the direction as well.

The trailer appears larger on the inside than it does on the outside though it isn't a Dr. Who phenomena. Instead, the trailer has been connected to several other structures which can be combined for an exhibit area and then seperated for traveling purposes. Once inside, there is a large central area where apparently the show takes place as well as a few chairs for people to sit in. Oddly enough, it seems that great precations have taken place to not let anything inside out. Maybe they are worried about the star attractions escaping or something.
A voice comes over a PA system, "Welcome, the show will get started in just a few minutes. The stars are just getting ready." The owner of the voice sounds like a used car salesman doing his best to sound like a big top showman.

Sierra looks around, sniffing at the air and then screwing up her nose. "I think they need to muck this out more often." Being an inquisitive girl…in a nonchalant way…she does the rounds of the extended area, trying to peer around anything that will reveal something exciting. Anything exciting. She could be playing Overwartch so this show better be good. Eventually she plonks herself down on a chair next to Stephanie. "Maybe we should do the weed now?" she suggests in a whisper. It would make the show better…right?

Stephanie follows Sierra around the trailer, nodding in agreement to the smell of the venue. There's a growing feeling inside Stephanie that this is going to be a colossal waste of time and effort on the part of the viewers. Either that, or this is suddenly going to turn into some kind of axe-murder horro story. She sits down in the chair next to Sierra, exhaling in a bored huff. And then, her friend makes the suggestion of 'enhancing' the viewing experience. "Fuck. Yes," she whispers back.

Noting how enclosed it is here…. Koga looks careful. The last time he was in such a place wasn't such a good thing. Now? Koga's looking around the trailer. Noting the exits. And noting that he needs to be wary again. His eyes briefly give off a slight glow to their coloring as he uses his more mystic senses on instinct more than anything to look around. Then he relaxes a bit, shaking his head as he glances at the two. "… just make sure it is out of your systems before we get back, please."

Brier looks around at the inside of the trailer…specifically the 'escape' precautions. Because that's not ominous. "Huh…" The more he noticed, the more uncertain it made him feel. Poor animals…they deserved better than this. To be put on display for humans to come and enjoy. The hippie frowns a moment as he looks around as the PA voice sounds. "Wonder who the 'stars' are…" He thinks aloud before moving to stand near the area of the attraction, letting other people take a seat. He keeps his attention on the central area.

Once all the guests are seated on the benches, the lights dim a bit except for additional lighting in the central performing area. A few moments later, a middle-aged slightly over weight an walks out. He is wearing a blue blazer with the name and logo of the petting zoo emblazoned on it. A small bit of clappy can be heard though it is mainly from a few men who are wearing blue collared shirts and are obviously employees. "Thank you, thank you all for coming. Now, you may be wonder, Mr. Granger, sir, what are all these wonderful animals we've talked about? Well, I'm afraid that we don't have anything exotic here like flying monkeys or dinosaurs." He laughs a bit at his own joke. "What we do have are some of the most intelligent and best trained animals you have ever seen in your life. Also, if they aren't so darn cute too."

"Can't we watch this stuff on the interent? I mean, it was invented for cat videos" Sierra asides to Stephanie before a little frown at Koga's slight admonishment. "Don't worry. No one will ever know we were happy" she teases him, rummaging around in her pocket for the joint. Sierra uses her fingertip to light it before having a discrete draw and then handing it over to Stephanie. She will also take out her phone to record the show; her generation doesn't watch things live!

Stephanie gratefuly takes the offered joint and takes a long drag. She holds the smoke in for a bit, the exhales with a sigh. "That's the ticket," she says quietly. "Cat videos and porn," Stephanie reminds Sierra with a smirk. She takes another hit, then turns to Koga and offers him to partake. "Might as well," she says with a shrug. "A little green's gonna make this whole thing go a lot easier, I can tell."

Brier feels conflicted. On the one hand…cute animals are…well they're cute! On the other hand, what kind of show was this? Intelligent and well trained usually meant mistreated, especially in the circus setting…which seemed to be what this was turning into. Suddenly the hippie started to question if he should have come. Still, there was a reason for everything. He had chosen to come tonight and that meant something. Something important.

Koga shakes his head as he settles down in a chair. He sighs, then glares at Stephanie. "I turn into a mystic warrior with enough control over lightning to fry everyone in here as well as control issues. And you want me to partake in drugs?" He whispers, raising an eyebrow at the woman. Oh, yep. No drugs for Koga. BAAAAD IDEA. No telling what he would do. "Answer is no, in any case. I am sure my grandfather would come back from the dead just to beat the daylights out of me. And he probably could."

Granger claps his hands together twice and says, "And now, one of the stars of our show. This little dog was found in a shelter and was just days from being put down. I saw the great potential in him and rescued him. Let's bring our hands together for, Buddy." One of the back doors slides open by the hand of a handler back there. A few moments later, a young german shepherd comes out. He pauses for a moment by the door and then moves up next to Granger. Once next to the man, the dog sits down and just looks at the crowd. The dog has unusual eyes as the right one is a bright blue color while the left one is an emerald green color.

"You need to learn some control" Sierra sage nods at Koga, not telling him anything he doesn't know. She takes back the joint to have a slow drag before handing it back. Keeping the smoke in her mouth for a moment before slowly releasing it. A laugh for Stephanie. "How could I forget the porn?" And then the show is on! And it involves a German Shepherd that likes to stare…with weird eyes. "It can sit at least" she says to the others. "Poor thing doesn't look very happy though."

Koga's protestations make Stephanie roll her eyes. "Dude…I turn into a super-strong crystal statue that could tear this trailer in half, no problem. She can toss blasts of fire. We're not exactly destroying buildings when we spark up, yeah?" She takes another hit from the joint and slides down a bit in her seat. "People that protest the weed are usually the ones most in need of it." Her attention then goes to the dog, and Stephanie's lips tighten into a disapproving look. "Although if that dog is being harmed, I *will* loose my shit and smash this place to the ground," she mutters.

Koga huhs as he looks at the dog. Frowning, he looks a bit closer. Different colored eyes? He had not heard of dogs able to have different colored eyes. Let alone that shade before. Glancing at the two, he mentions, ".. do dogs have the ability to have different colored eyes? Let alone those shades?" His concern is whispered, obviously, but… Koga's not about to pass up any weirdness. Last time resulted in trouble, this time? Yeah.

Brier frowns as the dog came out. "Poor thing…having to perform for people." The hippie's words earn an odd look from a man next to him, but everybody else is looking at the center ring. The main attraction. The first thing the blonde notices about the dog is the eyes. While not out of the question for dogs, it wasn't as common. "He's beautiful…" Brier says quietly to himself. Animals didn't belong in a circus. This wasn't right. Still, the hippie watches. Maybe it was a beloved family pet…he could hope right!?!

Granger says, "Now of course, you are thinking this dog just does the normal tricks like sit and stand and fetch." He chuckles a bit. "Of course he can do those things. But he can do so much more. For example," he points to Sierra and says, "You, young lady, pick a number between one and seven." He then points to Brier and says, "And you there, with the braids, pick a color you see in the room."

Sierra squeaks in surprise as she is pointed at. Luckily, it wasn't to do with her special smoke but rather to think of a number. "Umm…okay. Does it have to be a whole number?" Looks like she's going to be an annoying audience 'volunteer'. A brief closing of her eyes before she nods. "Got it." Pause. "Oh…in English?"

As the attention of the crowd is placed on Sierra, Stephanie takes the joint and hides it behind her back. Not like anyone would care, probably; but you never know. "Give it to them in Spanish," Stephanie suggests in a giggling whisper. Looks like the high is starting to hit.

Brier looks over to Sierra as she is called out, but then…so is he!? Wait was it supposed to be think of a color or say it out loud? Oh well, guess he'd find out! "Uh…green?" The dude next to him was wearing a green shirt. Sure why not!?!

Frowning, Koga pays careful attention to the dog. He seems to be thinking over some things. And well… the whole sale shtick has Koga looking at it carefully. Something seems to be nagging at his mind. He just can't quite figure it out, so mostly stays silent and watches.

Once Brier calls out the word green, the dog gets up from beside Granger and moves over towards the crowd. As he gets further from Granger, his tail starts to wag for the first time since coming out here. He then walks over to one of the people in the crowd who has on a pair of green shoes, and the dog places his paw on the shoe. He then barks once. Granger calls out, "Yes, a whole number and English would be best."
Buddy, the dog, leaves the guy with the green shoes and walks up to Sierra. He starts panting which makes his face look a bit happier. He tilts his head to the side as though waiting for something.

"Oh…I have to say it?" Sierra realises as the dog stares up at her. "I thought the dog was psychic and it was going to read my mind." Doesn't she feel like a fool…or a little high. "Umm…three. Hey…I thought dogs were color blind." Her eyes narrow at the barker. "Is this a trick? I mean…you said it was a trick but not that kind of trick." She ruffles the fur of the dog. "Aren't you sooo cute."

Stephanie also gets in on the 'cuuuuuuute' act, leaning forward and using a free hand to scratch the dog behind the ears, under the chin, and acorss the back and sides. Shes also using the petting to see how much muscle is on the dog, in case he hasn't been fed or cared for properly. She still manages to hold the joint behind her with one hand as she dotes on the pooch.

Dogs are color blind? That has Koga more suspicious. Plus, it's well… a well behaved dog. Even he knows that some dogs can not be /that/ well behaved. Wracking his brains a bit as he puts a hand on his chin to watch the dog with Sierra and Stephanie. Silently, he starts to think things over again. Shaking his head at it, he moves to get up and go to open the trailer door. Apparently he needs a little bit of fresh air.

Granger laughs at Sierra's comments. "The dog is good, great even, but none of my beasts are psychic, and while it is true that dogs do not see as many colors as we do, they can see some colors." When Sierra says the number three, the dog barks exactly three times. He goes to walk back to Granger when the two girls start to pet him. He stops and turns back to them and doesn't hesitate to be the center of attention. Stephanie's petting would reveal that he is fit though perhaps slightly underfed. "MMmm…yep."

Granger calls, "Alright, Buddy, that's enough. Time to let another star have some spotlight." Buddy tenses the moment Granger calls his name. He turns from the two girls and starts to head back to the handler.

"Hey…you can stay here, boy" Sierra counters to the dog, though a quick glance to check he is a boy before looking at Granger. "He can watch the rest of the show with us." She can't help but feel that tensing and that makes her boil a little inside. "Stay here, Buddy." If only they had a psychic in the group! The Latina can't feel any wounds on the dog but there is obvious fear there.

"Yeah, let him stay!" Stephanie calls out alongside her friend. "You can't just, like, bring him out for a few minutes then send him back/ Dogs need attention and interaction." She looks around to see if others are backing her up on this. Irregardless, Stephanie tries to start up a chant of "Bud-dy, Bud-dy, Bud-dy…."

Koga gives a small hum as he glances back in from where he opened the door. Leaning against the wall of the trailer, he narrows his eyes. "Why send a dog back?" He looks curious, as if trying to figure out what in the world is going on. Leaving the door slightly open, Koga moves back towards his fellow students a bit. Yeah, that's not a good thing. But he takes up the chant as well to show his support. Yep. Koga doing a chant. And he has no problems in backing the two ladies up either as far as that.

Buddy, the dog, looks back when Sierra says that he can stay. He pauses and glances to Stephanie as she starts chanting his name followed by a couple others. He does seem to know what is going on. He is just about to turn back when Granger says, "I'm sorry, miss, but the other animals need their time too. Would you deny them?" The dog drops his head and walks back out the door he came in. A couple of seconds later, a tabby cat comes walking out. Walking? It seems to be more prowling out.
Granger says, "Some say that cats cannot be trained, but this one is. I found this little cat as a stray. He was eating out of some dumpster behind a Walmart of all places." The cat comes right up to Granger and looks out at the crowd and seems to focus most on the two girls who were just petting the dog. Oddly enough, he has the same heterochromia of the dog: the right eye is a brillant blue color while the left is an emerald green. "Who would like to pet Mittens?"

Brier 's hand shoots up into the air at the offer of petting Mittens. How could you say no that that!?! Kitty! Okay so animals were obviously a soft spot for the hippie. Not only that, but he was trying to get closer to the animals. Interacting with them would help see their behaviors better.

"Buddy could have watched the show with us" Sierra pouts at Granger. "Sorry, Buddy" she sighs as the dog leaves…and then a cat shows up. With the same eyes. She looks to Stephanie and Koga, suspicion in her expression. "Can we see Buddy and Mittens together?" she asks Granger with an innocent smile. "They must know some tricks they can both show off."

"Ugh, lame…." Steph sighs as the request for Buddy to stay is denied. But, Sierra and the other teen here seem to be handling the situation; Steph's just ready to stri things up if needed. So, she sits back straight in her chair and lats the others try to convince the show barker.

Brier looks over to the other teens as they request Buddy to come back out. Maybe they just loved the dog. Or maybe they also suspected…something. Either way, the hippie teen's attention is back on the cat and 'ring leader'.

Okay, now Koga is definitely suspicious if others are. He starts to move around the edge of the crowd. His destination? That door that Buddy disappeared into. He obviously is not going to be stopped except by force, either.

Granger snaps his finger and Mittens the cat looks up at the few hands in the crowd. He first runs over towards a little girl off to the side who had her hand raised. She pets him a few time before the cat jumps off her lap and heads to Brier. The first thing he does is pass between his legs before jumping up onto his lap. "See there," Granger says, "A cat that actually comes when you want to pet it. Who ever heard of that?" He seems to be trying to ignore the two chatty girls and keep the show focused where he wants it. Mittens the cat meows once at Brier and then glances over towards Sierra and Stephanie.
As Koga goes towards the back door, Granger says, "Excuse me, sir, but that area is for the animals and trainers. The bathrooms are in a booth outside." Behind the door is a handler and a metal hallway leading to another nearby trailer. There are no animals inside the hallway. As soon as the door opens, the handler, who is holding a remote in one hand, looks at Koga. "You aren't supposed to be back here." Two of the blue collared staffers head in his direction.

"You're kidding, right" says the Latina chatty girl. "Cats always come for pats. All you need is some food nearby." Sierra could really do with another hit of that joint but now is not the time. As Koga is pointed out, Sierra stands and nonchalantly wanders towards him. To help him out if need be. "Anything?" she asks her fellow student, ignoring the chatty barker.

Shortly after Sierra gets up to back up Koga, Stephanie rises from her seat and joins them. "This is bogus," she says towards the ring-master. "You can totally train cats. And you can train dogs to react to silent whistles to point at things. Probably got someone using a whistle or a training collar behind the scenes, giving Buddy instructions."

Koga's entire demeanor changes in an instant. That leather coat is swung around to slide up his arms as he moves back from the door to keep the handler and the two staff members in his view. The handler is glared at as Koga notices a serious lack of the animals back there. Seeing all three of them, Koga's slight growl as his gaze hardens into one that just speaks of them even remotely coming near, touching him, or touching the other two will set them in a world of pain. Especially as he slides into what is definitely a tai chi that shows he knows exactly what he is doing.

Sierra's question has him answer tersely. "Nothing." That gaze on those handlers and staff? Sierra at least probably has never, ever seen Koga actually look angry. Now? He's definitely angry, definitely intimidating for someone of his new height, and he's showing a fierceness to him that is very unerving. The three are glared at. "You have until the count of three to sit down, else I will break every bone in both arms on you two." His gaze turns on the handler. "And you will be eating that remote before I am done. One."

Granger looks at Sierra and says, "But, but this kitty Mittens came when a stranger raised his hand." Then glancing to Stephanie, he says, "You seemed to like Buddy so much and yet you impugn him?" He starts to walk to Koga and says, "You are threatening battery against hard working individuals? You three should just leave before I call the police."
The two staffers who were coming at Koga from behind stop their motion and takes a couple steps back. Whoever this kid was, he looked crazy and they don't get paid enough to deal with crazy. The handler however doesn't step down. He holds up the remote as some type of defense and says, "You do not want me to press this button."
Mittens the cat jumps down off of Brier's lap and heads towards Stephanie. He purrs exactly three times at her. He then reaches up with a paw to scratch at a collar around his neck.

"And you're threatening violence against cute animals" Sierra responds to Granger with a growl…though not in Koga's league of growls. "Why don't you call the police then? Actually…I will." She starts hitting the screen of her phone…while also giving Stephanie a 'get rid of the joint' look even though she has her hands full with Mittens. "Anyone have the ASPCA's number?" she asks the crowd.

Cops. Yeah, that's not going to be a good thing, considering. And as soon as Sierra pulls out her phone, Stephanie leans down to lick up Mittens. She also, conviniently, drops the joint on the flor next to her foot, and crushes it out with her boot. Giving Mittens earscratches and pets, Stephanie also examines the cat's collar with her fingers, seeing if theres some kind of shock device hidden there. And if she does find such, she's going to remove the collar, quick.

Koga's response is at least to stop. He glares at the handler. "If that does anything to anyone, you will not have to worry about pressing a button again except with your nose." Koga doesn't move at least, but well… Koga glances towards Granger. "Go ahead. I can point out exactly what I have noticed, the same as anyone else here. Once that happens, what will you do? Try to run? Flee before the cops can find you?"

Koga turns to look at the overweight man slightly, keeping one eye on the handler with the remote. The handler with the remote is noted and Koga is inching slightly towards the man, obviously ready to spring into action. He doesn't want to use his powers if he can help it. A lot of witnesses after all, but… he will if he has to.

The crowd is getting nervous and starting to head towards the doors, but they cannot open them. It seems that the doors were locked when the show was started. Granger is now in full damage-control mode. "Wait, stop. You can't … " he yells at Stephanie when she starts to remove the collar. The sound of the doors turns his attention to the crowd. "The door must remain shut during the show." And of course Sierra gets her own reply: "Go ahead. What will they find? Animals taken care of."
The man with the remote presses the button but thankfully Stephanie had gotten the collar off of Mittens. It shocks in her hand instead of on the cat. The cat with the two colored eyes looks up at her. "Thank you," is whispered.
Granger, seeing the collar off the kitten, moves towards Stephanie as fast as possible clearly intent on taking the cat from her. "Give me, Mittens. This show is over!"

Sierra moves to block Granger from Stephanie and Mittens. "Uh-uh. My friend and I are going and we're taking the cat. And maybe you should let these people out because, you know, involuntary imprisonment is a pretty big crime. They won't even be looking at the animals even though…" She looks at the collar and announces to the crowd, "You use shock collars to keep the animals in line."

Stephanie blinks in confusion as she hears the whispered thanks. Wow, Sierra has the hook-up to the *good* shit…She holds onto the cat, refusing to let it go, and she nods in agreement with Sierra. "Yeah. Locking the only exit in an enclosed space? Pretty sure that's a major fire code violation there. Plus, I'm sure the SPCA would like to take a look at the animals in you 'care', since Buddy seems to be under-nourished and Mittens is the same. Oh, and shock collars for training? That's probably a big no-no as well."

Koga is keeping an eye on the extra employees. He moves carefully towards the door, keeping those employees in his view. "Right… " Then he raises an eyebrow at the shock collar comment. "Shock collar?" He looks over towards Stephanie andd Sierra. Then he looks to the handler. Oh, now that has Koga just a bit more angry if that was even possible. He looks for another exit to the trailer. Even if he has to look into where the animals were supposed to be kept. Looking towards his fellow students, Koga sighs. "Think they will cooperate, or should I simply start knocking them out? They have wrongfully imprisoned us, applied shock collars to an animal, and we can get the fat one with threatening you two at the least."

"You can't take him. You don't understand." Granger lunghes for the cat hoping to snag him from them though what he would do after that is unclear. Before he can grab the cat, all of a sudden the cat isn't there in Stephanie's hands. Instead there is a bright yellow little bird. The bird takes off flying away from Granger. Granger is clearly in desperate and tries to catch the bird as it flies around the room. And the bird has the same, two colored eyes that the dog and the cat did. The handler drops the remote and runs from Koga down the metal hallway.

As the cat changes into a bird, that changes everything. "Shapeshifter" she says quitetly to her fellow students. "That means he's one of us." And that means Granger has to pay. With a roar of anger, Sierra sprints after the fleeing barker.

The sudden change of the cat from Sylvester into Tweety causes Stephanie to jump…maybe that weed was *too* dank. But, as Sierra and Koga leap into righteous fury, Stephanie gets a clue from Sierra's exclamation as to what's going on. But first, there's a lot of panicked people here trying to get out. So, Stephanie decides to give them an exit. In the blink of an eye, she's in her crystaline form, and the girl now made of blue sapphire shouts out, "Clear the way!" And with pounding strides that shake the trialer, she charges at the locked door.

The citizens inside the trailer part like a human wave as Stephanie makes her move. And with a massive CRASH!, she bursts through the trailer door, allowing the people inside to start flowing out. And making an escape path for small birds as well.

Once the doors are open, the people start running out having no clue what is going on. They came to see a bunch of animals. Then these teens started yelling at the owner. None of them saw the cat become a bird though everyone saw Stephanie's change. They are not the only ones to take advantage of the now open door. The little goldfinch flies past them and out into the open. Almost immediately it flies off into a freedom he has not had in a long time. Granger runs after it for a bit but ends up falling to his knees a few steps past the opening of the petting zoo. "I'm ruined. Ruined." Is all he keeps saying until the police come to investigate reports of animal cruelty. The shock collar, remote and the drugs all point to some horrific activities at the petting zoo as well as the cramped confined cages in the storage trailers in the back.

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