(2018-07-30) Abandoned Hospital Trip for Verbal Diarrhea
Abandoned Hospital Trip for Verbal Diarrhea
Summary: Daxton discovers the criminal gang that Dylan belonged to in the abandoned hospital.
Date: 2018-07-30
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NPCs: Carl, Marco
Scene Runner: Mutual

Abandoned Hospital — Shady Cove

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.

Two days after the jewelry store was hit, Dylan is back up on the second floor of the abandoned with a couple of his "friends" as they are planning their next job. You see everything up to this point in Shady Cove has been just a set up for hitting the bank. The real target is not the vault, but a series of safety deposit boxes. The diamonds and money are just pleasant distractions to divert the attention from what they were hired to retrieve. While a gruff black man is talking with a man if mixed heritage - at least partly Hispanic stare at a blue print map stretched out over a folding card table. The smaller form of Dylan is scrunched up against the walls reading a paperback book. It is still early-ish in the morning. The boy's attention is firmly planted in the book, so it is of no surprised when the small piece of broken sheet rock, thrown by the larger black man, "Yo, dip shit… I am talking to you… get your head out of your ass already!" His voice has that deep, grating tone of metal bending under its own weight.

Daxton came out early to maybe do some parkour before work, and honestly he came out to make sure none of Callisto's family had come to the scene of where Daxton broke the sister's neck. Yes, this is a place of death, welcome. As he steps inside, it's hard to not hear the bellow from upstairs. Damn it, he wasn't really looking for a fight, but that sounds like one brewing. There's a brief moment of considering calling someone else as back up, but then he rolls his eyes at himself and just sends Pulse a quick what's up. The team is getting better at that. The speedster then starts making his way up the stairs, purposefully kicking some debris as he starts to whistle off key.

A different voice - that of the Hispanic man - can be heard. "Blink, go see what's up." Stepping into the stairwell is a young teenage boy. Not exactly what one might expect after hearing the voices of at least two very adult voices. That alone makes the situation seem less than kosher. The kid leans against the railing, which in itself isn't the safest of things. He has a very black-eye and swollen lip. "Hey, Dude." The boy calls out to Daxton, "Hey, Dude… bit early, don't you think?"

Great, kids +adults in situations like this is never good. While Daxton is still technically a teen, he's got army body. "Dude. Bit sketch to be up there, don't you think?" While he stops where he is, he's taking in everything he sees, this 'Blink'. The two other voices.

Dylan looks at Daxton, "Sketchy? How you thinking? Unless your mind is in the gutter already… then is it sketchy or whatcha call it.. fraudian?" The kid looks at Daxton, "Let me guess.. you like to hang out in park restrooms too?"

"You wish." Yeah, he's still more teenage than adult in his mannerisms. Daxton's head shakes, bright blue eyes glance around quickly to make sure he's not getting snuck up on. "People come in and out of here a lot, stuff happens. If you're gang doesn't want people walking in on them, they should find a better place to lay low." If they're beating the crap out of this kid, they'll beat the crap outta random non powered kids who stumble in here to smoke.

Dylan raises an eyebrow. "Not completely bad looking, but um… not really into old dudes… " The smirk fades from his lips, "Gang? Seriously do I look like I'm part of a gang?" One thing Daxton did get right for sure, someone has beat the crap out of the kid. Funny thing though, the two voices have silenced.

Daxton does sneak at that, although if it's about him being old, or just the weird off handed compliment. "Right. Well, I was going to go practice. I do that here. A lot of people do.' Practice what exactly? "I'd rather not have to deal with getting jumped and having to deal with you and your not gang, so…yeah." He's well aware the voices stopped, he's ready to move fast if necessary. "Maybe a new loitering location should be on the to-do list today."

Dylan rolls his eyes and shakes his head, "Dude, okay, let's pretend that you have a working brain, and let's assume you might be right about me being a gangbanger and we're up to no good. Don't you think that a new place to practice might be on the to-do list today?" The kid seems almost legitimately concerned, "Assuming that you're right, you really don't want to be here, dude.. just sayin'." It is more of a warning than a threat.

Daxton actually smirks, amused. He knows that Unit 23 isn't 'known', but if they were? Yeah, that's funny. "I really don't think you should assume that I couldn't deal with a group of punk ass bitches who send a beat kid to warn off people."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Carl=6 Vs Daxton=Physical
< Carl: Great Success Daxton: Good Success
< Net Result: Carl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marc=8 Vs Daxton=Physical
< Marc: Great Success Daxton: Good Success
< Net Result: Marc wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Dylan rolls Skipping: Success.

Leaning over the railing of the stairwell of the old hospital, Dylan just shakes his head at Daxton who is in the process of heading up the stairs, "Serious dude… just get out of here while you can." Two forms step out the doorway behind the teenage boy, both of which dwarf the kid. A tall black man sneers, "Too late, Abercrombie ain't goin' nowhere." Sure enough, Daxton's feet seem cemented in place. The muscular man with shoulder-length cracks his knuckles. "A decaying hospital is a fitting place to die." He punches the air, as several spear-like protrusions of concrete stretch from the wall.

The spikes would have certainly been the death of Daxton, were it not for the fact that Dylan blinked from his perch on the second floor to right in front of Daxton. The boy grabs hold of the speedster, then the two blink out of the stairwell. The two don't land very neatly, landing with the inertia of Dylan's grab. Carl's voice can be heard yelling out, "You done screwed up big time now, Blinks… you'll be locked in the trunk for the next week!"

The two are in eyesight of the stairwell, from the point that Daxton was standing, meaning they are on the first floor about ten yards from the stairwell.

Daxton's body is strangely vibrating, adrenaline and anger now spreading through him, "Cocksucker!" Who that is directed at is hard to say. The older teen is solid, and clearly strong as he is suddenly on his feet and moving up the stairs faster than humanly possible. Strangle though his phone is out and his hand and there's a speed dial happening to the Unit.

Regarding what has been happening in this haunt of a hospital… the sounds of conflict carried. Callisto hasn't a good track record here. Not only did she nearly die twice and her nefarious sister get her neck broken by Daxton but.. yeah. She was working over at the cat house that she and Brier have been nurturing over on the dirty stretch of street that constitutes Maple Drive's 'main drag' when she heard sounds; voices. Naturally, Callisto investigates. What if Nesialora has somehow returned? What if a sibling has returned to avenge her?

She approached quietly, and it is a credit to Callisto's powerful mind and resolve that she not fly off the handle at what she is gradually becoming aware of. She entered the ruin of what was once a place of salvation for the sick, and her voice barks into the space, close to the stairwell leading up to the floors beyond the first. Hey, she's at least a distraction!

Daxton's call does not hail the Unit but rather, a dark faerie. She stands, outfitted in tight black pants and a fitted black halter. She is covered in cat hair (anticlimactic much?) but her tone and eyes are fearsome. "DO NOT." She hollers, hair trembling between her shoulder blades. "Hurt him." Said in a baleful whisper.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Carl=6 Vs Dylan=Physical
< Carl: Good Success Dylan: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marco=8 Vs Daxton=physical
< Marco: Good Success Daxton: Great Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

Dylan staggers a bit as Daxton zooms away and back into the fray. "Shit… I didn't mean to save him, honest…. I just.." His feet want to remain rooted in place. Carl does not have to gain the advantage on Dylan as he had with Daxton because being stilled is one of the boy's worst nightmares, a thing the man knows all too well. Everything kind of cuts off for the boy for the moment. As he slides down against the wall, a nice red smeer is left behind. As Daxton starts heading back for more, Marco is unprepared for the speedster as the launch of stoney spikes miss him by far.

Daxton spends 1 luck points on to drop Marco.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=physical+50 Vs Marco=8
< Daxton: Good Success Marco: Failure
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=physical +50 Vs Marco=8
< Daxton: Good Success Marco: Good Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Marginal Victory

Daxton follows the stone spikes, his entire demeanor shifting for those that could see it into something more….buissness like. These guys wanna play? Good. He speeds past the spikes, skipping through moments until his fist goes crashing into the man's head, preferable the temple area to knock him the F down. His feet takes him a step beyond Marco, but that just means he'll be able to strike again for behind if needed.

There is a look of surprise on Marco's face. No he is not used to fighting other powered individuals. Daxton's fist lands squarely on the man's temple, sending the man flying from the force. Meanwhile Carl's hands are on his temples. "That's right, you lil' bitch… that's just the beginning… we's gonna lock you up until you…" Then he notices Daxton taking out his friend, "da fuck?"

The willowy girl resumes her approach, mercifully overseen in the fray. Marco is struck down and Callisto waits.. watches. She is not the sort to force herself upon situations. Daxton seems to have control here but the girl yet waits, her stark gaze affixed upon Carl. Her lips twitch at the incredulous uttering of 'da fuck'… and yet she waits. Callisto is //good/ at waiting~

She focuses.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=Physical Vs Carl=6
< Daxton: Amazing Success Carl: Great Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

Daxton snarls silently, speeding around the fallen Marco and launches himself at Carl. Beating up kids? Locking them up? That strikes a nerve with the once kidnapped and strapped to a medical gurny Tempo. He should be glad it's not Afterthought or his brain would just be melted instead of him just getting clocked by the speedster.
From afar, Callisto will be attempting to approach you next round; that feasible while Dax tangles with Carl?

Carl was more prepared than Marco for the speedster's assault. As Daxton launches himself at him, Carl is actually able to trade blows with Daxton, but in the end, he ducked when he should have weaved, or wove when he should have ducked. Regardless, the result is the same, Daxton's fist making solid contact with his jaw and him getting knocked off his feet. Meanwhile, Dylan is in an almost catatonic state from the sudden inability to move or flail or anything.

One would think the fey girl to immerse herself into the fray. Callisto is incensed but not stupid. Pale eyes flit from Carl — thoroughly engaged by Daxton — to the young boy who was flung to the wall. She knows naught if Dylan is fully aware of what is happening following what has happened but Callisto yet folds her slender frame down alongside him to look him over. The reddish smear upon the wall behind his body is a concern. Daxton seems to be flying to the defense of this younger individual and Callisto makes Dylan her priority. At least, in regards to checking him over. A slender hand lifts to check the boy's pulse, beneath his jawline.

Oh, Dylan has a pulse, and it is going ninety miles an hour, way, way too fast. It is about the time that she touches his neck that he feels Carl's influence releasing its hold over him. He immediately starts to back pedal trying to get away from the situation, though not yet in a mental state to be able to blink from this place.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=Physical Vs Carl=6
< Daxton: Great Success Carl: Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Crushing Victory

Daxton slows down enough to growl out at Carl before breaking the man's cheek as he knocks him out, "Your like fucking with kids you fucking sicko?" Ok, that may be a little bit repetitive, but he's stressed out, his banter meter is not filling up. No locking kids in closets, you bastards! And then he turns and zips over to Marco.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Psychic Vs Dylan=Mind
< Callisto: Success Dylan: Good Success
< Net Result: Dylan wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marco=8 Vs Daxton=Physical
< Marco: Good Success Daxton: Great Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Dylan rolls Skipping: Success.

The girl is distracted by all that is occurring around her.. and she focusws solely upon Dylan. "Do not flee—" She bids, but he is moving too quickly. Her influence, like a net cast far too late (hey, he is a speedster) is fated to fall short. "Wait!" She exclaims. Sometimes even spoken words are not fast enough.

Oh, yeah. let's see. He betrayed Marco, by rescuing Daxton. Carl is talking about locking him in a trunk for a week. Then this white haired chick is stilling him not to flee. What is a boy to do? One second, Dylan is there, the next his is gone. The red mark on the wall though is definitely his blood. When he is not in the heat of the moment, Daxton would possibly notice that the first set of spikes have a few blood tipped stony spears. While Daxton is beating the hell out of Carl, Marco decides that he is going to do his best to kill this interloper once and for good, as he grabs one of the spears and goes to use it just as that, a spear.

Another stone spear is jabbed at Dax as he speeds up to the wanna be jouster. Not amused Daxton goes low, ducking under the point and delivered several hard jabs to the gut of the ring leader, it made not be a knock out move, but it definitely takes the wind out of his sail, leaving him crumpled on the ground at Dax's feet. The speedster turns, vibrating and fists clenched as eh makes sure there's no more threats. And that's when he notices that there's also no beat teenager, just a. Smear of blood on the wall. His voice is a little weird from how fast he's moving, but he tells Callisto, "Call 911. Tell them that Unit 23 needs a special task for unit and ambulance here now. I'll go looking for the kid." Not that he'll find him, but he's gotta try!

It's discouraging to see the boy blink out of sight. But worse still? This individual.. Marco, is it? He's thinking to wield a spear? Callisto sees this and immediately feels her guts grow frigid. What if… what if—

Daxton's attacks come through, neutralizing the threat, and it's due to sheer luck that Callisto hears what he bids her to do. Again: not dumb. She wants to ral at him as to why he is here but she recognizes urgency. See that phone she pulls out of her bag? Perfectly competent, thank you very much~

Callisto dials the three digits and prepares to supply the necessary information. Stark bluish-green eyes are riveted to the blood on the wall.

Actually Daxton doesn't have all that far to go in his search. In panic mode, Dylan had not been able to concentrate well enough to skip very far. Maybe twenty feet from the front door, there is a beginning of a blood trail. Having been bound by Carl, then loss of blood, Dylan is slowly walking, occasionally stumbling towards the overgrown park across the way so that he can hide out. At least that is what is going through the boy's head.

Daxton speeds out the building and almost runs past Dylan. The trained member of Unit 23 stops though near the bleeding teen , hands out, "hey…you're hurt. Helps not eh way. They're all down, they can't hurt you anymore…"

The fey girl has remained behind, to instruct and/or offer instruction to whomever arrives as a result of her phonecall. It is not exactly practical for her to leave the hospital where the perpetrators are lying prone and disarmed!

Dylan shakes his head, "No… that's only half of them… the other two are out getting supplies… and I don't care about me… Marco said that he'd kill my grandmother if I ever betrayed them… and I did that, when skipped your ass out of the way of Marco's spikes." He doesn't seem to realize that he's bleeding. Shock is a wonderful thing.

Daxton nods, "Alright, we can protect your grandmother. We'll nab the other two….You're bleeding though, we need to take care of you. If you go get taken care of, you have my word, I'll run and stay with your grandmothers immediately. I swear it."

It is unknown as to what Callisro hears or understands. She hasn't a speedster's ability to move, and she yet remains at her post. At last until authorities arrive to the 'bad' part of town. Plus her player is trying to pry a toddler from the wall.

Dylan looks at Daxton, "In New Mexico? You that fast? I'm not sure who I'd feel more sorry for… your left hand or your girl friend… The girl friend… definitely… Not only do you cruise the restrooms in parks, but talk about Quicky…" He gives a bit of a smile, as his eyes seem to get a little heavy as he then passes out from blood loss.

Daxton just rolls his eyes, like he's not heard all that before. "Dumb ass." But even with that he speeds over and catches the slumping teen. But the time he returns back, Pulse has brought several members of Unit 23 with her, with Felicia’s help.

To the best of her ability Callisto will see to the ease of the Unit's ability to secure the situation. There is something about this hospital that strums the fey girl's nerves. It is with a definite rigidity that the girl will eventually depart, but not until there isn't a possibility of anyone being left behind.

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