(2018-07-28) One Wrong Punch
One Wrong Punch
Summary: Besa suffers after his misunderstanding with Dylan; Callisto and Brier find him.
Date: 2018-07-28
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Sat Jul 28, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


After the incident with Dylan, Besa eventually went back to the coffee shop, looking for the woman. His mind has been spinning, he was in a much more delicate state than even he realized as his thoughts went to writing notes and leaving. His 'duty' pressing into his chest making it hard to breath. But he's had no luck, the woman ran when the Undying one just disappeared. Currently he's sitting outside the shop on a bench, looking down at his shoes and trying to think where cults would go in this modern era. It's not like there temples anymore.

Brier and Callisto had taken advantage of the weekend to spend extra time at the cat house, playing with the cats and talking. After their recent conversation, the hippie figured his fellow Yogi friend could use the extra kitty cuddles…and the cats never got tired of them either! "I think they enjoyed the extra afternoon of play time!" His hair is still in the braids, they probably have another day in them if that, but he's getting as much time out of them as he can!

The pair make their way through town, eventually getting to their next destination, the coffee shop! However, Brier's steps slow as he sees a familiar face sitting on the bench outside…and looking uncharacteristically troubled. "Hey Besa…you okay man?"

Needless to say the one fated to make an appearance isn't quite a cultist. Sure, her family is a bit of a vast crapshoot but Callisto isn't one to follow a mob mentality. The good news about the extra time at the cat house… things were getting cleaned. So she and the hippie aren't quite as given to smelling badly! Maybe musty, but the cat pee isn't anywhere NEAR as bad! Whatever the case, it did the dark faerie a world of good. The talk. The cats. She looks lighter as she walks into town with Brier, their work for the day done.

"I shall miss seeing them regularly, when we are moved to the new school.. it shall only be weekends." Callisto observes, but slows her gait as they see a familiar face. Callisto immediately looks troubled and her long-legged gait hastens to bring her closer to the Egyptian boy. "Besa! What is the matter?" Asks the white-haired girl in her fluting way, her cerulean eyes fixed upon the boy.

Besa actually flinches when he hears his name, but then straightens and forces a soft smile. He should really never play poker, he'd be terrible at it. "Oh…I…I was lost in thought." He looks between the two, "Hello.I hope your Saturday was pleasant?" He's not got a whiff yet of where they've been. Yuck, cat pee.

"Must have been some serious thoughts…" Brier would stay standing, letting Callisto have the seat next to Besa if there was room on the bench. "Was it about stuff?…" The stuff they had talked about the other day, but he didn't want to outright ask. Unfortunately, that left it sounding like a very Brier question. Stuff. "Wanna talk about it? Maybe we can help…"

The willowy girl does just that, easing herself in to sit beside but not right up close to. She is aware that she may smell a bit like an abandoned house. c.c

"T'is an easy valley to wander." Remarks the mentalist in her typical way at the mention of being 'lost' in thought. Brier speaks up and asks the question of the hour, in his very approachable way, and Callisto waits expectantly. "Has somebody harassed you?" Her tone is firmer.

Stuff/? Stuff could mean anything! "No." He's totally lying, it //was about stuff! "My mind is old, it just…wanders." His eyes widen, that lack of poor face not doing him any favors. "No!" Again, lies. And depending on how observant either teen is, they may notice his knuckles on his right hand are slightly swollen. "I sold some mugs today. I have been pondering what to use the money on."

Brier lofts a brow, not knowing Besa super well, but yeah…that's definitely a bad poker face! When Callisto asks if he was harassed, the blonde hippie looks Besa over and spots the hand. "Dude! You need some ice for your hand? I can go inside and get some…" Maybe Besa would feel more comfortable talking to Callisto anyways.

Just look at her; Callisto isn't convinced. Her patrician features continue to darken slightly with concern and she merely nods lightly at Besa's response. She is observant; she has spent many years just watching others. For her to stop now is unheard of. Silver lashes flutter as her eyes drop to the boy's swollen knuckles. Those eyes dart up to watch Brier as he outright calls out the injury and the fey girl nods once. "T'would be wise.. if you may, Brier. Knuckles can be in a bad way if left untended, when they have been… com promised." That sharp gaze sliiiiides on back to Besa as the says this. "Ice, perhaps something cold for him to drink." Said as she digs into her purse and produces a ten dollar bill, offering it to the hippie.

Assuming Brier goes to do just that, Callisto will turn wholly to face Besa. "Who, or what did you punch?"

Besa oh so smoothly tries to tuck his hand under the other elbow out of sight, "No, I am fine. It is not broken." He blinks as suddenly money is being exchanged, "What? no, I-" But he's also feeling outnumbered. If Brier takes it, he's not going to fight too much. That's what got him into this, isn't it? Not going along with what people want. He seems to melt, shoulders slumping and looking back down to his feet. 'It was an accident. I was startled."

Brier does indeed take the money, stepping inside the coffee shop and leaving the other two to talk for a bit.

The girl listens quietly, nodding appreciation as Brier goes off to get what's needed. "Who startled you?" Asks Callisto next, trying not to be too overbearing.. but surely, surely, Besa sees and hears her earnest concern! She will not touch him, as she feels a bit dirty from the house in Maple Drive. "And where did it happen? You may talk to me, Besa.. I shan't berate you." There, hopefully that will help him open up more. It's truth!

Besa doesn't know why, but he doesn't want to give Tom's name to Calli. Just in case the fey goes dark side. ""He…is just someone I know. I was talking with him, and…" He swallows, squirming slightly in his seat, "A woman came up who know me…I …I think she belongs to a splinter cell of the…priests. She was begging for me to go with her…to do my duty…. He…He some how teleported us away from her, but…I didn't know!" He looks up, eyes wet with frustration and being upset, "I just felt someone grab me…I thought it was one of them, so…so I swung." Another swallow and he looks back down to his feet. "He hates me now. He told me to fuck myself."

The mentalist is good at listening… though out of the whole recollection — Callisto doesn't betray any emotions though inwardly she roils with trouble — … it is Besa cursing outright that troubles her. The stress and upset, potent enough to wet his eyes and warrant the F-bomb, breaks Callisto out of her rigidity. "T'is a misunderstanding.. does he know the tribulations you face? Have you disclosed enough to him for him to understand that you've people after you?" The girl asks softly, keeping the discussion between just the two of them.

"I take it he did not give you the chance to explain." Callisto concurs, trying to understand the whole picture before she offers any suggestions.

Besa's head shakes quickly, those perfect locks falling down to help cover his eyes. If one didn't know, he's the perfect moody teen, slumping on the bench. "No…he left. I do not think he wishes to see me again." That doesn't explain why he's on the bench though.

"You shall beat yourself up, and dislike yourself for something that can yet be explained and rectified." Callisto explains softly. "As you sit here on this bench, you are considering taking yourself to these people who desire of you to do this duty." The girl leans back, folds one long leg over the knee of the other, hair appearing a golden-gilt color in the sun. "T'is why you ruminate on a bench in town, yes? You are thinking of looking for this woman?" Callisto asks of Besa, but gazes ahead into the street, brow furrowed. Hey, she once considered a similar tangent when she moped in the attic after Nesialora fried her mind. Now it's her turn to try helping.

"This person who told you to take yourself away from him in.. that language." Her perfect nose wrinkles, "Is this a person whose friendship you would like to earn?"

Well….his face doesn't lie, that's exactly what he was thinking. "He…does not wish to speak to me ever again. And…if they need me…" After a movement he pulls his knees up to his chest, so instead of a moving teen, now he looks like a little boy. "She left." So, yes, he was looking for her. "It is not that…" He sighs, turning his head just slightly to look at her, "I hurt him, Callisto. I do not hurt people…" Demons, yes. People, no. "I do not want to hurt people, ever."

The boy turns to glance her way and Callisto outright turns her head to look upon him, rather frankly. "T'was an accident borne of a self-defense response, Besa. And I implore you realize that if you do not set this right with this individual, regardless of where your association may lead, you will go on with self-flagellation and feeling terribly." There, a softness in her expression. Callisto sure can look gentle if she needs to, though she isn't grabby and grippy about it. Her eyes say everything. "T'is not your nature to hurt others, I agree… but you acted in self-defense. Would it…" She watches him, head tilting. "Would you like to seek him out again? I can go with you, in case anything should happen."

Brier exits the coffee shop a few minutes later, a drink carrier containing three different drinks in one hand and a plastic bread bag with…something in it in the other. "…So I didn't know what you'd like to drink so…I got different things." He and Callisto could take whatever he didn't want. Seeing the two now on the bench, Callisto's expression and Besa's changed sitting position…the hippie blinks. "Uh…I can go back inside too. They had an empty sandwich bag after lunch rush…they put the ice in it for your hand." Brier offers it out to them for whoever wants to take it.

Besa sighs, looking back down at his knees. "He does not wish that, Callisto. It would be thoughtless of me to pursue a confrontation when he is the injured party and does not wish it." Another soft head shake, that hair though! So perfect, even with the sad expression. 'No. I will…work this out on my own. I will not bother him again." Plus, if things are as bad as he implied, Tom wouldn't want Besa and others tromping back there. Giving up on being able to mope alone, he'll gently reach for the bag of ice, "Thank you Brier." He looks at the three drinks, but doesn't reach for any of them.

"No problem, man! Hope it helps…" Brier would then offer up the drink tray, holding it with both hands now and tapping each drink with whatever finger is closest to it as he describes them. "This one…is an iced chai latte. This is…a blended white chocolate mocha. This last one…is an iced tea with honey." Hoping the three drinks were different enough that one of them might appeal to the ancient teen. "Besa gets first pick" Brier says with a grin.

Besa tris to now grimace, he didn't really want a drink, but he listens to the options. "I…will try the chai latte please." He'll take the drink and set it to the side of him so he can hold the bag of ice to his knuckles. It's not really goin to help the swelling at this point, but it does feel nice. Not that eh deserves that, but it'll make Brier and Calli feel better. 'Thank you."

Brier was just following orders! Whatever drink Callisto takes, he'd take the remainder. "You're welcome…" The hippie looks between Besa and Callisto, figuring whatever Besa had shared with her must have been pretty heavy given how they both looked right now. So…uh…distraction! What made a good distraction? Hey maybe Besa like cats! "Callisto and I have been taking care of a house full of stray cats in town."

Random topic switch, but not so random for those who knew the hippie. Brier's thoughts jumped often enough. "All ages and breeds…we take em' food and toys and stuff." Another pause before Brier nods "I've been thinking we should see if the city can turn it into an official cat rescue." Because why not!?

Besa blinks, it takes him a long moment to follow the change in topic. "Like…a temple for Basset?" That's actually soemthing he's familiar with, ancient Egyptians did have those. "Does everyone come and leave offerings?"

The girl has been silently sipping her drink and pondering to herself. She looks to have a great many thoughts on board, whether her own or the newfound ones that she has stumbled upon this evening in Besa's plight. Talk of the cat house brings a glitter of amusement to her eyes, and she breaks out of her reverie with a thoughtful little sigh. "We leave offerings almost every couple of days." Said with a gentle chuckle.

A grin comes to Brier's features again "…Well I mean yeah. Yeah that's exactly what we do." Guess society hasn't changed that much! Not to Bastet specifically, but we make sure the cats are taken care of…have food and water. Treat and toys. We make sure they know they are loved." Another thought then, "It's just Callisto and me now, but it'd be awesome if other students wanted to help too!"

Besa frowns at Brier, 'If you are caring for the cats, it is a Temple to Bastet." Duh. He shifts, leaning to the side and pulling out a wrinkled 20 dollar bill. "I wish to make an offering. Is it better to bring it myself?" Maybe Bastet will help him clear his head. "I can make ajar next time I am at the pottery wheel." He makes that sound like it's a thing, a jar for Bastet. He likes talking about this much more than why he was so upset.

How far she's come, from the cold and dark climes of the North to… Shady Cove. Seeing to a cat house. Callisto glances sideward to Besa again, still not quite believing that the boy will cease his troubled ruminations. There is only so much that she can say to make this situation a bit better.. but she sure hopes he's dropping that tangent of thought, of turning himself in. Maybe, if it's in her power, she will keep an eye on him. Between cats and Besa and what she has had happen recently in her personal life, Callisto hasn't really had the time to mull over the movements of her own family!

Then Besa goes and…. Callisto looks astounded, only to immediately soften again. She knows how important it is to Besa to help and this touches the girl deeply. "Besa—." She bows her head, accepting the bill. "Thank you. We shall put this toward their food. T'is rapidly depleting, as one might expect. And we would like, very much, for you to make that offering. Even better for you to join us." She reaches out to seek his hand, and if he shall accept her touch, she will squeeze his palm.

Brier thinks about Besa's reasoning, "…yeah. I guess it is!" He doesn't seem against the idea at all, smiling and then his eyes going wide as the bill is produced. "Whoa! Dude that's awesome!" He nods along with Callisto explaining it'll go towards food and that he should join them. "You should totally join us. We can hit the store for the food first and then you can come meet everybody!"

Besa offers, as if this is acceptable today, "Honey and mint and catnip. It will please Bastet and she will help the house flourish." He wets his lips, thinking, "I…I will come after the jar is made. I would not wish to disrespect Bastet without it."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

It is near-impossible to see it in Callisto's features, what she inadvertently 'fields' upon giving Besa that brief contact. As noted copiously while she is no Empath, turmoil and upset — and their stemmed thoughts — can sometimes be noted when her ever-active psychic presence comes into contact with the minds' of others. So needless to say, when she 'senses' how deeply and acutely Besa's upset stretches…. it's all she can do not to inhale sharply. Instead of mulling over this, she will nod gently to the Egyptian boy. She knows that this topic is indeed something that Besa is latching onto, to avoid speaking of what troubles him. Callisto, who does this a lot herself, can recognize another deflector! She sets her hand back into her lap, after pushing her hair back over a bare shoulder. "T'is perfect.. thank you very much, truly." Said with a further bowing of her head.

Then, on the tail of that jab of upset that she sensed…. there is a sharp pain in her head. The start feelings of upset seem to have attracted 'someone' in Callisto's mind. For just a few seconds. Callisto's nostrils flare and she gazes down into her lap.

"Yeah sure thing! I have some mint and honey back at the school…for my teas. Will that work or do we need to get some fresh?" Brier wasn't sure how this worked, but he was trying to be respectful about it! "Let us know when you finish the jar and we can plan our trip!" The teen then looks over to Callisto, brow furrowing, "…hey. You okay?" Man, everybody was having a rough day!

Besa's smile is small, but truthful this time. He's glad to help. The pained look from Calli is missed as he turns to Brier, "I think it should be fine. It is that it is offered, I think, that is important. Although you can grow fresh there too if it is a house, yes?" But the Brier asks hand he turns to study Calli.

The girl looks up, no longer in pain but aware. There is a look of astonishment in her expression as if she cannot quite believe what just happened — or who it could have been — but she looks up slowly from her lap. "I am fine," Said earnestly, "I must find a quiet place. Better still, return to the estate in haste." Callisto looks between the two, looking rueful and slightly concerned. "T'is nothing of great importance at this time, but I have been.. contacted." Callisto takes a gentle breath, her color high. Suddenly her color is very high, as if due to a thinly veiled excitement…? Or is in apprehension. "I must meditate."

Carefully, she unfolds her lean frame from the bench, and one hand is set upon Besa's shoulder. "Do let us know when you are ready to bring your jar. And.. remember what I said: do not treat yourself poorly. Do not take yourself to places where you needn't go." Other words, don't turn yourself in. c_c

To Brier, "I work tomorrow morning, but shall be free in the afternoon to check in on the house." Said, her color is still high. Who, or what, mentally poked her?

Brier watches her 'recover' from…whatever just happened…and listens to her explanation. "Uh…ok." Contacted? Wait. He only knew certain things about her, some good and some troublesome. He looks to her "I can come with you…if you want? Or…yeah…you sure everything is ok?" Did her mom have her on mental speed dial? He couldn't tell from the expression if it was a good contact or a bad one. He looks back to Besa…maybe the hippie was worried over nothing?

Besa looks to Brier, hoping he understand more what she is talking about, "Perhaps we should walk her home, yes?" Without waiting for a response, he starts to untangle his legs.

"T'is a good thing." Callisto says softly, rubbing the back of her neck, reaching up to rest her palm at a temple.. push her fingers through her hair. "I shall need the entirety of the night." Said mostly to herself; she seems to be fidgeting.. which is not a very Callisto-like mannerism. Meditate all night? Or perhaps she means to sleep, undisturbed? Strange mentalist. Rest assured, were it Mommy Dearest, Callisto will have been a lot more alarmed. Here, she just seems awed.

"Please do not trouble yourselves." She bids, draining the remainder of the drink that Brier had brought out. "T'is a good thing." Said softer still, her eyes seem… just slightly.. shiny. If the two boys do accompany her, the faerie girl will make the journey to Winbarry in silence for most of the trek.

Brier nods to Besa "Yeah…I can show you the mint and stuff when we get back too if you want." Just to make sure. Either way, as Callisto starts her journey back to Winbarry, it seems she will have to tagalongs! He looks over to Calli and offers a reassuring smile "No trouble. Friends are never trouble."

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