(2018-07-25) To Stay Grounded
To Stay Grounded
Summary: … they finally cracked! All it took was a bigass seashell that was carried on currents, a long way from home waters. (And the discussion that it spurned.)
Date: 2018-07-25
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Shady Cove Beach, Shady Cove
Wed Jul 25, 2018

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.

(NOTE: Though not explicit, there are a couple of topics that are spoken about that are of a PG-13 nature in this log.)

(OOC: Mood music - "Luna" © Andy Summers)


The day has begun to wane away from blisteringly-stupid-hot.. to the still-warm (but bearable) calm of evening. Seeing as how it's summertime (duh) and most students are out of class, the beach is still pretty busy even at this time of day. Eateries lining the beach, whether the old standbys of Lighthouse Pizza and Tiki Taco… or one-hit-wonders like food stands and/or trucks… they are open to cater to those who enjoy a bit of evening play. As the sun begins to dip low, the beach itself is home to a variety of people who are simply having a good time. Somebody has even broken out a guitar, and the plucked chords are carried on the warm breeze.

A little ways up the beach, Callisto has settled herself. While not quite in a meditative way, she appears calm. After work she returned to the estate to hastily pack a bag, and eventually in the late afternoon she made her way here.. to this spot.

For hours, it felt… the dark faerie swam. That in itself is a calming mental exercise. She is seated now upon a damp, sandy towel; her swimsuit has been covered properly by a gauzy dress, and her eyes are affixed to a few heads bobbing out in the waves. Some are swimming, but Callisto appears to just stare past them.

Daxton worked today, and is now leaving Lighthouse Pizza with a full pizza and he largest jug he could fill of soda. Now he's moving at a normal speed onto the sand to find a place to sit and eat. Sometimes he likes to not be at the Estate, at least not with all the students. His pizza tends to disappear…or get sat on. Speaking on, Calli's hard to miss. He stands a movement before sighing and walking in her direction, "Hey strawberry. You have dinner yet?"

Hey, at least she looks relaxed! No anxiety knits Callisto's brow this evening, though she has that faraway look of either deep thought of wakeful dreaming! Daxton lugging the pizza and cistern of soda is also hard to miss and she's looking up before he even speaks to her. She is no longer given to burning, and all that remains now is a very even tan; it contrasts with her silver-white hair. She nods toward the towel, "Place it there, so that I may sit upon it. It looks comfortable." She offers.. cripes, she's even in what she thinks is good humor!

A slight smirk pulls at the corners of her lips, before she looks up at the speedster. Her sunglasses (they look ritzy) rest in her hair, her bare toes have dug themselves into the sand.

"But I shall prefer to eat it this time. What kind is it?" She asks of the boy in her mellow way, then looks up at his face. "Most importantly, how are you?"

Daxton's eyebrows raise, "No way, you're ass might not be big, but I'd rather it stay off my dinner." So he's noticed her ass? But he'll plant his own ass on the towel , "Meat lovers, they had an extra that someone didn't want." So it was free! "Hungry." Might not be what she meant by that question, but that's what she gets as the pizza box is flipped open.

"Not big?" Callisto asks airily, even as the pizza box is set down.. she's watching him. "T'is kind of you to observe that." Said with a wry smile.. Callisto is not one to grin persay, but the snark appears briefly in her eyes. She must be doing well, if she's trying to be cute. By then Daxton joins her and speaks of what beast this is and there is the barest look of pain to Callisto's face. "Ah—" A soft chuckle as she peers past the boy at the pizza that has been led to slaughter. "You first, then.. I know not to come between you when you're needing to eat." Said as if she is that familiar with him! Strange girl.

A brief glance to the pizza again, and she carefully reaches in to pull out the smallest slice possible.

Daxton shrugs, a slice already shoved into his mouth. His a gentleman like that, noticing the size of girl's asses. He holds out the box, he can afford to not eat a few slices if she's hungry. "What are you doing out here?" Besides the obvious. "You doing ok?"

She is happy with the one piece, which is — in fact — larger than she'd hoped. Callisto prefers seafood, typically; meat lovers' pizza is the farthest from her pick, but she doesn't dislike it either. But there's just something about this girl with her bearing picking up a greasy slice of pizza and.. carefully.. trying to navigate it to her gob. The contrast is so acute that it almost hurts. But Callisto takes a bite, seems to enjoy it, and will continue this careful eating of the slice.. not speaking until she swallows portions. She has enough manners for the both of them.

"Taking a day off." Said after chewing and swallowing, and she goes on watching him in her typical way. "I fancied a swim after work and I just… stayed here. For I do so love the water." Said as she turns to look upon the patch of beach and the waves beyond, chewing contemplatively. "I am actually… I'm alright. You needn't worry." Another bite, quiet chewing.

"Do you enjoy the water, Daxton?"

Daxton likes the contrast, really. He smiles around his second slice, "Good. Rest is good." Huh…he chews glancing out to the water, "So…been here long?" Blue eyes dart to her, unsure if she really means that. "Alright." He won't worry then. At least not visibly.

"I've been here for awhile." Callisto reiterates, turning again to watch him. A thought occurs to her… but maybe she won't ask or push it until the boy finishes eating. Still, there's something in his manner that suggests to the girl that he is not quite convinced. "Truly, I am alright. I haven't felt or heard a thing, awake or dreaming… not since Nesialora was dispatched." This could be a good or bad thing. Silence, when it comes to a family that has antagonized her so ferociously in recent months, cannot be a Good Thing. But Callisto, mellow and tanned from a day in the sun, doesn't look concerned. But there, resting at her sweat-shiny collarbones, is the gorgon head pendant. She does not like to see Daxton stress or worry himself over her…. but some little part of her (ok a big part) feels touched.

"What say you to a swim, after eating? Once the food settles?" She asks suddenly.

Daxton pauses mid chew to look at her, he's still in his Lighthouse pizza tee. "I don't have my trunks….I can run home I guess and get them…" Food setting? He never waits for that! More pizza is inhaled before he takes a long slurp of the soda.

He looks at her, and Callisto looks right back at him. Cerulean eyes drop to the work t-shirt, lift back to his face .. as if saying 'so?'. But then the thought of running back to get proper trunks, and it's a good idea, nonetheless causes the girl to smile a bit devilishly. She does so in a way that isn't even trying too hard, either. "There's always skinny dipping." Said perfectly serious, as if she's honestly considering it. Callisto looks toward the water again, as if considering.. then scours the beach to see just how many people are around. "The hour does grow late, and so too do the shadows lengthen. T'is perfect cover." All said with a straight, ponderous face.

Callisto is quiet for a beat or two, finishing off the crust. Then, added smoothly. "However.. I do jest. You are more than welcome to get some things, and return. I would like that." This, the honest truth.

Daxton raises an eyebrow, "You want me to go skinny dipping…right next to my work?" Is she trying to get him fired? Does she hate pizza that much? He smirks, whatever is going through his mind he keeps to himself. As she looks away his gaze drops briefly before going back up to Calli's face. "Uh huh…" He's thinking maybe she wasn't joking. Huh. "You do a lot of skinny dipping?' Maybe it's a throw back to her hippie days?

"I used to," She says without shame, but then she dissolves into laughter. A hand lifts as she bites back the giggles, and she looks sideward to him. She's still hung up on the swimming nude close to work bit. "Not a wise idea, then? T'is not a way to earn bigger tips?" She asks.. perhaps this is even a veiled compliment, because the dude is solid! Ahem. Callisto returns to that previous tangent of thought, "A long time ago. T'is hard to find a place in the world where this is condoned." She recalls a conversation about swimming nude, that was had with other students. Her lips curl up knowingly at the recollection and she snickers again.

But then her gaze grows distant for a few seconds, as if remembering. "They were good times. Different times." Said finally as she wipes her fingers on the edge of the towel, looks back to him.

Daxton rolls his eyes, "Jesus, Strawberry. I'm not like a pizza delivery dude in a porno." Shaking his head, but he's smirking, "Not that I couldn't ." Dudes always brag on that, right? "Well, you'd need to find a private beach or something." Like the one near the school? He starts to say something else, prolly snarky, is held back as Calli remembers…something. He looks back to her, giving her time, "Yeah…I guess times do that."

"A.. porno?" Callisto tilts her head, "Is that what pizza delivery men do in porno films? Does that imply, then, that these women call to order not just the pizza but the men themselves?" Wut? Oh dear God does she.. did she watch… did…

Callisto? She's neither confirming nor denying. But she looks amused. But hey, she isn't being all morose or withdrawn about it! She turns to watch the water again, but she does not look anywhere near as haughty in profile as she once did. "T'is all I can do but to change with them. You will have not liked the creature I had been, before.. what you call.. the hippie days." She pushes herself up to stand, and moves to stretch. A knot in her lower back lets go with a satisfactory 'crack!', and the fey girl sighs with pleasure.

"In the porno, yeah." Dear god in heaven, she knows what a porno is, right? He's not going to show her one! He blinks, looking at her with another slice in his hand, "Wait till you need a plumber." He lets her talk, the smirk kinda fades, "But you're not that person anymore." He looks up as she stands, smiling when her back cracks.

The girl snorts, and.. oh look, there goes the cover-up! The resulting swimsuit and form needn't drown out the pose with purple prose; it's what is expected of Callisto's ilk. Let's just say she favors minimalism in her swimwear. c_c

"I am going in before it gets too dark. T'is your choice if you desire to make the trip to get outfitted, otherwise I shan't be long. I wish to milk whatever freedom I can from these days before it is, once more, lessons upon lessons and.." Callisto peers over her shoulder with an expression that is somehow surprised.. and aggrieved. And, well, she's poised at the water in a bikini. There's a lot happening here. ".. senior year." Said simply as she ties her hair back.

Daxton's smile falters as he takes in what's in front of him. He's been pretty good so far with not reacting to Callisto and her itty bitty bikini. He's thinking getting into the water with her would be the dangerous choice, although his body is starting to vibrate at the idea. Senior year, remember she's a senior in Highschool man! Get it together! His gaze is forced down to the pizza and he'll eat more, not answering her comment, he doesn't trust his voice for the moment.

Did she break Daxton?! Callisto watches him for a time; as noted copiously she is no Empath, but thoughts yet exist and thoughts, indeed, have a basis of feeling behind them. It's close to that ballpark but not quite. The fey girl needn't a psychic sense to disclose to her the effect of her, ah, 'attire' and overall bearing upon the speedster. But here, the difference in Callisto now to Callisto then: she does not take advantage of this notion. She cares for him, has come to respect him, and what else is needed beyond that? Callisto tilts her head pensively, to further her inquisitive gesture but at the same time to have an easier go of pulling that pile of still-damp hair 'round to weave it hastily into a braid. Knotting it off, she takes a deep breath.

"Finish your dinner." Said with a slow smile, before she pads into the waves and lithely dives in.

Damn it, he frowns to himself, not liking that smile she gave. He hates when he's not in control, that she knows she's affecting him like that. The pizza is ate with less enthusiasm than normal and he glares out over the water where hopefully Calli isn't.

Poor Daxton! She's not meaning to clue into what's going on, honest! Maybe that's why she hastened to get into the water! OK, maybe… it's hard to tell with Callisto. He is granted a reprieve from her faerie ass in a bikini, however, for a good series of minutes. She legit wanted to get one more dip in, before the day grew too late… and the girl is doing just that. There is good reason as to why she is held in esteem down at the pool, however… she moves easily, seamlessly. Where it may seem that she is underwater for too long in spots, her sleek head will peek out of the waves for that next gulp of air.

Callisto, in the dying light, spies something down below and dives again. Probably by the time the boy gets down to the last bit of pizza, unless he was really turned off of it, Callisto finally makes to pull herself out of the waves. She's carrying with her a shell of sorts, about the size of a pear, and as she strides back to her towel she drops back down to sit close to Daxton, and presses the conch to his ear.

Daxton finishes the pizza, finishes the soda and lays back on the towel with his eyes closed for a moment. That is until she comes up and his blue eyes slide open. Thankfully he can tell what she's doing so he doesn't jerk away or tense up. Strong fingers lift and touch the back of her hand, pressing the shell against his ear more, "These were always cool…" He's looking at her though, a more thoughtful expression.

The girl smiles slightly, "T'is interesting to find one out this way." Said as her gaze flits down to look upon his fingers as he holds the large shell — and in turn her hand — beside his ear. She turns her hand some to better position the briny thing, but she takes care not to push the more jagged parts of the ocean-beaten thing against Daxton's skin. "It must have floated a long way. T'is true, though, you can hear the water within. Or at least what it sounds like when you submerge yourself." Said in observation as she angles herself toward him some. She watches him watching whatever it is he focuses on, until he looks at her! Eek!

Callisto flushes a bit, but cannot help but smile some. She knows better now than to ask repetitive questions, but it's hard not to wonder inwardly with how he looks at her sometimes.

"You can have it, if you wish. Perhaps I found it for you."

Daxton nods, eyes not leaving her face. "We used to find shells like this in Florida all the time." Well, maybe not like this, but yeah! A vibration and he seems to shake himself out of whatever thought was rolling around in his head. That smirk is back and he laughs, starting to sit up, "I could have used one of these the other day when my watch stopped."

She's watching his face the whole while, but holy shit she's not going to lean in and—-ruin it. Callisto knows time, she has as much of it as she so wishes, and damnit if she could just go on watching him and not do anything but that will be alright with her. She tilts her head somewhat, eyes roving as she takes in his details, but then just as she is about to ask about Florida to keep her mind on track and controlled, Daxton shakes himself out of that which came over him. The both of them, truly. Callisto blinks once, quickly; she will pull the shell back as he moves so as to not have him bump it, but then she's reaching for his hand gently.

Provided Daxton allows this, the fey girl will press the shell into his palm for him to hold onto. A deep, grounding breath, and she's looking at him again with puzzlement. "It.. stopped? Has it been fixed?" She asks softly, though something inwardly clenches like a fist. Damnit she's remembering the nightmare and the weeping Daxton therein, holding his broken timepiece. "Is everything ok?" She can't help it, her gaze continues to trace his features.

Daxton looks to the shell, nodding. "I just didn't wind it so it ran out of time in the middle of the night is all." Said watch is on his wrist now, looking whole and ticking. "Yeah, I just….having a time piece is important tome….to speedsters." If she thinks about it, Pulse has one too. "It helps ground us. We get lost without it."

"Can it be any type of watch, so long as it tells time? Must it be wind up?" Asked with genuine curiosity, perhaps there is something else behind the question. "Or that one in particular?" Asks the girl next, reaching to take up Daxton's hand so that she may look upon said watch. The sight of it, for some reason — the dream is still too close for comfort in her mind's eye — results in gooseflesh rising, visibly, along her forearms. One hand holds, the other lifts to rest gently over the watch face and some measure of Dax's wrist for a few seconds.. not to obscure but to simply emphasize that she understands. Not the nature of what the watch means or does, but how important it is.

Callisto glances sideward to the water for a moment, noting the positioning of the sun, before she looks back to his face. "I hope that you do not mind the questions.. I am but curious."

There's a movement where he considers if he should tell her, but hell, he killed her sister, she can know one o his weaknesses. "It's the ticking that's important. To be able to hear the ticking." He then holds up the shell near his ear, like a phone, "That's why this would be good." But he let's her take his wrist to look, although he's close enough to notice goose pimpled flesh, "Hey…hey, are you okay?" Even though he's asking her, he's suddenly glancing around, ready for another sibling.

"I am alright. Perhaps a touch chilled from the air." She did sit down, sopping wet! But Callisto knows better than to insult the boy by lying. "Perhaps, too, it is upon learning something of such importance. To you. I have known no others, who—" Blink? My my, he has quite the tripwire! Callisto is briefly confused at Daxton's question, and she lifts that hand from the timepiece to touch the side of his face. Worry not, she's not going at him again; she's just trying to bring him back. "No no, t'is nothing.. nobody. I was just lost in thought." Admitted next, then a clearing of the throat.

"And, perhaps, how I should like to purchase a great many of these watches to keep on hand in the event of anything breaking, if it means keeping you safe." Because she saw precisely how bad things COULD get, if that ever breaks. Ever.

Daxton's head is turned back to look at her, the worry evident in his expression. "Well….don't do that." He sighs, his frown furrowed. "I was about ready to go throw pizza crust at super speed at your Mommy Dearest." But then she wants watches…for him? His hand twitches and the raises to touch her chin. "You don't have to do anything like that…the shell will work fine…"


(FURTHER NOTE: It gets kissy-kissy from here but it's still kept vague and PG-13. If it's not your bag, don't read further. Long story short, they smooch.. lots… and walk it off. You have been warned.)


She looks quizzical for a moment, and as hilarious as the mental image of Malachite taking a Mach 5 pizza crust between the eyes happens to be, somehow Callisto is unable to laugh outright at it. She's watching him then, looking as earnest as ever following her proclamation. He can't make her abstain from going out and purchasing at least one watch! Just to have on hand.. if ever… it's strange but it means a lot.

So, too, would a gathering of shells be nonsensical. But ever since seeing that in his sleeping mind, somehow Callisto can't bear to—-wait what's his hand doing there? Could that be, at least, a cue..? To.. oh, blast. Callisto can only be resolute for so long..

Her eyes soften, and unless the boy does something to deter her — either move away or shove her away — the fey girl will lean in, and try to gently, very gently touch his lips with her own. The very motion smacks of asking permission.

Daxton's not a strong man, he's not. He tries to be, but….he's not. She's wet from the ocean and in a bikini, there's no willpower that can be spent for that. He tastes of pizza and sugary drink, but in a moment that's much longer for him where he struggles and finally gives up he seems to hesitate. And then suddenly his hand is on the back of her head, touching her braid and he's tilting his head to deepen the kiss into something more than just lips brushing.

At the first note of struggle, Callisto will have pulled back. But then at that precipice the speedster is reaching up to cradle the back of her head, this stops her in her tracks.. it's her turn to be startled. Did part of her expect him to pull away? Was she already worried that she was going too far? But 'lo, this turns out not to be a hasty brushing of lips. The sigh that exhales from her nostrils is simultaneous relief and surprise and then the girl's tentative hands lift so that her arms may wrap around his neck. Then it's on!

It is clear that Callisto is no slouch; she has done this before. Her people are skilled at this sort of thing and pair that with the girl going without for a long time?

Poor Dax.

But still, there is a measure of control felt in her limbs… there's a lessening of it but she's doing her best to keep herself level… and remember to breathe. She pulls back only just, but goes on looking into his eyes. "Was that alright?" Asked breathlessly.

Oh angsty, angry Daxton. Kissing is an outlet and he mostly takes. It's just how he is. Her head is pinned between his lips and his hand and as soon as her arms go around his neck he pulls her to his chest. The damn need for oxygen is always a curse, he pants as soon as they break their embrace. Eyes locking he smirks before telling her to, "Shut up." And he dives back in for another kiss, this time no precious seconds are lost in keeping it subtle.

He takes, she gives. It's as if Callisto is pouring all that she resisted in giving from the onset of this fascination with the speedster right into this very moment. But then the need to breathe occurred and the fey girl had to break away for a few seconds to ask her question. She blinks once, incredulously at the 'shut up' bit; no, she didn't take offense. She barely has time to smirk til' it's round 2. Beach be damned and whoever is watching, Callisto is gonna mack with the pizza boy.. just try to stop her.

Her gripping arms slide to press into his shoulders, in an attempt to ease him back so that she may lie with him.

Daxton twists her as they fall back, so their on their sides. He's not one after everything that's happened to him to like to be in any kind of submissive situation, even if it's a pretty girl on top of him. He kisses her hard before letting his mouth wander to her jaw. There; they can both breathe and not stop. A vibration runs through him, all of him, and Calli may realize the benefits of making out with a speedster. Although he still smells like pizza.

Hey, she won't fault him for shifting the position some. As long as he is still touching her Callisto doesn't even care if they're propped on their heads or doing cartwheels… however that would work. And so the fae is on her side, facing the speedster, her hand moving tenderly to slide down Daxton's shoulder to caress his arm.

Clearly Callisto doesn't mind the pizza smell, or the brief vibration in his body. She, meanwhile, smells of sea and very thin, fresh sweat. The girl, knowing that they must stop, moans her lament softly. She cranes her neck some, making it easier for Dax to rest against it so they can get their bearings.

The beach is not completely empty, so other teens from the local high school yell out a "Get a room!" as the walk along. Daxton slows and he too lets out a low groan as he shifts to let his forehead rest against Calli's neck. His breath ghosts against her skin rapidly. If he wasn't a speedster there'd be worry. "We should….maybe stop…" It's been a while since he kissed someone though and his lips tingle wanting more.

Proof that Callisto gives zero effs: the other teens shouting doesn't even break her concentration. All of it is upon Daxton. It is to be considered, too: she did exist at the tail end of the love revolution. Nature does not deter her…. but this is 2018, not 1969/70.

Still, as Daxton folds in to rest his forehead against her neck, the fey's entire body may as well sigh… but she concedes completely to what he bids her to do. Her chest shall be felt rising with breath, exhaling softly, and one hand will knit into his shorter hair and rest there, caressing the ridge of his ear and behind it. "Perhaps. For we are close to your work, no?" Said huskily.

She wants more, does a bear shit in the woods? Callisto opens her eyes slowly, "Give me a chance." Said softly, "I promise I shall not leave." Barely a whisper. What has happened to her? How has she changed so much?

There's part of Daxton that thinks he can just get a new job. But he takes a deep breath, trying to clear his head. It's hard though with her in his arms, "We can…" His mind races thinking of where to pick her up and run to , but then she's promising things again, which makes him frown against her neck. Gah, he doesn't want to think about that. He doesn't want to think at all. Just feel nice and not give a fuck for the moment. 'Don't, just…" He pulls his head back, although there's a small look of pleasure as she pulls his hair gently. Oh boy. "Let's…go for a walk, yeah?"

The fey girl doesn't think she could handle it if he broke away now. So yes, she 'doesn't'.. at least she put the notion out there. He can deal with it as he sees fit. As long as he doesn't bloody stop touching her. Thinking is hard, even for a creature who is given to hedonism. Luckily Callisto has that conscience; that sense of Light that a great many of her kith and kin go without. But she's watching his face then, her typically clear, bright gaze darkened and murky with interest. Hey, she is an adolescent by her racial standards!

"A.. walk.." Exhaled slowly, and the willowy mentalist reaches for Daxton's hand. "A long… long walk."

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