(2018-07-25) Assault and Battery in the Bookstore
Assault & Battery in the Bookstore
Summary: Koga and Fionnuala have a brief run-in with Dylan.
Date: 2018-07-25
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NPCs: Carl
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Silver Fable Book Store — Shady Cove

A tall and imposing structure that houses shelves upon shelves of books. Three stories tall, the first two make up the sales floors while the third serves as the apartment of the proprietor. In one whole side of the store there is an area dedicated to Buried Under Comics, a new addition to the store itself. A stair case leads midway to the second floor before splitting off and going to both the left and right, where even more choices of books are on display. The area is well lit and there are security cameras filming the customers. A large man who goes by the name of Goose, runs the store, he is in his mid to late twenties and is rather talkative, if one wanted to sit and speak with him awhile.


It is mid-afternoon in the sometimes quiet little town of Shady Cove. Of course, it's never really all that quiet. Coral Springs really does seem like a weirdness magnet for trouble, doesn't it? It is actually a bit of a scorcher, nothing unnaturally so, just a little atypical. The chime of the door sounds out a bit louder than normal, as the door is quickly opened and equally quickly slammed shut. A young looking teenager boy with brown hair that is a little wild looking is the person who made a bit more of an entrance than he intended. He is wearing a pair of jeans that are well-worn and have a couple of … oil stains on them. He is wearing a pair of black canvas high tops. The shoe laces of which have been tied a bit of pink, a bit of purple, a bit of green from being thrown in the washer with colored clothing. He is wearing a grey shirt with a faded gym logo on it. His back is pressed to the door, as he looks up to see if anyone noticed his entrance. "Wow, hot out there, isn't? Thank god for AC, huh?"

Koga had been in the store for a while. Perusing of all things fantasy novels, some particular comics, and the occasional new age book. Seriously. Koga's got some eccentric tastes when it comes down to it far as his reading material. The asian teen looks up whenever he hears the door slam, peering over as he notices the teen leaning on it.

Today the young asian teen is wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, tennis shoes, and a simple red shirt. Oh, and he has his usual ring on his hand that is held on a book as he looks to see what made the racket. Shaking his head, he makes his way over. "I trust the door is okay? Also, if you are trying to hide, I would recommend going that way." He motions towards the back shelves that might hide Dylan for a bit. "Bad choice to hide in a book store, however."

Dylan looks at the source of the voice. "Hiding?" He chuckles. "What makes you think that I'm hiding? If I was hiding, I would have kept moving into the store, not standing in front of the glass door." He is actually sweating a bit. "Seriously, how do you people deal with this humidity? The desert is so much less harsh than here, I think…" He pinches his shirt and pumps it a bit to cool off, before walking towards one of the shelves. "So, where is the fantasy section?"

Raising an eyebrow at that, Koga shakes his head. But, he can understand the idea of weather shock from different climates to a degree. "That way." He motions behind him. "There is no deserts nearby, however. Where are you from?" His question is one of curiosity, but also wariness. Like it was noted this is Coral Springs. It's a weirdness magnet. And well… no friends around, talks of a desert, and apparently scared kid. Yeah. It's not going to go well if it turns bad.

"New Mexico," Dylan says casually as he starts heading over to the fantasy section. Depending on how closely Koga is looking, he might notice that there are finger bruises on both of his arms. As he doesn't see an employee right there, he looks over to the super-helpful Asian kid, "So do you know if they have the latest Harry Dresden book?" Yeah, so maybe he wasn't trying to hide. Probably not, but it is possible.

Apparently Koga is not looking that carefully at all. "Not off hand. They are… hm… do you know the author? I have not looked at those before." His eyes are definitely speaking of curiousity now. Harry Dresden? Yep. Never heard of that one!

Dylan offers a slight grin, though his eyes do keep flicking back towards the door. "Yeah, Jim Butcher… " He pauses, "It's modern day setting, on Earth, but magic exists, just kept secret from normal people… There's vampires, well sort of… they are kind of strange, werewolves, faeries.. The main character is Harry, and he is a private detective that advertises himself as a Wizard for Hire. It's pretty fun and really well written, at least for the genre." For a moment, he seems to relax as his mind is moved to something else.

Humming, Koga motions towards another aisle. "The authors with B as the start of their last name is over there, I believe… I prefer Mercedes Lackey usually. She has an interesting… grounding to her books, especially as magic is not meant to be overly flashy at times." He shrugs, considering. "There is also the Wheel of Time books that I liked. Sad about the author's death before he could finish, however."

"Thanks." The boy slides his fingers over he books as he looks. He shakes his head, "Nope, guess, I'll have to wait until the next town." Dylan blinks, "Mercedes Lachey? I haven't read any of those… " He shrugs, "I think Jordan thought too much of himself… Sometimes it was like he felt a need to describe everything in such detail just to hear himself speak."

There's a sound, a few aisles over from where the boys talk. People talking quietly? Pages being flipped? Yeah, nothing quite so subtle.


The sound of a book… a big hardcover book… falling. But that 'whump' has a slightly muffled quality as in.. a big ass hardcover book fell onto somebody's foot! A hiss of pain; female. "OW!" The first inflection.. then it silences quickly as the unfortunate recipient of a book to the foot realizes that she in a place where loudness is not ok. "Trounced by a book!" The unseen but easily overheard girl pipes up. She has a sweet, singsong voice… Koga especially may recognize it.

Fionnuala is in the building, people, and she's wrecking the place (or herself) one book at a time!

The sound of a thump, and well… that voice has Koga looking around, then he sighs before moving around to the few aisles over as he peers around the corner. Oh, yep. That has to be who it is. Then he gives a small grin as he comments, "Should that book not have teeth and need something to hold it down?" He asks towards the female voice, obviously trying to hold in his laughter. It's a friend being trounced by a book no less!

He looks back towards where Dylan was, mostly to see if he followed or went his own way. Then he looks to Fee and shakes his head, "What in the world are you doing trying to pick up that thing, Fee?" The question is obvious for Koga. What kinda book /has/ to be that thick and heavy?

When Koga looks back around, Dylan is no where to be seen. However, when he turns the corner to check on Fee, Dylan is turning the corner at the far end of the aisle. "You okay?" He sees that Koga and Fee know each other. With that, he moves back a bit, not getting involved any further.

To lay eyes upon the girl who dropped the book is to see a slip of a thing in a bright, flirty sundress with her hair pulled up high into a rather frantic ponytail. She's just squatting to heft up the large tome - the cover appears to have whimsical illustrations upon it, like.. fantasy creatures - when she hears Koga first. "Hi, Koga!!" She sings out to him.. is Fee ever in a stormy mood? IT does happen but just not here, even with a throbbing big toe beneath the dainty straps of her sandals. She has taken in sunshine today, but seeing as how she has been in this bookstore for heaven knows how long she isn't quite so brilliant. Nonetheless, honey-gold eyes spy her peer as he asks of her a question, "I just found the best thing ever… it's to prepare for next year." Huh..? How?

Then, at the far end of this aisle.. another boy appears! Dylan asks of her state and Fee smiles outright at him, "I'm fine.. sorry if I disturbed you." She offers to the boy.. she thought she heard voices close by before she made her faux pas? Could Koga have been talking with this boy? Only way to find out.. "You guys know one another?"

Shaking his head, Koga motions at Dylan. "Meet the one who slammed the door a few minutes ago." He looks to Fee's book, shaking his head as he reaches over to help her with the book. He's at least a good deal stronger than her in this case. "Something to prepare for next year? And here I was looking for ideas, too." He raises an eyebrow at the illustrations. "You know, that looks like that drawing I tried before. I messed that one up, though."

He looks towards Dylan. "Do not worry. She is perfectly safe. Be wary of flying books, however." A small grin is shot towards Fionnuala. "Mostly." Koga is definitely acting a bit more friendlier, at least, instead of his somewhat usual aloof self.

Dylan's nose twitches slightly at the 'slamming door' remark, then he shrugs slightly, "I still say that the door slammed itself and just blamed the first person that walked through." He nods, "The slammer's name is Dylan, by the way…" About that time a large black man comes into the book store.. "There you are, you little shit… I've been looking for you for three hours now." He storms over grabbing Dylan roughly by the arm, dragging him out of the store.

The girl's timbre bears an accent of sorts.. it's Scottish. Just enough to signify that she was raised in a family that wasn't born stateside, but her manner of speech is completely American. Righting herself, she smiles with appreciation toward her fellow Mystic as he grabs up the massive book of fairy tales, and will offer to take it again so Koga's hands can be free. "Thanks for that. I tried to pull this out, then another book came with it… I shoved that book in, and this one came out to kiss my toes. Go figure that it's relevant to what I need! The universe chose this book for me." She explains in her singsong way. The book? 'My Big Book of Fairytales', a compilation by Marshall Cavendish.

Why does Fionnuala, a soon-to-be Junior in high school, need a childrens' book?

No time to explain.. someone has come to collect Dylan? Fionnuala looks alarmed, hugging the book to her check. "Is he going to be alright!?"

Koga glances at the book, then looks as the big man starts to come in. There's two things that stop Koga. The first? Fee's right there and in the way. Second? It's a public store. Koga cannot fight to his fullest here or it would get questions asked. Glancing towards Fee again, Koga wastes little time as his fingers move quickly hidden by the books. He makes sure she can see what he is doing at least.

The quick spell is shot out not a moment too soon to tag on to Dylan as Koga sighs, frowning at being well… helpless in this case.

Looking to Fionnuala, Koga shakes his head. "I do not know. I tagged him with a tracking spell. We can find him later." He gives a sigh, "I would have stopped him here, but… well, too many witnesses." The Asian teen shakes his head.

The girl looks troubled… Fionnuala lives in a peaceful little world and people being forced to do anything — arrive, depart, fight, surrender… — bothers her greatly. "That man looked… slighted. Like, really pissed off. What do you think Dylan did?" Seeing as how they looked nothing alike.. so not related. Maybe foster? (He was searching for three hours, right…?)

One can just see the gears turning in Fee's head as Koga works his magic, and she looks to him as the spell is cast. "Smart move… I really, really hope that he doesn't get hurt." Said softly, as she adjusts her hold on the book and goes from hugging it to holding it beneath an elbow. She gazes at the space that Dylan had occupied before being hauled away. "I haven't seen either of them, before." An afterthought, equally troubling. There's nothing they can do, just yet.. so she turns back to Koga.

"So what are you here for, again? Do you need help finding it? Maybe it'll fall on my foot!"

Koga shrugs, "Ideas…" He looks around, sighing. "… my parents are being rather tight lipped on the portal magic." He lowered his voice for the last part. "I thought perhaps I could come here and try to find a way to well… do better with what I can do. A lot of my earlier shield ideas came from books back home."

Koga shrugs, looking at the fairy tale book. His eyes look perhaps as if he is remembering something well back in the past for the moment. "After all, all fairy tales have some truth to them. I would not mind learning more and investigating to see how well they apply." He looks to Fionnuala.

"I suppose I am looking for some… well, other thoughts. Things that are more whimsical that I can get lost in instead. I want to find something that can make me forget the problems of the day for a while. A bit of fiction or fantasy, to lay down and not worry about." Koga laughs, "I do need to stop the whole training thing, after all."

The girl listens happily, always appreciating Koga's sticking to the cause to better himself and their world. Her expression becomes especially thoughtful when the boy veers closer to her territory. Her thoughtful look softens with knowing, "It's about balance. Too much of a good thing can be just the opposite. You'll burn yourself out." She indicates her chosen book, "I used to read this when I was little. The copy that I had was worn out… so I'm getting a new one. The stories in here are great." She looks up from beneath her lashes.

"I'm going to be volunteering at a children’s' ward in the local hospital, when the community service hours become mandatory this year. So I'm arming myself with books to read to 'em." Fionnuala smiles widely, and she indicates the aisle beyond. "Are you looking for a good fantasy series to lose yourself in? Maybe it can help with your art muse, too… but you have to let yourself rest too, Koga. Don't stop training but… let your mind rest too."

Koga sighs. "The mind is probably where a lot of my problems lie. Too much training, too little rest. I guess this is my way of trying to rest rather than work it with new ideas?"

Koga hums, considering as he picks up the rather large book that dropped on her foot earlier, looking at it. "I might as well buy this one. I find it interesting, and I have not studied the fairy tales on this side of the world before." He nods at the larger book. "Besides, as you said, this might be something to help that more artistic side. The last one I did.. well… exploded." He looks rather embarrassed by that one. Explosions. That can not be good with someone who flings lightning around, after all!

The girl colors with evident pleasure, "There you go! Let us both purchase this book." Said as she reaches toward a space on the bookshelf, roundabouts where the fairy tale book initially fell from! She selects another copy of it, the twin to the one that Koga has picked up, and she looks positively tickled by the notion. "The Ugly Ducking was my favorite as a kid.. especially because there were ducks and swans in my extended family. We're all bird shifters, the lot of us." Admitted with a giggle, and lowly so the conversation is kept between the two of them.

"You're in for a treat as well as a cultural lesson! This is an illustrated copy, too.." Said as Fionnuala peers into the pages, her eyes alight with mirth. "The only explosion this will cause, hopefully, is inspiration." The girl beams… and hey, no judgment whatsoever on what Koga really means, here!

Then her expression sobers. "Why don't we get our purchases and bring everything back to the school.. and maybe afterwards, track where that boy could have gone. I don't have a good feeling about how he was hauled off." Admits the bleeding heart girl.

Koga shakes his head, "All bird shifters? I will have to meet them sometime. I do admit to wondering if I could actually grow wings and fly when transformed." He considers, then looks at Fionnuala. "What is this story about? I am curious on it now." He does pause for a second. "Ah ha." He picks up a book by Mercedes Lackey. "I have been looking for this one."

He smiles as he adds it to his stack of books. "If you need to ask for some to read to those children, feel free? I may join you in such as well. It sounds like a nice, relaxing thing to do."

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