(2018-07-31) Weighted Dreams
Weighted Dreams
Summary: It was all quiet until it seems something was stomping around outside the temp school during the night. Alejandra was up already but the 'stomps' seem to wake up Rain, Schuyler, and Bea.
Date: 2018.07.31
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Scene Runner: Zolin

It's roughly around 2 AM when it happens. There's a low, groaning rumble that occurs in the earth, something causing a tremor that's low key, but definitely felt. For those interested, it actually seems quite local, pointing towards the school as the source of where this is coming from.

Alejandra was already there, in the ballroom/slash gym trying to burn off some extra energy. As she feels the rumble she just blinks then as she looks up. Wearing a pair of shorts and sports bra, those tennis shoe clad feet stop that lap around the room. Slowly she makes her way over to that large window as the short Latina decides to peer out the window.

If it was the summer last year, Sky would have slept through any rumbling sensations, thanks to his prescription sleeping pill. Now, however, while Ambien has him sleep-shop online and sleep-cook, it doesn't prevent him from being awakened in the middle of the night. He didn't hear anything, of course, but sensation of the tremor jerks him awake. There's a brief mental check to make sure that Rain is ok before he sits up in his bed and waits to see if anything else will happen or if he can go back to sleep.

Besa panics, as one would when they have only ever felt an earthquake in very bad situations. He and Cocoa are up and running out of the room towards the staircase. He's dressed in sleepy ants and an old goth shirt of Sky's. His hair is the epitome of the best bed head ever. Stopping at the stairs he looks around to see if anyone else felt that, or perhaps it was just the start of a very bad dream that cocao managed to nip in the bud.

Sleep doesn't always come easy to Rain, she is frequently woken up my nightmares herself or just can't sleep at all…or stay asleep. She can't be good at everything and she certainly isn't good at sleeping. As the tremor hits she is heading down the stairs on a mission for some hot herbal tea to maybe relax her brain. The tremor has her stopping and reaching for the railing of the stairs bracing in case the tremor gets worse. »>I'm fine Sky…«< there is a pause as she gets all the sensations from her brother too »>You felt it too.«< the commotion at the top of the stairs has her looking up at the panicky Besa and she begins to head back up toward him and Cocoa "Besa, are you okay?"

Looking outside, Ali would be able to see.. something.. it looks like a massive indent has literally pressed the ground out near the school. It's in a line, leading off towards the town itself. Anything in that line looks either crushed or bent over, as if the center pushed everything away in it's passing. This line goes for a good 30 feet then stops, abruptly.

The tremor ended for a moment and there's about 5 minutes of silence before the next one happens. This time, closer to the houses with a crunching of pavement, breaking of metal and glass in cars. Anything along the street is treated to that similar fate as.. something.. goes moving along it.

Alejandra blinks as she sees that indent. "…what that….?" She takes a step back from that window as she puts a hand to her chest. "…stay calm…." When that next one happens, her eyes go wider as she stumbles back from that window a bit. Her muscles would tighten as the hairs on the back of her neck and arms start stand on end. Looking around she just seems turn and make her way out of the room. Moment of truth as she starts to make her way out to the entry way then and just stops.

«I did…» is offered to his sister and he almost goes back to sleep when the next tremor hits. With a frown, he hops out of bed, shoves his feet in some slippers, and makes his way downstairs to join his sister and a few others who thought to investigate. He reaches out to give Besa, what he hopes to be, a reassuring pat on the shoulder before he moves closer to the door to peer outside. But then he peers back inside. «I think someone's having a nightmare.» The question is, who?

Besa nods to Rain, although he's frowning, "I did not think earthquakes happen here? Is Schuyler alright?" He's assuming she knows. Poor Cocoa is not happy.But then there's Sky, "Are you alright?" Even as he asks he starts making his way down the stair as well to look out, "Go back to bed, Cocoa." A nightmare? Who has earth powers, "Could it be Mr. Inferno? Should we try to wake him up?" He glances to Alejandra, "Are you alright, Alejandra?"

"I don't know." Rain shrugs "I guess they happen here, just very rarely." Sky's appearance answers that question for her. She furrows her brow as she hears what Sky is theorizing. She isn't going to argue, she knows enough about powers to realize that people using them in sleep is not only possible, but probable as well "I'm pretty sure if it was Inferno the place would be on fire and not just shaking." she follows her brother down the stairs, unlike him she is barefoot, but she is in her pajamas as well. As one usually is in the middle of the night. Not really knowing Alejandra she gives the girl a cool look "Can you tell who it is?" she signs to Sky as she speaks out loud.

Once again, this goes on for a bit of time, the street throughly ruined in that travel before the thing causing the impact is gone. There's another few moments of silence and this time, a crashing crunch sounds from just outside of the billiard's room. That impact is moving away from the house, starting outside of that room and heading towards the city, indenting the ground as that low tremor is felt again, shuddering on a relatively quiet scale.

Alejandra looks over quickly to Besa then. Pursing her lips she just puts her hand to her chest. "I'm..I'm fine. This just…..has me skittish…." Her hazel eyes seem to shift slightly to something more feline but back as quickly. "I'm just nervous is all…." Clearing her throat she looks back out before frowning a bit. "…I just need to stay calm is all…." She looks to the crunching and shakes her head. "Is it…is it moving to the city?"

Schuyler looks the new student up and down as he doesn't know her, before he nods to Besa. He's fine. Glancing back to Rain, he seems about ready to answer when the next tremor comes along. «This is going to be really bad if they find out that it came from the school. Does the school have property insurance?» For other people's properties? He watches the destruction a moment and frowns, trying to concentrate before he offers, in both ASL and mental-speech, «It's not earth powers. It's Gravity. They're pushing out and that's what's making the dents.»

Besa just shakes his head then, he's got no idea who has Earthquake powers! He physically winces at the crash outside the billiards room, "Who's bedroom is above this?" This as in the Billiards room. He will reach out to touch Alejandra's arm though, "You are safe. Be calm." And then he smiles before dropping his hand and starting towards the stairs. But then Sky says the magic word, "It's Zolin! We must find him!" Besa looks to Rain as she's able to drive.

"You get used to it." the teen girl assures Alejandra. She is worried, clearly, but she doesn't seem nervous. There is another shrug from Rain. She doesn't know much about insurance either, just that she has it on her car, but that doesn't have anything to do with what Sky is worried about "Gravity?" she doesn't recall any students that have that for powers but than Besa is supplying the answer "Who's Zolin?" she asks even though she has meet him twice and skateboarded with him. "Do you know where he lives?" if he is the one causing this he needs to be stopped. "I'll get my keys, meet me at my car." which is parked in the parking area of the school, which hopefully wasn't smooshed by a gravity well.

Once again, that power in force would rumble for a few moments and then fade off into silence. The lack of the tremor seems odd. So does the fact that everything seems.. lighter. A different aspect of the dream maybe? The local area around teh school is definitely dealing with reduced gravity now, giving a spring to step and easily have mad hops if someone was to be playing basketball. Some of the smaller cars in the parking lot are actually slightly off their wheels too. Although easy enough to push them back down.

Alejandra looks over to them then at that. "Gravity boy is doing this?" She purses her lips then as she raises her hand. "I know where he lives…but a car is going to take too long…..roads. I'll get there faster…..I can be faster than a car at times anyway." Fidgeting she just looks around before she groans. "Mierda….I just got these shorts…." With that she just starts her way outside. "I don't know the address….I just know how to get there. Does anyone have a way to follow me in a sense?" With that she looks ahead. "Speak now before I get going…because then I won't be able to talk….not like that anyway."

«The guy on the skateboard. Who cheats because he can be weightless, therefore letting him do all sorts of skating tricks,» Sky reminds his twin. He then looks to Besa, «He's not staying at the school?» That's…annoying. He then looks to the girl he doesn't know and just blinks.

Besa stops at the door, suddenly unsure, "Will this affect us if we try to get to the car?" They don't need to floor away, that won't be helpful. Looking between the three otters students, "No? I do not have such powers to follow…" Well, not track her. He turns to the twins, "I will use a rune on us, yes? To go fast." And then he quickly goes to a side table to find a pen and paper.

"If you know where he lives maybe you should stick with us and not run off on your own." Rain tells Alejandra in that cool detached tone of hers that just may have a touch of condecension in it. "Because no one here can track you if you do." there is a glance at Sky as he reminds her of who Zolin is, "Oh him." she doesn't sound thrilled. "Gravity doesn't care where you are, it's going to effect you the same no matter what." as for Besa using ruins on them "Going fast isn't going to work that well if we can't run properly." which will also make driving harder too really.

Good, bad, or otherwise, the gravity does return back to normal after a little bit. It doesn't last as long as the crushing lines that have been occurring. It's shortly after that lighter gravity happens that the low tremor can be felt again. Although the actual line of destruction doesn't seem to be near the school this time. At least, no loud crunching noise is nearby.

Alejandra just rolls her eyes. That's when she just pulls down her shorts then and shakes here head as she stands there in just her sports bra and panties. Looking back at them she just tosses her shorts back into the door. "Those better still be there when I get back…." At that she just takes a deep breath before she hunches over and gasps. "….just….stay close. It's not like…." That's when the sounds of bones cracking she just folds over to the ground. "….can't understand…." With that what garments were left tear off of her as her body quickly becomes covered in long black fur. Her features quickly go from that short girl to that of a large panther….more to the size of a large tiger. Once that transformation was complete, she shakes herself a bit with a low purr like growl. With that, her cat like hazel eyes turn to them then as she turns to look at them before jerking her head away from the school.

Schuyler just blinks as the girl strips down and shifts. He then looks to Rain and Besa for a long moment before shaking his head. «I'm going back to bed. If you want to go chase her, fine. Maybe just pour a bucket of water over his head to wake him up.» There's a roll of his own eyes before he starts to make his way back upstairs.
GAME: Save complete.

Or not, the pen doesn't work. Besa's bed head is starting to look even more anime, defying gravity literally now. "This is not…working." He finds a pencil and does the rune but does tear it just yet. It there's stuff happening. Are the twins not going? He doesn't seem as shocked by Alejandra's transformation (He gathered that the first talk they had), but he he frowns as she strips and makes comment bout her shorts, "No one is going to steal your clothing!" A long sigh and he looks to Rain, she can be part of the rune or no, but it seems the cat is going. He'll tear the paper in half. All that wish to have the effects of the quickness can fell the ability to move faster. He follows Alejandra ,a momentary speedster in PJs.

"However we are going to get there, let's just go before something more imporant than trees and bushes get smashed in the gravity wells." and that is the extent of Rain's reaction to the other girl stripping and shifting. Her best friend is a shifter as is her BFF's boyfriend, so nothing new. And she certainly isn't going to steal anyone's clothing…it isn't even designer! She is right behind Besa, catching up after taking a moment to adjust to the speedster stuffs. She will have to practice with that power later.

It doesn't take that long, with Ali leading the way for the others, to get to Zolin's house. The roads around it are a mess, it seems the most of the gravity wells have been happening here. However, while the sidewalk is crushed and the street, none of the houses have been hit it seems. Only open spaces with a bit of a straight line. The front door of the house is locked.

Alejandra comes to a skidding halt outside of the door. Sitting back on her haunches, she picks up a paw to thump on the door looking back at the other two. With that she backs up and starts to skulk around the house a bit but keeping her ears open. Now she'll wait to see if they can get the door open before just…breaking stuff or resorting to climbing.

Besa skids and unfortunately isn't used to running this fast, or maybe it's he anticipated a gravity change that wasn't there. Either way, he face plants, using his face to stop himself. A groan and he manages to call out, "I am alright, wake Zolin before something else changes!"

Besa takes a moment as he goes up tot the door, trying to catch his breath and working his jar slightly, his chin as a pretty impressive scratch, and his hands are scratched and will bruise later. Never one to be wasteful he wipes the blood from his chin, makes a slightly defeated face he'll tell Rain as Alejandra is already inside, "I will open the door." And unless stopped, he'll draw the rune for open on the door with his blood and then break it by swiping his finger through it. The lock can be heard clicking open. "Zolin? You need to wake up!"

At the news Rain looks around "Good for her." not that she uses a tone that suggests it is, but one shouldn't expect cheer from the teen, especially in the middle of the night when she would rather be sleeping. Eying the wounds on Besa she steps aside to let him do his magic "When we get back to the school I will help you bandage yourself up." he has no choice in that matter, her tone suggests that much. Following him in she looks around in the dark room to get her bearings and to find a light.

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