(2018-07-20) Physics Lessons
Physics lessons: Gravity with Zolin, Inertia with Syd
Summary: Syd goes to hang at the skating park and meets Zolin. Bryce joins them and Zolin leaves shortly thereafter. Bryce and Syd talk a little more about the events of the other evening. What events, you ask? Well, there’s no log, but Syd got wind that Bryce was all twisted up about the hired gun he killed during the Ashton Rescue. A veteran D&D player and herself a patient with PTSD, Syd figured a ritual cleansing might get him out of his self-blame loop. This took place in the shower. Nothing untoward happened, but they did wind up snuggling in Syd’s room, and Bryce finally got a few solid hours of sleep in Syd’s arms. Syd has discovered that tenderness also effects her strongly. We now return you to today’s scene.
Date: 2018.07.20
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Area 51
In good repair, tended to not by the city, but those youngsters who frequent the park, there are a whole array of things to here. Above the stone pillar entry way, there is a sign, hand painted graffiti style, with an alien and a ufo and large green letters declaring the park to be, Area 51 Skate Park. It's a sea of fenced in concrete. Well not a sea really, but it is concrete and a large amount of it. A large part of it is sunken in to create a deep bowl. Around the sunken park are the various other obstacles that are commonly found here. Each one lined up so the skater can hit each one right after another as they skate around the park. Rails line another area. There are a few concrete benches set up at a safe distance inside the fence and a few more on the outside of the fence for those that want to watch.


Sydney is back at the skate park, chillin' with her (adopted, even if they don't know it yet) people. She doesn't have much to say, but she's good at being an appreciative audience when things go right. And. This time, she has a first aid kit that she might have borrowed from the school in her shoulder bag.

<FS3> Zolin rolls Skating: Good Success.

Zolin finally found the skate park! Heaven has officially been achieved. There's probably more than few of the normal crew there watching the 'new kid' as he'd tear it up on the park. He's good, really good at moving between the jumps, hand plants, you name it. Some of the jumps he does seems to go longer than anyone would think possible, that board heavily reinforced on the deck showing a reason for it as he'd slap it down in the jumps to get back on the ground. Either way, he's having a field day!

Sydney applauds and whistles, two fingers in her mouth. It's a skill she never learned. She had other expensive (for her) hobbies - pot and computers - but she appreciates expertise like that. "Awesome!"
<FS3> Zolin rolls Gravity Control: Great Success.

Zolin is getting encouraged, egged on almost by the others. So that's when he'd decide to show off a little. One of the steeper jumps has him roll up on it at a breakneck speed. That crouch into the ollie and he'd launch upward.. and up.. and up! Zolin pulls off a 720 kick flip of the board, a little manipulation of gravity that no one would probably even be aware of, before allowing gravity to pull that belt and by extension him, back down, nailing the landing flawlessly!

<FS3> Sydney rolls Brawl: Good Success.

Sydney is fairly sensitive to center of gravity matters, being a girl who learned to fight from a man. She cocks her head, watching Zolin's jump curiously, and Spocks an eyebrow. She still applauds. "You go, Girl!"

Zolin finishes out the run, hitting that end with a skid to a stop of the board, then flipping it up to catch it as he'd land on that edge of the dip. The others would clap and cheer as they thought appropriate. He moved over towards the benches that Sydney was on to sit. Glancing her way, he'd shake his head with a chuckle. "I'm not a girl."

Sydney Spocks that eyebrow again, then thinks of something and blushes. Her skin turns vaguely straw colored. "Sorry. Sorry. Your center of gravity threw me off. Also your hair, kinda." She looks as closely as manners (and dark sunglasses) permit. If he's trans, she thinks, his plastic surgeons have done an astonishingly good job. She shrugs, reminding herself that it doesn't actually matter in this day and age. She's getting used to that, slowly. It's certainly more fair. "I'm Syd, what's your name?"

Zolin nods a little and flashes a grin towards Sydney. "Zolin. And my center of gravity is the belt. Not me. Long story." He'd shrug and motion off towards the school. "I'm a new guy to the school. What about you?"

Sydney eyes the belt curiously. Looks heavy. "New at the top of the summer. I start my Freshman year next month. I'm a brick. I break things." She knocks on her chest just below the collarbone, and it makes a sound like kicking the back of a shovel. So why do you need ballast?" She gestures toward the belt.

Zolin stares a moment, blinks, then shakes his head. "Oh. Uh.. because I don't have gravity. I can control it around things.. but not me. It's really weird.. also really scary if I don't have ballast and start freefalling sideways.

Sydney smiles and crosses her arms. "That has to make skating a little easier. Doesn't matter, you still rock at it. How long've you been doing it?"

Zolin nods with a chuckle. "About 7 years. Since I first saw Tony Hawk, yanno? I got a board pretty young. When.. after my.. special effect happen.. I found that on a board? If I keep moving? I can run with it. Stunts like what I just did is nothing compared to some of the things I've pulled off with a board. I just can't think about falling."

Sydney laughs. "Yeah, I'll bet. You could probably make a fortune boosting stuff into orbit for Elon Musk. But… who's Tony Hawk?"

Zolin purses his lips, then chuckles and shakes his head. "A really good skater. Kind of old now. I got ahold of a PS2 game that you could play in parks he did and stuff and it got me wanting to do that. Otherwise, my ability can only do so much.. There's a limit on how much I can actually control.. and while I can increase gravity in the space, that reduces the amount of space I control when I increase the power."

You say, "Ahh. I'm kind of out of it culturally. I went to sleep in October of 1982 and woke up in January of 2018. I'm still getting my head around cell phones." She nods about Zolin's power limitations. "I see. That makes sense, actually. So can you make a space zero-g?""
Zolin pauses, then nods a little. "Ah.. Ok. that makes sense. I think.." He'd frown, then shrugs. "Yeah. From zero to 5 G. Which.. at 5 G it'd crush most humans. So I don't exactly do that to people. But I can launch things pretty fast." He'd shift and pull one of the lead spheres out of one of the pouches. Watching Sydney as he'd hold up, he carefully flattens out his hand. The ball just hovers there, that bit of space above his hand. "I'm actually always at zero Gs. A side effect of my special trait. Without the belt I'd freefall sideways as friction isn't enough to keep me up with the planet's rotation."

You say, "Yikes. No I was just wondering if you can zero-g about a six hundred pound mass. Namely me.""

<FS3> Zolin rolls Gravity Control: Good Success.

Zolin muses, then shrugs a little. He'd grab the lead sphere, put it away, then turns to face Sydney fully. Focusing himself, he'd frown slightly and then it'd happen. She'd feel that lift. Or more specifically, the lack of drawing down that gravity does. Everything just floats a little bit about her.

Zolin muses, then shrugs a little. He'd grab the lead sphere, put it away, then turns to face Sydney fully. Focusing himself, he'd frown slightly and then it'd happen. She'd feel that lift. Or more specifically, the lack of drawing downt hat gravity does. Everything just floats a little bit about her. (re for Bryce)

Sydney finds herself really glad she's in "be your own bra" mode, as the sudden loss of weight hits her whole body at once. She holds very still for a moment, then pushes up very gently with just her ankles, tucks, and does a quick somersault. "Wheeee!" Dignified? Not terribly. But fun! "Thanks! I always wanted to do that, and they usually won't let me on planes."

Bryce was worried to leave the estate after the incident, but after the help from some of his friends, he figures it is time to get out and start living again. Well, what he considers living. It was also nice that so many said they were his friends. He decides to wander to a random part of the city. He probably shouldn't be wandering alone, but he has his underarmor on so he should be safe. As he was walking by the park, he sees something rather shiny. Wait, that isn't a something shiny, that is a someone shiny. Only one person is that shiny. So he turns into the skate park looking like he doesn't really know what this place is like. As he walks up to Sydney, he says, "Uh, Sydney, I didn't know you, uh, could fly." Glaning over at the tall teen he hasn't met before he says, "Oh, hi, I'm, uh, Bryce."

Sydney waves at Bryce while she's upside down. "Hey hon!" She grins. "I can't. He's got gravity powers." Zorin, this is my friend Bryce. Bryce, Zorin, who I just met. He skates too. Really really well." Assuming Zorin puts her down, she'll give Bryce a quick squeeze.

<Public> Ronan flops.

Zorin makes sure she's oriented right and then carefully sets her back down. As he'd relax, he glances to Bryce and gives an upnod his way. "Hi Bryce. And basically what she said.. Gravity control. For everything but myself." Chuckling a little, he' dlook at the park where the other kids are skating and shrugs. "I've been doing it for a while. I can just be flashier now due to what I do."

Bryce's eyes go wide when he sees what Sydney is wearing. He seems a bit embarrassed when she hugs him, but he doesn't resist it. What, what did she call him? Hon? "Oh, gr-gravity powers? That is, uh, pretty amazing. I wonder if it is by, well, altering the mass of, uh, objects, but I doubt that is, uh, what you are doing. Perhaps it could be the, the altering of the H-higgs Boson. Have you tried to, to fly by altering the gravity of something of, well, something you are standing on? Not, not that I should tell you what to - never mind me. I, I talk to much. I'm sorry." He looks to Sydney and asks, "How are you, uh, doing?"

You say, "Hmm. It didn't feel like my mass was going away. I could still feel the inertia of my body, just no gravity. 'Course I can also still feel my pulse, and anatomy I just plain don't have anymore, so my body does lie to me sometimes." She shrugs. "Probably keeps me from going crazy or getting completely disconnected from regular people." She rests her head on Bryce's shoulder briefly. "Relax. He's friendly.""

Bryce looks as Zolin decides to head off. Bryce opens his mouth but doesn't say anything. He closes his mouth and says, "I, I wonder why he left." He sounds a bit sad when he adds, "I guess maybe I, I said too much. Sorry." He looks over as she has her head on his shoulder. "Um, S-sydney, your head is, uh, on my shoulder. Did you, uh, mean to do that?" He doens't mind especially since it is her, but he wasn't sure she would purposefully do that with him.

Sydney draws her head away. "Sorry. I should have asked first. I'm trying to be more comfortable with casual affection, but I can't assume you're working on that too. Do you mind?" She's serious, at least from her expression.

"Oh, uh, n-no." Bryce admits finally. "I, um, still need to get use to, well, being touched, but, uh, it seems, well, easier with you." He says that last part a bit soften as though it is a bit embarrassing to admit. What if she doesn't like that he said that? He looks down at her her chest and is eyebrows raise up. "Um, did your, well, uh … " He can't bring himself to ask her about her chest.

Sydney rests her head on his shoulder again, and watches his eyes. She chuckles softly. "Okay, some basic breast physics. In normal people, breasts are basically skin, some connective tissue, fat, and mammary glands. They're held up by the skin and connective tissue. They can weigh up to fifteen pounds. If you run or jog or anything like that, and you're busty, they can literally break your jaw, and it hurts when they bounce around. Bikinis don't support much, by and large, although some do. This is one. So there's that. The catch for me is that because I'm mostly steel, mine weigh closer to 60 pounds. Normal bras die screaming when I jump or turn suddenly, and if I don't wear one, my shirt can go the same way. But… I'm not really differentiated inside. My muscles, my skin, my "bones" to the extent that I have any, are all made of the same stuff, just at different levels of tension to change the way the non-newtonian fluid behaves. So I cheat, and I tension the volume of me that makes up my breasts so they behave like they're in a bra. It's habit now, unless I specifically turn it off. Which… I did the other night, so they'd look natural.

Bryce listens to all of her explanation of her breasts while looking at them. Of course, with her this close and her head on his chest, he ends up looking right down her cleavage. He then thinks back to the shower and remembers that she didn't mind when he put his hand on her side so he tentatively goes to do so. He rests his hand ever-so-lightly on the curve of her hip. "That seems, uh, pretty good. So you can basically make your br-br-them soft and pretty or hard and stable."

Sydney nods. She raises one hand and knocks on one side of her bust. It sounds a little like knocking on a fire extinguisher. "Way more practical for day to day. Way less… natural. My body… pretty much pretends to be how it was before. It does its best, and sometimes I make a few refinements, but it gives me the willies to reshape it if I have to look at it. Kind of 'that's not me, and it's not right'. Which isn't a good place to be with your own body." She sighs and smiles, almost wishing this wasn't quite as nice as it is, having her head here, being held like this. "Quick question. Are you and Callisto seeing each other? Like…dating or anything like that?"

Bryce listens carefully to what she is saying, but he does lower his hand from her side when she knocks on her breasts. Then, when he realizes that it is a demonstration, he places his hand back on her hip. "Uh, Callisto?" He shakes his head and says, "Um, no. She did, well, help me the other day when she, uh, went into my nightmare. It seems that her, well, her powers help her do that. She is really nice though, and she, well, she works at a bookstore." Talk about a dream job. He then pauses and asks, "Did, uh, did you want to go somewh - why did you, you ask that?"

You say, "I try to avoid stepping in other people's relationships. If you were dating her…well we'd have to tell her what happened, and we'd have to keep things a little more formal than the other evening between us except for desperate circumstances. Like the other evening. She's a sweetheart, but we found out that just touching my finger is painful to her. Fae and iron, I guess." She whispers, "I have a little crush on her." She looks at Bryce, then bites her lip, and doesn't add the next sentence."

Bryce keeps his hand on her hip as she talks to him. He says, "Oh, I, I knew she had a problem with, uh, with technology. She prefers, well, books too instead of readers." He then hears her say that she has a crush on her. "Oh…" That 'oh' sounds a bit deflated though Bryce would in no way understand why. He does carefully remove his hand from her hip. "I, I understand." She brought up the other evening and then said she liked someone else. His forehead furrows with confusion though. But her head is on his shoulder. Maybe this is all just part of the ritual then.

Sydney sighs and reaches around to take his hand and put it back where it was, if he'll let her. "I have a huge crush on YOU too." There, she said it. "Listen… if I'm not clear on something like that…ask me what I mean, or whatever. I've only been on two dates. One with Iron Fist in 1982, and prom with Vinny. Before that… I mostly… just… got high with friends and wound up having sex. This is still new and a little scary to me, too."

Emergency Brain Shut Down!

What did she say? Bryce feels his hand back on her hip and looks at her. "Uh, um, me? You, you have a crush on me?" He clearly is having problem reconciling believing her and understanding her. He wants to believe her because why would she lie to him, but then again, why him? "You, you are so, well, you are really pretty and nice and smart and strong and .. well, a lot of other things, and I'm, well, I'm me. I am weak, and, well, I talk like this. I'm scared a lot and don't really know how to do much."

Sydney smiles and gives Bryce a squeeze. "You're nice. You're gentle. You're good looking. You think I'm pretty. I feel safe around you. I mean… It's not like I'm not safe around most guys. I mean there aren't many guys I can't handle anymore. But I feel safe around you. Even if I were still made of meat, I think I'd still feel safe. And scared a lot? Yeah, welcome to the club. Don't sell yourself short. Listen to all the things you know some time.”

Since her head is on his shoulder, she can probably hear his heart beating like a big brass band and running just shy of the speed of light. "Of, of course you are pretty. I'm nervous not blind." He says meaning it seriously though it will probably come out like a joke. Wait, did she bring up dating? "Uh, you, you talked about going on a, a date with Vinny. Were you wanting, uh, I mean, do you think that, well, you and I - sometime, could probably go somewhere - you know, uh, together?"

Sydney nods. "I think so. I think we could. No, let me put it how I mean it. I'd like that. I'd like to keep it… a little casual, you know? So if you or I want to go out with someone else, it's ok, but it's also ok to ask each other out, or to snuggle, or whatever. I don't think either of us is ready for the serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship…I mean shit… I'm not even fifteen yet." She does roll her eyes at that a little.

Bryce keeps his hand on her hip and thinks about it for a moment. "Um, okay, that sounds, that sounds nice. I think spending more time with you, uh, will be .. nice. I said that. Sorry." You'd think someone who has pretty much memorized the dictionary would have more words to say. "I'm not, uh, really good with asking people out so, uh, I'll have to try." He swallows hard and asks, "Um, since we are out, what if we, uh, well, go .. somewhere."

Sydney sighs a little. "I need to get back and study. I have a test tomorrow. But yeah, as soon as I have some time, I'd like to go somewhere. Even if it's just to hang out at the beach or something. You don't have to spend money on me, and I don't have much to spend period.

Bryce nods and says, "I, I can walk back with you, if, if you don't mind." He wants to be with her more and spend time with her. "I don't have much money either. My, my father has a lot, but I don't." He says father with a bit of distance as though he doesn't really like him or perhaps even fears him. "I tried to, to tutor to get extra money, but, well, that didn't work too well."

Sydney nods to being walked back. She lets go of Bryce, but does hold his hand, feeling his pulse hammering away in there. "I sense a story," she begins, but they don’t get to that topic on the walk home.

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