(2018-07-29) Flying Carpets
Flying Carpets
Summary: Another Syd and Bryce log, right after Lives and Shadows of Lives. Syd and Bryce talk, and Bryce tries out a new method of flying. (With his powers. Geez, you guys. :)
Date: 2018.07.29
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Back Lawn
A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


Sydney sits up. Stomach muscles bulge just exactly how you'd expect. She's slow and careful so she doesn't shred her top. She looks over at Bryce. "You're welcome to join me, but if you mean to take off your shirt we'd better find you sunscreen.

Once Stephanie is gone, Bryce looks down to Sydney and lets his eyes actual move over her body. He didn't want to look too much when other people were present but he doesn't mind now that they are alone. As he goes to sit down near her, he asks, "Um, do you think, well, that she doesn't like me? She keeps leaving when I, well, whenever I show up."

Sydney sighs softly. "Stephanie has a hard time trusting people. Anyone. It's not you, hon. Syd shakes her head. "She's pretty much where I was in January, far as I can tell. It's like a stray cat. First you sit quietly and let them come close, then you scratch their ears, and eventually, if you earn their trust, they sit in your lap. Give her time. She's had a hard life." She leans back a little, striking just a little pose for Bryce, since he's looking, and smiles. After a moment she asks, "So should I not tell people we're dating? You seemed embarrassed."

Bryce looks a bit confused for a moment, "I, I think you are using a, a simile? I am not sure I should, well, really scratch behind her ears." He then watches as she does a pose. His eyes go wide considering how little she is wearing. It definitely reminds him of a certain time. "Dating? Hmm? oh, well, I, I thought we weren't, well, officially dating, though, well, I don't mind the idea of it … with you. But I, I wasn't sure you wanted people to know you were dating, well, me." He stops just short of saying that she could do better.

Sydney nods. "Yeah, definitely a simile. I wouldn't touch her without either asking or offering and have her accept." Syd smiles a little. "Be careful though. She might find you as attractive as I do. Who knows?" Syd looks up over her cheap sunglasses at Bryce. "I'm not ashamed of you. Never ever think that, Bryce. I like you. I feel comfortable with you. The night you slept with… slept in my bed with me is one of the high-points of my life so far. Seriously. I never watched someone sleep and felt…warm like that.

Bryce goes to say something but just ends up opening his mouth. The teen who has literally memorized the dictionary has absolutely nothing to say at first. "I, I've never been good at, well, I've done anything like this. Talked to someone and, and touched someone like I have you. I'm, well, a bit surprised that you would, uh, feel that way about me, but, I guess, I think I'm glad." He looks down at his hand and then up at her. He ends up looking at her chest for a bit before looking back at his hand. Slowly he holds out his hand to her.

Sydney holds her hand out to take Bryce's. "Come on. And I like that outfit on you." She grins. "I'm starting to think nobody's born knowing how to…date, fit in, cuddle with someone, all that. Some people figure it out younger is all. Some people it's driven from them. Some people never learned."

Bryce holds her hand in his and stares at their hands for a moment. "When I was, uh, younger, my dad had me in a pretty sterile, uh, environment. He never, well, he was good to me in, in his way but it wasn't as a, a father. Not really. Whenever I was touched by, by anyone it was medical, a study, or th-." he stops himself not meaning to say this last part. Then with a bit of a sigh he decides to go ahead and say it, "Therapy. It wasn't until, well, my mother came and got me out that, that I felt someone cared about me in a, a real way, but, it was odd. She was, I mean is, my mother, but because I had never seen her, well, she was more of a stranger."

Sydney nods. "That has to be awkward." She gently pulls Bryce toward her. "Supposedly a little boy's first love is always his mom. Hell if I know. My relationship with my father was…mixed at best. Once he lost his battle with alcohol and started using cocaine, he wasn't the same guy at all." She looks at Bryce. "Can I ask what kind of therapy, or would you rather not say?

Bryce wouldn't be able to resist Sydney as she pulls him over though he doesn't try to either. He ends up sitting very close to her now. Their bodies almost touching. He holds her hand up in the air some as he is not sure where to put their hands. "From what, what my mom says, she was kicked out and the, the marriage annulled as soon as she g-gave birth to me." When she asks what type of therapy, Bryce starts look a bit uncomfortable. This clearly not something he enjoys talking about. "When I was, uh, little, I had to have both physical and occupational therapy. I had to, well, almost learn to do everything again: walking, getting dressed…everything."

Sydney scootches a little closer and slips her arm around Bryce. At his expression, she reaches out to draw his arm around her. "Like that." She listens. "From the onset of your powers, or were you injured or… what?"

With her this close, Bryce ends up putting his hand on her leg about mid thigh. "I, well, my powers showing rather, rather early though I couldn't make things yet. I lost the ability to, to walk when I was about 7 and had to use a, a wheelchair for a while. On, on my ten birthday, my, my powers got so strong that I, well, my body couldn't handle it and I, I went into a coma for a while. I don't think, well, that I would have woken up. I was always told that my powers, well, that they would kill me if I couldn't control them. My dad ended making this." He taps his circlet. "Once he got it, well, calibrated, I woke up."

Sydney nods. If she minds the hand on her thigh, she doesn't mention it. Syd's legs are silky (well, steely) smooth, soft, with muscle beneath, just as you'd expect, if you didn't know how she was really put together. She cuddles Bryce a little closer,leaving some room because she's been baking in the sun for a while, and it's warm out. Wouldn't want him to BE the cat on the hot tin roof. "I see. So… it seems like the key to making your powers not overstrain your body is all about that circlet. You said you don't want to deal with your father… do you know how this works?

Bryce nods his head and says, "Somewhat, the, the problem is that the older I get, well, the stronger I get so the circlet needs to be adjusted to the new, new levels. I've already had to adjust it a few times since I've been here. It is a, well, a psychic suppressor though I was able to, well, modify it to allow me to use it different ways. I can use it to make my armor, and it also helps me focus to create my, my constructs. I am hoping I get mentally strong enough that I, well, I don't need it anymore. But if I get to a point where I can't, I can't adjust it, then I'm in trouble."

Sydney nods. "I guess we'll have to make sure at least one of us understands how it works enough to make a bigger one, in that case." She leans over until her nose is an inch from Bryce's. Then slowly, unless he seems to object, closes the distance to kiss him softly on the mouth. She adds, "Or a second one."

Bryce rubs her thigh a bit since she doesn't seem to mind him touching her there. "I, I was hoping to find someone who was, well, a technological genius, but, well, I'm not sure. This is very, uh, unique tech invented by my father. I seem to have an, a way of working with it which is weird because, well, I'm not normally good at that sort of thing." When she gets really close, his eyes grow wide. As she kisses him, he tenses slightly though not unpleasantly. It was more of a surprise than anything else. "That was, uh, nice." He looks down and without meaning to ends up looking right at her chest. "Why did you, uh, kiss me?" He is not asking as though he wish she didn't but simply wants to understand.

Sydney draws back to brush her nose against Bryce's. "Kind of… 'not gonna let you die.' And kind of I've been wanting to kiss you since you got here. Also, you're in some fairly ticklish territory there. Don't tickle." She kisses him again.

Bryce looks down at her hand and says, "I didn't realize you were, uh, okay, I won't." But of course that is something he will remember. Part of him wants to know what happens if he does tickle her, but as he has never done that before, he isn't exactly sure how to tickle someone. He will have to investigate later. When she kisses him again, he places his other hand around her and places it low on her lower back almost to the top of her bikini bottoms. After that kiss he says, "Um, I would like to, er, try to share something with, with you." He then very quickly hand hastily adds. "If you want. If you don't want, I guess that makes sense because, well, I haven't even told you what it is because, well, I'm not 100% sure I can do, and I'd want it to be a surprise so I really can't tell you. And if -" It doesn't look like he is going to stop anytime soon.

Sydney slips her arms around Bryce as they kiss, and lightly brushes his lip with the tip of her tongue, just for a moment, before she draws back. Then he gets started about sharing something. She tries to get a word in edgewise, and finally draws a fingertip to his lips. "Yes. Please. Do we need to go somewhere private?"

Bryce leaves his hand on her lower back and says, "Um, stay close and, uh, it will probably work better outside." He places his hand down on the futon below them and says, "Remember when I was trying to, to fly. Every time I keep trying to do so I, I end up falling over. Well, I was reading a, a book." Anyone surprised these days? "And there was a guy who, who could fly a different way." A thin beam of energy travels down to the futon and a small disc appears on top of the futon between them. This disc starts to grow and grow until it forms a disc about 6 feet in diameter. After a few more moments, the disc starts to take off into the air just a few inches.
Bryce has partially disconnected.

Sydney slips her arms around Bryce and presses against him a little more firmly. She blinks as the disk raises us both off the futon. "It's like… a flying carpet. Kind of." She beams at Bryce. "That is so awesome…

Bryce smiles and doesn't hide it mainly because he is focusing on the powers at the moment. "I thought that if, if I was sitting down then I couldn't fall down." The disc only carries them a few inches off the ground because he doesn't trust himself enough yet to go high. After just a flight of a few seconds, he gently settles them back down on the futon. "That, that gave me the idea. Maybe we can pr-practice that and, well, other things later."

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