(2018-07-18) Catch That Fluff!
Catch That Fluff!
Summary: Brier and Callisto embark upon a rather peculiar rescue mission. Reinforcements arrive later in the form of Koga and Sydney.
Date: 2018-07-18
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Area 51, Shady Cove
Wed Jul 18, 2018

In good repair, tended to not by the city, but those youngsters who frequent the park, there are a whole array of things to here. Above the stone pillar entry way, there is a sign, hand painted graffiti style, with an alien and a ufo and large green letters declaring the park to be, Area 51 Skate Park. It's a sea of fenced in concrete. Well not a sea really, but it is concrete and a large amount of it. A large part of it is sunken in to create a deep bowl. Around the sunken park are the various other obstacles that are commonly found here. Each one lined up so the skater can hit each one right after another as they skate around the park. Rails line another area. There are a few concrete benches set up at a safe distance inside the fence and a few more on the outside of the fence for those that want to watch.


It was a nice day out, even if it was hot. Brier's typical hippie attire was lightweight and loose enough to help against the heat. He has been out and about in town for most of the morning and currently he is at the skate park of all places. One might think he seems like the type, with his longer hair and personality, but he looks more confused or lost than anything. Wandering one way and then another before coming to one of the concrete benches. It's then he does something odd…he gets down on his knees and seems to be trying to get under the bench!

It seems at least once or twice a week, Callisto finds her way to the dilapidated burghs of Maple Drive. Though she expresses a marked intention to avoid the abandoned hospital, there are other parts of this tired part of town that draws her attention. Today happens to be one of those days where the fey girl sees fit to 'walk something off'. Ie. walk away from her worries! But hey, this time.. it's not her OWN angst that she is trying to walk off and ponder.. it's somebody else's.

The nightmare she spied in Bryce's sleeping mind troubled her greatly, more than she'd like to admit. This serves as more proof of her veering toward the light: altruism. It looks good on Callisto. However, it doesn't help her to retain peace-of-mind. She spent much of this hot day wandering parts of Shady Cove and in familiar turns to bring her to proximity to the old skate park. Clad in tight cream-colored capris and a champagne-colored camisole, she's certainly easy to spot. Though the one person she unknowingly makes her way toward is ferreting beneath a bench, not paying mind to the scenery. Callisto squints, only to perk with recognition.

"Brier?" Beat, "Is everything… alright?"

Brier remains bent down under the bench, his blonde hair freely hanging and touching on the ground some. When she gets closer, Callisto would be able to hear he's…talking to someone? Or something. "It's ok…hey. C'mon. It's alright, buddy." It's spoken in a soft reassuring tone, like you would a small child. When Callisto calls his name though he looks back towards her "Oh! Hey Callisto! Yeah I'm just trying to…ack no!" The hippie's distraction is all that was needed, as suddenly a small black shape darts out from under the bench and makes it's break for freedom across the concrete. It's a kitten! Brier is quickly up and following after "Don't let it get to the bowl!" Fast moving wheels and a kitten. A recipe for terror indeed.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Reaction: Failure.

The fey girl freezes, not saying or doing much more as she hears the young hippie talking to someone? Something? Is it a local hobo? A strung out skater kid? It would be Brier's way to talk down or reassure people in such awful straits, surely.. which is why Callisto waits to see what—-

Then there's something moving! Callisto startles at the sight of a tiny black0furred body moving with astounding speed across the hot concrete! The girl hadn't expected this and her first lunge to catch the little critter doesn't work. At all. Callisto's wide bluish-green eyes watch for a heartbeat or two as the kitty makes for a place that is the LAST place a kitty should make a break for!

"O-oh..!" Then without hesitation, Callisto is hoofing it after the kitten, silver-white hair bannering behind her.

Once the kitten makes it past Callisto, Brier makes an attempt to block the kitten from getting to the bowl. A nearby shadow would suddenly move, seemingly on it's own, stretching out across the concrete and attempting to create a blockade in front of the kitten. Not to be deterred though, the black floof ball quickly jumps over the shadow and continues forward. So Brier does the only thing he can think. "Kitten on the course! Kitten on the course!"

Brier is yelling this as he runs forward, passing the kitten and jumping into the bowl first to try and cut it off. Some of the others at the skate park had already stopped to watch the events unfolding, also not wanting to risk rolling over the kitten. However, for the few that either hadn't heard the warning or hadn't cared…well suddenly Brier was jumping in the bowl. He turns around just in time to see the kitten pause at the edge, but only for a moment before making to leap down into the pit!

It is said that Callisto is a poker-faced girl; she does not go out of her mental tree often. She keeps calm. She has poise, coolness, a level head. But the thought of a kitten getting ripped to ribbons by wheels utterly horrifies her.. even beyond her terrible family. Beyond anything that could serve as a source of upset. As she runs hard — bless her heart she's even doing so in a mild heel — the fey girl just KNOWS that this kitten has to be caught. Did she notice the attempted manipulation of the shadows? Maybe only just; her eyes are locked on that fast little fuzzball.

Callisto is so frantic that she does what she always does in moments of horror… she drops into her 'native' tongue: Danish. She shrieks out, "Hold op! Der er en kat!!" Begging the skaters to stop. Then she's seeing Brier dropping into the bowl after the kitty. "Hold op HOLD OP!" Stop stop!

Just then, one particularly burly skater is rocketing in Brier's direction.. and in SECONDS the big lug is realizing what is about to happen! Dodge, hippie! Dodge!

<FS3> Brier rolls Shadow Manipulation: Success.

Brier hears Callisto shouting, but he is as focused as her on getting the kitten out of harm's way. He then sees the kitten take that leap right before looking over and seeing the incoming skater. With only seconds to react, he does the only thing he can think of. The shadows under the skater and his board suddenly move backwards, taking the board with them and rolling it away from the kitten. However, this sends the burly skater airborne…and right at Brier!

Luckily, the hippie is able to brace his form enough to try and absorb some of the tackle but both boys still go down hard onto the pavement. Now on his back, under and heavy and probably not too happy skater, Brier turns his head and is face to face with…the kitten. Sitting happy and purring right next to Brier's face, the kitten leans forward and sniffs the blonde's nose before giving it a few licks.


Somebody got hit, and while it wasn't the kitten the sight of her new pal getting clobbered by an airborne tank of a boy causes Callisto to freeze in her startle. Now this usage of shadow manipulation, she saw… and unfortunately, so did a few of the other skaters. Most weren't paying attention; maybe 3 of them or so, 4 if we include the big lug… did that board just get snatched away by the shadow?! What—-

"What the fuck man!?" The fallen skater lends voice to the question that is rioting through a few minds in this instance. Callisto's pert footsteps can be heard approaching now, and by some grace of God she doesn't bite it when negotiating the pit in those shoes. "What'd you do, hey? Why'd you trip me?!" Makes no sense but the skater is clawing for sense.

Callisto tries reaching for the watchful little fluffer, and provided she catches the kitten in it's moment of kissy-face distraction, the dark faerie gives the irate skater a light nudge. "You're crushing him! Roll off!"

The distracted floof is indeed caught, letting out a high pitched meow of protest before settling against Callisto's hold and purring again. Brier meanwhile, attempts to push the skater off him or push himself out from under him. Whichever attempt worked. "The kitten…was heading into the bowl. I figured we could recover from a collision better than it could…" He didn't seem to have any broken bones, but there were a few scrapes and scratches just from hitting the pavement. The worst one being on his right elbow. Brier looks over and gets visual confirmation that the kitten is safe before looking back over to the skater. "Are you alright?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Hypnotic Voice: Success.

It won't take much to 'push' this one; Callisto can tell just by looking at him. He's not getting off of Brier fast enough and the fey girl looks ready to insist again. But then between Brier's efforts to push him off and/or the skater finally rolling away, Callisto exhales slowly. The kitten, in her grasp, is indeed content and may even bat at some of the hanging hanks of her platinum hair. She did see the shadows; she KNOWS that this guy, especially, will suspect something. The girl doesn't waste time once Brier is set mostly to rights and, bless his sweet hippie heart, asking the lug if HE is okay. Callisto's chilliness melts some.

Then, with the barest flexing of that part of her physiology — that mysterious fey mind — she speaks directly to the skater. "Your ankles were held wrong. The board hitched.. you're lucky you did not break something." Luckier that he didn't break Brier.. though that elbow looks sore.

The skater pushes himself to stand, looking dazed and a bit unsure but no longer angry. "Uh.. uh, yeah man.. I'm fine. Sorry about that, I lost control." Muttered in a surly yet earnest way. Callisto, holding the kitten, extends a hand to Brier to help him up.

Brier looks between Callisto and the other guy as she talks to him, saying something that obviously isn't true…but the skater seems to accept it? Huh. Brier looks back over to him then as he apologizes, shaking his head "It was an accident. Don't worry about it." He then does accept Callisto's help standing up, looking at his elbow to see it all skinned up. "Could have been worse." A lot worse! The blonde then looks over to Callisto and the kitten "Thanks for your help! Here…" Moving over to the side of the bowl again he climbs out easy enough, sitting on his knees and now returning the favor and offering her a hand up. "The kitten is alright yeah?" It seemed ok, but still the hippie was worried.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Hypnotic Voice: Great Success.

She's holding the kitten in one hand, lithe fingers a pale alabaster against black fur. Callisto looks from the little thrill-seeker to Brier, and back to the skater who is awkwardly shuffling away. She follows the lug's gait toward his peers who continue going on about shadows moving and bucking and… like, dude.. SWIPING his board away. Callisto's eyes narrow, silver lashes fluttering once. "You might want to investigate the skunk weed that you are smoking. For you are seeing things." Said offhandedly… another push, directed at the cluster of them.. this takes more effort and Callisto seems to wince softly. But then, the skeptical teens all seem to be looking at something in their palms — blunts, if you look closer — only to be hastily crammed into their pockets.

No more talk of shadows.

Exhaling softly, Callisto accepts the help out of the pit and lowers herself gracefully to sit alongside the blonde boy. "He is fine, but your elbow has been razed. Here," Callisto offers the kitten to Brier, and pulls her purse into her lap to dig around for something.

Making sure Callisto gets out of the bowl and settled beside him, Brier then switches his sitting to be cross legged. This ends up helping when the girl hands him the kitten, the hippie taking it and making sure it is situated before looking back to Callisto. "It stings, but it'll heal…" Then, seeing the girl is digging around in her purse, he twists his arm to look at the elbow again. "Thanks again for your help. I found this little guy over on Main Street. Tried to catch him, but he darted in here…" The kitten seems to have worn itself out with all the excitement, bathing itself in Brier's lap before blinking slowly and giving a wide yawn. "Or maybe he might a girl…I haven't really had time to check."

"T'is surely a girl." Callisto snorts, "It's mental energy feels female. And she is a rebellious girl at that." The fey says without missing a beat…. she sounds confident in the notion too, so no need to go looking at the kitty's bitties for an idea on it's gender. c.c

Her lips curl up at their corners as she finds what she is looking for… a packet of wet wipes. Holy shit, a dark faerie carries Wet Wipes. Because hey, who knows WHAT germs are out there. But then she eyes the packets, and decides better against using astringent wipes on broken skin. She digs more, but the search is dismal. "We must get that cleaned out… t'is more of an open style of wound, as opposed to deep." She advises, but will not push.

Instead she merely peers at Brier, "It is my.. pleasure to help. I am rather partial to cats." Said in her elegant way as the skaters resume their activities, many hours' worth of practice showing in how deftly they move without hippies and kittens disrupting them. "T'is not the first kitten that I've seen around here. They seem drawn to this neighborhood. I wonder if one of these old houses, surely, has feral cats."

With Callisto's gender assessment, Brier looks down at the now dozing kitten and grins. "She's a good girl." This said of the kitten that almost got him turned into concrete paste. Good thing kitties were so cute! Then, the concern over his elbow has him looking back to the other student. "Yeah. Don't worry, I will clean it once I get back to the house. But I mean…what do we do with her?" The mention of feral cats, "Maybe…that's where her family is?" If she has one. "Or maybe she was a runt and got left behind. We can't just leave her out here though…but do you think they'd let us take her back to the house?" At least the kitten seemed old enough to be weened.

The fey girl's expression falls gently, and she looks down at the restful fluffball. "Wouldn't you know… I wanted to bring a cat back to Winbarry." Said softly, eyes flitting back to Brier's face. She then glances off in the direction of the old town park, beyond the skate park. "I found the little one in a playground. I was told that pets, save for service animals, were not permitted on premises. T'was hard… I then walked that little ginger kitten into Shady Cove and saw to it that he was adopted." Callisto sighs gently..

"If you wish, we can take her in to the shelter in town to be looked over. T'is a house, not a business; I guarantee she will be treated kindly. But there are yet a great many cats in this part of town… maybe…"

If they cannot own pets…. something else occurs to Callisto. Her face flushes in a very un-fey-like look of inspiration. "Maybe we can feed the feral ones that wish not to be caught. I know of one such house that is full of them."

Brier and Callisto are in the skate park, but not skating. Instead, they have been on a mission. To rescue a stray ball of fluff from a concrete bowl full of wheels and chaos! It seems their mission was successful though, both students now sitting by the edge of the bowl. Brier is holding the kitten, now asleep, in his lap. The hippie has a few scrapes and scratches, an especially bad skinned elbow, from the rescue efforts. He is currently talking to Callisto, looking over to her.

"I guess we can try taking her to the shelter. They'll let us check up on her right? To make sure she finds a good home?" The idea of helping the other cats has Brier giving another nod. "Yeah. We can get food at the store and everything yeah? Guess they don't need litter boxes…but oh hey we can get them some toys too!"

"They will find a home for her." Callisto reassures, not even needing to use a psychic 'push' to make Brier believe her, so confident is her tone. Indeed the two are seated at the edge of the skatepark, in which about a half-dozen or so teenagers are shooting around on skateboards, oblivious to the two seated closeby with a sleeping kitten. Callisto's long legs fold inwards beneath her body as she considers. "Oh.. of course they will," Re: checking up on the kitty. She looks frankly at the hippie boy, though her typically intense gaze has softened some, "I had done so in the two days it had taken for the one kitten to be adopted. Two days. In those days I knew well that he was being well looked after."

Hopefully that suffices… Callisto is both startled by the situation that she finds herself in, and touched. "We can bring whatever we want, nobody will disrupt it." Nevermind the one abandoned house she is thinking about… is but one of quite a few, infested with feral cats.

It's obvious the hippie is just wanting to make sure the kitten is well cared for. "Yeah…okay." With a decided nod he strokes the top of the sleeping black kitten's head with a finger, looking back over to Callisto again. "We should take her to the shelter. They'll know how to help her best." If he was back home in Colorado, his mom and him would have just kept her, but he wasn't at home right now. Brier had to think of what was best for the kitten and…school rules were school rules. "Where's the shelter at? Before she wakes up and tries to make another run for it…"

"T'is a bit of a walk," Callisto admits, her glacial gaze locked upon the sleepy kitten in Brier's arms. She reaches out with a careful finger to gently, oh so gently… scritch the side of it's baby face. Look at her wibbly expression while trying NOT to be wibbly; LOOK AT IT. This supernatural being LOVES KITTENS.

Ahem. "If we set out now, it shall take about a half hour… they know me. Would you like to take her in? T'is good luck to bestow a name, you see. Have you one in mind for her, to send her forth in good fortune?" Okay this may be bullshit.. or fudging a truth slightly. But Callisto sure seems earnest and she wants to make this easier on the gentle-natured hippie. "T'is the way it goes in my culture, you see. For names have power." There, a rare smile.

Sydney can't really skate, not that she could back in the day either, but she knew her share of skaters back then, and has fond memories, even though many of those (mostly) guys are grandparents, possibly of this very crowd of skaters She wanders to the periphery to watch, and stands quietly. Then she notices familiar faces. She cocks her head curiously at the tiny squirming mass Brier holds and realizes what it is. She doesn't squee exactly, but she gets the glassy "Ooo, a kitten!" look just the same. Steel girl. Heart of Jello. She walks over, the skaters temporarily forgotten.

<FS3> Koga rolls Body + Parkour: Success.

Koga sometimes came around the skate park. Sometimes being the key word. It was a decent spot for him to practice usually. And in this case? He was coming along to practice. His balance was a bit off. He had a small belt pouch around his waist as he looked around before spotting two somewhat familiar people and making his way over.

Well, one familiar person. Callisto is at least a hard to miss type as he makes his way down the slopes, dodging skateboarders with a grace that definitely shows he has done it before. Even running along the slopes and nearly matching some of the faster boarders in terms of speed. Koga's tricky path takes him down one slope, up another, doing a hand stand and a flip before landing near the two as he dusts himself off before walking over. "Everything is okay, I hope? Not exactly the best place to have a kitten, nor to sit down and talk at this time of day."

Seriously, Koga is acting like that impressive feat of athleticism is nothing.

Brier nods again, looking over to Callisto "Yeah…I can go with you." His desire to accompany the kitten in it's journey to ensure it's safety was obvious. "A name huh? Well…" The hippie thinks about it a moment. "How about Onyx?" In meditation, the Onyx stone is typically used to promote happiness and good fortune. That is what he hoped for this kitten to find. The cat starts to wake up, as if knowing she is being talked about, or maybe she just can sense the newcomers approaching them. When Sydney and Koga approach, each get a warm smile from Brier. "Hey…" Then he looks to Koga "Yeah it's okay now. I think she tired herself out…"

Sydney nods. "Hey guys." She looks more closely at the kitten. "Aww… what a cutie… is she yours?"

The graceful fae awaits the response to the naming of this foolhardy little fluff who narrowly avoided becoming ground meat beneath the trucks of skateboard wheels. "Onyx is perfect. A precious stone. T'is a warrior stone, you see.. strong. It—" Pause.. others arrive, and she looks up just in time to spy Koga lithely avoiding the movement of the skaters. Also, the quicksilver glimmer of sunlight upon Sydney's metallic skin. "Oh! Ah, good afternoon." She offers… kindly. Callisto looks to be at peace. "This kitten was rescued…" She defers to Brier to explain the rest. He seems to have bonded moreso to the sleepy black ball of fluff. Piercing cerulean eyes peer between her classmates, "How fare you both? Have either of you something to cleanse wounds, or even heal them?" She gestures to Brier's asphalt-torn elbow.

Koga shakes his head, "Healing is not one of my abilities, unfortunately. I do, however, know how dangerous it is to practice without any sort of cushioning." He reaches to the belt pouch, unzipping it as he pulls out some antiseptic spray and a roll of medical bandage as well as padding. "Here we go. Ah, mind if I see that scrape? At least it is not that bad from the looks. I would still at least ask a doctor to look at it." He looks to Brier. He doesn't know him at least, but well… from the looks, he did do something to save a kitten. Something that Koga can at least admire a bit.

Oh. Right. Blood. Syd pulls her eyes away from the fluffball. "I know some first aid. That's about it. Come on, let's get that over to a water fountain and wash it off and have a look at it."

Callisto's approval of the name, as well as her understanding the meaning he was going for, earns a grin from Brier. "Awesome…Onyx it is. You hear that Onyx? You're going to be just fine…don't worry." He looks down at the kitten, reassuring it. As for the kitten, Onyx seems to have not a care in the world now that she has cuddles and attention. Her purring is audible now that she's awake and looking around at all the new people.

When everybody seems to be concerned with tending to Brier's elbow, the hippie offers a nod and moves to gently hand Onyx to Callisto. "Here…kitten cuddles make everything better." It was true! He then pushes against the concrete to stand up, letting Sydney and Koga get a look at his elbow. It didn't look terrible, but it certainly didn't look happy either. "I don't think we need to rinse it out. The concrete is pretty smooth so there isn't any debris in there…but it definitely stings."

Ah, reinforcements have arrived. Though Koga's tact is akin to the one Callisto had initially: stinging, burning antiseptic! The graceful fey watches the mystic for a time, her brow furrowed. "He was taken down fairly hard, by acciden—-" She is about to explain but then she has an armful of kitten! Want to see a dark faerie melt? Come one, come all… feast your eyes. Callisto is briefly taken aback but immediately lithe fingers embrace the baby, and she lifts it to her cheekbone to nuzzle. "Ah~" She breathes. "Little one. We shall find you a home yet, yes?" Little Onyx," Sigh. Then Callisto catches herself and as Sydney and Koga offer their thoughts on the matter, Callisto briefly considers Sydney's initial respond. She saw that Jello heart, missy. The sleepy black kitten is offered to the metal girl. "Would you like to hold her?"

Sydney gets into her purse. She frowns. "Man, I never thought I'd miss having to carry those…" is all she mutters. She finds a couple new kleenexes instead, and some perfume, which she soaks into one of the kleenexes. Didja know most perfumes have alcohol as their base? Well, you would have found out if Koga hadn't beat her to the punch with a first aid kit. So she has a kleenex that smells like Luv's Baby Soft. A lot. She sighs and dabs it at her throat.

It's just a mini first aid kit, already! Koga shakes his head, holding Brier's arm carefully below the scrape before spraying the antiseptic on slowly. It's carefully done, making sure to get all that he can. "Sydney, are you better at the bandages? I'm not exactly sure how to wrap this so it won't get infected." He looks to the metal girl. Koga could probably do it himself, but his? Probably more first aid for self, than for others.

The fey girl wishes she had the foresight to pack something similar. What matters, though, is that Koga — a practitioner of parkour — had the sense to do so. Brier's elbow will be treated and once Callisto is sure the road rash won't go necrotic and rot away, she stands carefully. She knows naught of how to treat, nor how to wrap wounds.. so she watches Sydney and Koga as they work, her brow furrowed.

Brier can't help but grin as he sees Callisto's reaction to the kitten. "I think Onyx likes you…" Then the kitty is being offered to Sydney, but her and Koga are preoccupied with treating his elbow. A small wince as the antiseptic hits his open skin, but it's not that bad. "Thanks for the help, you guys. I'm sure it'll be fine." Then, as they go about deciding who would be best to bandage it up, he keeps his elbow extended and moves his other hand through his hair to push it back out of his face.

<FS3> Sydney rolls First Aid: Good Success.

Sydney nods. "Yeah, I can do that." She takes the gauze pad and the tape and does an effective, if unlovely job of patching Brier up. "Oh yeah. It's just a booboo. You won't die of it."

Shaking his head at the ease that Sydney does the bandaging, Koga sighs and sits down as he looks around at the skateboarders, then to Callisto. "So… a cat now? Do not tell me it was in the middle of that mess?" He motions at the skateboarders.

Still, Callisto observes.. perhaps a touch anxiously as she yet dislikes being rather useless here. Once upon a time most, if not all, of her abilities were used in a detrimental and/or self-serving light. Now, this 'patching up' of a peer is a fascinating notion. She is silent and watchful, still holding the kitten, as Brier is set to rights. Once done she will hand the fluffball off to the hippie boy who, in receiving the kitty, silences and focuses upon the little orphan. This leaves Callisto free to explain the whole situation, her pale gaze flitting between Sydney and Koga as the sounds of skateboards clattering against the track provides ambience. "Apparently, Brier pursued the kitten all the way from town… to here." Said with a gentle sigh.

Now standing and all leg, Callisto straightens herself. "We are to bring this little one to a shelter that I know of. They do not allow pets at Winbarry for.. certain reasons." She does not specify but, specifically: allergies. The mentalist looks briefly saddened.

"Whatever brought you both to this part of town?" Asks Callisto, as Brier silences to dote over the kitten.

Sydney hands the tape back to Koga. "I came to watch the skaters. Clear my head a little." She runs her hand through her hair a little sheepishly. "The summer classes are kicking my ass, among other things."

Koga shrugs, "I practice what is called parkour regularly. Here is possibly the best area to practice and then some." He considers, then looks across, as if determining exactly how and what he is about to do. Bringing his feet up under himself, he crouches as if in thought or some sort of tall, somewhat lanky looking gargoyle on the edge with a small grin on his face.

Looking to Callisto, he raises an eyebrow. "Why? I know I do not exactly look the type and it goes against the whole 'oh, you can use magic for everything' type but well…" The last part is made with finger quotes. Actual finger quotes. Oh, he is obviously making fun just a bit.

Clear her head…? Might it be due to classes, or..? Callisto looks puzzled. She is no Empath but Sydney's 'mental forecast' is evident (consent given) to her in some measure. THe fey girl loops her purse over one lithe shoulder and goes on with watching the metallic girl. "Is everything alright? Have you been settling into the school well enough?" Nevermind they're all about to be uprooted again in the move to the new facility.. but that's another bag altogether. Her sleek head turns next so that she may watch Koga, the clattering of skateboards filling the silence.

Though a touch of a sort of.. blush.. colors her cheekbones. What did she pick up on, from Syd?!

"More curiosity than anything. There is a far busier part of town closeby that could entertain us. But I suspect this area and it's distinct lack of authority appeals moreso to those who wish to practice parkour." Said with a somewhat easy smile, to Koga.

Sydney cocks her head at Callisto's sudden blush. She does that a lot. With her hair it kind of looks dog-like. "Yeah. Sometimes a little less authority is good. A little more open space, a little more…anonymity. I'm a big city trailer trash kid. I'm still getting used to small town living on a wealthy estate. A lot fewer temptations but… they're more intense. Besides. Look at these guys." She gestures toward the skaters. She pauses. What was it she was about to say? "Um. I'm just saying if you have vices and want to share… you can usually find someone in a place like this who will. No authority, like you said.

Shaking his head, Koga sighs. "That is the only bad part, to be honest… the rest? Well, it is a nice community. And I like how the skaters actually push themselves. They strive to out do each other sometimes." Koga mentions, then considers as he looks to Sydney. He looks to Callisto. "Is something wrong?" Oh, he doesn't have a clue why Callisto blushed at all, but well… it is a bit obvious.

"Trailer.. trash…?" Callisto asks gently, clearly — genuinely — unsure on the term. Her experiences of the modern world are selective and obviously, some slang eludes her. "What is this trailer trash?" Asked with a lack of guile that is almost endearing, when posed from one who is so… well… fey. She follows Sydney's gestured indication toward the skaters who go about their business, absolutely no f'ks given. Callisto cranes her neck and looks back to the metal girl, silver-white hair flickering in a hot breeze. "Do you find these boys intriguing? They are certainly content in their space." Observes Callisto, bless her heart, with no reservations or hesitation. "I can see how. They are fulfilled, doing as they do." Callisto watches them again as the kitten mewls in Brier's arms. One of those big lugs out there, she had to mentally 'push' to forget the hippie's usage of shadow manip to save the kitten.

To Koga next, "T"is said that the upkeep of this park was left to these individuals." A nod to the skaters, "They do a better job of it than some who are charged to do so."

Koga looks over at Sydney, curiousity on his face as if he is trying to figure out what in the world is going on between the two of them. He seems slightly out of the loop, but it is a bunch of girls discussing things between themselves more or less as he looks to Callisto, then to the skaters. "It is surprisingly how much they take care of things here. I find it pretty interesting at times. Other places, you might find trash and garbage collecting around. Here? Not at all."

Sydney nods. "They take care of their own. If you're part of the group anyway. Like the lost boys in Peter Pan." She looks at the skaters. "Intriguing? Mm. Comfortable, maybe. Kind of like my old crowd, from before I went metal. I've been reminiscing a little." She pauses again, thinking about what Callisto said. "Trailer Trash. It's a variant on white trash. Basically poor, ignorant people who live without dignity in trailer courts. Typically we're uncouth and have the morals of a cat, too."

The fey girl glances sideward to the watchful hippie boy with the kitten, before turning to lend an ear to Sydney's insight. But it is to Koga whom she offers a rueful look, "Forgiveness if this… discussion leaves you feeling apart, some. There are a few cultural reference that I do not quite understand. This is one of them." Said softly to the Asian Mystic, before her cool blue gaze slides back to the steel girl. "Ah.. went… metal?" Still so confusing! At least Callisto is taking in bit by bit! She still looks and sounds so genuinely out of the loop.. specially when she goes and innoucously offers up the observation of: "Ah.. morals of a cat! Do cats not come and go as they please? Fornicate at will? Yes?" God bless Callisto. c.c

… poor Koga.

Sydney blushes. Vigorously. "Um. I wasn't. Always like this. I was normal two years ago. Subjectively. And yeah… morals of a… right, like you said." Syd turns away, fanning her face

<FS3> Koga rolls Reaction: Success.

Koga blinks, then looks from Sydney to Callisto, then back to Sydney. "Old boyfriend?" He questions. It's a great testament to Koga's self control that he isn't blushing up a storm, or stuttering for that matter. He's doing his absolute best to keep it cool. Yep. Absolute, obvious best. But well… then it clicks as he remembers a past encounter with Sydney. An eyebrow raises before he glances to Callisto. "Or is it old girlfriend?"

The Asian Mystic is apparently getting in on the teasing at least! He grins a bit, then winks at Callisto before he looks back towards the disc of concrete, humming a bit. Looking thoughtful, Koga seems to consider as he hops off the bench to walk over and peer down at one of the obstacles, then another. "Hm…"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Telepathy: Great Success.
(OOC: On the heels of paged discussion. Consent given by Sydney-player for Callisto to have picked up on some 'charged'…. thoughts. *fans self*)

Blushing fascinates Callisto, even when she herself does it. Had Koga not even a scrap of the self-control that he has, this would be a regular fluster pile. The Mystic boy asks of an 'old boyfriend' and the fey mentalist cannot help but turn to watch Sydney, and listen to her response to such. Something that has occurred to Callisto, regarding Sydney, has her intrigued. Her eyes are on Koga, intrigued, as her mind yet casts itself in the direction of Sydney. Even to one who is not inclined to the abilities of a psychic, Callisto's nonetheless pleasing 'mental' voice emotes itself to the flustered girl. «You seem frustrated. Is there someone whom you long for?» Asked franklly; Callisto is known for going for the jugular. Anyone with even a blip in Psychic ability may be able to tune into this 'frequency'.

She yet watches Koga; his wink causes her to blush lightly. "Are you going to parkour—" SEE? She knows the term! But then he jumps down.. the graceful fae watches him raptly.

Sydney blinks and blushes more deeply still, the straw color of her cheeks heading toward blue. She looks at Callisto. "Callisto… That is you, right? you're a sweetheart and a good person, and I like you a lot, but I'd really appreciate it if you stayed out of my head when it's not hero time. I've got enough stuff to tell the psychologist about without hearing voices."

<FS3> Koga rolls Body + Parkour: Success.

Koga was just waiting for a right moment, raising his wrist which has a watch already set right before he clicks it and takes off not long after Callisto stops talking. So he doesn't hear what Sydney said at all as he runs.

Running down the length of the dish, Koga turns towards the first obstacle. A nice large ramp that he literally ends up wall running up before vaulting over the top. Sliding down the other side, he takes off again, obviously moving around the interior of the concrete dish as one large obstacle. The next ramp, which is a loop, he runs up one side before side flipping to the other and taking off again with barely a stop. The next obstacle, a bit higher ramp, he instead runs at an angle along it before hopping and twisting his body to slide under the next obstacle.

The last obstacle he finishes by quickly running, then vaulting over one handed with a small spin on the end before running up the edge of the dish towards where the ladies are and pulling himself up and over to sit on a bench. The watch is clicked again as he gives a slight groan. "… ten seconds longer? Really?"

Belatedly turning to look at Callisto, the Asian Mystic raises an eyebrow, "Yes, I was going to parkour run… I honestly prefer the founder's philosophy over the more flashy stuff…"

Blink? Ah, sometimes it's hard to be a mentalist; to drop into that subtle method of conversation without thinking of parameters. "Forgive me, then." She bows her head gracefully, adding voice to what originally would have been mentally emoted. "I pray you find peace, and answers to that which plagues you. What I was getting at is that I might understand." A fluttering of silvery lashes; something in Callisto's tone suggest puzzlement. What, exactly, caused such? The 'no fly zone' re: not using telepathy was received loud and clear, but there is something that… confused the dark faerie a little bit. Despite it all she offers Sydney an apologetic, gentle smile. "T'is not often that I am called a sweetheart. T'is optimism on your part. I am nobody's sweetheart." Said gently, though she chances one more glance in Sydney's direction.

Footsteps finding purchase capture her attention meanwhile, and Callisto watches Koga. The girl inhales deeply, silent and still in her observation until Koga's feet find purchase and he speaks to them, therefore concluding the display. "T'is amazing. You move like the wind."

Sydney watches Koga quietly and applauds his abilities. "It's like skating without wheels. Wow." She grins. Her applause sounds a lot like banging two hammers together." She's quiet for a moment, then looks at Callisto. "You hate what you are. Don't hate who you are," is all she says.

At the praise, Koga nods his head, "Arigatou…" He looks towards the obstacles he just went over, humming a bit as he looks at it carefully. VERY carefully. Then sighs. "I will have to think about that some more." He looks to the two, raising an eyebrow at their exchange. "Like the wind? And skating without wheels? That is high praise from you two. It is a lot more… fitness, than anything else. Anyone can do it, you just have to be able to make your body learn how to."

He grins a bit, then shakes his head before looking to Sydney at her words towards Callisto before sighing, "I take it I should have done another lap to let you two talk out whatever the problem is?"

"I hate what birthed me." Callisto says softly, turning to look upon Sydney with a thoughtful expression. "I am coming to like what I am becoming. Or trying to." The barest upturn of the corners of her lips. "These are confusing times. I wish to offer my ear, if there are things you desire to figure out. But thank you for that… I am trying.. much as, perhaps, you are as well." She looks down at her knees briefly; a decidedly chided gesture. "Forgive my occasional transgression into… mentalist wiles. My people are a cerebral race and I but worried for you. I forgot myself. Something seemed off." Offered under her breath.

But Callisto, even with her proclivity for deep, deep thought.. offers kindly to Koga. "It has been worked out. Worry not. Though the hour grows late, and we've a kitten to deliver to a shelter." Said as she rises, slender legs unfurling beneath her body. "There is another at Winbarry who favors parkour, and does it well." She offers, adjusting her purse. "Daxton seems to favor the art. Perhaps you can both partake in it."

Sydney slips her arm around Callisto, careful not to touch her skin anywhere. She gives the fae a gentle squeeze. "I forgive you. We'll talk some time soon." Syd shrugs. "I'm gonna hang out a while, I think." A pause. "Well ok. Gonna find the bathroom, then hang out a bit." She waves. "Take care, guys."

Considering, Koga nods. "I have met him. I did not know he did so, but that does make sense. I will have to exchange notes sometime." He shrugs, then sighs. "Good luck on that escort."

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