(2018-07-26) Braided Beach Bums
Braided Beach Bums
Summary: OK.. that title sounds awful. Don't take it literally, people! It's just Brier and Fionnuala doing as Brier and Fionnuala do!
Date: 2018-07-26
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Thu Jul 26, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


It was a free day for Brier. While he was taking classes, they didn't encompass much of his schedule. It was more just to make sure he was up to speed with everything before fall. So today…was a beach day! His usual hippie attire is even more relaxed today, dark blue linen shorts and a purple tank top that had pink flamingos on it. His mama necklace hangs against his chest and his hair…well that was today's mission!

A smaller portion of his hair is pulled into a ponytail to keep it out of the way. The rest had been woven into small free hanging braids that braided right up to the scalp. Given how much hair he had, it's safe to say he had been out here awhile! Sitting on a towel, legs crossed, Brier is about to finish off the last section of braid for the hair he's working on now. Then it will be time to gather more from the ponytail.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

Where one sits in loud and/or peculiar attire, their position on this Earth more or less turns into a beacon for Fionnuala Reid. Hey, call it a talent.. like a moth to flame both the hot sun and mystical flamingo shirt draw the girl to the beach behind the estate. Ok, really though? Fionnuala is actually just going there on her own volition… but it's a possibility that the flamingos are calling her. Right…?

She can easily be heard before she is seen, as her small hands hold a ukulele with a rainbow decal plastered upon it's entire face. One hand is strumming simple chords, and in recent months Fee has figured out the small string instrument. She is in a Brother Iz mood and to listen carefully is to hear 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' in those sturmmings.

The girl humms along, flip-flops making their flappy sound with each footfall, her own long black hair left long and loose with feathers and baubles knit within. She, too, is colorful in some sort of tie-dye muumuu (yes you heard right) beneath which she has donned a tight black camisole so nobody can see seeing her Fee-bumps through the drooping armholes. Lastly: wings are out and glistening with sun! Brier isn't hard to miss, and her gait slows. He looks like he is concentrating… should she pester him?! Fee stands a few feet away, still strumming ponderously and as she watches the boy work on his hair.

Brier continues to concentrate on his hair. It doesn't take a lot of brain power, given how much he loves playing with hair (his own or other people's). He's taken down the remaining section of ponytail now, separating part of it before returning it once more to it's hair band confines. Then, he's off to braiding again. Pulling a smaller section of the new batch of hair that hangs free by his face, he's still able to keep braiding while looking in the direction of where the music is coming from. "Love that song!" Then he recognizes the girl, especially the wings "Fee…right? How ya been!?"

Two things: Brier neither minds her intrusion, and he digs the song! Fionnuala's slowing of her strumming, resulting in a hesitant little melody, immediately returns to it's previous fervor. Without missing a beat she drops back into the bridge of the song, her lips pulling into a great big sunny grin. "Hey, thanks!" She exclaims, and starts walking forward again. "I was just out for a walk and saw you here, hope I'm not interrupting some tricky business." The girl observes; it's rare to see Fee with braided hair. She can do it but it's hard for her, there's just so much hair! Something bell-like tinkles from somewhere within the mass; there is, in fact, a tiny bell dangling at the end of a ribbon that has been tied off into a bow at the crown of her head. What a production!

"Yup.. Fee! And you're Fred, correct?" Asks the girl, before giggling gently. ".. oh wait, it's Brier." Said with a wink, she was simply jesting. "Been doin' ok.. how are you settling?"

The hippie gives a small shakes of his head, sending the braids he has completed tossing about. "Nah you're not interrupting. I like company!" Then, when she gets his name 'wrong'. A small laugh that sounds natural for the blonde, "Yep. That's me. Fred! Not many know it but Brier is just a nickname." Finishing off yet another braid, his hands moving fast, he goes to the next portion of hair. "Here sit down," he motions to the spot next to him with an elbow "…and yeah I'm settled fine, thanks."

The girl happily settles herself down on the indicated spot, though she does so carefully so as to not disrupt Brier's work. To Fee's credit she barely even suffers a hitch in the song as she goes from upright to seated, her legs out and together in front of her body. With two quick little movements she kicks off each sandal. "Ah~" Exhaled as her toes wiggle. "I understand your plight, Fred. Fee is kinda my nickname, too. It says Gertrude on my birth certificate." Fee says with a look, content to perpetuate their silliness for a few more beats. She will go on strumming lazily, each chord being cast away into the hot air… ukuleles and beaches just work together so well.

"You're the first boy that I've seen, at school, to go so gung-ho with the braids! IT looks good though! You gonna keep 'em in for long?" Fee asks.. she hopes so; it looks like a lot of hard work!

"Ya know…I thought when I met you 'She looks like a Gertrude'!" Brier laughs again, looking out of the corner of his eye as she sits down. "Thanks! I like braids. Really any kind of hairstyle really…it's just something I've always been good at ya know?" A nod then "I'm hoping to get them to last at least through the weekend. Hey! Want me to braid yours!?" His attention is distracted a moment by the bell…ooooo shiny and noise!

"I lied. It's not Gertrude. It's Agnes." Fionnuala muses as she plucks the strings, though she peeks sidewards at the young hippie as they chatter amicably. Her wings are open but held back some, absorbing the sunlight and in-turn 'feeding' the shifter. Oh, not in a belly sense… just her overall 'whole' health. Though all sound ceases for a beat when Brier offers to braid her hair?! Fee looks over at him outright as the waves rush and sigh in the background. "You sure? There's a lot of it here!" Fee notes the distraction. "Hey, I can give you this bell ribbon in exchange, if you want! I'll trade braids for bells!" Lord knows Fee has a lot more, where this one came from!

"Who taught you to do your hair? Your Mum?" The girl asks casually, honestly just taking a guess. "Or did you have sisters?"

Brier grins "Agnes!? Even better! She was my favorite sister on Despicable Me." His attention is then on her wings "Your wings are beautiful, Agnes Gertrude Fee" he grins. "Seriously though. I love the way they look like they are talking to the sun…and it's talking back to them!" That's how he saw it! Then, she's taking him up on his offer to braid her hair! The hippie looks almost as excited as Fee with the idea of her hair getting braided. "Never too much hair! All the better to style you with, my dear!"

Then she's offering to pay him with ribbon bells! "I mean you don't have to do that, but I totally won't say no!" When Fee asks about his braiding skill, Brier shakes his head. "Nah no siblings. Mom taught me a lot of it, but then I also got tips from my friends at school and then for other stuff I watched youtube videos." Finishing the last braid of this batch, he turns to her "So what are you wanting done? Or do you want to be surprised?" How much trust did she have in the young flower child?

"Now that just sounds like the name of a heroine in some sort of fantasy-romance-comedy book!" Fionnuala laughs outright, regarding the mishmash of names. "Not as good as Fred Brier. That kinda sounds like a character in a soap opera." Observed casually as she rambles on easily enough. The boy goes on to voice his thoughts on her wings and how they 'behave' in the sun and the shifter beams over at him. "They have long, deep conversations, wings and sun. IT's a sad state of affairs when the sun is hidden for long." How long? She must mean days.. does Fionnuala get SAD in the winter months? Hard to tell.

Her fingers skitter briefly across the ukulele before she finally just sets the thing down. Immediately she is reaching up and behind her head, ferreting around for the bell.. she finds the ribbon and works to untie it carefully. She pulls it 'round and there, in her hands, is a swatch of ribbon with a bell attached to the end. "You're lucky.. braiding is such a neat thing to be able to do, though I'd be lost by the third one if I were left to my own devices." The girl muses, passing the bell over to Brier. She then adds brightly, "Do as you will! I love surprises!"

She's brave.

Brier nods at Fee's statement "I'm a fan of the sun too." Odd given his powers are shadow, but not odd given his personality. The ribbon bell is taken with a grin "Awesome, thanks! And yeah it's kind of a different way for me to relax and focus…hair meditation I guess?" He laughs. Then, she gives him free reign on styling! He pats the area of towel in front of him. "You won't be disappointed! I have a whole bag of bands. You cool if I use my brush?"

"The sun is goodness," Fionnuala says simply. "As long as people respect it. Everyone in my family, any Reid worth their salt, benefits from it as I do." How many of them are there? She does not disclose, simply grins indulgently. This grin precedes a spat of laughter, "Hair meditation!" The girl gets up to shuffle over to the spot on the towel, and it is clear that she has no issue with letting this boy, whom she had met only the once, play with her hair. "I like it! You should see what my partner can do.. you would lose your mind. He has this one form where he has this great glorious mop of blue hair… and he kinda becomes a girl for that. I bet he'd love having his hair braided whenever he's a she!" You, you heard her right. Who — or what — is Fee dating?!

Settling, she lowers her wings and lets them splay out to the sides so as to not buffet Brier with them. They rest there, feathers glittering; they smell like the sun, if that makes sense… and it's not unpleasant.

"You can of course use your brush!" Fee proclaims happily.

Scooting back some so she has plenty of room on the towel for her and her wings, Brier listens to Fee explains. "Ah so your powers run in your family. Kinda like Rain and Sky's?" At least that's how he remembers them explaining it. "That must be a lot of pressure on the one hand…to have that expectation on you from birth and stuff. On the other hand though…it must be nice having someone who can help you understand what's happening…when it happens." Then, she's mentioning her partner and Brier grins.

"Whoa! How cool! I look forward to meeting them." Honestly? Brier just assumed Fee's significant other was transgender or a cross dresser or something along those lines, given how the girl described it. Either way, he didn't seem phased by the idea and blue hair is awesome! "I braid all hair. Guy or girl! So I'd definitely be down." He then looks to her hair, trying to decide what to do before his nose works a moment. "Whoa…your wings…smell!" A quick pause before "Good! They smell good!" He reassures her. Meanwhile, he had the lingering smell of coconut on him. "Do you have to put anything on them…to keep them looking like that? Or do you just clean them in your bird form?"

The smell is tricky to peg.. it is 'warm'; think of how cotton or something similar smells, when baking in the sun. It's subtle, not perfumey.. nor is it overly organic, either. It's truly a hard thing to nail down. Fionnuala looks briefly sheepish, "I don't have to do a thing to them. They're kinda.. not like typical wings. I can will them out and 'put them away' by way of magic and something happens to them in that transition." Clearly it's a good something; every feather is as clean and luminescent as an ink drop.. it appears that even sand does not stick to the appendages for long. "My family, our powers vary.. but there's one constant: everyone is 'assigned' a bird form at birth. We don't have control over which." A brief smile over a shoulder before she faces forward. "A bird form and the ability to absorb sun. Then it all branches off from there.. varies." A light shrugging of her shoulders. "It's really no pressure at all… we're a very easygoing lot."

".. but enough about me! What's your story? I'm sorry, I may have forgotten what you can do .. but I actually don't know if I was even told last time! I had to leave pretty quickly." Fee admits, looking down at the folds of her dress. Her hair hangs there, wavy and blue-black where the sun hits it. There's a faint hint of floral shampoo.

Brier listens to her explain "Whoa…that sounds awesome! I remember you turning into a bird…a crow right? It was incredible." With that he gets started on her hair! First, he brushes it all out to get it ready. Then, she'd feel his fingers running through her hair to add some lift. Plus, who doesn't like the feeling of having their hair played with? His hands move up to her scalp, rubbing it firmly but gently to help get the blood flowing through the area. "Don't apologize! I like learning more about people. As for my story…" The hippie shrugs.

"One day I didn't have abilities and the next…I did. It was totally weird, but I've gotten more used to it now. My mom doesn't have any powers though so that's part of why I'm here. To get help figuring things out." His hands continue to rub her head, moving from the top and going down towards the base of her neck and behind her ears. "You feel relaxed, but let me know if you're tense anywhere. I also like giving massages." Talk about a spa day! Hopefully it didn't make her uncomfortable, but it was just part of who Brier was. He liked helping people, whether it was with hair or tension or whatever!

IT goes without saying that Fee enjoys having her hair played with, and she emits a happy little sigh when the hippie gets to work. They are well met in their mutual curiosity because the moment Brier starts disclosing a little bit about himself, her eyes open and their honey-gold irises flit sideward as she instinctively tries to glance at him, but remembers quickly to face forward. She does just that but obviously, she's listening.

"Hah! Aren't you just a dream?! I feel okay otherwise… I'm getting spoiled enough by the hair styling." Fionnuala chuckles, thinking nothing ill of the offer. She, too, is a touchy-feely sort who does so out of a desire to help or comfort others. "I'm super relaxed. Today is the best day, so far.. til' tomorrow. But for now this is pretty amazing." What a sweet, strange little bird. "So your Ma is unpowered? Does that mean your Da.." She catches herself. Brier didn't say much about a father. Is he MIA? Dead? Fee blushes, "So, uhm.. tell me to buzz off if this is getting too close for comfort, but your Da… I take it he had powers? Do you know? Or are you guys not…" Blush. Damnit she hopes she doesn't offend him.

"Alright then, now the fun begins!" With the scalp massage portion of this session complete, Brier again grabs the brush and gets to work. He's able to multitask easy enough while styling her hair, listening to her talk about the day. "I like that…" He smiles "A good way to look at the world." Then, the topic of his dad. If it bothered Brier his tone didn't let on and his body posture didn't change. Except to shrug. "I don't know if he has powers or not. He left my mom and me before I was born."

It isn't said bitterly, just matter of factly. "I don't mind talking about it" he reassures Fee "I also just don't know a lot about him or what happened. Mom probably would have told me if I asked, but she also gets sad whenever it's brought up. So her being happy is more important to me than knowing about a man who I've never met." Was there probably more to that than he let on? Obviously, but it's also obvious he had his own priorities in the matter. "I also figure whether or not he had powers won't change anything. I'll still have mine ya know?"

"What? What a sod!" Fionnuala exclaims, then colors ruefully. "Sorry… I could be jumping the gun but that's really not nice, a Da going and doing something like that. It's not my place to say such things anyway without knowing the full story. But at least your Ma got you out of it all." She tries to be optimistic, and judging by Brier's behaviors and outlook on the world, his mom did the best she could. Which was pretty damned good.

"I've always been told never to dwell on what happened before, otherwise we'd be pretty miserable. Powers don't make a person, either.. it's just a little extra seasoning, is all." Fee admits, and it's clear that she doesn't put her position as a Super above anybody, period. "You're going to love it here when things really get going. Maybe on the next break when you're really settled in, your Ma can come check everything out! You'll have learned lots on how to hone…" She pauses, looks blushy again. "… what is it that you can do, again? You're not a shifter though, right..?" Fee feels silly, but she doesn't quite recall him speaking about his abilities the last time they met.

Clearly, shadowmancing doesn't even cross her mind.

Brier lets her express her feelings. "You're fine. That's how most people react when they find out" he laughs. "I've had years to work through my emotions about it and I can't say I'm totally balanced, but like you said…dwelling on the past doesn't help the now or future." Even if he knew the reasons or other details, it wouldn't change his reality. Maybe one day he'd search for answers, but today wasn't that day. "My mom says the same thing…about how it was all worth it because of me." Such a mom! "She's the best…and I can't wait to make her proud with how much I learn here. I hope she gets to come soon too!"

Then, the topic of his powers. The hippie continues to alternate between brushing out sections of her hair and braiding or doing whatever he was doing to it. It had to be weird to feel somebody working through your hair and try to figure out what it was they were doing! "Nah I'm not a shifter. I talk to shadows!" Wait…what?

THe girl listens contentedly, happy to let Brier do whatever he sees fit with her typically unstyled tresses. Much like her wings, Fee's mop is glossy and easy to work with; like the feathers, fine speckles of sunlight wink and dissipate from amidst hanks of hair as it's brushed and manipulated. "What does your Ma do for a living?" Maybe she's a teacher, like Fionnuala's mother! Or some other manner of civic servant… Fee suspects that Brier's mother isn't an unfeeling office marm or the like.

Then something really throws her for a loop! She can be felt briefly starting in surprise before catching herself. "Shadows! How cool!" Exclaims the winged girl, again resisting the urge to look at Brier. "IT's about time shadow gets a good rap…. you mention that to people and they're always lumping shadow magic in with big, hulking, cruel people who use the powers to cause harm. You are not the person I would ever suspect…" Blink, blush. "No offense. It's awesome. So do you will the shadows to do things for you?" Her eyes round themselves, "Does the sun hinder your abilities?" Nevermind when the sun is on high, the shadows are longer and far more poignant. This is new to Fee!

"My mom owns her own shoppe…herbal remedies and body care products. Lots of things! She's an Herbalist. I don't know everything she does, but she's taught me a lot too!" Then, the reaction to his powers. Yeah…he was pretty used to that one too judging by his laugh. "Don't worry I'm not offended. A lot of people have that misconception with shadow, but honestly it's all about balance. Shadow is just as necessary as light and depending on the circumstances is just as beneficial."

Brier's outlook on his powers made sense with how he approached other areas of life. With his meditation as well. It all just fit who he was, even if it was a shock to people at first! "Well…it's not about controlling the shadow as much as it is respecting it and connecting to it…but yeah I can do stuff with it." He tries to think of how to explain it. "I can move it around…or I can make it grow. Pick things up…or push things. I can travel through it too, but that's a lot harder."

"There's been no shadowmancers in my family, not that I heard of." Fionnuala admits.. makes sense if the solarkinesis is a steady benchmark throughout the lot of them. She perks again at the talk of the usage of such skills. "So like.. some kind of teleportation? A portal?" The girl asks onwards, completely innocuous. "What does it feel like to cross through shadows?" Fionnuala's eyes are as wide as saucers, and her excitement comes through in the form of heightened emissions of solar energy. Her feathers practically simmer with the stuff, sending forth more of that ethereal, warm scent.

Her eyes flit toward a fallen piece of driftwood, from which a lengthened shadow is cast while the sunlight bakes it's near-white surface. "So that over there, that shadow… can you move it?"

Brier does grin a bit, not really used to talking about his powers in detail. "I don't know what to call it really, but it's like I open up my own personal hallway…to two different doors. I gotta have a shadow to enter and a shadow to exit from…otherwise it won't work." Yeah, that sounded right! "I gotta' see whatever shadow I'm going to exit out of too…learned that one the hard way!" Oy. His attention is again distracted, this time by her shimmering wings, but he quickly gets back to the conversation on hand and the task of hair styling!

"It feels…connective? Like I'm part of something bigger than myself, but also something that I'm already one with. That I've always been one with. Just to a deeper level." Yep. He's a hippie. "I'm a big believer in energies. I incorporate that into my meditation. Everything is already connected to everything else and all of us to it and each other. So the concept is nothing new…this just takes it to a whole new level ya know?" Okay that kind of talk weirded some people out so he leaves it right there.

Brier's attention goes to the drift wood then, and his smile spreads. Silent, but focusing on the drift would, the shadow that spread across it's surface suddenly gives the barest movement. It might just look like the result of the driftwood shifting itself or something else, but then the shadow grows wider and bigger…and wraps around the drift wood. The path of the shadow stretches across the sand and towards them, the driftwood being pulled along as if on a leash of shadow now until it is plopped down on the sand a few feet in front of Fee.

"That… actually makes a lot of sense." Fee admits, still looking spellbound at the talk of this ability. "And how useful would that be?! Though, uh.." She looks down at her fingers as they work themselves into her skirts, fingers following a line of color. "What happens if you lose your way? You don't get stuck, do you?" Somehow that frightens Fionnuala some, for her fertile imagination imagines such a thing: being locked in darkness and unable to move.

"Does it strengthen at night?" Proof of Fee's naivety regarding this gift: she assumes that darkness fuels shadows. Anything but, but she's still new to the prospect. She silences to observe the demonstration, still and rapt as the shadow 'moves' to encircle the piece of wood and… it's pulled, like taffy… and it hauls the piece of wood! Fee's eyes drop as the driftwood is deposited like a trophy, and she can't help herself: she squees!

"How epic!"

Brier shakes his head "Oh yeah no I definitely gotta stay on the path." Literal path? Spiritual path? Huh!? "I went off path once and I woke up a week later in the hospital. Same reason I need an enter and exit shadow door. First time I tried it I didn't realize I needed a set exit…" An actual small shudder from the light hearted hippie. "Ended up dropping…I don't even know how far…in an alley halfway across town. Felt like my stomach was twisted upside down and my whole body had that sensation like when your foot falls asleep."

The blonde is silent a moment before shaking his head and continuing with his hair styling "So yeah. Now I always make sure I see where I'm going to go if I shadow travel." The next question has him grin "You'd think nighttime would be awesome for me right? I mean I do like nighttime, but nah. My powers actually don't work at all when it's night. Only during the daytime. Balance, man." Okay she wasn't a man, but you know what he meant! "I don't mind though, it gives me time to recenter and focus my energy." Her reaction to the driftwood actually has him laugh "I'm glad you like it! It's pretty fun…but I'm still getting used to a lot of it."

The girl actually has the grace to blanche slightly. "That sounds terrible… at least being here, you'll learn more on how to protect yourself from that." She does not remark on how terribly that must have startled his mother! "The path.. is that what you call it, the space between shadows?" Hey, she is following though! Something tells Fee that Brier's spiritual path is already set and strong. She is silent for a few seconds, languishing in the braiding and listening to what the young hippie has to say.

Her silence doesn't last long, upon her revelation. "Ooh.. ooh, yeah.. that makes sense too. Balance is right. Is the shadow stuff your main gig? It's a pretty big thing to figure out but I figure if anyone can do it, it'd be you. You have that very level mojo going on." The winged girl compliments. "I'm still figuring out stuff, too. I only just figured out how to heal people. Still super green at it, but….. it feels right I guess." Fee watches the water, finding it to be beyond easy to talk to Brier.

"I don't care if I ever learn how to fight.. somehow it feels perfect to just know how to heal."

Brier nods "Yeah…it was pretty bad. That's what led to mom researching ways to help and we found the school." Ta da! "The path is…a sidewalk…but not? It's all inky looking and shadowy too, but solid." He then shrugs "I might be able to do more? I don't know, but right now I got the shadow. So that's what I'm working with." Maybe he'd develop other powers. Who knows. Or maybe he would just learn and expand on what he was able to do with his existing powers.

Fee's explanation of what all she could do has him smile "Healing people is important. Definitely more important than flying…in my opinion anyways. Especially if it feels right. That's the most important thing." His hands drop from her hair then. Was he done!? Reaching into his bag, he moves around some behind her before handing a phone to her over her shoulder. "Here…take a look and tell me what you think!"

The girl smiles then, "Thanks… I was absolute rubbish in a few of the missions that we students were sent on, not long after the original school was trounced. It was a bit of a crappy way to learn that I was made more for defense than anything… but I'm secure with it all now." Fionnuala explains. She can feel the 'different' weight of her hair and how it hangs, and the more things are braided up, the more she anticipates seeing Brier's handiwork. "You're going into Junior too, right? Maybe we'll be in a lot of the same classes—"

By then Brier produces a phone and hands it to the girl, and she knows to look at the screen as if she were viewing a mirror. "Oh. My. GOODNESS!" She shrieks, happily.

A hand lifts to touch the coils, eyes filling her face. Sunlight skitters across her shoulderblades and out of her fingertips — all harmlessly — as Fee's joy peaks. "This is like a work of ART—-!!" She cries again; she is literally glowing with mirth. The style? Totally becoming of her. "It's like.. a fancier version of what I wore at a dance, back when we were in the old school," The very night that the portal opened. "I love it!" The shifter concurs, and without even asking permission she will fling wings and arms around the hippie boy and try to merrily hug him! Fee missile!

Brier is again laughing at her reaction "I'm glad you like it! Yeah I enjoy doing hair…my own or other people's so anything you-OOF!" He's then tackled in a Fee hug, chuckling and returning it with his own enthusiasm. "I'm not crushing your wings am I? I've never actually hugged a person with wings before." Go figure!

"Wing hugs are like, level-up hugging." Fionnuala says cheerfully as she eases back, seated alongside the boy again with her hands still primping at her new do. Guaranteed, she will be still sporting this in a few days' time when she really… really.. needs to wash her hair! She takes up her ukulele again. "I'm going to hang out here for a little while longer, if that's cool. I need to help my boss count end-of-month inventory this evening, so I need all of the zen and sunshine that I can get." Fionnuala smiles openly to Brier, then appears to consider. "… maybe if I get you to braid Ruthie's hair, she'll go easier on me." Said with a wink. Knowing Brier, he would likely be able to get on the good side of even the surly badger shifter that runs the local thrift store.

Contentedly, the girl resumes her plucking of chords, looking for a song to settle upon. She returns to her earlier choice, and will sing the words to 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', word for word and very prettily, toward the water.

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