(2018-07-30) Bad Girls
Bad Girls
Summary: Two of the less obedient girls at school meet.
Date: 2018-07-30
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Sierra doesn't like the beach…or more particularly, the sand. When you have a lot of fire in your life, the dampening effect of sand can be quite the annoyance. But it's the only place she can get some privacy. And she's found some nice rocks to sit on to watch the ocean. Water she is fine with…but that damn sand.

The Latina is dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt that reads 'Vagitarian'. Sitting cross-legged, she has her laptop on her lap (appropriately), typing away every now and then. Her baseball cap is on backwards and stuck between her lips is a smoldering joint.

In addition to the relative isolation, Stephanie enjoys walking on the beach near the Estate as a reminder of back home in LA; or, the beaches near LA. Today, she's wearing a classic black 'Guns N Roses' t-shirt and denim cut-off shorts. He's barefoot, having left her sneakers up closer to the Estate. Her phone is in her shorts pockets, and a long wire trails from the pocket to the earbuds in her ears, playing some Social Distortion at levels probably not good for long-term hearing preservation.

As Stephanie walks down the beach, she sees the lone girl on the rocks. Steph keeps some distance, knowing well the need to be alone sometimes, but she gives the Latina a quick wave and a "Hey," in greeting as she moves along.

Sierra glances up from her screen and offers a curious smile to the other girl. "Hey." Her eyes narrow a little as she tries to recognise her…nope. "You new here?" Hopefully, she hasn't just wandered in and is actually a student. A draw on her joint before she waves Stephanie over with an offer of the weed. "Would you like some? Cool t-shirt."

Ah yes, the familiar aroma reaches Stephanie now and she looks much less uptight. "Yeah, just arrived a couple days ago. And, fuck yes, I'd *love* a hit. Been a month since I last sparked." Still smiling, she heads over to the rock and takes a seat next to the other girl. "I'm Stephanie, by the way." She waits patiently for the joint to be passed to her, then takes a long, deep draw, holding the smoke in then exhaling through her nose before handing it back. "Damn, that feels good…"

"Sierra" the Latina replies as she hands over the joint. "Stephanie? Seriously?" A little half smile for a moment. "I used to date a Stefanie. Second person I met at the old school. I don't think it will surprise you that smoking joints is frowned upon by the staff, so I have to come out here. They should have a few puffs to chill out. How come you ended up here?" She still has a slight Mexican accent even after all this time.

Sierra's suggestion that they might get into trouble elicits a shrug from Stephanie. "Fuck the rules," she growls. "And it's kind of a long story how I got here. But, ran away from my fucked up family when my powers appeared a couple years ago. Lived on the streets of LA. Survived how I could; mostly by snatch & grab, smash & grab, or boosting cars. Crashed a car I boosted one night while 5-0 was on my ass. Used my powers to try and get away, heroes got called in to stop me. So, it was either juvie or come here to complete the school and have m slate wiped."

Sierra grins about what they should do to the rules. "I like you" she giggles before offering a high five…and grabbing her joint back for another drag. She will offer it up again. "Sounds like you had it rough…but I guess you were free." A glance down at Stephanie's ankle. "Thought you might have been wearing an anklet or something. You know…those things that let them know when you've run away. You an Ares? You should be."

Happily, gives Sierra the hi-5, then takes another hit from the joint. "Nah, no ankle jewelry. They straight LoJacked me." She rolls up her right sleeve to show the incision mark where the locator chip was placed. "And is Ares one of those Team things they were talking about?" Stephanie gives a non-committal shrug. "Honestly, I don't care what Team or whatever they put me in. Just as long as I have a bed. I'm not here to do the Team thing or drink the hero Kool-Aid; just want to do my time then bounce." She looks at Sierra for a bit, pondering. "So, are you, like, Kaylee's ex? She mentioned her ex was a hardcase that softened up."

Sierra peers at the scar on the arm and is glad she hasn't been so marked. "That sucks. You can't rip it out or something? Jam it? I might be able to help with that" she shrugs, lips pursed in thought. "Maybe hack into the sensors? If it's linked up to the computers here then I might be able to do something. But, yeah, Ares is one of the Teams. The ones who always get in trouble. Not that I have done much team work." A little laugh about being Kaylee's ex before she shakes her head. "Nah. Me and Kaylee have never been an item. That was…umm…Violet. Yeah…that was her name. I think she has only had the one ex. One girl ex. No, I date Saoirse. You would have to ask her if I am soft."

"Ah," Stephanie says. "The blonde girl that dive bombed me my first day here, on the beach. Never been around so many gay girls before; even in LA." She smirks at Sierra. "No problem with it or anything, just…" She shrugs. "Fuck, I dunno. Sort of too messed up to figure out how I feel about girls or guys, you know? In my life, love and affection isn't exactly in abundance." She takes a deep breath and leans back to stretch out on the rock. "But, it's all cool. Be with who you want to be with, an' all that."

"That sounds like something Saoirse would do" Sierra nods sagely…and with a little sigh. "Wait…there are more gay girls? Give me their room numbers?" she teases. "Just kidding. I'm trying out this monogamy thing with Saoirse. It's tough but worth it. I mean, have you seen that girl's ass?" A light laugh before she nods to Stephanie. "No rush to be in relationships. We all have shit we need to deal with. Right back at you, be with who you want to be with, even if that is yourself." A pause before she feels she needs to add, "I didn't mean that in a masturbation way. Use this place to get your head sorted. Don't need to obey them to do that."

Stephanie breaks out into giggles. "I'll take your word about her ass." She settles back down and sighs. "I mean, I guess. On the head sorting thing. No comment on the finger-banging." Stephanie eyes Sierra with a smirk. "Still, it's like…I was doing fine on my own. Maybe not following the law, but the law's never done anything for me, you know? Why am I the one that needs to 'get my shit sorted'; it's the rest of the world that can't get it's shit together, you know?"

"Yeah…I guess you have a point" Sierra shrugs about how the world should change. "But there's more of them than you" she winks. "Hey…I know what it's like to be a loner. To be fighting the world. I maybe hacked a few things in my time but you gotta know when to hold them…and all that cliche stuff. If you're roaming the streets robbing and stealing, then all those other people in the world ain't gonna be happy. But if you just want to be alone then I'm on your side. And the law sort of does things for us. Like, if there was no law, you steal from someone, they kill you. I dunno if you're invulnerable or anything like that. The law means you are here instead of dead. Same for me. My priest wanted to burn me at the stake…and he convinced an awful lot of people to think the same." She sighs before another drag. "Life can be shit. Law can be shit. Adults can be shit. But it could always be worse. Fuck…I sound like a teacher." She frowns at Stephanie before playfully squeaking, "Help me. I'm becoming boring."

"Nah," Stephanie reassures Sierra with a smile. "You just learned the main lessons. Life isn't fair. Nothing's right unless someone makes it right. And the law doesn't always look out for the people it's supposed to help." She sits back up, crossing her arms in front of her. "My dad beat me and my mom almost as long as I've been alive. The law didn't stop him. Neighbors that heard the beatings didn't do anything. About 5 or 6 years ago, he broke my arm." She holds up her left arm, drawing a line with a finger over her wrist to indicate the location of the break. "You'd think that'd be it; he would have been caught. But my dad worked construction. SO, he knew a doctor that was…flexible. You know, for getting guys on workers comp. It ended up costing him a lot of money out of pocket, but no-one told the cops when I got my arm put in a cast. Teachers didn't ask much when I showed up at school with a cast beyond 'how did you hurt yourself'. Told them I fell out of a tree and the left it at that." Stephanie shrugs and looks out over the waves. "You want fairness in the world? You want justice? You gotta make it yourself instead of relying on others."

"Sounds like people need improving, not the law. I mean, the law says what happened to you and your mom is wrong and should be punished. It wasn't the law that let you down, it was people" Sierra replies with all the wisdom of her seventeen years. "Is your dad dead now? He should be. And that doctor. And the neighbors if they knew. Your teachers…they can only go by what you tell them so I'd let them live. But if you need me to take a trip to L.A. to sort things out…"

"He's not dead," Stephanie answers with a disgusted tone. "But he ain't hurting anyone else. One night, he tried hitting me. I changed." There's a brief pause, and then, Stephanie's body transforms; no longer made of flesh and blood but of a blue crystal that sparkles in the sunlight as she moves. "I hit him back. Knocked his sorry ass through the front door. I ran away and never looked back." She shifts back to her human form. "After the cops picked me up and found out what was going on, they told me I'd broken three of his ribs and dislocated a couple of his vertebrae with that hit. He was on permanent disability now, drinking away his checks. So, he's not worth anyone's time or effort now. Especially mine."

"Wow…that's pretty" Sierra smiles about the crystalline form. "I guess you are pretty indestructible then. Super strength? Can you fly?" A solemn nod. "Yeah, better to make him suffer like that. Bastard. Though, hey, if you want something more, you know who to ask. Oh…and you still have your clothes on after you change back. Cool."

"Gotta wear loose clothes, normally," Stephanie explains. "I get about a foot taller and pack on an extra 100 pounds or so. But yeah, I can lift a car or truck. Pretty tough. But I haven't done, like, serious testing. Just know that I'm pretty much bulletproof and smash through walls and doors and shit like that. That's it, though." She looks at Sierra curiously. "How about you? What's your thing?"

"My thing is not reading signs" Sierra smirks. "I was on a school excursion back in Mexico at some ruins. The hot girls were being their usual dickhead selves so I wandered off and found this passageway that had only been discovered but no aired yet. I ignored the signs and went in. There was an Aztec fire god inside and now he's inside me." She holds out her right hand and a fireball appears from nowhere, the heat obvious as it rotates in the air. "He teaches me spells when he can remember them. I can fly and stuff too. Not super strong and definitely not bulletproof. I got shot only last year helping out a girlfriend. Not Saoirse, another one."

"So, that's the switch to the one girl policy?" Stephanie asks in a teasing tone. "That's kinda crazy, though. I mean, I guess everyone's story is a bit crazy. But the whole Aztec Fire God thing is…" She suddenly smirks and laughs. "And what a total perv! Like there weren't any adult males he could have bonded to. No, it had to be the teen girl,"

"He just grabbed the first person through the door" Sierra shrugs, "At least that's what he tells me. He didn't know when someone else was going to show up. I don't think he was too excited by it either. I mean, a teenage nerd girl is not the most powerful vessel to help him rule the world." She things for a moment. "But I was definitely into girls before him…I think. So it's not because I have a guy in me…in a spiritual sense. Besides, he looks more like a snake than a human." A little giggle. "Yeah…he might be a total perve too."

Stephanie smiles wide, then stands up on the rock. "Well, I'm gonna head back to the house. Need to get a few things done before dinner. But, it was really great to meet you. I was afraid that coming here was going to be like, trapped in Hell School with all the popular kids having super-powers. But there's a lot of chill kids here. Definitely people I can hang with."

"Nice to meet you too, Steph" Sierra smiles before handing over the last of the joint. "All yours. If you ever need some more, I have a stash in my room. Some of the people are cool. Some are weird. Good luck."

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