(2018-07-25) True Magic
True Magic
Summary: It dawns upon Syd that the magic she's familiar with (D&D) might possibly get her in trouble if she throws it around willy nilly. She stumbles upon an expert thereon and, being Syd, asks him.
Date: 2018.07.25
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Entry Way
Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


Tired Syd. It's been a busy day. Lots of homework, talking with Sierra (fun, but Syd usually winds up trying not to die blushing), hanging with Bryce a little… and of course the phone call with her lawyer. Syd wanders out into the entry way, probably planning to head upstairs and take a bubble/evaporust bath, when she pauses, seeing Besa. "Hi. Sorry I had to run off the other day. Did you find any cool clothes?"

Besa's headed to the kitchen with a candle for light, no Cocoa accompanies him currently. The ancient boy is in a pair of sleepy pants and a goth shirt that don't match his personality at all. Possible hand me downs from Sky. "Oh, Hello Sydney." He smiles tiredly at her, "No, nothing for me . But I believe that RJ and Quinn both found some things." He's not yet told Rain he spent all the money from the sales of his mugs yet. A hand reaches up to push those perfect bangs out of his eyes, "Did you find what you wanted?"

Sydney shrugs. "I found a few things for fall, yeah. I didn't have a lot of money to spend. I was mostly there to try and help Bryce find something that wasn't his uniform. So… can I ask where you're from? You seem a little detatched. More than me, even.

Besa nods softly, "If you need other clothes, when I get more coin I can help." Why not! Besa will clothe everyone! He looks up at her, head tilting, "I am from Egypt." That's only partially true. But she said where and not when, "I do not mean to be detached." He glances down at his own body and then back to her, "Is it soemthing I am doing or saying?"

Sydney shakes her head "No, no, nothing like that. I just… never realized how much we soak in… our time, our place, our culture, without realizing it. I came here from 1982. It's only 35 years, same country, same language, even the music is still around, although everyone calls it classic rock now, and the hot young musicians are old people. It's mostly the same…but it's all different too. It has to be a lot weirder for you, coming from a completely different country, different language…although I guess TV gets everywhere now."

Oh. Besa blinks softly and then actually says, "Oh…yes. I….I am very old. I have seem nay different centuries. Perhaps that s what you sense in me?" He smiles a touch sad now, being reminded of such things isn't always good. "TV is a new thing for me, yes. It is…loud." Nomally he'd reach out and touch the person to measure them, but he's not sure what his curse would do to Sydney. So instead he smiles softly at her, "I think you are doing well adjusting."

Sydney reaches out instead to touch Besa's hand. "Damn… Centuries? I wouldn't have guessed that…how many centuries are we talking here?"
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Besa pulls away, eyes widening, "No! Please! I do not wish to hurt you!" His candle flickers with the motion. "I….I do not know. Many. But…I can not touch anything like you. I would stop you. I do not wish to stop you, please."

Sydney cocks her head and stops moving her hand. "Anything like me? Um…" she pauses. "Do you think I'm a robot? A machine?"

Well, she's silver and gooey! He doesn't seem to realize the slip of the tongue that could be taken the wrong way, "I do not wish to harm anyone, please. I…things to not work if I touch them, I would not wish that for you." He wets his lips, there's an almost franticness to him, that fear of hurting someone, "I do not know that I could heal you if…" That perfect hair sways as he shakes his head. He almost looks like he's ready to run..

Sydney draws her hand back slowly. "So like… are we talking about magic? And does it pass through cloth?" Syd's been clobbered with an energy blast not to long ago. It doesn't beg the imagination much to say that magic might pack a wallup too.

"It…it is a curse. I am cursed." Some would argue double cursed. But Besa nods softly, "A demon's magic, yes." As for cloth, "I…..no? But…I would fear slipping…" The tired boy frets, "If I accidentally touch anything in a car…it stops." Travel is hard. Travel by airplane is an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

Sydney whistles. "That's pretty harsh. You'd practically have to wrap up like a mummy to fly somewhere. Or even take a train. I dunno. You could argue that because my nanomachines are part of my cells that I'm synthetic organic rather than a regular cyborg…buut…maybe I'll leave hugging you to my flesh and bone friends. Sorry." She pauses. "Demonic magic, huh? Ok, I have a question for you that's probably really dumb, but I don't know anything about magic that wasn't part of a game for teenagers. Is it possible for someone like me, who knows absolutely nothing about magic…to accidentally… do it?

Besa pales. Like, for real, looks like he make pass out pales. "I…it is…..yes." His free arm reaches up and rubs his chest, like it hurts. "I…I do not know. I suppose yes? Some magics do not channel power from the caster…" Not his though. He swallows, still looking off.

You say, "Easy… easy. Don't pass out on me, or I'll have to drag you to the infirmary by your shirt… I just… I made up a cleansing ritual to help Bryce get past the man he killed rescuing Ashton. I keep thinking magic isn't real, I guess… because we played at being wizards and clerics when I was younger. With dice and paper."

Besa frowns, it almost looks like a pout, "I'm not going to pass out!' He totally looked like he was going to! "You…made up a ritual?" He shakes his head, still rubbing his chest, "No…that would be highly unlikely that it is true magic." He doesn't understand how paper and pencils would help pretending to be magic users. Unless maybe she's an artist? Either way he shakes his head, "If you are worried though, I can take a look at it."

Sydney scratches her head. "I kind of… got him in the shower and had him repeat after me… I <his name> have been in battle. My body is unclean with the filth of battle, with its dirt and sweat and gristle. I ask that you wash me that I might be clean enough to join the living." And I was going to break it down to heart and mind, but we skipped heart completely and went straight to mind. I said like… I, Sydney Turner, former priestess of Boccob… one of the gods in the game I used to play… will wash the filth of battle from you, that you might be clean enough to join the living." And for mind it was "I free your mind. I give you permission to make mistakes. With this kiss, let me cleanse your mind of uncleanness, let me bring you home from wars. These memories will never really leave you, but with this kiss, I drive them into the past where they can be learned from. I turn these unclean, undead memories."

Besa blinks, "I….no, that is not magic." And seems very inappropriate! Better hope the teachers don't find out! Yikes! "He needs to speak with someone about what he is going through, not….false magics." And then this tiny teenager offers, "If he is this distraught over what happened, he should not go into battle again. Death happens." It's not a happy thing, but in battle it happens. "I am sorry he is having such. Hard time of this. Not everyone is made to do such things."

Sydney nods. "I have PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From other causes. It sucks. I was hoping I could…get him out of his guilt-loop before he got that bad with…well autohypnosis, really. Except he wasn't focusing on his breathing the way I was taught. He um. Was focusing on me. It kind of worked. I mean he got a few hours of sleep. He is getting professional counseling, this was more like…a way for him to let go and have his perfect memory fixate on something more positive for a while.

Besa nods with a knowing sigh, His voice is quite, "I know what PTSD is." Not everyone has put it together, but Cocoa is clearly a service dog. He bites on his lower lip, but then offers, "Of course he was focusing on you." Duh, you said you were in the shower together! His chest is rubbed again, "I would not invoke the names of gods, even false ones. You may not be channeling magics, but you do not wish to draw attention from anything sinister."

Sydney nods to Besa, thinking about what he said. "Not true magic. Good. I didn't want to find out I'd opened a gateway to some dimension of cheesecake or something." She blushes, and listens more, then nods. "That sounds prudent, yeah." She sighs softly and blows out her cheeks. "Thanks. Sorry if I threw way, way, way too much information at you about my personal life, but… the more I thought about Ashton and whatnot the more it was like "Holy crap, I have to be more careful."

Besa's stomach is starting to hurt, things always in a round abut way always come back to him and Alraxmargoth'ha. He smiles, but it's forced, "it is alright. You were worried. Just…be careful." A cheese cake dimension, Besa wishes! His dark eyes drop back to the staircase, "I think it is past time we return to our rooms, yes?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah…" She frowns a little, reaching out as though to catch Besa or offer comfort…or something. She draws her hand back. "Are you ok?"

Besa turns back, the question is always odd when he is asked. Is he? Does Besa even know? "I am not where I was, which is good, yes? It is just sometimes…hard to know that." He forces a smile, "I am tired, that makes everything worse." A shoulder lifts, a very teenage motion, "I did not meant o upset you. It is why I do not share my past so much. I am good. I have a family now. I have friends. I have a future." Is he trying to convince her, or himself?

Sydney gives him one pat, on the shoulder where the cloth covers the skin, and then stops. "Do me a favor. Find someone you trust… who isn't cybernetic… and let them hold you a while. I keep being shocked how much it helps me. Take care. And thanks."

Besa had someone, but that….broke. He nods though, hoping it will make Syd feel better. "Goodnight Sydney."

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