(2018-07-24) Your Friend
I am and ever shall be your friend.
Summary: Syd breaks it to Vinny that she's seeing Bryce. Vin takes it pretty well
Date: 2018.07.24
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Back Lawn
A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


Sydney is lying on the beach, sipping water. She's a little rusty, and looks a little damp, as though she's either been sweating. The thousand pound dumbells next to her might give a big clue what she's been up to. Hunched over, in her bikini top like this, it would be obvious to the casual viewer that she was working her pecs. They're all puffed up…and she's got enormous pecs for a woman.

Having been out and about for a walk, Vinny comes to a stop as he sees Sydney, watching her for a few moments, before he makes his way over in her direction. "Looks like someone's been working out," he remarks, a bit lightly.

Sydney nods. She smiles at him a little weakly. "Yeah… Inferno's kicking my ass. This good. It's how I get stronger." She scootches over on her towel. "Come have a seat. We kind of need to talk.

Vinny nods a little as he hears that, "Working out, and other training, seems to be how people get stronger, that's true," he offers, before he moves to seat himself at her words. "What shall we talk about?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Sydney looks out at the ocean, and takes a long breath. "Vin… how old are you?"

"I turned 18 a few months ago," Vinny replies, looking from her and out to the ocean.

Sydney slips her arm around Vinny gently. "I was wondering if we might not be better as friends. I mean… I like you… you've always been the perfect gentleman, and seriously, I tell people that. It's valuable, in my book. You're a good kisser… and I had a blast at prom. That's all good. It just seems like… I can't really imagine…going beyond where we've already gone as a couple." She nods slowly. "And I'm jailbait for you if we went further in some directions. I want you to go on being my friend. Will you be okay with that?"

Looking back to her as she slips her arm around him, Vinny pauses a little as he hears her words. Glancing to the sea again, then back at her, he offers her a smile. "I will be your friend as long as I live," he promises, before he adds, "I'm okay with it." He offers her another smile, "And thank you for all the nice words."

Sydney squeezes Vin tight. "Thank you." She sighs, apparently relaxing a lot. "I wasn't sure how you'd take that. I'm really bad at relationships. I was always the one who'd…flirt with the guy who was dating a friend, ask the guy seeing the queen of the school out…back when girls didn't normally ask guys out…and in seventh grade, nobody has a damn clue what they're doing with dating anyway.

Vinny nods a little. "It's more than I ever did," he replies to what she said, before he offers another smile. "As for how I would take it, the most important thing to me is our friendship."

Sydney rests her head on Vin's shoulder. "I'm not being honest with you if I don't mention that I brought this up because I'm dating someone else. We're friends first there too, and dating…fairly casually. We agreed dating other people was ok. Neither of us is ready for the exclusive thing. I didn't…set out to find someone else. It just kind of happened."

Vinny pauses a bit as he hears that. "Ah…" he begins, going silent again for a few moments, before he offers her a smile. "I hope he's a good person…"

Sydney nods. "Yeah. Bryce. He was on the mission to rescue Ashton. He was fighting a guy… and killed the guy. When I ran into him it was like he hadn't slept in four days and every time he closed his eyes he was getting flashbacks. That's bad. He's not religious so I couldn't send him to church and get him forgiveness or anything like that… so I improvised. My psychologist is teaching me self-hypnosis for my own flashbacks. I don't know how to hypnotize anyone, but… this is Bryce. He about passed out the one time he glanced down my top. I had a pretty good idea I could focus his attention on something else for a while. I kind of made up a ritual cleansing thing. You wash someone, get the endorphins going, make them feel like they're clean enough to rejoin civilization. Then spent the rest of the evening snuggling. Nothing… I mean ok, neither of us was wearing anything for the whole washing… but nothing…weird. He fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep for hours. The problem is…tenderness is kind of two-edged.

Vinny nods a bit slowly, glancing out to the sea, then back to Sydney. "Ah… It sounds like an interesting situation…" Looking a bit unsure of what else to say, he offers her a smile. "Good thinking," he adds. "The ritual cleansing thing, that is."

Sydney nods. She sighs again, and sounds more relieved. "You don't seem mad."

"I'm not mad," Vinny offers, as he leans a little towards her now. "I may be… I'm not really sure how I feel yet, but I don't think I'll be mad."

Sydney nods. "Ok. I just…whatever else happens…I wanted to be honest with you. I owe you that. Even if we can't be friends after all, I still owe you that." She doesn't let go of Vinny, which to Syd feels a lot like how she feels inside. Doesn't want to let go of him all the way. "Obviously… if you find someone else, go with it…"

Vinny pauses as he hears her words. "I will always stay your friend, Sydney. I promise you that." As she doesn't let go of him, he hugs her in return, before he nods a little slowly.

Sydney squeezes Vin almost painfully tight, and blinks hard a few times. "I am… and ever shall be… your friend." It's a geek reference, from a movie she only saw this year.

Letting out a few breaths as he's squeezed, Vinny offers a brief smile at the reference. "Good," he offers, words kept rather quietly.

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