(2018-07-28) Limited Sunshine with a Chance of Rain
Limited Sunshine with a Chance of Rain!
Summary: Kaylee takes Stephanie on a tour of town. Syd tags along. Stephanie turns out to be…complicated.
Date: 2018.07.28
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Downtown Shady Cove

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.


With the basics of orientation and settling in at the school behind her, Stephanie is rather surprised, and secretly happy, to be off the grounds and exploring Shady Cove. Even if its under that watchful eye of a pair of other students. But, the teen transplant from the West Coast still cloaks her pleasure at a bit of supervised freedom with a sullen expression and a cosmopolitan disinterest in the quaint offerings of 'small town' New England. Still, Stephanie figures there's nothing wrong with checking out which stores might provide some quick opportunities for amusement. Or easy swag.

Sydney chuckles softly, adding nothing to Kaylee's speel because… well she didn't know it before, to be honest. "So taking Craigslist jobs pulling fence posts isn't out of line? I hope not. That's been my summer job so far."

"Uh-huh," Stephanie replies to Kaylee unconsciously. She's paying more attention to the sunglasses display near the entrance to the shop they're passing. Quick and easy. But another time; last thing Stephanie wants is to be caught swiping while 'on parole' with two other students. Sydney might be cool about it, but Kaylee seems…too perky. "So, like…anything cool go on around here?" she asks with a sigh and returning her attention to Kaylee. "Concerts, clubs, shows….So far this place is…" Stephanie looks around, then shakes her head. "Pretty damn lame."

Sydney eyes Stephanie's hands. With the scars on her face, Syd has a bad idea what that might mean, but there's another possibility. "There's a skate park too. I don't skate, but I watch, and some of those guys are good. 'Least as far as I can tell.

"Not really into skating," Stephanie says with a shrug. "Most of the stuff I like doing…wouldn't go over real well. But dancing and clubbing…I can get behind that. Depending on what kind of music we're talking about. If it's that Justin Beiber pop shi….stuff, I'll pass. Rock, metal, and punk are where I'm at."

Sydney watches Kaylee disappear into the Sunglass Hut to use the ladies' room. "So by rock and metal, do you mean modern thrash, or old school? 'Cause I am all over old school." She grins.

"Old school, all the way," Stephanie says with a smile. "The old LA scene. Joan Jett, The Runaways, Guns & Roses, X, Black Flag…" She nods at Sydney approvingly. "Knew that you were chill." A wider smile, then Stephanie looks back at the store entrance where Kaylee ducked into. "So, like..is she Little Miss Sunshine *all* the time? And is she cool? Or like a total snitch? Just don't want to be sold out for swiping a pack of smokes or taking a couple drinks on the sly, you know?"

Sydney was just taking a breath to respond when Kaylee returns. "I don't smoke anymore. I had to quit the hard way when I went metal, and I don't really want to start again. I'll have a drink or two… I have to be careful. Both my parents were alcoholics, and I don't want to go the way they did…" Syd sighs, trying not to sound like a complete stick in the mud. "Haven't tried pot since I went metal, but it used to be my thing. If I try it again, I'd want someone like you there. Even if I lose my shit and get violent…you can take it. I won't ask questions where you get things, if you don't rub my nose in it, I guess." Syd shrugs. "Man, I used to be a lot more fun."

"Shit," Stephanie mutters under her breath as Kaylee comes back and catches the conversation. "Look…sorry about that," she says to Kaylee. "It's just…I don't know anyone here well, and Sydney seems to have stuff in common with me. And you're just…perky. I am who I am, and I'm just looking to get through my time here without going crazy, you know? I don't have much use for rules, because rules have never done anything for me. But…" she gives Kaylee a brief smile. "Maybe you're not all that I thought, if you're cool with some stuff on the sly."

Sydney stage-whispers to Stephanie. "She's a sweetheart." She pauses, then goes on."I don't know about the rest of it… morals and stuff… I've been here a month and I've been on the straight and narrow the whole time." She pauses, thinking a moment. "Well. Mostly." Syd falls in behind Kaylee with her fellow brick, trying hard not to feel…well like the dork again. She certainly got enough of that in her time in junior high.

Stephanie gives Kaylee a smirk. "Hey, I do my best work alone. So it's not like I was planning on grabbing some swag on this little outing." She gets in step with Sydney and follows Kaylee down the sidewalk. "And yeah, I'm learning that there are some students who have some messed up history. So, I know I'm not the only one. Or even the one with the worst story. I'm just…used to surviving on my own and doing my own thing. Not really looking to change much, either. Just do my time, walk out with a clean slate, and bounce back to the Left Coast as fast as I can."

Sydney nods as she walks with Stephanie, especially about surviving. "Yeah. I made it a few months after I ran away when I was thirteen. Wound up kidnapped and sold as a lab animal for this." She taps on her metal stomach. It clunks softly. "It's like you said. A clean slate, and I'm trying hard not to fuck it up this time." Sydney also smiles at Kaylee. She didn't know that about the other woman.

"No fear of that," Stephanie replies bitterly. "Love isn't real. Doesn't exist." She thrusts her hands into her jeans pockets and slumps her shoulders as she walks. "People think they're in love…just their minds all messed up. Sooner or later, they show who they really are. And just like that, the illusion's gone."

Sydney reaches over to Stephanie and, unless the other woman really strenuously objects, gives her a quick squeeze. Syd is, for those who haven't hugged her before, surprisingly soft and warm, given her steel appearance. She doesn't comment further.

The group hug takes Stephanie by surprise, so there's a good few seconds of contact before she starts trying to squirm her way out. "Ugh! Jeeze…."She flails her hands a bit once she's free. "Look, maybe in your world, you buy into the whole love thing and you're happy. I don't live in that world. That's not who I am and it's not where I belong." She's getting very upset at the whole displays of affection. "Look," Stephanie says in a pained, exasperated tone. "Maybe you can believe in love because you didn't have an asshole of a father that drank and beat your mother and you for as long as you can remember. Or you didn't have a mom that just took off and left after you ran away, didn't even try to find you. *That's* my reality. That's my life. Hell, even this whole school set-up…I'm not here because anyone gives a fuck about me. I'm here because they hope that this place will stop me from become a real problem to them later on, that's all." Stephanie fumes and starts walking faster, brushing past Kaylee, her face twisted with rage.

Sydney sighs. That went badly. She looks at Stephanie as she accelerates. "You too, huh? Figured." She wasn't expecting it to be a group hug. She knew how long (more or less) would be appropriate to hug Steph before Steph detonated. And that… was too long. She doesn't add more.

Stephanie stops short, fists clenched and taking deep breaths to try and calm down. "Look," she says with a sigh. "Lets just…forget it. Let's get back to the school, okay? I need some alone time." She looks at Kaylee and Sydney, not crying but very drained emotionally from that detonation. "Okay?"

Sydney shakes her head. She says, to Kaylee, "She says she needs time alone, you gotta give it to her." She takes a slow breath. "Trust me on this."

"I mean back at the school," Stephanie explains with a sigh. "Going back together….quietly." She looks at her two guides and manages a weak smile. "I think I can deal with that." She double-checks Kaylee with a stern gaze. "Quietly."

Sydney just nods quietly. Sometimes she can be insightful. Sometimes she really can't, and today seems to be one of the latter. She just waits for the ride with everyone else.

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