(2018-07-18) Mermaid Tales
Mermaid Tales
Summary: Oliver teaches Fionnuala how to swim, proper. Then they get all mushy. You've been warned!
Date: 2018-07-18
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Cedar Beach, Coral Springs
Wed Jul 18, 2018

The beach here is soft sand, with yellow reed like grasses adorning the bank which leads to the main part of the island itself. Some drift wood washes up from the woods of New England and the other islands themselves. A popular place for turns and gulls to visit, the light cry of seabirds can be heard from here on most days. Like the rest of the area, its small area of beach where most of the island has a rocky rough face for the sea itself. The prefect location for the nearby cabin and campsite.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

The best part about summer is the ability to throw together completely random excursions! Fionnuala is typically known for this sorta thing: the 'hey, I have an idea!!' bit. Poor Oliver Blythe is often a recipient of the shifter girl's flights (sometimes literally) of fancy where she suggests they set off somewhere to explore, lounge, be artsy-fartsy or all of the above! Fionnuala Reid ended up working quite a few shifts this week past to make for the time taken to visit the Masters' home. Not much would have been seen of her.. until today.

Simply put? The invite to head off to a beach that Fionnuala loves well! Given how it's the depth of summertime, the tourist'y boats that are necessary to reach Cedar Island will be in full use. Fionnuala wants a beach day, and they need supplies! That will have kiboshed the simple fix of flying there as a bird. So~

It's a beaut of a Wednesday, roundabout eleven o'clock or so in the morning, creeping into the afternoon. Taking full advantage of their mutual day off, Fionnuala opts for this beach to wile away the day at and she scouts out a patch of sand that is just perfect for she and Oliver to hunker down on. "This looks about right!" Fee declares, holding a hand over her brow and squinting toward the sea. She looks, and sounds, very happy.

Oliver has been more than happy to give into Fionnuala's 'flights of fancy', either figuratively or literally. He enjoys the spontaneous nature and finds it actually interesting that of the two, he tends to be the 'calmer' one. With anyone else, he was the more ebullient! It's certainly not a bad thing at all!

The fact that they had a mutual day off was pretty much bliss and he definitely agreed to do whatever she had in mind, even if it meant lazing in the backyard or watching television. The trip to the beach was heartily agreed upon and he managed to gather some snacks to bring along as well.

Following Fee, he glances about at the beach and then the spot that she chooses, "Should I check it for runaway gold chains?"

The girl is just about to remark on how blue the water looks… and knowing Fionnuala she will recite precisely the color. One boon to her skillset is an acute ability to see things; to discern colors that may not even have a name yet, or be widely known. In other words, her falcon-shifter mother has passed on some pretty kickass eyesight. Fionnuala is about to remark upon how beautifully 'ultramarine-with-a-hint-of-azure' the ocean looks today until Ollie makes his comment. Of course the girl breaks out into a spat of laughter, "Might be a good idea. I have the worst luck of finding gold without trying. There's lots of things I like to remember about us first cozying up to each other.. but I'll pass on the burning bracelet." Ah memories!

This part of the beach is well-and-truly secluded and Fionnuala's shoulders twitch, her black wings manifesting so she can absorb the sun and feast upon it. She shrugs off her beach bag and with it goes the cover-up she had been wearing during their trek. Revealed is a cute little two-piece swimsuit: red retro flowers upon a black backdrop…. and the girl's decidedly white belly. She gestures to her untanned portion of skin, "The beacons have been lit! Gondor calls for aide!" She got the idea from a comic that she reads; it's befitting!

Oliver's grin widens as Fionnuala laughs at the little quip. "Done." Not that it looks like too many have spent time here, but it's always best to check. He'll sweep the area briefly with a foot, hopefully turning up nothing gold. That is, until he catches sight of Fee in her bikini. Blue-green eyes remain on her until she makes her own quip about her paleness. Now it's -his- turn to laugh!

When he finally recovers, he asks, "Did you need sunscreen? Wouldn't want you turning red as a cooked lobster there…"

Rest assured, it's a perfectly functional two-piece! The straps pull back and up into a halter, and the bottom piece is cute but not extreme. All-in-all, it's suitable for Fee. She will strike a pose when she knows Ollie's eyes are on her, albeit not a cheesecake pinup pose or somesuch. Something silly, as is Fee's way. Then when her boy laughs at her comment she will simply smile at him and start unfurling the microfiber towels that she opted to bring along. See? No cotton! While these aren't quite as absorbent as the typical cotton loop fabric of towels, they're great for sitting on. The sun is hot and prevalent enough to dry clothing and skin quickly.

"I don't burn very easily," Fee offers with a smile. "I tan like most others but it gets to the point where the sun just doesn't burn me." Ah, the solar absorption thing. "But if you want to rub sunscreen on me, you're more than welcome to." Said with an eyebrow waggle. "Do you need some, though?"

Once the towels are laid out, Fee begins peering through the bag for gthe snacks.

Oliver grins at the pose and goes to help lay out the towels. Cotton would have been fine, but the thoughtfulness has him watching Fee yet again. Her answer about the sun has him blinking and then shaking his head, "Oh, of course! Since you absorb it, it probably can't really hurt you!" There's even a hand to his forehead as if chiding himself for not realizing that. "I mean, I wouldn't mind…" is given in response to the sunscreen, but if she doesn't need it…

There's another blink at the question of if -he- needs it. Glancing around, he looks to see just how secluded they are before shrugging, "I don't know? I mean, if I stay in this form, probably." Because most humans do tend to get sunburn at some point. "But if I shift…maybe not?"

"It's totally your call." Fionnuala sings over a shoulder as she pulls out a few bottles of orange juice. "I don't think anyone will be coming 'round these parts. Most of the tourists wanna stick close to the town beach, with all the eateries a few steps away. This, here, is roughing it." After observing this, she stands and brushes the stray bits of sand from her knees. "So what I'm getting at is you can look however you wanna look.. swim in your alien form bare buff if that suits your fancy." She giggles affectionately. "What would you prefer?"

Fionnuala pads over to wrap the boy up into a warm-skinned hug. She smells like peaches today.. just how many body lotions does she have. "Thanks for coming out.. I think it's good to just take it easy today. Life is gonna get crazy again soon." Said as the girl rests the side of her face to Ollie's breastbone.

Human arms happily wrap around Fionnuala as she comes in to give him a hug, and he's happy to hold her there for a good long while. 'Bare buff' in his alien form wouldn't really reveal anything but he hasn't made a decision as to how he wants to hang out on the beach yet. "You smell like peace ice cream," is murmured into her hair as he holds her, and he then asks, "Is it going to get crazy? Does it have to?"

And Fionnuala, well… she was meant to live in the 1960s, surely. She's just so easygoing about the act of simply being. She doesn't push things in regards to which form Ollie wants to be a beachbum in, as she is evidently just happy to have him there with her. Her smile can be felt as her lips crook up and she laughs again, "Well that's good. I can think of worse things to smell like!" Is exclaimed next, only for her voice to ease off into a contented humm as she very much enjoys being held. If they keep up with this holding onto one another bidness, they won't get to play on the beach!

Fionnuala looks up at the bittersweet question, "I'm afraid so. But it'll all be okay, too. Which is why today is so important.. you gotta take in as much sunshine and relaxation and me as possible to help get you through the busy times!" Well, that's easy.. she peers past Ollie toward the water. "I think I'm gonna wade in there, soon. I am getting warm!" And if she doesn't let him go now, she may not altogether. c.c

Oliver tilts his head at Fee as she mentions that today is very important. "Is it more than just school getting back in session and you working?" Now he's a little concerned that there's something she's not telling him. "You can tell me, it's ok…" but he'll let her go as she looks to the water. Letting his questions face, he offers, "I probably won't go all scaly yet…" but he might walk with her out towards the ocean.

Aw, she went and worried him! Without guile, Fee shakes her dark-haired head slowly. Said hair has a sort of blackish-indigo tinge in the direct sunlight, much like crow feathers. "Oh! No, no… I'm okay.. you don't have to worry one whit about me." She smiles up a him as they face the water, and she'll seek his hand to hold for the walk. "I'll be nose-deep in the books and studies as per usual, and you'll be working to figure out life as a graduate. It's just gonna be a busy time in general, I think.. which is why lazy days like these are so important." Explains the girl as she slides the soles of her flip-flops through the sand… Fee doesn't go barefoot often in places like this. The water sighs, awaiting them. "Are you for sure staying at Winbarry, with the Unit, for the time being?"

Oliver is barefoot, however, but then again, he only wears actual shoes when he's working. He just might be appearing to wear shoes most times. There's a look of relief as she reassures him and he nods, "Got it. I might take a few classes at Thunder Bay as well…maybe get an idea of if I want to actually study something…" or go a different route. He never really even thought this far, much less thought he'd make it fairly intact!

"I actually talked to Daxton about joining Unit 23 because, well…I feel like I could be doing more to help than just make coffee and serve tables. But he didn't seem so sure because I guess the missions could be intense." Not that he couldn't handle it, but he's not that much of a fighter. "So…I don't really know? There's that Alumni housing that the school talked about, but I have a feeling that we wouldn't get to be together too much there…" since the school would be watching, no doubt.

Was there a look of worry shadowing Fionnuala's features when talk came to the Unit and the hairy situations that the group find themselves in? She nods slowly, standing now with the water licking at her toes. To look at her profile is to see the barest ghost of worry, quickly squashed as the shifter girl smiles back to him. "Well, you do have quite an array of skills at your disposal… you graduated from superhero-to-be academy. I'm not gonna tell you not to do it, but really.. if you go that route, PLEASE be as careful as possible. I-if, I mean.. that is a possible thing…. I trust you to know what's best, Ollie." And she does, even if the notion of intense missions appears to scare the girl somewhat.

Fee gives Ollie's hand a light squeeze, and her worried/pensive look softens some at the Alumni housing thought. "Yeah… that's convenient and all, but I may have to sneak in through the window on occasion. We'd have to be good!" Fionnuala exclaims, then lifts his hand to drop a kiss onto the knuckles. "Whatever you go for, Ollie, whatever it is.. I'll support you 100%. As long as it's what you want. There's so much ahead for you."

"Come on, I can turn into a dinosaur! Not much can hurt me like that…" is offered with a smile, meant to reassure, but he nods. "It sounded like they weren't sure if I'd even work out. Daxton made the suggestion that I could be the…housekeeper. I'm not so fond of that idea." The kiss to his hand gets another smile, "You're way too good to me, you know that?" Ollie wades into the water as well, letting the cold ocean water wash over his feet. "I mean, seeing as we can both fly…let's just hope the windows open…"

The dinosaur comment causes another smile to peek it's way out of the hints of uncertainty. "I trust you." Said again, and she means every word… then makes a face. "Housekeeper? You tell them to clean up their own dishes! You deserve more than that." She leans in to give Ollie a playful nudge.. not to knock housekeepers, but.. yeah. Fee pads closer to the edge of the water and looks down as the waves reach her knees. Here she looks briefly uncertain, wings quivering once before fading back into whatever aether keeps them 'hidden' and/or apart from Fionnuala. Big heavy feathered limbs in water just asks for trouble. She looks back to Ollie, and again… appears a bit uncertain. "Did you know…" A blush.

"That, uhm… I don't really know how to swim properly?" She asks shyly. That explains precisely why, anytime they're at a pool or body of water, Fee never goes past her waist.

"I think he used the word 'butler'…but same sort of thing," Oliver admits. "I mean, it's a thought in exchange for living there, but…I mean, I don't know that I want to be doing that sort of thing." To be Unit 23's 'Alfred'?

He walks with her out into the water, glancing over at her blush and admission. There's another blink and a grin, "Neither do I…not as a person, at least. I didn't have a family that really cared about that sort of thing for me…" either their kids already knew or they didn't go to a pool or lake or ocean often. "I just turn into something that -can- swim." It's a cheat. "Do you want to go in further?"

"You're as cordial and courteous as one could ever hope for, but I think there's way more you could do in exchange for getting room and board there, at least for a bit." Fionnuala says quickly after her embarrassing admittance to her.. lack of swimming skills. Then Ollie goes and says all of the right things.

Fionnuala smiles widely at the alien boy, the sunlight a crown upon her dark-haired head. "I kinda want to.. I like to practice even just a bit when I go to the beach or pools. It's something that I have to work on.. because any would-be hero worth their salt gotta know how to swim!" The girl takes a deep breath and turns to face the waves.

"What form do you like taking? Can I ride it?" Fee asks cheekily. BAD choice of words.. bad bad. XD

Oliver shrugs again, "I don't know. If we think of something I can pitch it to them…but…I'm not convinced they actually want me there. Felicia might," but that's about it. But back to swimming. Looking out past Fee, he comments, "The ocean might not be the best place to practice because of the potential undertow and all, but maybe if we don't go too deep…" and he can always try to shift for the rescue if needed.

There's a blink when she asks about forms and he can't help but to grin, "That wouldn't help your swimming much, would it? But I usually go for a dolphin or a mer-person."

Well, just look at her: tentative, still only just about at the hips in the waves and mostly unsure. Worry not, Fionnuala ain't going too far! Her arms splay out as if in a balancing act, palms resting just atop the water. "I think this is really as far as I go.." Said with a rueful look as she glances sideward to the boy. "I try not to get ducked, it's startling." Is there a reason behind her not knowing how to swim, even at seventeen? She doesn't look traumatized, lest she never go farther than her feet! She just looks unsure.

Though Ollie's words pique her interest once more, and she watches him with an utterly astounded expression. "… a mer person…? How have I not seen this before?" The girl beams. "… wait… is is Disney mer-person… or Harry Potter mer-person?" The girl squints playfully at him.

Oliver is happy to be the steadying one this time as he stays with Fee even as they wade to her waist. "Well, it's not something that I can really do on land, since…uhm. Breathing is kind of a thing." So maybe not a Disney one? "It's sort of…what I could mash up on my own. It's kind of a zoological one…gills and fins and webbed fingers and all…because if you live in the water there have to be gills, right?" He hasn't figured out how to do both gills and air-lungs. That might be for another attempt.

The farthe they go, the more Ollie will find himself with an attached Fionnuala. It's never an issue for her to hold him for any reason, but in the water there is more of an urgency behind where her hands lay. Bit by bit, she allows the water to ease up just beneath her bosom. Her feet have a bit of a harder time finding purchase on the sea floor, but she can still tread slightly. The coolness is exhilarating; the pearly blue sky above them and the darker depths of the water make for a wonderful view to her artsy eye… too bad she's a bit nervous.

"Can I.. can I see?" Fee asks shyly. "Or do you have to stay right under the water?"

<FS3> Oliver rolls Shapechanging: Good Success.

He'll pause before they get too much deeper, not wanting to push Fee to where she's uncomfortable, but he'll stay there still. When she asks to see, Oliver tilts his head some, "Well, the gills…I mean, it would be the opposite of talking and then holding your breath underwater." So possible but not the easiest. "I suppose I could see about it without the gills…but then it would just be a person with a fish tail…" It might work for what they want right now. He can finish the shift later if need be, right?

There's the undulated blurring that comes with Ollie's shifting even as he sort of sinks a little as there are no more feet and legs for support. Fee mentioned 'Disney mermaids' so that's what he…she…tried to emulate for this first pass; long, flowing red hair, a seashell bra, and an iridescent fish tail. There are still a few differences, such as fins on the backs of her arms and webbed fingers, but no gills. Yet.

Diving under the water, the Ollie-mermaid swims a little further out where it's just a tad deeper and then treads water, holding those webbed hands out to Fionnuala, "Come on out…" She'll catch her if need be.

Oh goodness

Best. Cosplay of Ariel. Ever. Fionnuala watches raptly as Oliver taps into those amazing shapeshifting skills of his, the end of her ponytail swirling around darkly in the waves as she observes her partner's shifting from teenage boy into mer-person! When the end-result is evident and Ollie swims a little farther out, Fionnuala blushes wildly with amazement. "Oh cool..!" She cries out, still taking care not to pitch forward or lose her footing… though as waves move her here-and-there, she feels herself being lifted up slightly. A brief look of shock — seconds long — and she's looking in Ollie's direction and at the offered, webbed hands. Her blush darkens. "O-okay… I'll try again!" Fionnuala declares, bolstering her courage. She makes to follow along and her clumsiness increases as her feet leave the ocean floor more-and-more, swinging this way and that in an unfocused ineffectual 'walking motion'. This is when she catches hold of Ollie's hands.

"If I have to swim for too long, I'll need to add the gills," is explained as Ollie sort of 'treads' that water. But this way she can be in and out easily and still hold the conversation. As Fee sort of walks closer to her webbed hands, she smiles, but then looks thoughtful again before offering, "Ok. So, from what I can gather, there are a couple of ways to do this. You want to push your hands and arms through the water like this," and she'll demonstrate a sort of 'breaststroke' movement. "And with your feet, you want to kick for propelling. Although I've really only ever gone swimming with fins." Maybe not as helpful. But…

"Ok, I'm going to put my hands on your stomach to support you and I want you to lay down that way." She's still treading water, but possibly moving a little deeper to make it a little easier with the fins. She does, however, still keep hold of Fee.

"We won't stay in here for too long. We don't want the food spoiling—" Fee offers, in between nervous breaths. Now holding Ollie's hands, she places the entirety of her trust into him (er, her for now) for this exercise. The girl looks worried at the prospect of releasing her hands, but listens nonetheless. She mimics the motion, and does so effectively. "L-like this, right?"And provided Ollie nods her red-haired head affirmative, Fee with take a deep breath and prepare to assume the position! Gradually her body is lying horizontal in the water, and Ollie will feel the tension in the girl's belly as she prepares to propel herself.

"I feel really silly.. l-like, heh… you'd think I would have learned how to do this long ago-" Blush. Arms moving, she continues choppily, "Nothing bad happened to turn me off of water. I guess it's just being an avian shifter—" Fee sputters briefly.

"We probably should have brought a cooler for the food," is offered before Ollie gives a trilling little laugh. "We can always get more food…" because this is important. She does indeed nod her head and helps to propel Fee as well so she gets the sense of the movement in the water. "Just see how it feels…and don't forget to move your legs. Kicking, I guess…or pretend like you have fins too…" since that's what she's doing! Mermaids must have abs of steel!

"I don't think it's that silly, but…ducks and swans and geese. They all swim too. But your strength is flying and that's fine too. I just don't want you to drown!"

As she does not, in fact, sink and DIE… Fionnuala seems to pick up the pace a little. Awkward sweeps of her lithe arms become competent arcs and even her kicking feet lose some of that frantic motion. The nervous tension can be felt leaving her body, replaced now by that of another kind: exertion. Fionnuala adds her own trilling giggle to Ollie's, "I think I'm getting it! I'm not sinking like a rock!" She cries out, spits again as the water splashes her playfully in the face.

"Can you imagine me as a goose shifter, or a swan? I mean… wait!" Sputter, swipe, glide. "I have a second cousin who can become a goose! Crankiest guy you'd ever meet, too… it's really too bad. He has a running tally of those he chased as a goose, and—" Is she serious? Knowing Fee, she IS. She focuses more on her efforts.

"Thank you so much, Ollie. I love you so much!" Said easily as Fionnuala… well, succeeds!

Ollie-mermaid eases up some of her support on Fee's stomach as she seems to get the hang of it, but she still stays and offers a little, more for security than anything else. "You are! You're doing so well! Pools are a little different because the salt water seems to make you feel lighter, but you're doing so well!" She smiles and continues to swim alongside of her, her mermaid-tail graceful and natural in the water. "A swan, maybe. But you know, they're very particular. They choose one mate and it's for life. So if the mate dies or something, they never find another." It could be lonely being a swan. "I've never tried shifting into a goose. I wonder if it would make me grumpy too?" She's not going to try now though.

"I love you too, Fionnuala," is offered back gently, with a smile.

"Nobody in my family decides which bird they are able to become.. isn't that a bummer? It's all genetics, and what is handed down. Maybe it's for the best that I'm neither a swan or a goose." It's easier to talk now as she treads water better… nowhere near as gracefully as mer-Ollie, but she's not sinking! The girl considers as she turns 'round and swims in another direction, though not too much farther out. "It's pretty romantic, swans… people could take pages out of that book, but it's a sad thing too. Very lonely. I make a far better crow." Fionnuala yammers on, wondering if it was 'too much' for her to say that to Ollie. Occasionally it seemed as if, in the past, the 'L' word threw the alien off-guard a little..

But then she goes and says it back, and even in another timbre Ollie is still Ollie to Fionnuala and she colors radiantly with pleasure. She will paddle in, unfortunately as graceful as a bulldog trying to keep afloat, and provided she not take in water she will try to press a grateful kiss to the mermaid's lips.

"I think penguins do that too," Ollie muses, blue-green eyes looking thoughtfully at the sky at that. But when Fee swims out a little on her own and changes directions, she beams and claps a little giddily, "Oh, you're really getting it!" She swims alongside her then, "Maybe people should, but maybe people change more than birds do? Not that it wouldn't be lovely to spend all that time with one person as long as the two always feel the same way about each other," spoken like a true, clueless teenager.

There's a little pause as Fee paddles closer and then presses a kiss to her lips. There's another little smile before Ollie-mermaid leans back in for another, her tail lightly swishing against Fee's legs.

It's a good thing nobody is really around on the beach, because the sight of two ebullient girls (well, until the fin is spotted) smooching in the water could attract attention. Fionnuala really doesn't care. She has kissed Ollie as a girl before; she barely bats an eyelash as she holds onto her, but kicks gently with her feet to keep herself afloat and not exhaust Ollie's efforts any. "You look really, really pretty as a mermaid. I bet if you swim 'round the beaches at Winbarry, you'll send some of the boys for a loop." Said with a giggle against the mermaid's lips, before she eases back some to look at her face lovingly.

Soon, Fee breaks into a spat of giddiness at her legs being glanced by the fins. "Are you hungry? I don't want to exhaust you, with all this swimming and keeping that form and making sure I don't die."

"Thank you," is offered almost a little bashfully at the comment. "I wanted to look pretty for -you-." There's another little kiss before Ollie giggles as well, "You think I should? Just to drive them a little crazy? Although most of the boys seem to like other boys…" just an observation.

As for hunger, the mermaid shrugs, "I'm not exhausted. It doesn't tire me out to hold a form…because for all intents and purposes, this -is- me now." Until she changes back into another one. "And if you want to eat, we can go back…although I might need to shift again unless you want to carry me piggy-back to the towels."

The comment causes Fionnuala to unleash a near-shriek of laughter. "… right?! Oh my goodness you're right! But isn't it great that they can feel comfortable and able to find out whom they like? The world can be so awful sometimes. But it makes for slim pickings for some of the girls." Fee blushes, giggling to herself softly. "Good thing I like both… or really, whatever it is you happen to be at the time." Said with a mischievous wink. She hugs Ollie lightly, but not too tightly as to disrupt the swim.

Talk of food decides Fionnuala. Depending upon how close they are to one another in the water — like, if they're really close — the grumble from Fee's belly answers everything.

"Let's head in.. I am actually hungry. I haven't eaten since an hour ago!" Shifter metabolism is demanding. "And uhm.. if you're counting on a graceful departure from the water, you don't want me to carry you!" Fionnuala gives over to merry laughter once more.

The tummy rumble might be heard from how close the two are and Ollie-mermaid nods. "Ok…we can go in…" although there is a little pout at not being carried. She can work her way around that then, if she must. "It -is- great that they can be who they are and I'm not really one to talk because I like everyone. But," she clarifies with a sly ittle smile, "I -love- you."

She'll swim then, with Fee and maybe even body surf a little if there are waves that bring them closer to the beach. Once it gets too hard to swim, there will be that blurring again and she'll shift to having legs and a little, shimmery bikini bottom so that they can walk back to their towels. Once there, though, and with the snacks, she shimmers back into a mermaid so that she can show off the iridescent glory of her tail.

"I was raised that way, you know…" Fee admits, regarding her upbringing. "I mean.. I'm not the only one in my family to be pan." She even says the term without batting an eyelash. "It took me awhile to figure out what I was. I went on thinking I was just Bi until I met you and experienced what you're able to do." Fionnuala is now able to cease her breast-sroke motion and walk out of the waves, looking not for the first time with intrigue as Ollie takes on that transitional shift to get from ocean to towel. In tandem with her partner's shift, Fee's wings manifest with the ease of a simple breath, and already begin to draw in the solar energy. Fionnuala sighs with the pure pleasure of it all, to be here and be loved.

Soon they will settle on the towels and Fee beams as the iridescent mermaid tail catches the sun. She pulls out a small store-bought tray of fruit: strawberries, pineapples, melons and honeydew… along with diced vegetables tossed in a taste vinaigrette of Ailbeart Reid's design. For Fee herself, there's some cheese and crackers to enjoy with the vegan fare.

Since she's doing more the 'Disney Mermaid' thing now and less of a 'real' mermaid, there are no gills to be worried about. Breathing air and hanging out on the beach is fine…as long as it's not for too long. Ollie shifts to rest on her side, the fins lightly flicking at the sand as she watches Fee get settled and pull out the tray of snacks. "You think of everything…thank you." There's probably bottled water somewhere as well. "I figured I was probably bi as well…because I've had both boyfriends and girlfriends. But…it makes sense. Not that it matters. If you were a boy or a girl or something in-between or nothing, I think I'd still have fallen for you."

Of course Fee thinks of everything… she's that kinda girl. Once she lays out the noms, she too lies upon her side and stretches her legs and wings out in the sun. She produces, next, a few disposable plates and forks and she offers both to Ollie so that he may select what s/he wants. Her latter remark causes Fee to blush furiously, "You're too kind to me. Really. It took the move to this town for me to get braver toward what I wanted, honestly. Back home I didn't date much, if at all—-" A sheepish blush. "Too young. But I'm so glad that I held out til' you came around." Said with a grin as she bites into a cracker.

"The others were practice til' I came along. I'm a girl forever, but I'll keep it interesting." Said with a shy little giggle, re: Ollie's previous dating attempts.

"Oh, of course! Complete practice!" Ollie trills, taking the utensils and plates with a 'Thanks,'. "And no, you're too kind to -me-! No one's treated me quite like you do…I feel like…royalty around you and I just want to make you as happy as I can." She pops a strawberry in her mouth and chews delicately before offering, "You can just decide what you'd like me to be…girl or boy or whatever." Because, as she said, she just wants to make Fee happy.

"Royalty.. oh my goodness." Fee blushes, pressing a palm to the side of her own blushy face. "Now you're being too generous. I'm just a nutty artist more often than not, but I'm honored that you would say such a thing! If that's what it is, then you'll be a princess for the rest of your life!" Beat, a grin. "Or a prince. Whatever you feel like~" Added in afterthought.

A few more crackers down the hatch, and Fee flops over and rolls onto her back, wings stretching, one wingtip resting over a portion of Ollie's beautiful fish tail. "This is like unleashing a kid in a candy store, you telling me this! There's so many things I love, but none come close to you!"

Oliver scoots a little closer, resting on her stomach, her tail now partially bent up in the air with the fins still lightly flicking. "I think you've shown me what love really can be. I just love spending time with you, even if we're just sitting and not even saying anything. Or if we're having a grand old time being absolutely silly. Or if we're on a secluded beach as a Disney mermaid and a girl with beautiful, beautiful wings." She'll go to lean over for another gentle kiss. "Every moment with you is perfect."

Aren't they just syrupy sweet!? But then, there's nowhere else Fee would rather be. Okay lie: second to this sunny sweet moment, hanging out with Rain. Thirdly? In the company of her family. But this right here is a pinnacle of glee and Fee is 150% thrilled that she offhandedly proposed this plan via text message, the night before, to her boy. Who is now a gorgeous mermaid. Who is now leaning in to kiss the supine Fionnuala. Her lips can be felt smiling mere seconds before the contact and she returns the gesture almost masterfully. Not because Fionnuala Reid has played the field (not at all) but because she is so very accustomed to love.

Fee will drink in this contact for a time, lashes fluttering in a black crescent against her cheeks, before she offers breathlessly. "Dunno.. black wings got nothing on that shiny, colorful tail~"

"It's all for you," Ollie whispers back, long red hair draping over her shoulders as she leans down, so close to Fee. "I tried to make it as shiny and sparkly as possible," while staying somewhat true to the Ariel-look. At least she naturally shares the same eye color as the animated mermaid! "And I think your black wings are spectacular." She then lowers herself down some so that she can curl up next to Fee, careful, of course, of the wings. She just wants to be close and touching and able to look at her girlfriend so closely. "I'm so happy that I met you that day. I can't imagine how I'd be without you giving me all this support and kindness and affection."

And the lovely thing about Fee is she isn't a grabby, grawpy sort who ruins moments with being so forward. The kiss ceases and she listens raptly to what Oliver has to say, her eyes — a bright citrine coloration, due to the sun — tracing the mermaid's face. Oliver could literally shapeshift during one of their decidedly 'close' moments and Fee wouldn't balk in the least; she's just so used to what s/he is capable of. "Should see Ma's wings.." She nonetheless offers in a somewhat transported way, gaze hooded as she takes in every detail. A hand lifts to stroke the red hair. "Red, brown, beige.. so pretty…" Not black, like her own. But not to be mistaken, Fee is not down on herself.

Her wings are warm, scented of sunlight and sand and that earthy smell of feathers baking in the sun. "What do you see, Ollie, years from now? Where would you like us to be?" Fee asks sentimentally, stroking the mermaid's red hair.

"I like looking at yours," is offered when Ollie's told about Fee's mother's wings. Fee's mother isn't Ollie's girlfriend, after all. There's a little lean into the touch as she meets Fee's own gaze, "I'd like us to be just as we are now." Maybe not as a mermaid, but, "The way we feel in this moment. In our own little world. And nothing can touch us."

There, the slow flushing of Fee's skin as she blinks, momentarily incredulous to this proclamation. Her lips move to speak onwards but then, suddenly speaking is harder. Almost a moot point. She can do, rather well, this being business. Fee was always one to live in the moment. Her arm reaches up lithely to gently encircle Ollie's neck and, if the other girl is willing, try to ease her in closer to resume the contact. Sometimes kissing is the very best communication.

.. and it's a damned good thing that this beach is secluded.

Since when has Ollie ever been unwilling? She'll lean in for that very close contact and happily resume with the kissing. There's only so much she can do with a fish-tail, but she'll certainly do her best to keep Fee feeling nice. No consequences, just a mermaid and her winged girlfriend making out on a beach.

So much for food, and snacking on the beach! The sun is up on high, loving every hair upon their heads. Summertime is truly Fee's season, but food and water and overall beachstuffs are farthest from her mind. There is only Ollie. Words, for once, don't find Fee easily. All there is now is the lifting of hand, moving toward the strap of that seashell brassiere…

Let's leave these two be~

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