(2018-08-02) Coming Clean
Coming Clean
Summary: Syd runs into Bryce in the laundry room after getting her pre-admission physical. They talk. Also neck. Apparently Syd would much rather listen to Bryce than dig into her own issues, but she lets on at least a little.
Date: 2018.08.02
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Laundry Room
This white-washed room with its gray concrete floor isn't much to be thrilled about. There are a few washing machines, the same amount of dryers and a sink. On the far wall is a long table for folding clothes and there is a portable stereo on it. A long flourescent light runs along the ceiling. Talk about a ulitarian room.


Sydney is sitting on the floor supervising the laundry machines. She's freshly showered and scrubbed clean of rust, for what that's worth, but from her expression, she's in a grumpy mood. Perfect time to do laundry, which is what she's doing. She has her ipad and is reading…something.

Bryce normally washed his clothing only once a week; however, with the new clothes Sydney bought him, he brings the couple pants and two shirts that she helped him get as well as some of his school uniforms. He is carrying them though he is clearly using his under armor to help him carry them. When he makes it to the laundry room, he pauses and almost drops his clothing. "Oh, hi, hi Sydney."

Sydney looks up at Bryce. Her grumpy expression fades to mere tiredness. "Hey you." She smiles and rolls to her feet, perhaps anticipating a hug once Bryce puts his laundry down.

Bryce heads to an empty machine and starts to put his laundry in. At first, he just dumps them all on a nearby machine. He then pours the exact amount of laundry soap in as the directions say. Of course, he has read and memorized the directions. He then very methodically places the pieces in. To someone paying attention, he is making to sure keep the balance just right. After closing the lid, he works very carefully to turn the dial to just the point he wants. Meanwhile, he says, "Um, S-Sydney, is something, er wrong?"

Sydney shakes her head. "Nah. Spent the day straightening street signs, and then had my entrance physical for school in the fall. Physicals always make me grumpy. Always have."

Once he finishes getting the laundry running, Bryce turns to face her. "I'm, I'm sorry that you had, uh, a rough day. Do you, er, need anything? I, uh, are there heavy things to pick up, er, still? I don't know if, if I can, but I can try with my, well, the claw." He doesn't go to hug her but that is because he was just carrying all those dirty clothes.

Sydney looks down and thinks. "Well… I could use a hug. I'm a little sore. They wanted to take a sample of me. Hate that. It's like "Oh we want a brain sample." Syd sticks out her tongue. "Eh. It'll grow back. Doesn't seem like I've lost any memories or anything.

Bryce takes a step towards her wanting to give her a hug even though he is still getting used to the idea of touching. "But, um, I'm, I'm dirty from carrying, er, the clothes. Oh, I could get, um, washed up a bit first." He takes a step to a sink which is used to wash delicates. "A sample of…of your brain? How did they do that?"

Sydney raises an eyebrow. "Laundry carrying makes you dirty?" She gestures at the other machine, where her own clothes are running. "I figure I just got out of the shower. I'm clean enough… Um… did I not tell you that I'm not really differentiated inside? I mean…" She pauses, and reaches over to lock the door, and to look for the drain in the floor. Moving as far as she can from it, she takes a deep breath… and melts into a very viscous (like pudding viscous) liquid mass on the floor. Sydney 's clothes are floating on top of the puddle.

Bryce stops before he gets to the sink and says, "Well, they were, uh, dirty. Still are, I guess, because, well, the wash isn't done." He then watches as she dissolves down into a puddle on the ground. He steps very carefully so as not to step in it, her. "Uh," he starts to reach out to touch her but then realizes she doesn't have eyes or ears so she can't see or hear him right now. He stands very still and waits to see what happens.

Points begin emerging from the puddle. Ten of them, in fact, slowly rising out of it and condensing into hands and arms, as though Syd was diving into a pool in reverse. Her head emerges, solidifies, blinks as her hair blues to its usual dark color, and her eyes grow green and reflective, the rest clearing to the usual whites. She goes on emerging. Once her torso is formed (it'd be obvious that her clothes really are still on the floor) she takes a deep breath as though she's been holding it. The process accelerates, not entirely unlike the "making of a cyborg" scene at the beginning of the Ghost in the Shell OAV. When it's done, Syd reaches down for her underwear. "That," she says simply.

Bryce stands there and watches the entire process. That mind of his carefully recording every detail of it. He then remembers what she said right before she liquefied. His eyes open wide when she is completely on display again. He clearly enjoys what he is seeing though he fights with if he should look or not. "So, so you don't, uh, have a defined skin and, uh, inner organs?"

Sydney reaches down to pick up her cutoffs and pulls them on, buttoning them. "Not really. When I form my body, some of me becomes organs, some of me becomes skin, mucous membranes, hair, fingernails, teeth, eyes, and so on. All of it, more or less, is also my brain. Most of that brainpower goes for maintaining my shape, and operating it as a body. I'm no smarter than I was before." She pulls on her t-shirt next without ceremony. Bryce has seen it all before.

"So, when, when they wanted a piece of, well, your brain, you liquified and, and they took a, a, uh, scoop?" He wasn't sure if scoop was the right word though. "And you just regrow, uh, it?"

Sydney focuses her attention a little, going into “Be your own bra” mode.
Bryce says, "Oh, uh, sorry." He then waits until she is done dressing. "You, uh, can make your own clothing, but you still wear clothing?"

"I can a little. It just… it still feels like I'm naked when I do. Also, I conduct heat really well, and if you cool me below 40 degrees my metabolism shuts down, so I have to keep warm.

Bryce says, “So, even, er in clothing you make, it is, is still you so you don't feel dressed. Clothing serves as, uh, modesty and insulation." He watches to see her reaction and thinks back to how she helped him when he wasn't doing well.

Sydney nods. "Mmhmm. Exactly." She watches where his eyes go. "Sorry I'm not feeling very sexy today. Be thankful your genitals are on the outside. That's the second worst part of today."

When she says that she isn't feeling very sexy, without worrying about cleaning up, Bryce steps towards her. His circlet flashes removing the under armor he used to carry his clothing down here. He then pauses for a half second as he isn't the one usually initiating the hug. He swallows and steps another step until he can wraps his arms around her. He very gingerly places his hands on her back which is odd considering she is much stronger than he.

Sydney hugs back gently, and yes, her chest softens again noticeably, now that she's making no attempt to hide the fact that she does that. She rests her head on his shoulder and sighs, relaxes…not so much that she puddles again, but a bit. "Yeah… the day just got better, for sure."

As she relaxes into him, Bryce feels a bit more confident like he actually did the right thing here. Of course, it helped that she came out and said she needed a hug. He just holds her like that for a bit though his hands on her back press a bit stronger now. "I, I know I'm not, uh, much, but I'm here if you, you need me. Well, not exactly here because being here in the laundry room all the time would be rather odd and make doing my studies rather difficult, but, uh, if you need me, I'll try to be where you need me to, to be."

Sydney gives Bryce a gentle squeeze. "Thank you. Why do you think you're not much?"

Bryce just holds her like that not really sure what else to do. "Uh, I, well, you know how you are, well, metallic? Well, I, that is how I feel. Er, not metallic, but, uh, like I'm not that much. It, I guess it has to do more with, uh, with how my father and the, the sc-doctors reared me." He starts to rub her lower back wondering if that helps.

Sydney mmms and runs her hand up under Bryce's shirt to pet his bare back. She kisses Bryce softly on the neck. "Not that human, you mean?"

Bryce shrugs and isn't quite sure that is what he feels or not. He shivers a bit when she rubs his back and kisses his neck. "I've read, uh, books about how, how people live and grow up. I was, was more of a science experiment or a, a lab right, I guess. Though, I, uh, feel a bit foolish talking to, to you about this. You've gone through your, your own things."

Sydney hugs Bryce gently. "Hey. Just because I had my struggles doesn't make yours not matter. I know what it's like being a lab animal." She kisses Bryce softly. "You're human. So am I. Whatever people told us in the past isn't true if it didn't say that."

Bryce just presses his hand to her lower back and thinks quietly for a moment. He then says, "At least, at least you are a pretty lab animal." It is his attempt of making a joke and giving a compliment at the same time. He isn't sure that is possible especially considering he is bad at both.

Sydney chuckles and draws both hands up to Bryce's face and kisses him deeply. "Thank you.”

Bryce's brain freezes for a moment when she kisses him. It is as though all his mental processes focus in on this event. After a couple seconds, he starts kissing her back though without the intensity of hers, it is a good display of emotion for him.

Sydney mmms and smiles lightly into the kiss and teases Bryce's lip with the tip of her tongue.

Bryce wonders what she is doing with her tongue. He tries to copy her though he really doesn't do a good job of it. He just sticks his tongue out a little bit. He does slide the hand that was on her lower back down a bit lower onto her shorts.
Sydney lightly plays her tongue over Bryce's, then draws hers back between her lips, a tease, an invitation…perhaps a lesson.
Or course, poor Bryce doesn't get it. He hasn't read a book on kissing because he didn't think he'd be doing a lot of it. He pauses and thinks he did something wrong with either his hand or his own tongue. He pulls his tongue back further into his mouth and closes his lips just in case.

Sydney breaks the kiss and brushes her nose against Bryce's. "You're getting it. It's kind of a tease back and forth."

Bryce takes a bit of a breath when she breaks the kiss. "Oh, I'm glad I'm, well, doing better. I really don't know what, uh, I'm doing." He then realizes that is hand is still down on the top part of her bumm so he slides it back up onto her lower back.
Sydney smiles. "We could practice more."
Bryce nods his head and says, "But, um, maybe not here in the, the laundry room. How about we, uh," he takes a breath trying to get the courage to ask this. "I take you, uh, on a .. a .. date." He then very quickly adds, "If, if you want to."

Sydney drapes her arms around Bryce's waist. "I'd love to. Got some place in mind?

Bryce seems a bit surprised when she agrees to it. Not only that, she seems to look forward to it. Amazing. "Uh, y-yes. Yes I do. But, er, I want to keep it, it a secret until then. I would say, uh, that we should go, er, now, but, well, we should probably not go when our laundry is going."
Sydney nods. "Okay." She curls a smile. "I feel a lot better. Thank you."
Bryce decides to leave his hand on her lower back and move his other hand up into her hair so he can try running his fingers through it. He doesn't even know if she will like that or if it is even possible. "I'll, uh, even let you know what you should-should wear." He sounds a bit hesitant saying that hoping he isn't being too forceful or bossy.

Sydney chuckles. "Just tell me formal, informal, swimware, like that. I have a pretty limited wardrobe.
But Bryce doesn't tell her. At least not yet. Instead he just says, "O, okay. I will be sure to, to let you know." He lowers his hand down from her hair as that didn't seem to work out too well. Maybe he can try again later.

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