(2018-07-18) Hot Mess!
Hot Mess!
Summary: After operation kitten, Callisto stumbles onto a sleeping Daxton. She remember why she mustn't enter his nightmares. Then they awkward all over one another. A pizza meets an unfortunate end… literally.
Date: 2018-07-18
Related: Hours after this log.
Scene Runner: NA

Basement, Winbarry Estate
Wed Jul 18, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.


Daxton's been a very, very busy dude. Running, work, missions, more running. Enough that he's finally crashed on the couch, a half eaten pizza on the table and the game over screen flashing on the TV from whatever shoot em up game he had on. He's in jeans and a teeshirt, with the controller resting on his belly. The poor guy's head is rolled to the side as he breathes heavy, not quite a snore, but it could go that direction. Every once in a. While an appendage blurts as he twitches in his sleep.

A certain fey girl has been busy as of late, too… between work and whatever else she deigns to get herself into… she's been a rare commodity the past week. This evening Callisto stumbles.. yes, stumbles.. into the basement with full intention to plant her faerie ass down on a well-used couch. Mario is calling her name. Sweet, sweet 16-bit glory from an old Super Nintendo that just keeps on going despite being nearly thirty years old. Feel old yet? THIRTY.

Callisto walks into the comforting dimness of the basement-slash-games room, and it's there that she sees the speedster face-up-out-cold on a couch. Callisto stands there, her fitted camisole covered in cat fur of all things… eyes rivetted to the body on the couch. She's just about to back away until he inhales deeply.. heavily. Is he okay?

Better check. Maybe she can negotiate the television from whatever the speedster is playing into her more stone-age preferences of 16-bit. Callisto pauses close to where Daxton lays, peering at him like a curious cat. He twitches, her brow quirks.

The speedster isn't thrashing around, but his brow is furrowed as he lays there. Again there's a deep intake a breath and then a pause, his right arm blurs as it twitches. Thankfully he's not moving too much, or this could be dangerous.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

She promised… promised she wouldn't… not again…. but does it count if she doesn't meddle?

Callisto blinks worriedly, easing back, making for one of the other tattered couches in the room. There she will curl her lean body into it, taking up a television controller to change the output… she knows how to do that, thank you very much!

But then Daxton twitches, and again her eyes rove to him. Maybe.. just a peek… and if he is truly troubled, she will exit quickly. Wake him normally. How's THAT for justification?! Callisto cares, she does. The controller is laid down into her lap, the 'GAME OVER' screen continues to glow impassively. He is close enough for her mind to seek him, for her mind knows him well. Callisto takes a slow breath, and focuses. He's been working so hard..

Just a peek…

Five minutes pass, breathing slows… and Callisto falls into that trance where she is both aware, and far away. She traipses into Daxton's dreaming mind, unsure of what she will find this time..


She finds night and sand and heavy breathing.

A younger Daxton is plaster against a crumbling wall with very large form leaning against him. And it's red. The sound of gunfire can be heard echoing closer as the teen whispers roughly into the air, one hand on his ear, the other supporting the hulk of a man, "The package is delivered, but Burden's hit…" There's something off about his eyes. Those usually bright blue are dull as he looks out over the area, "No, I can't carry him, are you fucking nuts? We need backup!" A grunt as the Burden fellow starts to sink to the sandy ground, "God Damn it, no!" He tries to keep him up, but the soldier is just too heavy. "Help me, I-" And then the gun fire stops, just briefly enough to be a warning. There's shots, one tears through his army fatigues splattering his own blood onto Burden before Daxton's suddenly running. It's like the world slows and freezes and he's able to move at normal speed.

Burden.. that name again. That name was spoken the last time she entered Daxton's mind; it didn't go well last time. Here, descending in the typical froth of sheer fabric that often encompasses her in the dreamplain, hair swaying and trembling behind her body, Callisto watches. So help her God she will watch and if it gets bad, really bad….

She can see the boy struggling to carry his teammate, because that's who Burden was, right? Part of that tightly knit Unit? Callisto remembers. She is standing there beside the two, an invisible and insignificant presence in this sleeping memory.

Burden is sinking. Callisto watches, her heart beginning to thrum in her chest. In the waking world, should anyone enter the basement, she will be seen there… for all appearances 'napping' on a couch opposite Daxton. So not the case.

Blood. Callisto, in the dream, flinches.. and it is in this world only that she could ever keep up to Daxton, when he tries to run. Even at a 'normal' speed.

She may not wish to keep up with him after this. He reaches the gun men, dodging bullets or smacking them into a different trajectory before slamming into one shooter after the other. Bones can be heard cracking, a few necks. This is a much more violent attack than even with Calli's sister. Teeth are bared as he takes on of the runes from the men and opens fire on them, time returning to a more normal speed.

That is, before whatever package they delivered blows up. Even Burden is lifted off the ground by the blast, the smaller Daxton is tossed.

The sleeping Daxton's head swivels, a soft grunt and wince.

So that's why he was so shell shocked after cracking Nesialora's foul neck. Could that have been a return to this memory, even on a lesser level? Callisto can hear the bones cracking as she wills herself to keep up, and it is by way of the energies of this obscure, typically untapped landscape that she can 'see; what Daxton is seeing as he lays siege to the gunmen. There's no mistaking the sound of a neck being broken. One can never overlook that sound.

Callisto's eyes close as this vision points toward something awful, even moreso than the bodies falling. This 'package' explodes, and somehow it's the sight of this 'Burden' being lifted that strikes the fey girl as both grotesque and upsetting. She hangs in there, sticks with him… here is where she would have originally 'tampered' and shifted the nightmare. Turned it into something more desirable. Anything but this.

It is with a grim look that Callisto, untouched, observes onwards. She keeps some measure of awareness open for signs of Daxton preparing to awaken. But for now, she is with him.

Daxton tumbles, it's not a fluffy dream tumble. He gets slammed on all sides as sand rips at the exposed skin on his chin. He looks so young when he lands, Still and facing upwards at the stars.

As dreams go, there's no sound now, just Daxton laying , stars above him and his breathing that's making no sound. The sand underneath his starts to soak up the blood from his shoulder wound. And then ….nothing. It's almost like he just stops. There's no sound, the stars dim. Is he falling asleep in his won dream? Is that possible? Even the feel of the sand underneath seems to fade away.

Strangely, the sight of motionless Daxton troubles Callisto. In both dreaming and in body. Thr jarring tumble was awful enough; she of course had been unaffected, following along after as a spectator. But there he lays, beneath the stars, and the froth of Callisto's dark skirts flow around him as she circles him, brow knit in upset. Still she is unseen, unfelt, unnoticed. She keels then, watches his face.. so young. Why did he have to go through this?

It's the stillness that really, really gets to her. Her gaze is hooded, everything about her looking ethereal and out-of-place with this portion of the dream, except for maybe the stars. Were she anywhere but here, the stars would be a pleasing thing. Callisto kneels, watching him a time and looking around slowly. The stars begin to wink out and her eyes flit down to merely watch him. Callisto tilts her head downwards, hair hanging over her shoulders, eyes closed as she meditates. Waits.

It's hard seeing him so still.

And then suddenly he's up and moving, near adult that he is. But he's fretting, "No no no no…." He's in a room of sorts, it's hard to tell, it's so dark. There's juts…nothing here. No light, no sound. It's lacking in almost all stimuli. The speedster's checking his wrist, where his ever present wrist watch usually is. The face is smashed, the watch broken and useless. He falls to his knees, almost like this is more devastating than whatever it was he experienced in the sand. Those strong arms wrap around himself f as he starts to cry, alone.

Now this just about kills the girl. Should she wake him? Should she? The stillness sucked; being here where she can't do ANYTHING for him — lest he hate her for the intervention and breech of trust — is awful. The older Daxton is checking his wrist, terrorized by the broken watch. The shade of Callisto, the observer, stands unseen as he frets and ultimately weeps. If he comes close to her in his upset state, he will merely pass right through her. Callisto turns on a heel to gaze helplessly as he begins to cry.

She could shift this now. She could. But what if the vision shifts to the other girl who was there before, and it only serves to hurt him again?

Callisto starts to will herself out of Daxton's terrible dreamscape, and to pull out of this meditation will take a minute or two even still. Her eyes open blearily, and she gazes at the poor speedster on the couch. Callisto hastens to return to her senses.

There's no tears forming in he sleeping male's eyes, thankfully, but he is vibrating at different speeds. The controls starts to slip off his stomach towards the couch. Another low groan.

Deep breath. Will he wake up swinging? Callisto takes another breath, rubs her brow tautly. In, out… breathe. Deep, exhale. She can't bear to leave him to suffer… she picks up the television remote to make an honest maiden of herself. She was here watching TV, or fixing to do so.. honest. She could just go over, give him a nudge or a light shove or speak his name in varying degrees of loudness to coax him awake.

She could do that.

She pads over, instead reaching out to rest a palm that is neither too warm nor cool upon his cheek, holding him there. "Daxton." Callisto tries carefully, standing before him, watching intently and trying not to look too upset. A few beats, he groans again. Her hand rests just behind his ear now, eyes roving his face with a degree of worry.

"Daxton, will you wake up?" Callisto persists, carefully.

Daxton's eyes snap open, unfocused. He jerks away, but there's no punches thrown at least. "I…I…" It's almost comical, he swallows, eyes finally regaining their usual brightness as they land on Calli, "Strawberry?" He then looks around, making sure he's where he thinks he is, "I was…sorry…" He shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs, "I must have dozed off." The tension is still in his body from the nightmare, but he seems aware.

Her hand pulls back tentatively, but her eyes continue to watch his face as he indeed stumbles into awakeness. Callisto stands there in pale capris and a fitted camisole, hair woven back.. she may has well have walked out of Lothlorien… til' you see the black cat hair that specks her top, cramping her style a bit. Galadriel wouldn't be caught dead, being covered in cat fur when the Fellowship came waltzing in! Ahem.

Callisto looks troubled, and even the speaking of his nickname for her doesn't shake the worry. "Do not apologize, you were having trouble.. I saw you there." She nods to the couch. "Here. Are you okay?" Asked firmly as her eyes flit back to his face.

Daxton shifts adjusting how he sits, "…Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just tireder than I thought, I guess." He offers a soft lopsided smirk, hoping to calm her worries. He was going to casually try to work his way out so there would be no more awkward situations like last time, but then he frowns, head tilting, "Why do you look like you hugged a black bear?"

Now that she is certain he will be okay… ish.. Callisto doesn't quite know how to proceed. What, with what happened last time! Once the whistler was taken for a joyride and Daxton disappeared, the two went on to dodge one another for a few days after. The smirk doesn't appear to calm her much and Callisto takes a slow, deep breath. "… right." Said gently, she isn't quite believing him. But what can she do, beyond saying that she SAW it again? That's a no go, an absolute no go… and her bluish-green eyes drop from his face, down to her knees as she moves to seat herself. Not on the couch, but perhaps on the table in front of him. Maybe he just needs space.

"I dealt with more stray cats." Callisto says in a slightly defeated tone, clears her throat. "T'is not important, hardly to be called a bear fight."

She is still a bit dazed and troubled, and not watching where she sits. Callisto plants her fine fey ass right onto the fucking leftover pizza. She freezes.

Daxton's still waking up, he's not notices where Calli sits, just the weird expression on her face. "Are you hurt? Did they scratch you?" He blinks a few times, trying to shake off the dream, "Did you want the TV?" Is that why she's looking at him like that?

Speaking of cats, you know how cats can sometimes do dumb shit and still look at you as if you did it and not them? Fall off of the back of a chair? You did it. Knock something off a counter. You did it. This used to be Callisto's go-to when embarrassed. Take it like a cat, walk it off, pretend it didn't happen. But it's hard to do that when you're wearing pale cream-colored pants and you're cheeks-deep in a teenager's leftovers. Callisto reddens… reddens… is she THAT embarrassed about what happened between them?! Is that it?!

She's red, right to the tip of her ears, and she presses her palms to her face with a groan. "Ah nej…" Yup, it's bad.. she's dropped into Danish. "Ah nej ah nej…" (oh no oh no) She whispers..

Callisto hangs her head and answers in a clipped tone, red as a beet. "I sat on your food." Her accent is heavier in her upset. "I am not getting up. I am not moving."

Daxton's mind races (That's pretty fast). He must have been a shit kisser. A frown forms as she mumbles in her native tongue and he sits up straighter, "Look…I'm sorry-" His food? He blinks, looking at the girl not looking at him and then his head lowers. Oh. OH. Wow, that's….fucking hysterical. His mouth twitches , but he manages to not outright smirk, "It's ok…it happens….I'm not that hungry anyway." What a gentleman! "Do you want me to go run and get you something from your room?"

The girl is so aghast by her actions — she FEELS the grease seeping in — that it doesn't even occur to her that Daxton may have initially mistaken her actions! But alas, the speedster's brain begins to catch up and he notices the situation. Wait.. he's not hungry?! Callisto looks up at him abruptly, face red as a beet.. she can see him trying not to smirk even. But then, she was the one who opted to sit on the table across from him to discuss, perhaps apologize again for her forthright actions… until now. Daxton didn't make this pizza with the express purpose of Callisto introducing it to her ass.

"You wish to laugh, don't you—" Callisto starts meekly, before he offers to go find something to change into. She looks ready to stay til' the whole house goes to sleep and she can do the walk of shame.. but… "A-are you certain?"

Daxton didn't, but he would have if he had known. Cause funny. He takes a deep breath, hands raising as if to try to appease her, "What do you want? Robe? Nightgown? More pizza?" Ok, his mouth does quirk at that. He's a funny guy!

"If you could just get that which I have folded at the foot of my bed." Callisto says stiffly, and will direct him as to which room she's staying it. Luckily she is alone in that space with the smaller student body, due to summer holidays. No roomie.. for now. "I care naught, what it is.. there are bedclothes." The girl rubs the back of her glowing neck, all sorts of emotions happening at once. She's full of cat fur and pizza toppings and shame. She squints at Daxton and snorts.. maybe trying not to laugh uncertainly, herself. "Just laugh, get it out of your system!" The girl exclaims, then he goes and says more pizza. Callisto looks around for something to pick up from the table, to throw at him. She is so flustered~!

To see Callisto's room is to find a tidy, well-organized space. At the foot of the bed, her recently laundered and folded clothing. On a nightstand, a vase full of… daisies?

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

And then Dax is gone. Although his laughter can be heard echoing up the stairs. He goes into her room, grabbing he clothing before stopping and taking a moment to actually look at her room. Not that he… gah, her bed. He clears his throat and then runs back down, subconsciously feeling the fabric between his fingers.

Ah.. the PJs. It's fancy silky stuff, bought with the last of Callisto's wealth before she blew it all away, like exorcising a demon. Freshly laundered, folded neatly, ready for when she eventually curled herself into bed later in the evening. But now she's sitting in pizza and waiting for the speedster to collect something for her. To add to Callisto's misery, did she leave anything uncouth on display? Surely, she made her bed. Everything is straight and tidy… wait, why should it matter!?

The laughter and the footsteps stay with her, even if the boy is in the other part of the estate, and even behind her palms the fey girl smiles slightly to herself. She made him laugh. After such an awful, awful dream. That's one victory, even if the pants are a write-off.

When Daxton eventually does return, Callisto will look up at him ruefully. "Thank you. I am sorry about your dinner." She will offer and slowly stand.. the pizza makes a gross squidgy sound when her rear is pulled out of it.

Daxton shrugs, "I've sat in worse." He motions for her to go into the laundry room, "I'll make sure no one else goes in." To change. Maybe to wash her outfit. And that will give him time to morn his dinner and toss it.

Much like the capris, the pizza will never be the same again. But what a great way to go. That's like, a rockstar pizza death. A girl sat on it's—-

Yup. Callisto goes to get changed, and she does so efficiently. Most everything has to go and she's depositing soiled clothing into a basket that has been designated for her own articles, as per the norm for most of the students here. Callisto does what she can to salvage herself too, and mercifully devoid of pizza stains in both sight and smell, the dark fey pads near soundlessly into the room, wearing the chosen attire as a laundry machine humms in her wake. She closes the door on it and tucks her hair behind an ear. "Thank you. I feel, too, that I owe you and another apology."

Daxton's already got a new game pulled up, but hasn't hit play yet, he glances to her, "Why? I'm the one who left my food laying around for anyone to sit on." He shakes his head, the corner of his mouth quirked, 'It's fine. No harm no foul." Right as his thumb hovers over the start button he turns, "Did you want the TV?" He just kinda took it, how rude!

Now she looks a bit more composed, and the nightclothes suit her to a T. Callisto makes to seat herself, though she yet considers going to get showered before the night is through. "I fear that I may have overstepped myself, a few days ago at the park." He would remember, surely. "I pray that I did not discomfort you or.. make you unhappy." She watches him for a time, then glances toward the television as Daxton decides what to do.. "Mayhaps my sitting in your food was karma, if at all I did anything to…" She trails off, uncertain. Between his problems in his nightmares and her being here, complicating things and making things awkward.. where does Callisto start?

She looks down at her long legs, tucked beneath her body, and back up at him.

And…there it is. Why does she always bring stuff up? Blue eyes are glued to the screen suddenly. "No. I'm not…unhappy." He suddenly starts flipping through options on the screen, it looks like he's adjusting stuff, but he's really stalling as his brain does that fats paced thing eh does, "I'm just…bad at all that. It's not you." There! That should make everything better, right?

"It is me." Callisto says gently, fingers knitting into her clothing. "I keep breeching the subject, bringing it up. When I should have left it be when first bid to do so. You departed as if terrified and I shall not… I wish never to be the cause of you having to run." Said under her breath, she clears her throat. Her gaze slides to observe the screen and the harried sifting through of options, and Callisto thinks to herself.. what next? What is she to do, next? Gaaaahh!!

She listens to te gentle churning of the washer, beyond the door. She neither confirms nor denies if he is bad at 'all that', for fear of perpetuating discomfort.

"T'was nice to be held by you. You are not as awful as at such you think yourself to be. Pray you keep that in mind." There, hopefully that will be taken as a compliment. She watches the screen but cannot unsee him weeping. It astounds her, how much it bothers her. "I… do not need the television. Please continue."

Daxton huffs, setting the control down on his lap to rub his eyes. "Jesus, Calli….I just….can we just have a nice time, no drama?" Strong finger rub his short hair before he sighs and admits, "It was nice holding you too." There, that's a compliment back, they're even right? "You want Mario Kart?" Is that a peace offering?

Poor Daxton! But that… something about this does reassure the fey girl some. They ARE even! There's no regret persay, but Callisto.. she makes a pact, inwardly, to avoid his dreams. To has to, lest she coddle him too much and…

Breath. She must leave it at that; she rubs at her eyes briefly to wash away the mental image of the boy hugging himself and crying. Damnit all she needs to get that out of her head. But then she looks up and smiles lightly, nodding once. "T'is alright.. I am going to go get washed up soon. Carry on with that which you were considering." Though she is puzzled by his toggling, on and off and on and off, of various settings and not quite getting anywhere. She smoothes the folds of her bedclothes, and eases in to rest her head upon the arm of the couch. "I prefer to watch, this evening." Said in earnest. The girl just looks tired, but.. content.

Daxton swallows, frowning as she declines. She always wants to play Mario. Maybe the compliment wasn't good enough? He's still not looking at her, messing with settings. "Oh…okay, If you're sure…" And he's suddenly out of the menu and hitting play. It's ironically some army shoot 'em up, guns and grenades everywhere. Blue eyes keep darting from the screen though towards her general direction. Long legs tucked underneath, she's still in a nightgown and he's still. Conflicted teenage boy. Inappropriate thoughts buzz his brain and he vibrates before looking back to the screen and changing out his gun for a bigger one.

"I am certain." Callisto offers, and it's not even in that flippant way that some girls can be… the age old terrifying: 'I'm fine'. Seriously!

Did his returned words, that simple conceding of having been content to hold her once, actually appease her that much?! Even if it was to mostly get her off of his back with the sorries and regret?! Perhaps! Callisto watches the screen, the flashing lights of the game being toggled and the action kicking up, setting her silver-white hair to splashes of orange, red… all of the effects on the screen reflecting upon her features as she gazes at the going-ons. Poor Daxton!

Somehow Callisto being still and actually relaxed, even as her mind works, yet adds to another sort of drama! Good thing she isn't one to tap into thoughts! She caught that vibration out of the corner of her eye and she looks up again, hair sluiced over the couch arm. "Why do you not yell at Grandma Louise over that strange thing you put upon your head? I know naught why games such as these are appealing—" Wince, as someone gets blown to smithereens.

Another glance, but this time it's right at her in confusion, "Grandma who?" Strange thing? Oh! "You mean the headset? I'm playing one player, no one else is on line." Well, maybe they are, he's not checked. "It's a good tension release." He's a boy, even with the trauma he's had, he likes blowing things up. "Wanna try?"

"You were speaking to others of a…" She trails off, about to reiterate her strange explanation. Was there a Louise?! Daxton was barking about peoples' mothers and… so confusing. Callisto stares outright at him, just as confused as he is. Eventually one gets the other and Daxton clarifies where Callisto's mind had snagged. How can he play this when he's having awful nightmares like THAT?! Boys are weird and confusing, nowadays.. and this one is too.

"Me?" Callisto whispers, pushing herself up from her curled-up, cozy positioning. Damn her, one shoulder is showing. "I do not know if I… uhm.." Yup, she said uhm. "I can try it. See what the fuss is about." Said with a delicate sniff.

Did his gaze linger on her bare shoulder/ It's so hard to tell with a Speedster. He motions her to take the controller and tells her a few of the basic commands. 'You're gonna die a few times before you get the hang of it. B button throws your grenades, that'll show up on the lower left corner…" As he explains he leans in closer to her, like somehow he can help her push buttons.

Mercifully for Dax, Callisto hadn't noticed his little glance. But then he's in closer to hand over the controller and she's interjecting here and there for instructions, "What button must I push to shoot? T'is this one, yes? What of this—-grenades? However do you carry fifty grenades…"

Stuff like that. But bless her heart, she's keeping up. Callisto blushes lightly, as she now feels that she needs to give it an honest shot!

.. she dies in seconds.

Her nostrils flare once with a puff of air, lashes fluttering. "That shall not do." Said haughtily, and it's time to try again. If the boy remains beside or otherwise close to her, she will lean against him somewhat as she tries to murder NPCs. It's the most poetic slaughter ever, given how she talks as she plays. But look: Callisto gets a headshot!

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