(2018-08-02) Fringe McQueen
Fringe McQueen
Summary: Rain helps Fionnuala with a mini disaster; Fionnuala offers Rain some advice.
Date: 2018-08-02
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Thu Aug 02, 2018

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset hound puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, Blu-Ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and overcast.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

Summer is not without it's 'blah' days… the streak of hot, clear days is bound to be blotted out on occasion by the clouds which roll in from far beyond the town and estate. Therefore Thursday, where we find our teenaged 'heroes-to-be' is fairly unremarkable and actually kinda cool! It's the perfect day to be indoors, getting one's belongings sorted and just overall getting ready for that which awaits the group: the eventual move!

Having been staying outside of Winbarry at her family home for a good half of the week, Fionnuala typically opts to stay at the estate on days leading up to the weekend and typically Saturday night. She's blessed to have that option! One shall find her this afternoon settled in the billiard room, wearing a pair of purple capri-length tights and a loose off-the-shoulder mauve top with a camisole beneath to match the tights. She's in a purple mood! Hair has been braided and cinched off with a.. yes, purple ribbon. Wings out; she hasn't much sun on her person today. What she has gathered winks and glistens lazily. The girl is settled at a table, leaning over a couple of splayed books. She wears the look of someone who is behind on something and bloody well knows it. c_c

This morning was a work shift for Rain and she is just returning to the school after it. Thankfully the weekdays are slower at the chocolate shop than the weekends so half days are common during the week. "Hey Fiona." She greets warmly as she enters the room and spots her friend. The books are given a curious look, "What are you doing?" She heads over to lean against the back of the sofa for now.

The girl blinks and looks up slowly, adjusting her eyes from the dry-as-a-cracker-without-spit-instructions. Her pensively pursed lips split into her easy, happy smile… "Oh! Hi!" She exclaims with earnest glee. Strange thing: Fionnuala has her long hair coaxed into a sideward fringe of bangs, concealing one half of her forehead. Fee never wears bangs. Her cheekbones flush slightly. "I kinda slacked and fell behind in the drivers licensing gig. So I'm just studying up for my beginners again." Admitted ruefully. She leans back in her chair and folds her hands in her lap, "How are you today? What's happening?" Said as she awkwardly adjusts the fringe/bangs that she is not used to having. She doesn't even look like she enjoys it.

"You'll do fine. It's a pass or fail test. As long as you get less than seven wrong out of the twenty questions, you'll do fine." Rain has already done all that and has her license. Mind you it is a Bermuda license, but she remembers how the practice tests were in drivers training. "Just do well on the practical and you will be fine." She seems confident about that.

There is a long look at Fi's hair "What's with the bangs? You hiding a bruise?" What other reason would someone (females at least) willingly have bangs for? She doesn't seem to approve, she doesn't do bangs herself.

Damnit her fidgeting has given her away again. Fionnuala knows better than th lie or fib her reasoning behind bangs because yes there is a reason! The girl sighs gently, "I figure I shouldn't have thrown myself into the licensing if I wasn't committed. But I can't fly everywhere, y'know? With volunteering coming up and family stuff it'll be important to have a car…" The shifter explains, but returns to the topic of the awful hairstyle.

"So, ah.. promise you won't run away screaming." Fionnuala inhales, presses a hand palm-down upon the fringe. After half am minute, Fee winces and pushes the hair back behind an ear as she is typically apt to do. Revealed…?

Not a bruise: it's a big. honking. zit. It doesn't help that Fee's solar radiance accentuates it. She isn't given to pimples but this one is a monster.. a singular, glaring monster. "It's the eye of Sauron! This is what happens when I eat too much peanut butter…" Admitted ruefully.

When the reason for the bangs Rain has to stifle the eye roll. Sure it's bad, but as someone seemingly not prone to them either, she might not be able to relate "Seriously? Why didn't you ask me about it when you first felt it coming on? I have patches that will prevent them from going all Vesuvius on you." And maybe that is why she always seems to be blemish free. She nips it in the bud before they get bad and noticeable. "Want me to help you disguise it some so you don't have to be Fringe McQueen?"

Well, what did Fee expect? Rain to scare easily? Mind you she knows that for all of the terrifying things that Rain has weathered, fashion travesties and perhaps big ol' juicy zits of this magnitude just might unnerve her! The girl looks sheepish, fingertips drumming on her paperwork, her grin curling in that impish way that Fee typically adopts when she is feeling silly. "I wish I thought of it! I didn't even know of such magical things! I always thought your perfect skin was an actual superpower." Said with a giggle… at least she's a good sport. Bangs on Fee look worse than a zit though and her eyes — a honey-gold color — widen hopefully.

"Help me, oh wise one! Save me from the fate of Fringe McQueen!" Fee cries beseechingly. She could do to take a drama class. "… it might scream when touched, though.."

The response from Fiona has Rain smirking with amusement. "Let me go grab what I need from my room." She heads out quickly since she expects there won't be any debate. In a few minutes she is back with her cosmetics case. It's not as large as one would expect the girl to have, a nice green color and opens like a tackle box, from the middle with several tiers of divided trays that fold out with a place else under them for larger items. This is set on the table and opened. The Masters girl has adopted a serious air as she scans the high end contents. "Use one of these to clean your face." She takes a pouch of tea tree oil face wipes and hands them over while she sets out a pack ok the Miracle Pimple Rx patches, as well as the appropriate makeup that will be needed for this job.

Glory hallelujah help has arrived. Now Fee won't have to march her pet zit out into the estate; if she takes on more sun, the hateful thing will be backlit. That's as horrible as you can well imagine. Rain sets off to get the necessities and Fee will wait patiently. She smiles down at her books, marks her spot in each and closes the covers over. They're thin, pamphlet-style books.. though one happens to be a scrapbook of sorts, about the size of a table book. It is a new book; untouched, unfilled. She tidies the table, sets everything down and makes room for that which Rain returns with.

Fee sits up expectantly, ready to be guided and do whatever she must do to make this process easier. Her eyes flit to the box as it is set down and opened, and a whole arcana that she is not completely familiar with is laid out before her. The face wipes are accepted and Fee does as instructed. Her previously clear skin had very little need of makeup so she really only needs the one to get the job done. She lowers the wipe, swabs her chin, watches Rain over the astringent (but pleasant-smelling) wipe. "I don't have to.. uh… squeeze this thing, do I?" She points to the pimple. Ugh. She may as well name it.

<FS3> Rain rolls Fashion: Success.

"No. I would prefer it if you didn't, that will just make it worse." Rain answers as she grabs a tube and pats a dot of clear liquid on the pore volcano that is on Fi's head. "That will take away some of the redness." She blows on it to dry it faster before peeling a small translucent circle patch for its backing and sticking it on the offensive pimple. "When you cash your face tonight take the patch off and put on a new one." She hands the pack over. "Replace it again in the morning." As she speaks she moves onto the next steps, covering the area with primer and then patting concealer over it. "They work better if you use them before they get this far, but it will help calm it down some." The process continues with a light covering of foundation, which she blends with a new blending sponge. "Quinn, Lazarus and I are going to the mall later. Quinn needs clothing help. Want to go? We can get you what you need to deal with issues like this in the future."

Whew.. she didn't want to exorcise the thing anyway. Fee at least knows to never pick but to work with something that is ready to blow… huh. She is as still and cooperative a patient as any as Rain applies the solution and makes to put a patch over the hateful thing. Fee colors happily with relief as the cosmetic portion of the rescue is carried out, her golden gaze studying her friend's face as Rain concentrates. "Done and done. Because I'm no longer an unsightly monster with bangs and a third eye, I would love to go to the mall with you all. I need a break from all these books." Admitted airily and Fee, knowing Rain as she does, reaches out to give her pal's hand a squeeze rather than infringe on her with the hugs that she is known for!

"I have some play money set aside.. I need to get more of these, just in case." Fee beams, "I'm not good for fashion advice for getting Quinn set up, but I'm still good company." Plus to go to the mall furthers another mission that is cause for her happy mood. "How are things with Laz, anyway? He still into you kinda?" Asks the girl cheekily as she carefully peeks through the makeup case, but doesn't disrupt it terribly.

Rain gives a nod as she works, trusting that her advise will be followed exactly. "I'll be driving. Not exactly sure when today we are going. Probably later this afternoon." She finishes the job and pulls a small hand mirror out so Fi can check out the job. It's not perfect, the small lump is noticeable, but it doesn't look gross pimple like at least. Certainly better then what it was. "I guess?" She seems dubious. She isn't good at noticing that sort of thing. "I think so. He wanted to talk to me the other day about something, but we never got around to it."

Here's where it's helpful to have a friend like Fee who does notice. But first, even as she takes the mirror to check out Rain's work, Fee peers past the compact to smile sunnily at the Masters girl. "I get zit disguises, an outing and driving practice in the form of watching you cart us around! Score, score score!" Her excitement is contagious, more often than not; Rain seems to weather Fee's happy moods well. "Count me in. Then maybe we can all have dinner out. We can introduce Quinn to proper clothes and new cuisine!" A giggle, she hands the mirror back with a flourish. "Great work. I don't have to be locked away in a bell tower."

"Might be best to talk it out and figure out where things stand. The guy seems to really like you and if you're not interested, cut him free." Sad thing is it may alter their (Rain and Lazarus') friendship.. but Fee doesn't have to supply that. "I bet that's what he wants to chat about. Be prepared."

Rain nods to Fi she doesn't fake her moods with her friends like she might with others so she there is no pretending happiness. It is becoming apparent that is something she isn't capable of. "Dinner would be good." she hasn't had lunch yet so any meal she is going to consider that way. At the theory of what Laz wants to discuss the teen looks kinda panicky as she begins to pack up the kit. "Do I have too?" she isn't looking forward to that bit of awkwardness

Awww.. the note of panic is easily spied by soft-hearted, intuitive Fee. Her tone is concerned, "I think you should. Or it'll only get worse… I know it's awkward. Because I bet you really don't want anything more with him, right? And that's really okay!" She exclaims hastily. "Just, thing is.. we have the whole new year coming up and we don't wanna start it off with bad, awkward vibes, right?" She doesn't ask if Rain feels anything for the Scottish boy in return; no need making this harder. Intuition tells Fee that it goes beyond liking or disliking.

"I'll be closeby, too, if you need support. But I bet he'll be ok with you being upfront in what you want or don't want. He seems the honorable sort of boy to not push things if you don't want them." She offers, feeling strongly for the other girl.

Rain's brows furrow in thought as questions are asked, but she just shrugs in a non-committal fashion. "I don't think so. Should I? It's weird. I used to get crushes on cute guys all the time. I had several but then all of a sudden, nothing." she finds that weird and confusing "Not even Adam Levine…" the Maroon 5 singer, who she had a major crush on for years. No she doesn't have the feels for anyone. "But I have it awkward with enough people, I don't want to add to the list." Fi, Sky and Besa are probably the only people she would admit that too. "I think he knows better than to push things with me..honorable or not."

The girl watches Rain levelly, her head tilting as the blonde mentions the ghosts of crushes past that were then replaced by a whistling nothingness. Inwardly, Fionnuala finds herself mentally vaulting back to that chat with Sky back at the Masters estate, when she had visited. Talk of Rain was a big topic and this… is relevant. The triggering and subduing of personality 'partitions' as her twin had put it. Fionnuala feels a little jab of nervous sadness and squashes it briskly, reaching out to give her bestie a gentle shoulder squeeze. "It's not weird.. but it could save a ton of angst. Just say you're not looking to date right now. You're still figuring things out," Powers and otherwise. There's stuff happening; didn't Sky mention her complete lack of powers when starting at the school with him?

Then the multiplicity, the 'borrowing'… could that all coincide, too, with this abrupt loss of interest?

Fionnuala smiles sweetly, ".. plenty of time to see what's what. Maybe there's better out there than Adam Levine and subconsciously you know it. But really that's just my recommendation. If anything, we're saving the guy from harm if we cut him loose." Said with a sympathetic look.

"It's very weird." she probably won't be convinced otherwise for awhile. Rain is just at that age where anything not main stream is a bit weird. But at the moment it is just confusing for her and not emotionally crippling. "But, no, at least there will be no relationship drama for me, at least not as much as I have seen." there is a smirk of amusement "Well considering Adam Levine is happily married with children and much older…well there is a lot more appropriate guys out there." and she has no interest in any of them

"He's married?" Fee asks outright, then rubs at her temple.. though apart from where the patch continues to mask the Evil Eye on her forehead. "Whooda thunk it… I don't know anything about whatsits like that. To look at him I always thought he got around. But I had no idea." A shrug, her wings twitch. She leans forward to pick up her books and replace then once the kit has been put back into order and closed up. The remaining care kit that was given to her — additional patches, likely some wipes — are slid into a pocket in her purse which has been looped over the back of her seat.

"I actually wanna have a look around that mall to find something for my mom." Fee says offhandedly, fingers brushing the empty scrapbook. "She's been having a rough go of it. Not feeling too good." A strange little glimmer in her eyes that isn't exactly unpleasant. "So I want to find a pick-me-up for her… either a nice shirt or a dress…" There goes the rest of this paycheque!

Rain nods "Yeah. I had VIP tickets to one of his concerts a few years ago, but then part of the tour was cancelled because his wife had the baby." that was a big disappointment "I had meet and greets and everything." and when she says everything she means it. "Sorry your mom isn't feeling well. We will pick something pretty for her." she picks up her kit "I'm going to find the guys and see if they are ready. If I can't find you I'll text." she then begins to head out to go do that and probably get cleaned up too.

"No way!" Clearly, Fee doesn't keep up on pop culture.. not then, perhaps not now. The biggest thing she follows is Rain's blog!

She then looks touched at Rain's earnest thoughts on Flora Reid. Even if the other girl isn't one to inject her words with gushy inflections, Fee just knows that she means it. "Thanks.. maybe a nice dress or even some new makeup! You've seen her palette, maybe you can help me pick out some eyeshadows for her, or…" Fee picks up her books and hugs them to her chest.

"I'm going to get this all put away and get changed." Because snazzy Mall Clothes are important. "I'll meet you down in the foyer, just text!" She sings out after Rain's departing form, and makes to get a move on, herself!

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