(2018-07-14) Trying to Help
Trying to Help
Summary: Kaylee and Sierra try to help Bryce over his issues
Date: 2018-7-14
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It's evening, already after dinner, which means that the kitchen area is fairly devoid of other human beings. … or aliens, for that matter. It's at this point that Kaylee makes her way in from the back patio, heading for the fridges and some leftover dinner! She's currently in workout attire, with a red YMCA basketball t-shirt indicating 'COACH' on the back. She has a duffel bag slung over one shoulder, which she plops on the island before cracking open one of the fridge doors so she can rummage. She's not wearing her glasses and is humming happily to herself. If anybody listens to pop music, she's humming 'That's What I Like' by Bruno Mars.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle. A slow shuffle can be heard coming from the dining room. Either someone is being very lazy and not picking up his feet, or that person is competing in static shock tournament. The door is carefully opened just before a young Bryce sticks his head in. His eyes are bloodshot and he has dark bags under his eyes. He looks exhausted as though he hasn't slept in days. He also hasn't been seen in days as he has pretty much been in hiding since the recent event to rescue Ashton. He finally pushes the door all the way open and shuffles into the kitchen. He has the look of someone who has seen too much.

The kitchen is starting to get like Grand Central Station now as another rocks up to steal food…umm…replenish their energy. It's Sierra, clad in leggings (with grass stained knees) and a blue Ares top…more a crop top. Her hair tied back and her skin a little flush with the obvious heat that emanates from her. "Hey, Kaylee. Bryce." She has to have a second glance at the bookworm. "Are you okay, Cheekbones?" The Latina is also heading for the fridges.

Without her glasses, Kaylee can't really see Bryce's condition. But, with everyone making their way for food, Kaylee opens the fridge further so people can peek around her. She claims a couple of bananas and an apple out of the crisper before moving back towards the island with its stools. "Hey Sierra! Hi, Bryc-ee! How's it going, guys?" she asks in her usual, effervescent manner.

Bryce looks to Kaylee briefly and then looks down; however, when Sierra asks him the question, he stammers almost worse than usual. "I, uh, well - " he is trying to think of a good way to say what he doesn't want to say, but he also doesn't lie. Finally, he just has to admit, "No." His school uniform, which he pretty much always wears, looks crumpled which is unusual for him. He slowly looks around trying to figure what he wants to do here.

Sierra grabs an orange juice bottle from the fridge, glugs down a few mouthfuls and then puts it back in the fridge. Then some fruit is grabbed as a take away. "I am great" the Latina smiles…actually smiles…to Kaylee's question before floating up to sit on a bench and look concerned at Bryce. "Why don't you tell us all about it? We can help." The accumulated wisdom of two teenage girls is a frightening thing.

"Sierra!!!" Kaylee exclaims when the girl drinks directly from the bottle, then replaces it back in the fridge. She sighs with exasperation and shakes her head, starting to peel the banana. "Oh … um … well …," she hesitates, looking in Bryce's direction. She glowers a little and shrugs her shoulders up. "I don't know that he really wants to talk with ME around. I can go, if you'd like, Bryce? Sierra is a wonderful friend to talk to!"

Either Bryce didn't notice Sierra drink from the bottle or wasn't bothered by it. In his state, it is most likely the second on. "Uh, no, it, it is okay, if you, well, don't mind." He pauses there for a few seconds before clarifing. "How I talk." He shuffles over towards the cabinets but ends up just looking at them. With his back to the girls he says, "I, I haven't, uh, been eating or sleeping much since, since the rescue .. mission. I can't."

Sierra shrugs wide-eyed and innocent at Kaylee's anguishe cry of her name before turning back to Bryce. "Don't listen to Kaylee, she's being modest…again. She can help with anything. She can be the voice of reason after I probably tell you to punch whatever is bothering you" she giggles before listening to what he has to say. "The Ashton mission? You got him back, that's awesome. Why so sad about that?" Something slowly penetrates into her brain. "Oh…you've never done anything like that before? What happened?"

Kaylee frowns a little, her brow furrowing. "Bryce, your stutter doesn't bother me. It's the reason why you stutter that makes me sad. You're so down on yourself and just looking for reasons to believe the worst about you. I … well … I mean, it's SO hard for me to handle that because I can see how awesome and wonderful you are," she explains, tucking a few strands of hair out of her face as she sticks one of the bananas and the apple into her duffle. "I … I just really can't handle Gloomy Gus's. It's like, my only weakness inna world."

Bryce hangs his head down lower. "I'm, I'm so sorry." There is definite agony in his voice as he says that. "I don't, don't think you, you will think I'm, I'm that way any more." His stammering gets worse. He starts to look to Sierra in order to answer her question, but he can't bring himself to look at her. Finally he says, "I, on the m-mission, I … " he pauses for moment. Dropping his head back down he says, "I k- " another pause. His voice gets softer as he admits, "killed a man." And that is the source of the agony.

"Bryce isn't a Gloomy Gus" Sierra pouts at Kaylee. "He's just been through a lot." Since when did Sierra become the empathetic one. And then they find out how much exactly he went through. "Oh…I am sorry to hear that." When you have an Aztec god inside you who is always pestering for blood sacrifice, Sierra doesn't really feel bad about the death. More she is feeling bad about how it has affected Bryce. Floating down from the bench she gives the boy a tight hug. "Would you have died if you didn't?"

Kaylee's seen death. Well, maybe not seen, as she wasn't wearing her glasses. But, having been a rather big part of the evacuation of Coral Springs and having lost several of her friends in the experience, she's not unused to death. But! She IS like, totally one of the most caring people around, and she pouts and glows a soft blue as she hears Bryce's announcement. "Oh gosh, Bryce. I'm sorry," she says. However, she doesn't move towards him or anything, given their previous experience with her trying to help him.

"I, I had stopped the g-guards with my claw," Bryce makes a grabby motion with his hand as though his giant arcade claw needed an illustration. "We, we told him and the other guy to, uh, drop their guns." He places his hands on the counter. "He shot me, but, uh, I didn't die." He wanted to clarify that point just in case. "I, er, well, had my under armor on just in case." He shakes his head and closes his eyes. As soon as he does so, the entire scene starts to reply in his perfect memory. "I had my sword out trying to, er, stop him. I've never done two, uh, things before so it was kinda hard. I missed, but then he, he charged me. His head … his head …" His eyes flash open as he says, "No." He shakes his head as though hoping that will clear the memory.

"He ran onto your sword?" Sierra asks, trying not to laugh a little…this is serious!! She gives him another squeeze. "It's not your fault, Bryce. You warned them. You gave them every opportunity to surrender. They were stupid. And don't think he was a good man. He knew who he was working for. He knew he was helping to hurt Ashton. I am sorry about what happened but this is. Not. Your. Fault."

Kaylee nodnoddles as she listens to Bryce's story, rapt attention. She even seems to have forgotten the banana in her hand as she leans on the counter and sticks her bottom lip out. "Oh gosh, Bryce, I'm so, so sorry," she repeats. And then she noddles along with Sierra. "Not to mention, you were saving someone else. Even if it's not self-defense, it's defense of someone's self, and that's what we're supposed to be learning how to do here. It's the whole point," she says softly.

Bryce nods his head. He knows it was self-defense. He knows it was to help Ashton. But for him it comes down to the fact he still killed a man. "I know, but, I tried not to kill him. I promise." There is a passionate intensity as he says that he promised. He looks at Sierra at first when he says it and then at Kaylee. "If, If it is okay, then why, why do I feel like this?" He shakes his head and says, "Every time I close my eyes, I see .. him."

"Because you are a compassionate person, Bryce" Sierra smiles warmly to the poor boy. "You have empathy. Are you psychic or anything? That would make it worse…I think. You have to let it go as best you can. Do happy things. Remember that you /saved/ a life as well. Would you prefer Ashton to be tortured or killed or whatever they were going to do to him?" Her hands on his upper arms, giving a consoling squeeze before she steps back. "It is okay but you still have to deal with it…which for you is not easy. Have you talked to the counselors?"

Kaylee listens to Sierra's response, nodding in agreement, before she adds, "It's also cuz you're human, and you're a good person, Bryce. You SHOULD feel bad if you gotta hurt people. Even bad people. It's normal. But … I kinda disagree a little with Sierra. I don't think you should try and NOT feel that way or necessarily let it go or anything." She shifts a little on her stool, looking a little uncomfortable at trying to give Bryce advice about feelings again. "I think you just have to learn to accept it. Because it happened and you can't take it back. So, it's a thing you did, now, and you have to learn to live with that and keep going. Because that's what heroes do. And even if we're just kids, we're special, so … we gotta live up to it, sometimes."

"I'm … glad … that Ashton is safe, though, I, I haven't seen him since." Bryce admits though he hasn't seen anyone since then. He hestitates to say the word glad because he isn't emotionally glad. It is more of a mental assessment that having Ashton back is better than the alternative. "I've been, uh, hiding in the, the attic." He looks to Sierra and nods his head. "I, I have talked to them. They didn't … give me much, uh, choice." He pauses once more and looks to Kaylee with pathetic puppy dog eyes. "Do, do you really think, uh, that of me?" Earlier she said that she thought he was awesome and now that he acted like a hero. "I feel like, uh, I … I disappointed you - again." He drops his eyes down.

"No one is disappointed in you" Sierra smiles to Bryce. She won't argue with Kaylee's words. The blonde is way more sympathetic and human than she is so it is probably the right thing to say. Accept rather than forget - sounds right. She slips a grape into Bryce's mouth. "To keep your strength up while you work this out" she winks before giving him another tight hug. "I have to go. Clean up my room and stuff. Get some sleep, Bryce. Sleep is a great healer. And so are friends. You're not alone." She floats over to give Kaylee a hug too. "See, you helped him just fine. Talk to you later."

"What? Of COURSE I think that of you, Bryce!" Kaylee responds rather immediately. And then Sierra is talking again and Kaylee settles back onto her stool, having not even realized she started to get up. And that sudden yellow glow also gets turned back off. Silly emotions! Giving Sierra a tight hug, she turns back to Bryce. "Bryce, you are as amazing and as powerful and as good as you want to be. And I think you want to be soooooo good! And I'm absolutely, totally convinced that you will be. Just not yet. I mean, you haven't even gotten through a full year of school, so how can you expect anything more of yourself? You have to be realistic, hon. If you set the bar higher than you can reach, you're just setting yourself up to fail. Don't aim for a mark you can't hit unless you're prepared to deal with the miss," she encourages.

Normally Bryce isn't much for physical contact, but given his current state, he doesn't seem to mind the touches and hugs from Sierra. He is surprised when she pops a grape into his mouth. He chews it some and swallows just in time to tell her, "Uh, thank you." for the grape and the kindness. He grows silent listening to Kaylee and then says, "I'll keep, uh, trying. I just, just want to help people and, well, figure out how to control these powers before - well, just control them." He drops his head again and goes to grab a few more grapes. As he heads to the door, he says, "I should, uh, probably try and sleep in bed." After a short pause, he admits, "I never wanted to forget something before. G-good night."

Her bottom lip stuck out in epic pouting fashion, Kaylee watches Bryce get up and leave. She offers him a subdued (for her, which is still probably more animated than an average person's) wave, watching him go. Then, she rises, herself, and takes the first bite of the banana she'd grabbed, before heading for her own room and bed.

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