(2018-07-23) Coffee, Phone, and Board
Coffee, Phone, and Board
Summary: Three Coral Springs students meet up and talk
Date: 2018-07-23
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Main Street Shady Cove

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

Besa's been trying to not be the paranoid person that would be so easy to fall into knowing a demon has his scope set on him and a friend. He's trying. He got himself a coffee today with some of the money Rain got him from selling mugs (He has no idea she's padding the profits for him). Dressed in summer shorts and a cotton short sleeved shirt that makes him look like he belongs on a beach he steps out of the coffee shop humming to himself. Where to go next? Dark eyes scan the road as he takes a sip. The short teen almost always stands out in Shady Cove, skin town, hight and the students of Coral Springs tend to get a small reputation.

Leaning against the back of a stone bench is another student of Coral Springs. He too stands out in his own way, with his Mediterranean hue and the naturally golden locks that will occasionally obscure his sapphire gaze. He is decked in rolled up jeans and a billowy white t-shirt. And a pair of espadrilles since he's in public. In his hands is his phone, and the screen holds his attention.

Besa spots Louk easy enough and weds over to his teammate, "Hello Loukanos." He thinks they're okay, but has been feeling like he did soemthing wrong with just about everyone lately. Except maybe Cocoa, although she said home today. He's been trying to not lean on her so very much, although night times he still does quite a bit. "I hope your day is going well?"

If they are not okay, Loukanos shows no indication of being upset with Besa. No, his lips just spread into that smile of his, and he tilts his head, a bit surprised to see Besa walking about the town. Without ANYONE. Not even Cocoa. He has the tact not to point it out, though. "Well enough, I suppose. I'm feeling a little anxious because Ash isn't around, but I think he needs the space," He chuckles lightly, then asks, "How are you?"

Besa nods gently, with what he's been told by Ash, it's the safest response, "Space is important when someone has gone through what he has." He smiles around the edge of his up as he takes another sip, "I am…well, I suppose. Rain has sold my mugs on the store-web." He never seems to get that right, "So I can by my own coffee." Not that he drinks all that much. But he seems happy about it. "I am hoping to be able to make more before the school starts up again." He glances down at Louk's phone, "Are you playing the games or on the face novel?"

And Loukanos doesn't bother to correct. "Actually," The godling flushes slightly and gives a sheepish smile. "I was checking if Ashton texted me." And indeed, he is on his messages. "He needs space but not too much space." He shrugs and turns off his phone before sliding it into his pocket. "I suppose if he really needs me, he'll just do one of those mind tricks of his." He glances at Besa's cup. "So you're making a lot of money from that store, huh?"

Besa lifts an eyebrow slightly, but who knows if that's about the message or Louk's comment. 'He will let you know, yes." He smiles, looking down at the cup, "I do not know if it is a lot, but it is more than what I had." A small shoulder lift, 'Rain says if I do more things that are 'higher end' that I could make enough to live on." He's already thinking of what will happen to him after High school, he's never had a future before really. "She says I need a bank, but I do not know that that will eb helpful. I can not use a card."

Some doubts creep into Loukanos's mind, and his fingers twitch now bereft of a phone to hold. "Hm. I guess a lot of it depends on how you advertise the mugs," Modern finances go way above his head. "You can't use a card?" He ponders a moment. "Well, I guess bank accounts are good for storing money if nothing else."

A glance to the twicthing fingers, but if Louk doesn't bring it up, Besa won't push the topic, "I think for now she is telling of them on her …blog?" He doesn't sound so positive on that. He nods, sighing annoyed, "Touching the machines that use the cards will break them." He's going to be a cash man, it seems. "Perhaps if I get enough to store it." He doesn't know how much cave living will cost him! "Are you just….walking?" He glances around the street, maybe to try to guess what louk is doing here. Also maybe to make sure there's nothing shady going on around.

From what it's worth, Loukanos does notice the glance and offers a reassuring smile, shaking his head. "Oh, what does she blog about?" He shrugs at the question. "We're both doing that, aren't we?" An answer but also not an answer. His eyes follow Besa's around them. "Don't be worried. I am here. You are safe."

"Cothes and things like that?' Besa's only seen what Rain's showed him, and then he tied to look interested, he did. But modern clothing styles are just…weird. "We are now, yes!" That brings an honest smile, "Perhaps you are safe because I am here, yes?" He's trying to not be antsy, and covering it up with a joke. The two teens are standing outside the coffee shoppe, Besa has a cup pf something.

There is a faint nod. "Oh, that sounds…neat. Is it popular?" Loukanos likes modern clothing. Most of the times, anyway. He likes the colors, anyway. The godling refrains from pointing out that Besa is the one that's being hunted, not him. "Right, then, you'll be my protection for the evening. I couldn't ask for better."

It's probably the clack.. clack.. clack.. that would warn Zolin is coming first. That skateboard skimming lightly over the sidewalk as he'd cruise along from the park towards the residential area. Slowing while he'd weave along between the people on the sidewalk, it's Besa and Loukanos that stick out a bit to him, causing him to slow when he got close and with a kick up, grab his board. "Hey.. you two go to the school? Coral Springs?"

"Yes?" Besa thinks so? Rain says it is? The short ancient teen smiles up at Louk, "You could not! I have been known to be a vicious protector." He does not look like he'd be a vicious anything, really. That clack clack, he's familiar enough to turn and look to see if it's Rain. It is not. Instead it is a very tall teen. He seems to still some, glancing to Louk when the question is asked, "Yes? May we help you?" His accent is thick, clearly middle eastern.

Loukanos gives Besa an amused grin, finding his claim to be a little endearing. He opens his mouth to say more but instead follows Besa's gaze to the taller boy on the skateboard. He straightens, pushing off the stone bench and fixing his posture. When Besa glances at him, the golden-haired boy steps behind him. Protector and all that. He does smile at the teen with the board, though. "Hello."

Zolin shifts that board up to hook onto the back of that belt, letting it sit there quite easily it seems. He'd shrug a little. "Doubt it.. But I thought I recognized you from one of the summer make up classes. My name's Zolin. I just moved into town and I'm shifting from home school to regular.. or well.. as err.. regular.. as that school gets. huh?"

Oh, he's a student at Coral Springs. That seems to be enough for Besa to smile warmly at Zolin, "Oh! Hello! I am Besa Ini-Herit, a Guardian." He takes a step closer and holds out a hand in greeting, "I hope you are finding the school satisfactory?" This close Zolin may pick up on the faint but ever present scene of earth that clings to Besa. "This is Loukanos, he is my friend."

<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Success.

On the other hand, Loukanos smells like flowers. Dewy jasmine, to be specific. He lifts his hand and gives a small wave. "I am also a member of the Promethues Team," He steps closer when Besa does but does not offer his hand. "Speaking of the school, I should maybe get back." Now that Besa's eyes aren't on him, his hand dips into his pocket again as he retrieves his phone.
<FS3> Loukanos rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Getting closer to Zolin, one thing that can be noted is along with the short hair, most of his stuff is fairly close to his body in terms of tightness. While it's not body tight, it's enough to avoid people being able to notice that his shirt is actually floating a little around him, almost like it's weightless. The board too actually looks to be more hooked onto, than hanging onto that belt as it'd float a little too. Zolin shakes Besa's hand and that grasp makes it much more clear, Besa's hand feels weightless when it's close to Zolin. "Nice to meet you.. I've heard about the teams. But I haven't actually followed up on one.. Oh.. hey. You two.. Yeah. Sky said you two might play chess? Maybe we can see about a game of it."

Besa will have to have a talk with Louk later about worrying. But for now he lets the other Guardian sneaky fret. Instead that perfect hair flops to the side as he shakes hands with the new student, "Oh! You are.." How to say this, "hollow?" That's not the right word, but sometimes Besa's got too many languages tolling around in his head so he picks the closest word he can. "You have met Schuyler? He is my brother." They look nothing alike. At all. "I have not played chess….In a very long time. But I would not mind it."

"Chess…?" Loukanos questions absently while scrolling through his phone. Even the godling is capable of being a typically rude teenager every once and a while, though his furrowed brows suggest something more than just a teen obsessed with their phone. "Why would Schuyler think I play chess? Huh. Well, there's also Bryce. I don't know, for sure, but he's definitely read books about chess, so he'd probably make a decent match."

Zolin nods in response to Besa, frowns, looks down at himself then to Besa curiously. "Hollow? No.. I'm quite solid.. oh.. I guess you felt it. I just don't have gravity. I have mass.. My belt keeps me down.." He'd shrug a little and shakes his head, looking between Louk and Besa. "Maybe you were the one he commented about video games. I don't know.. But I would definitely enjoy a game of chess. It's been quite a while since I've played."

Besa openly looks down at the belt to study it and then back up to Zolin's face, "Then I am glad you have your belt." There's a quick nod to Louk about Bryce, "I would place coin that Bryce would know how to play Chess, yes." But then that hair is swaying as Best shakes his head, "I do not play the video games, unfortunately."

"I don't really play them, either," Loukanos gives a shrug. "But hey, maybe we could figure it out back at the school." He frowns suddenly before glancing at the two. "Right. I'll have to head back to the school…it was a pleasure meeting you, Zolin." There's a gust of wind, and then nothing where Loukanos once stood.

Zolin nods to them, then steps back a step as Louk literally vanishes into thin air. "Woah.. dang.. and I thought what I did was unusual." He'd eye Besa a moment curiously. "You going to poof too?" Chuckling, he'd shrug and shakes his head. "I'm glad I got my belt. And I'll see if I can't find a chess set, so we can play sometime. Sky did mention you were a brother with him."

Besa holds off on sighing until Louk has disappeared. His free hand lifts to brings his bangs out of his eyes before looking back to Zolin, "I am sorry for my friend. He is…preoccupied with somethings." But then he chuckles, "No…I do not poof." He sips on the paper cup of coffee in his hand, "I also have a Mancala board if you are interested." A motion to the bench, "I was going to go for a walk, but if you would like to sit, we can instead?"

Zolin waves his hand lightly. "it's alright. That's actually probably one of the lesser surprising things I've seen recently." Musing for a moment, he'd shrug. "What's Mancala? I might be willing to play it. And I can walk or sit. Either way.. Heck.. you ever ride a skate board? It's pretty fun."

Oh, just wait Zolin. There's always something more surprising! Anoterh warm smile, "It is a board game. I will show you some time. It is one of my favorites." The small teen starts walking but ehe stops, eyebrows raising, "I….have not, no. Rain has one, but I have never attempted to ride it. I fear I would just fall and make a scene…" And then he smirks, "I am not always very good with…things."

Zolin nods, musing. He'd reach back, unhooking that skateboard to let it drop down. Planting a foot to make sure it doesn't roll off, he'd grin towards Besa and motions. "Please. Go ahead and try. It's a solid board, so it won't go squirrely on you easily. But getting a feel for riding and balancing your weight can be enjoyable."

In the back of his mind, Besa can already hear Rain yelling. But hey, YOLO (Ha, no). He wets his lips stepping over to the board and placing a foot on it. He rolls it back and forth. "Is it like finding balance on a camel or horse?" No, it's not. He quickly finds out as he steps up and then wobbles. Thankfully his coffee cup has a lid or it would have spilled all over him, "This is not like a camel!"
<FS3> Zolin rolls Gravity Control: Good Success.

Zolin watches Besa and nods a little as he'd get on the board. With him wobbling, Zolin focuses himself, being careful to not accidentially crush Besa or his cup, he'd shift the gravity a little, helping him stay more center over the board. "I don't know if it's like a camel or not. More like an escalator I think. Movement but the thing you step on isn't moving."

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