(2018-07-24) Ideas
Summary: A brief interlude in which Callisto tries to give Bryce a bit of advice.
Date: 2018-07-24
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Library, Winbarry Estate
Tue Jul 24, 2018

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Mind: Failure.

It's hard for Callisto to focus, as of late. Right when she needs her wits about her! It was never this hard before! But there you have it. Callisto cannot focus.

A lot has been happening for this watchful faerie girl: preparing for the upcoming move and school year; dealing with her own personal issues; working with Brier to create a cat sanctuary.

.. you've heard right. Best just ask. Callisto isn't one to blather her plans all over everyone. But 'lo and behold it is early evening, the sun beyond the estate glittering gold upon the rooftop of Winbarry. To look into the library is to find elegant, studious Callisto failing at studying altogether. In fact, she's seated at a table with her head resting upon her folded arms. She's awfully still, too… is she… asleep..?!

Bryce finished with his dinner and decided to get back up to the library. He missed a few days of classes and is trying to catch up although for some reason, his teachers didn't feel that he was too far behind at all. Taking a step into the library, he pauses when he sees someone in there. He is surprised that someone else is there especially over the summer break. "Um, hello." Oh, he would recognize that hair anywhere. It must be Callisto. She doesn't seem to be moving. Walking over to her as softly as possible hoping to not wake her up if she is sleeping. He does hope that there isn't something that is a problem. He leans closer towards her to make sure that she is at least breathing and healthy.

Breathing? Check. Healthy? Absolutely. The girl is in a befitting maxi dress of ivory and the palest of greens, and it's fitted. She has taken on some measure of tan, which only serves to offset her platinum hair. Said hair is splayed out, across her arm and the pages of the books beneath her body, silver lashes fluttered over her cheekbones in repose. That is, until Bryce comes closer and speaks. Her startlingly bluish-green eyes open immediately to spy the boy, but the moment of shock is very brief. Seconds long. Callisto breathes deeply through her nostrils and pushes herself to sit properly upright.

"Ah," She exhales huskily, "Forgive me. I grew tired." She pauses, squints.. recognizes who it is. ".. Bryce!" She exclaims in her fluting way, one cheekbone reddened due to it having been pressed against her wrist for a time. "How fare you?" Asked softly.

Bryce is startled with her sudden waking up. He steps back and almost stumbles over which is interesting because there was nothing to stumble over but his own feet. "Oh, uh, I'm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you. I, um, I was just wanting to make sure you were, were okay." He looks down a bit as though he is embarrassed to say this next part. "Especially since, well, um, you were so, so nice and, well, checked on me." When she asks how he is doing, he looks back up and says, "I'm, er, well, at least I think I'm getting a bit better. Are you, uh, studying?"

The fey girl watches Bryce for a time, in that penetrating way of hers. Did she notice Bryce's startle? Perhaps. Which is why she sets herself to rights faster to further reassure the boy that he had done no wrong. "T'is a public space, Bryce; t'is my fault for resting here. You were simply… seeing if I was alright." He confirms this in actually admitting to it. Callisto reaches up with a lithe hand to rub her brow, only to peer past the curve of her palm to further observe him. "I had to awaken eventually." And in front of her? Books on….. is this some sort of biology? There are diagrams of felines on these pages. Is Callisto reading up on the makeup and biological needs of domestic cats!?

Her lips curve into a smile, "I was.. studying in a way, but nothing in regards to our previous curriculum. Have you been resting well, since the last time we met?" There in her expression: honest worry.

Bryce nods his head saying, "I am, uh, glad you are well." When she says that she is studying, Bryce looks a bit hopeful. As is with his emotions, anything related to fear or nervousness is magnified on his face and mannerisms while other emotions tend to be displayed minimalistically or hidden. "Oh, studying? Maybe, maybe I -can- help." Learning is his sort of thing after all. He closes his eyes for a moment and sounds like he is reading: "Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Carnivora, Suborder: Feliformia, Family: Felidae, Subfamily: Felinae, Genus: Felis." Opening his eyes he says, "Otherwise known as the domesticated house cat."


Callisto sits, incredulous.. but should she truly be surprised? She HAS witnessed this amazing trait of Bryce's before! He can help? Understatement much?!

The white-haired girl gestures to a chair that is set perpendicular to her own spot. "Bryce, sit with me." She bids, her look of surprise evident in her patrician features. Yup, maybe the boy can help. "Perhaps you can help me. I've come into an… interesting situation, you see." Another understatement, but Callisto deflects swiftly.

"You may think me to be mildly crazy." Admitted before she delves into a more concerning topic, "What of you? What's new?"

Bryce watches as her face changes with surprise at his memory recall. When she says that perhaps he can help, Bryce smiles a bit though he reaches up with his left hand to cover his mouth to prevent it from being seen. He walks over to the chair she indicated and sits in it carefully. "I, I would like to tr-try." As much as he would like to help, he is now feeling a sense of nervousness growing up into his eagerness to help. What if he fails her? She is so nice, and pretty, and likes books! He swallows a bit feeling the pressure and says, "What, what can I do?"

When she asks him if there is anything new, Bryce looks down a bit but this time out of embarrassment not nervousness. His cheeks flush a slight pink color which is a huge reaction coming from him. "Um, well, there is a … there is this … um … girl."

"Don't." Callisto says suddenly. Don't what? Help? Speak? Move? Her lashes flutter as she watches Bryce's face and, specifically, his hand. "Do not conceal your happiness." Says the faerie, her head tilting as she pushes a hank of pale hair behind an ear. She wishes to nip this nervousness in the bud. "For you've reason to be happy, no?" Asks Callisto, her voice still accented significantly from her upbringing in the 'North'. "You may smile, Bryce, for it is becoming of you." Said simply, in hopes of being reassuring.

She does not yet touch down upon her own project. His embarrassment concerns her, so too does the blush. "A girl?" Asked gently.. ah, it's that sort of blush Callisto feels a surge of something: not jealousy but protectiveness. "Whomever might this girl be? Have you need of advice?"

Bryce looks down a bit when she says to not conceal his happiness. "I'm, I'm sorry. Many of the, the things I do are … please don't tell … are from, um." He hesitates to speak of the source which by this point is probably obvious to the fae. "Because of my, my father." He sighs a bit and says in a deeper tone that sounds more like the head in the dream: "Smiling is for idiots. Nothing was gained from smiling." Bryce shrugs. He has learned to hide much in order to live in that place.

"Um, I, I think you, uh, know her. She is really nice and, and, well, she is pretty too. She helped me when, um, after -that- happened." There is only one that to which he can be referring: the killing of the merc. "We have, um, talked some afterwards and are going to, well, uh … " another slight blush "Try going on a, a few dates." He quickly looks up and says, "I've, I've never done that so, uh, I would going to try and read some books on what makes a date a good date." He does study for just about everything he does.

"I know, now, of the fiend that your father can be." Callisto says softly, "At least, to the recollection of your mind's eye. I understand how it may deter you from expressing yourself." Heaven knows she must behave in a similar fashion. But Callisto is intent only upon Bryce, her curiousity and sympathy evident. She sighs softly, "Smiling is for those who know well, how to live, and to enjoy the pleasures of life. Those who do not condone the act of smiling are those who suffer, who are at fault." She silences, listens.

Callisto knows a significant amount about….. interacting with those who are 'interesting'. But intuition tells her to tread carefully here; innocently. But she leans forth, her eyes watching Bryce's face. "Bryce," Asked softly, "Have you been asked on a date?"

Bryce shakes his head no. "S-she has, but, well, I rarely even talked to people before, well, before coming here. The only people I really spoke with were, um, him, the doctors and scientist. The, the last few months before coming here I was, um, able to be with my mom, a, a little and the witch lady who helped her."

Bryce looks back down at her book and flips a few pages in each direction to memorize where she was reading. "So, uh, what, what can I help you with?"

The girl listens, yes, but isn't easily deflected from the cause. She liked to see the boy smile, even hidden; something tells her that the further experiencing of typical teenaged emotions with this girl, surely, will help him to do so more. Callisto's studies on how best to see to the needs of the feral cat colony have been placed upon the back burner. Sorry, Bryce.

"It can wait. Tell me of this girl." Callisto presses, amicably.

Bryce looks up from the book to best see the face of the fae. "I, uh, she is a student here. She was technically born before, um, me, but she is still younger than me. She acts older than me though. Maybe, uh, it is a girl thing." He then starts to sound a bit excited when he says, "That, that puts her a year behind me in school so I can help her, uh, with her studies. I, I won't give her the tests or anything." With his memory he could write verbatim every test question he has taken which would give someone a massive unfair advantage.

Born 'before'? Older, yet younger? Too close for comfort.. it feels familiar. Callisto knows of other immortals here at the school, but they're all boys. But suddenly Bryce's justification for spending more time with mystery girl is just too sweet for even Callisto's fae heart to bear.. "T'is very valiant of you. Mayhaps I've met her, then… may I have her name? Perhaps, if I know her, I shall have more ideas to suggest.. for a date." A gentle, knowing smile.

Bryce nods his head and says, "Oh, I, uh, I forgot that I haven't told you her, uh, her name yet. I think she said that, well, you two have talked before." He clears his throat which is a bit unusual for him. "Her, her name is, well, it is … uh … " He hesitates to say her name not because he is ashamed of liking her, but maybe she doesn't want a bunch of other people knowing. It isn't like they are dating or going steady. They specifically decided not to do that that, but what if she didn't want it spread around? "Sydney. Please, uh, I'm not sure if she wants, well, others know. She didn't say that she didn't want others to know, but I didn't ask if she did want, uh, that."

"I shan't say a word." Says Callisto soberly, even as recognition flares in her head. She actually knows little of Sydney save for the metal girl being a quiet, perhaps mildly shy sort.. whose touch sadly hurts Callisto (bah, iron) and some of whose behaviors seem beyond her years. Callisto remembers this talk of 'trailer parks'; of uncouth behavior. But past lives can surely be an albatross around one's neck. Callisto knows and appreciates second.. or third.. chances more than most know.

"She seems kind and in need of a friend such as yourself. T'is the summer, no?" More of a fact than a question. The mentalist's slender fingers splay palm-down upon the diagram of a male cat. "You know what I enjoy? Sunsets, walks along the beach…. go to Lighthouse Pizza by the docks, buy slices to go, and walk the adjacent beach." Said as she peers up coyly from beneath her lashes.

Bryce blushes again a bit when she mentions the beach though he doesn't why. "Um, I, I could probably, maybe do the beach with her, but, um, probably not if there are, uh, others there. I went to the beach once to, to practice my powers, and, well, there were a lot of people there. It, uh, it didn't turn out well." Tons of teasing. "Neither of us have, uh, a lot of money so, well, I thought that things you buy only last, uh, a short time until you have to replace or fix them, but, uh, maybe if we make a memory -"

Ah hah. Callisto nods once, not at all judgmentally. Funny; once upon a time she will have scoffed. She leans back in her chair, ponderously… her chest rising once as she breathes deep, exhaling as she forms her thoughts. "You needn't spend money. Sometimes to… to walk with others, to just spend time with them.. it's enough." That's awfully sentimental from the typically aloof faerie, no? She looks down from the ceiling, where her gaze had wandered… to a knee… back to Bryce. Then Callisto, whose species is known for lascivious, terrible behaviors.. offers next: "Then beachcomb. Search for shells, for precious things.. for beach glass and beautiful rocks, the colors of which change when the water touches them. Watch the sun. Speak of anything but school and terrible, frightening things."

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