(2018-07-15) Meeting Ciara
Meeting Ciara
Summary: Sierra meets a new arrival - a carny!
Date: 2008-07-15
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Late Saturday night and Sierra has headed to the misnamed Billiard Room to do some movie watching. Clad in legwarmers and an oversized t-shirt concealing gym shorts, she munches on popcorn while watching a masked killer stalking some camp counselors. "Run, stupid!" she yells at the screen. "She's going to get away." It seems she is on the killer’s side. A large, half-drunk soda sits next to her.

Ciara comes into the billiard room. She pauses at the door and then moves more in, though she is moving a little on the slow side. She is wearing a tank top over a sports bra, and a pair of running shorts, jogging shoes on her feet. She winces at the yell, and stumbles before she pauses by the wall. After a moment, she moves away from the wall more into the room.

Sierra looks over her shoulder to the new arrival, eyes narrowing as she doesn't recognise the new girl who seems to jog at night. "Hey" she greets, trying to smile warmly but she's never been very good at that. "New girl? Or breaking in? I'm Sierra. Come on in. Want some popcorn?" She turns down the television a little as people start screaming in terror.

Ciara cocks her head to the side as she hears the name and places the voice to go with it. She looks in Sierra's direction, but her eyes don't look directly at her. "Hello." she says with a bit of an Irish accent. She does nod her head, "New, yes." she says, "I am Ciara." she says as she moves over closer. She seems to relax a bit as the volume is turned down, but she never once looks at the tv. "Sure, been a while since I had some popcorn."

"Then sit down" Sierra smiles, shuffling over on the couch and tucking her feet up under herself. She is obviously a bit slow on the uptake here. Her brow furrowing as questions pass through her mind but is it okay to ask someone if they're blind? Manners have never stopped Sierra before. "Are you blind?" she flat out asks. "The couch is just to your right." No point keeping the movie going so she switches it off and turns onto a music channel.

Ciara nods her head a bit and then does moves to settle on the couch. She nods again, "Yes and no." she says and then does giggle a bit, "I am blind, but my abilities give me a kind of echo location but doesn't give any kind of detail just where things are." She stretches a bit, "A passive thing, sends out telekinetic pulses that I can sense when they hit something and then come back to me."

"So, you're like a dolphin?" Sierra summarizes. "That's pretty cool. Can you swim real good too?" She offers over the popcorn, overcompensating by picking up Ciara's hand to guide to the tub. "If it only works in broad strokes, how can you pick up things? Were you born like this? Am I being too nosy?"

Ciara smiles and shakes her head, "Never really been swimming. Not sure how it works, but it does." she says and shrugs a bit. She doesn't say anything about the assistance as she gets some popcorn. "I know where everything is, just like now, hard for me to tell people apart, but can tell people from things, stuff like that. But nah, there was an accident…rather incident. I was born and grew up as part of a circus. Acrobat, juggler, knife throwing. My parents and I were in a town shopping for my birthday. Two powered individuals were fighting, I remember a bright flash, then woke up blind, my mom didn't make it." she shakes her head, "not being too Nosy, lots of people have asked, getting used to it. My abilities took a little bit to develop, first the awareness thing, then in other ways."

"I'm the loud Mexican" Sierra helpfully explains for Ciara to identify her better. "Ares. So we're the troublemakers. Do I smell different than the other people? Don't say I smell of taco or something like that." She listens to the tale with some interest. "Wow. A circus person. Carnie? Sorry to hear about your mother. Do you remember who was fighting? We should go and kick their asses for what they did to you. What are the other things you can do? And how did you end up here?"

Ciara cocks her head to the side and then smiles a bit, "I have heard that a bit, haven't decided on a team yet." she says and then shakes her head, "No, not that I can make a permanent record of, have to smell someone more than once, usually its perfumes and things like that." she shrugs a bit. She nods, "Yep born and raised Carnie." she shakes her head, "Don't know who it was fighting, never found out." she pauses, "Well my da was a knife thrower, he drank a lot after momma. He would buy me books and stuff in braille as an apology later." she shrugs, "Eventually I joined his act, he threw the knives at him, I was the target. It made for a good show, since I never flinched. But I realized I could start sensing the knives. Then one show, he was still drunk and the knife would have hit me in the face. I managed to catch it." she smiles, "I can accelerate any object I throw, think of throwing a knife and then accelerating it to be almost as fast as a bullet. I can accelerate my punches and kicks too, making them hit harder. On the flip side I can decelerate too, which allows me to block punches and kicks by others, or can knives or arrow, I can slow down bullets I think but not stop them." she nods after a moment, "It’s like there is an aura around me that deflects some of incoming energy, and I can send out a shockwave. Oh and I can use the aura to fly." She shrugs, "Here. A social worker watched one of the shows after I started being able to catch the knives and considered it child endangerment. Da went to jail cause up, he beat up a cop really bad when they came to investigate. Since he was my only family, I am now a Ward of the State, and I was sent here. I think someone else saw the show and realized what I could do and that I needed training. But they tested me a bit when I first got here."

"Wow. Cool powers" Sierra nods before throwing some more popcorn in her mouth. "So you're here as a ward of the state too? I'm not really a ward…sort of…but the Mexican government pays for me to be here so I have to do stuff for them in return. My family could no way afford this. My government can barely afford this" she smirks. "Sorry to hear about your Dad too. Being taken away from your family really sucks. I Skype them sometimes but it is not the same. So you only just got here? Didn't do superhero stuff before you got here? I mean, other than the circus stuff."

Ciara blushes just a little, "Um thanks." she says and then nods, "Yeah, not sure, if its some kind of scholarship, or something else that might come back to bite me later." she says and shakes her head a bit, "I get to send dad messages, and they have someone that translates his letters into braille for me, but yeah.." she nods her head again after that, "Yeah, just a couple days ago. And no, other than stuff in the circus. haven't really used my powers much." She eats a little more popcorn herself, "What can you do?" she asks softly.

"Lots of things" Sierra replies with a shrug. "I was on a school excursion to some ruins close on three years ago now. Was being bullied by the hot girls, like always, and I wandered off from the group. Didn't bother to read the 'Keep Out' sign and ended up being the first person to walk into a temple in hundreds of years. The Aztec god of fire was in there and now…he's in me. So mostly fire tricks but I can also fly and he teaches me other spells when he remembers them." A sip of her soda. "And I also dance and hack computers. Been on a few missions. Sometimes with permission."

Ciara nods and smiles, "Sounds cool, better than mine most of the time. Can't do much other than with my powers and some juggling, I read a lot, but other than that." She shakes her head, "A god huh? Cool."

"/A/ god, not /the/ God" Sierra giggles, "Though don't tell him that. He gets upset easy. I dunno, you just haven't used your powers in the right situation yet. I mean, you could probably beat the crap out of me. Oh, you should meet Bryce. He reads a /lot/. Like, he has every book in the world in his head. So who have you met here already?"

Ciara thinks for a moment, "Kaylee, she is hard to forget, especially since we have some things in common, um, can't remember his name but he does magic, something about drawing symbols in the air. RJ I remember that name its small and easy to say, and Lance, He was the first one I met."

"Even though there isn't a lot of students at the moment, it's quite easy to never meet some of them" Sierra replies with a grin. "I know RJ…the alien boy. And, yes, I know Kaylee. We've been at this school for years. Well, not /this/ school. This is the one we're at after the first one was destroyed by dinosaurs. I was away when it happened. Not sure about the symbols guy and I don't think I know Lance. I hope they were all nice."

"Nice to meet you, Ciara. Remember my smell" Sierra winks…pointlessly. "See you around." The movie gets started again as Ciara leaves. Just in time for some loud violence.

Ciara smiles and then giggles a bit, "I will, see you later." she says and then finishes standing and turns to slip back out.

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