(2018-07-12) Broken
Summary: Things sorta come to a head for Daxton and Callisto… then it gets even more confusing. This is why they can't have Nice Things!
Date: 2018-07-12
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Scene Runner: NA

Old City Park, Shady Cove
Thu Jul 12, 2018

This area used to be a more prominent area of the town, when the local warehouse was active and the abandoned houses were filled with people. Now, it's just an eyesore, a blight on the town. The concrete basketball court has cracks and greenery poking up through it here and there, the goals are still in place, but the nets are long gone. Bleachers on one side are missing a few slats, but are generally safe to sit on. There is a large tractor tire that serves as a sandbox. Or a litter box for stray cats. A swing is rusted, the chains holding strong despite the rust, and the wooden slats faded from red to natural wood. A jungle gym and monkey bars, teeter totters, and a very squeaky merry go round complete the playground equipment. Surrounding everything, amid everything, there are vines and greenery, overgrown grass, it looks as if the local forest has taken over and engulfed the area in greenery.

A small pond where fishing is possible is tucked away amid some trees, a bridge spanning across it, though the rails and some of the foot boards are missing in some places. This too is overgrown with flora, vines, plants, greenery abounds. It's a derelict park, but somehow, kids still find it useful now and then, but mostly the older ones, while parents choose to take their younger kids across town to the new park.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

A certain fey girl will have been a hard character to nail down, these days. Her last appearance to Winbarry had been in the mornings, just long enough to secure breakfast and get what she needed for the day. To ask any of the students of Callisto's whereabouts, the answer would be the same: 'in town, for things' .. whatever that means. Callisto has been running more hours at Silver Fable but on this particular Thursday, she's off. To check the YMCA? No volunteering shift noted! So for one seeking Callisto, knowing what he/she could know of her.. that leaves one other place in particular.

Freaky deaky Maple Drive.

Callisto avoided the place since the happenings in the hospital, but now she has returned to… check on 'things'. Not physically… but mentally. Though the late afternoon sun is still strong, blaring down hotly upon the derelict blocks of the old part of town, the shadows seem longer in the abandoned playground. Seated upon one of the swings is Callisto, head bowed slightly as she trolls the strange mental landscape that she seems to perpetually have her finger on these days. One long leg kicks the earth slightly, setting the swing to swaying, her fingers knit around the chains as she appears to be deep, deep in thought. Judging by how she's moving now, she must be coming out of her meditation.. and she looks to the skies, heaving an audible sigh.

Daxton checked everywhere before having a dug moment and ending up here. Of course she'd come here to wallow or mope or whatever it is she's doing. Yoga? Meditation? He comes to a stop at the end of the park, not wanting to starting her by speeding up. He's dressed in dark jeans, his ever present blue running shoes, and a white tee shirt. No armored jacket today, it's too hot. He looks concerned a he approaches her, "Hey."

Weird how she comes here, more often than not. The likes of Callisto should be in posh shops, fancy eateries.. art galleries. Yuppy crap. But noooo, she is always brought back here. Her arse slides a bit as she makes to step off of the swing but she freezes at a voice. One look at her clothing reveals that she has no intention to walk into abandoned properties today: she is in a fitted black maxi dress with orchid print of variable hues of purple. Too fancy; Callisto knows better. But now she's aware of another and the voice is familiar and oh shit—

Callisto turns to look at Daxton, and her brow furrows. He's not the only one looking concerned. "Are you alright?" The girl asks softly. She has already begun to redden slightly on the curves of her shoulders; she's gonna be as tanned as a baseball glove by the time this summer is done with her.

Daxton's eyebrows are draw together as he comes closer, arms folding. "I'm fine. Are you?" He looks fine, the migraine gone after two days of sleeping and caffeine. He's still hungry, but he'll survive. Blue eyes study her, not trying to hide when they dip down to her shoulder and the pink there. "You're gonna burn again."

The girl shakes her silver-white head of hair slightly, some of the tresses quivering in a hot breeze. She hadn't been around to bear witness to the speedster's fallout from the bitch sister's encounter and death. Callisto had been too scared; too embarrassed. But now she simply watches him, gaze searching, looking for signs that she just cannot see. She does not waste breath or time. "I am sorry." The girl exhales, looking down at her knees beneath the sheath of her dress. "I should have not ran. I do not like that you had to.. that you experienced that… I should have been there."

There's a degree of unhinging that can be discerned in her fluting timbre. Clearly Callisto has been mulling this since then, and her expression even appears pained. Sunburn is the last thing on her mind.

Daxton's eyes widen and then he does that infuriating thing he does. He laughs, "Strawberry…I told you to run. You did exactly what you were supposed to do." The smirk stays, but he steps closer to try to grab her hand and get her attention, "Hey. I couldn't have taken care of her with you there, alright? It was the right thing to do." Her hand is squeeze if he was able to get it, "I've had worse, promise."

Laughter!? But she felt it when it happened! No, not the pain.. but the shifting in the psychic 'current' that she is so often exploring. The first 'dose' of Nesialora trying to kill Daxton with pain, Callisto felt the signs! It was like the changes in an electrical current. And then, even then, she stayed away… following orders, but—

He's there, pulling her attention back by touching her hand, and she's looking up at him with that same tortured expression. She remains the swing, looking up with one hand on the chain, the other taken by Daxton. "I-I know what she had done. The effects last for days after, if used powerfully enough. And she… hit you twice…" Callisto near-whispers, holding his gaze with her own. "You will have suffered after; this I know and I do not like it. I wish never to put you in that position again!" THe fey girl exclaims, and sighs gently as she glances to their hands as he squeezes her own. "She was terrible… she has killed. Siblings. Children. You have done a massive… massively important thing." Said as she returns the hand-squeeze.

Daxton's not sure if she's upset over his hurt, or conflicted that her sister was killed. He'd be conflicted, for sure. "Hey…stop. I'm okay, I promise." His head even tilts, making him look younger, a puppy dog version of the military man why snapped a fey's neck. "It was a headache, it sucked, but I'm ok." It was more than a headache, but he is okay now. His mouth quirks again, luckily, she doesn't get to make that call about him being in that position again. He will at least one more time, if he has his way about it. Mommy Dearest is going down! He follows her gaze, the smirk fading a movement as he sees their hands together, but then he's smirking again, "I have. I'm a damn hero. Heroes deserve ice-cream."

He's insisting that he's ok and Callisto, to some measure, believes it. Any further confusion over the cause of Callisto's upset shall be put to ease with what the girl says next, "T'is a good thing that she is gone. Family dynamics are different with my ilk." The girl says quietly… well, obviously. "I shall not miss her, I do not grieve. I grieve for the others whom she has destroyed." Said pointedly, then she flits her gaze back up at him. "Any hurt I felt was due to what happened to you, Daxton." Not just the days after but the seconds, when he was shaking and disorientated. Orders or no orders, regardless of his intent in sending Callisto away… he did not deserve that. Callisto watches him, not hastening to move her hand away as the chains of the swing squeak slightly with the movement of her body.

The puppy dog look, indeed, throws her off a bit.. not quite in a bad way but it's not making this 'holding off' thing easier! Callisto clears her throat gently. "You are a hero. You are my first hero, you see. I've not known of a hero before." Said frankly as she watches him, making to stand carefully. "I am sorry if I seemed.. aloof.. the past few days. I felt guilty."

Daxton chuckles, "I'm a pretty tough nut to crack, Calli. I'm okay." He'll keep saying it until she stops worrying. He nods in the direction of down town, finally dropping her hand as he starts to walk. "Really? I figured you'd have met a billion heroes, all in shining armor or some crap." How old does he think she is again? "No need to feel guilty. WE won. It's a good thing."

Well she has a good reserve of worry to exhaust, here. But mercifully, Callisto will eventually ease off… it's not of her nature, it seriously isn't, to fret. There's just something about Daxton and his nature, one moment a puppy dog smirk in seek of ice cream, the other breaking a supernatural creature's neck. Then— wait.. there is a distinct lack of something in her hand, when she finally stands up. Daxton has released her and Callisto, despite herself, feels strangely bereft. His words catch her still and with a strange expression, she will try to catch his attention again by reaching for his elbow before he moves fully away.

Provided she manages to do so, she will try to pull the speedster in for a hug. It will be firmer than her typical ones! But when one expects her to babble on with more of the 'guilty' drivel she instead says with mock offense, though her tone still bears those anxious inflections: "I haven't known knights. How old do you think I am?"

Daxton turns at the touch, but once he realizes what she's after his arms raise slightly and he hugs her back. "Oh…I don't know. King Arthur times?" He never said history was a strong suit. "You rode horses, right?" And created fire?

Now she could punch him. But she won't. Regardless she gives the boy an earnest hug. Callisto, despite her past self, rather enjoys hugs.. even giving them. Especially this one. But then he goes and puts her back to when they baked on rocks and told time by sundial and she eases back, giving his chest a shove. "King. Arthur?" Callisto asks pointedly.. her expression is aghast but her gaze — which had become overbright when she eased in for the hug — is still shiny for some reason. It's bad enough to miss the mark by like, 5 years, re: the touchy question of discerning a woman's age. Imagine doing it by centuries!

Luckily Callisto isn't quite so touchy. She narrows her eyes at him, face flushed and shoulders redder, "You are way off the mark. Try Lincoln and Roosevelt." The fey girl snarks out. "And.. I did ride horses. But it was a long time ago. I do miss it but know naught of whether or not I could find something similar around here…"

Daxton knows what he's doing, her hands meet his firm chest and he playfully stumbles backwards with a laugh. "Lincoln?" He's still smiling, but his next question is a little more eeriest, "Were you here in the states?" Horse riding huh? "There's got to be stables near by. Have you looked?? Her by for a speedster is a lot further than for other people.

She'll just pretend that she's not focusing on how firm that chest felt. Callisto's fists ball at her sides briefly then unfurl, though her sharp look softens with remembrance. She wasn't truly mad. "Not during the time of their service." The girl offers, "I was cloistered away in the North, with only books and the ability to look out. I had no choice but to feed my mind with knowledge of the world via books and word-of-mouth… t'was hard to do, with my lifestyle then." A gentle sigh as she sweeps the folds of her skirts with slender hands. "I enjoy history, and not just that which is written in any one part of the world. I had a lot of time to kill." Said simply, watching him. "My emergence into the United States is fairly… recent. The 1970s. I have… seen things, there." A soft look, hastily done away with.

Talk of stables brightens Callisto's expression, "I have not. But perhaps I can look into it.. it has been a truly long time." Said as she looks at him again. Her brow furrows lightly; something seems to be eating at her, a question unasked.

North? That's right, Iceland or New Zealand or wherever. "Ah…that' why you liked Hippie boy." This is said in teasing, any uncertainty he had about Brier is gone. He's starts walking again, intent of getting something to eat, but the he can feel her gaze and looks over, "What?"

She does not supply much more insight on Brier, though perhaps some deeply buried, internal part of her psyche had been drawn to the new student. Petal, too, was blonde and of a similar nature back in the day.. though far older. It goes without saying that Callisto favors flower children.. but she just has this overall, pesky care for mortals in general. It hasn't been easy. The girl takes a deep breath, and looks down at her hands briefly. "What are we to do, Daxton?" Callisto asks with the tiniest bit of trepidation.. curses herself for feeling anxious. It's a newly-forged emotion, since the last 60 years or so. By her standards that's new.

What are they to do? Regarding evil fey? The situation at hand? What does she mean!?

"All you have done for me. I cannot help it, for it pushes me past the parameters of a friend. I am trying not to, trying to respect.. but t'is hard. Especially now." Callisto looks up. "Have we a chance? Or am I being foolish how much I am coming to care for you? What are we, exactly?" There it is!

Daxton just wanted food and to make sure Callisto was ok. The tilted headed puppy dog look disappears into a frown and he glances away. "I…I don't know." It's honest, at least. "I don't want-" No, he stops with that thought, head shaking, "Rebecca did a number on me. I..I didn't want to date. She just…kept at me." Yikes, sound familiar? "And then we were, and it was great…until it wasn't. she lied to me. And then everyone was mad at me over it…" He sighs, not looking at Calli. "We were just starting to mend when she just…left." That's not exactly true, but that's how it felt. "I'm not…good at this, Callisto. I'm broken. It's not a matter of liking you or not, I do. I just….I'm broken."

Callisto finds herself surprised, sure that the traipsing into this topic will have chased him away. But now the fey girl has a bit more information. A name. She does not ask about the connection because she knows, already, that this is 'broken neck girl' and to even clarify it will remind Daxton of the dreamwalking and that… just, no.

The only likeness that the fey girl shares with the long-gone phaser is that.. well… is she keeping at him, too? HAS she been?! Callisto blushes lightly, because the last thing she wants to seem is desperate. Perhaps not in this case but she is persistent. But why?

"I'm sorry, Daxton.. I truly am." Callisto says in earnest, holding his gaze. She tilts her head some, treading carefully as her hands clasp in front of her waist. It's an oddly endearing, old-timey gesture. "It pains me to think that people were not understanding or.. helpful when things happened with this Rebecca. I am not asking you to… forget any of it, truly. T'is a part of your history, the good and bad… but.."

A little sigh, she looks down at her hands briefly. "I am not here, claiming to have the tools needed to mend your breaks. But I simply wish to say that I understand, and wish to help change things… as I was never truly meant to care for others either. But here we are." Callisto looks up again, still nervous. "I wish to be there for you, I cannot help it. I could not then, when I came to realize these things.. and damned if I can now." Unless something drastic happens to turn her away!

Daxton's not making eye contact. He seems. Little twitching, like he might run. Hi hair's not long enough to get into his eyes but he runs his hand over his head anyway, using the dark hair back. "It was stupid. It was all stupid. I should have known better." He shakes his head, turning in her direction, but almost submissively not looking her in the eyes, "I would forget if I could." Ouch. He snorts, looking down at his she's as they walk, "You shouldn't. I'll just end up hurting you too and driving you away." The too is implied, is he part of the reason Becca left?

THe girl watches him, taking care. Maybe she can supply her own bit of tribulation, of 'what if'… to somehow show him that she, too, understands something of this nature. "I've the fear in my heart, too, of someone I care about being hurt. The last lover I had, the only one, I had to wipe his mind clean of his memory of me. Lest my mother kill him. And I had to walk away. T'was hard." Callisto says softly, looking down at the cracked pavement. He twitches, she's still as a statue.

"I understand this fear of hurting others.. of bringing pain and fear and loss. T'was mere days ago where I felt that terror," Said as she looks up and gestures with a not toward the brooding hulk of the old hospital, even if he's not looking at her.

"Do not self-flagellate, over the notion of you having let yourself.. for even but a time.. feel happy. You couldn't have known, even if you thought you could, of how it turned out." Callisto adds, softer still. "I shall have you know that I am braver than I seem. Contrary to doing so when I was bid to, a few days back.. I do not run easily. I know naught of Rebecca's mettle, but mine is different." Said cryptically.

Daxton's face screws up in frustration, "It's not-" Ugh, how does he explain this, "I jut, I don't know myself…I don't know what I'm capable of, Callisto. I have these half memories, and I'm-" again he stops himself, not wanting to put words to the terrible things he remembers doing. "It's not that I felt happy. It's that she betrayed me, and I forgave her, and then she just…" He shakes his head, clearly still hurt over Becca's actions. "I //have to take care of my Unit. They….they /need me." His lips curl and he looks at her shoulder, "It's not a matter of bravery, you followed an order, as you should have. I don' think any less of you. More, actually." She trusted him to take care of the problem, that means a lot.

The girl pauses in her gait.. she hadn't even realized they were strolling a bit. How can she say that she knows that there's a whole other layer of memory, surely, that cannot be good for the boy to know? How can he NOT have something sealed away and compartmentalized, after what she saw in that nightmare with the needles and the unpleasant faces overseeing it all? Callisto looks briefly pained, but for him. If there is a flare of vehemence over what this unseen (kinda) and unknown girl did, Callisto tries her hardest not to let it show in her elegant features. Surely this girl had other reasons, alongside the obvious… but Callisto is of a naturally vengeful race. She's going to rail inwardly at this girl who went and fled and who cares what others think.

A fluttering of silvery lashes and the fey girl looks back to the speedster again, gaze bright again. "I acknowledge// wholly.. without question.. your desire, and loyalty to the Unit. T'would be foolish of you to place anything above it's importance, even love, for did they not save you in-turn? Protect you?" Callisto reaches for his hand as she asks this, watching him. "Was this a point of contention for this girl, your loyalty to your cause?" Asked gently. She's trying to understand.

Daxton's head jerks down, but now his gaze is scanning the area as they walk. Stupid, he should ahem been doing that from the beginning. It's strange what behavior surface under pressure. He tenses as she takes his hand, but doesn't pull away. "They…went through it with me…we kept each other afloat." So it's more than just saving him. It's a bond. "…Sometimes. She said she understood. But….she put them in danger." And that clearly isn't acceptable.

Her seeking of contact serves purpose, not just to reassure the boy of her presence but to also.. hopefully.. keep him centered. To look around the area is to see the typical, downtrodden expanse of this neglected part of town. Callisto isn't twitching and gawking around either so clearly, there's nothing being 'sensed'. Nobody wanting to jump out of the shadows to cause a ruckus. Off in the distance there's the odd hoodlum who isn't paying the two any mind, and beyond that the sounds of skateboards clattering in the nearby skatepark… but it's as still and restful as a graveyard in the areas closest to the playground.

Callisto will go on holding that hand for as long as he will allow it, and rest assured she's not pulling any touchy dark fae crap. "They are your family. What is the saying.. sometimes the best family is one that is found?" Callisto asks gently.. maybe not an official saying but close enough.

"Can you tell me more, or is that sensitive?" Why does she want to know more so as to not make similar mistakes? Callisto may be assuming too much.. but it's hard to think clearly in situations like this!

Daxton swallows, head shaking as he looks at anything but Calli. "I don't want to talk about this." He just wanted ice cream, although now he just wants to get away and run. A few small vibrations run through his arm and hand.

Done and done. Callisto nods gently, and gives his hand one final squeeze, catching those vibrations. "Forgive me, then. I shall not go there." Said in her eloquent way, but every bit as truthful. "Know that as a friend, whatever manner of friend I may be, I shall never do a thing to endanger.. or compromise your Unit." She can pledge that much, though she can only imagine what Rebecca had done. That is not her business, truly; why even bother trying to know? For if Callisto feels that she can, and will do all in her power not to disrespect that part of Daxton's existence.. that is enough.

"And I am here, too. Come what may." She clears her throat suddenly, rubs the back of her neck with a free hand. "In whatever capacity that you desire to see me as." That should cover it!

Daxton finally stops walking, closing his eyes as he tries to center himself. He hates when he gets like this, it's like the world is spinning, trying to find him off. Something she says had him laugh though, an edge of panic, but laugh, "Jesus Callisto, I could be a shit kisser. Stop being so fucking nice about this." He knows this is shitty. The situation. And maybe him too.

The fey girl can recognize panic in most instances, be it spoken or thought. Her gait slows and she looks concerned, instinctively looking around at the street and structures surrounding them. But then she's reckoning that Daxton has Maple Drive as the last of his concerns in this second and she looks at him with a puzzled expression. "Calm, t'is okay.. I won't ask anything else, alright? I shall not from hereon, unless you—" Blink. Wut?!

He bowls her own some and she swats some of her hair back with one of her free hands, causing some of it to rest awkwardly over one tapered ear. "What.. oh, Gods, Daxton!" She exclaims, shaking her head. "T'is beyond that. I care naught if you kiss like a mule, I am good enough for the both of us." Ah, there's some of that fey confidence in all things… uh. Moving on. She looks nervously at him, "I only learned how to be nice within the past half century. I am being honest."

Kiss like a mule? What the fuck does that even mean? Has she kissed a mule before? Isn't there something about a fairy loving a mule in some old story? Blue eyes lift to watch that small lock of hair on her pointed ears. Jesus, he's talking about kissing with an elf. How weird is his life? He scoffs at her confidence, mostly as a stress relief. "Look, I'm just saying, there's a ton of guys out there that would jump at the chance….You shouldn't stand around waiting for me because I'm a dumb ass."

Oh dear God, that right there is Callisto's 'no fly zone'. No she hasn't kissed a mule, thank you very much; who knows with others in her kith and kin. That a mean thought? Sure is, no regrets. But she was trying to make a funny!

Weird life is right. But given what he has been through before, during and after his vaulting into military speedster status, Callisto would be hard-pressed to call herself a huge disruption (ha). She watches him then, considering, not yet moving away form standing beside him but not moving closer just yet. She doesn't quite trust herself… but she yet looks for signs, eyes tracing Daxton's face carefully. It's astounding how still she can be.. she's be an awful speedster.

"But none who have jumped to my defense, or could hope to do so, as you have done." The fey girl counters, not convinced. "Dumb ass…? You are not a dumb ass. I mean the mule comment in jest—"

Oh god, is mule some kind of slang in fey for person? "They will." He's just been in the way, surely. He's still got vibrations running through him, making his face blur a moment. An eyebrow raises, "Well, I'm a dumb something then."

The facial blur startles Callisto, and despite herself she reaches up with the free hand that she's been flustering with, tossing hair every which way, and makes to set it very gently upon the side of the speedster's face. Her touch is as careful as one might expect, palm warm due to the heat. She's watching raptly for that blur, but the movement can be construed as another intention. Perhaps it is! Aw hell, it is.

"Well they will have been too late. Others are of little consequence to me at this time." Callisto says in an almost business-like tone, but her gaze is still very rapt. She clears her throat, goes on in a much gentler way.. kinder, even. This girl isn't one to go out of her mind and manner with huge displays of emotion, but it's easy to see in her gaze. "You are not dumb." Said as her thumb rests at his cheekbone, her brows furrowing. "Now shall you let me show you what I mean and you can decide from there, or not?" Asks the fey girl, watching his eyes.

Daxton's breathing heavy, like he's scared (He is). Although despite all his protests as soon as her hand is on his cheek, he turns into it, slightly, even with all the vibrating. Those blue eyes are closed, no eye contact for Callisto, sorry! He's clearly having an internal struggle but something finally gives and he barely nods.

And Callisto, well, she watches. She's looking for the slightest indication that this is Not Right. She could go all fey on him and do what her ilk tends to do when presented with such an opportunity: take! Callisto, however, is perfectly still as she watches his face. She can see that stuggle, almost; the very second Daxton moves away or makes an indication to do so, she will step back. It'll be tough, God help her in this whole scenario, but she will—

.. but then he doesn't. Callisto blinks quickly, feeling a sort of rabbit-quick flutter in her chest. She'd better be putting her money where her mouth is! Or.. his.. or.. damnit Callisto, do what you said you were gonna do.

With that, the girl leans forth and presses her lips to his, the thumb of that resting hand sliding up to caress beneath the speedster's eye. It is nowhere near that of a marauding, pushy gesture. See? Callisto can be gentle!

It's probably an odd sensation, his lips are vibrating. He's still beyond that though, letting her lips press into his before again some unseen wall breaks in his mind and his arms are wrapping around her to pull her close. This close, she'd be able to feel his heart hammering in his chest.

Odd? Truth! But Callisto has quite the tolerance for all things strange and the fact that Daxton is moving in that manner doesn't put her off. It is to be noted that she offers this kiss purely with intent to give, not to take, and when he moves to hold her she knows that she made the right decision. It's a soft gesture; a questioning one, and she eases back to rest her head to his chest to gauge his reaction from there. She promised she will not push and Gods help her, she won't. Even if her hands clutch, hold fast, and she's just about vibrating in her own right as she goes against her base nature.

"Let me help you." The girl says, finally. It ain't easy being broken, but it helps when somebody is willing to hang in there!

Fears, nerves, needs. His shaking is keeping him from acting more on the kiss. This isn't the good kinda vibrations. His head does dip though, trying to follow her mouth before she lays her head on his chest. Strong arms stay around her, but he seems almost shell shocked, not answering her before someone wolf whistles at them . The suddenly he's let her go and has turned, fists cliched and glaring in the direction of who ever broke the moment.

Body language speaks to Callisto of Daxton perhaps…. egads, he was going to seek her out? Or was he—-either way, he didn't flee. Win win! It's a careful win though. The fey girl is content to stand there, to be held, as both try to understand their own thoughts before having any hope of figuring out those of one another. Gah! But Callisto, being herself, moves her head to look up again, as if in question. Was that ok? Her look asks; try again, just to be sure? Her chin cants slowly but then some asshole goes and makes noise. The wolf whistle causes her to very nearly jump but instead she finds herself standing there, un-held and uncertain.. but she understands! She squints past the red-alert Daxton toward whoever did that! How dare they!? Just when she finally got the lady-balls to kiss the guy! Suddenly, there's movement over by the skate park… Callisto's lips press into a tense line, and she points in their direction.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Daxton's nerves are on edge, so when Calli points, he turns to look. Is it the whistler? Or another danger? His fists stay clenched, ready for an attack.

Wouldn't the tall girl pointing in their direction and the guy dropping into SMASH mode be enough to make the whistler(s?) backpedal? Hell, even if they tried to, would they have a hope in escaping a speedster who is full of nervous + aggro energy? To look in that direction is to indeed see your standard-issue loiterers who have made this part of town their turf and with that comes a sense of bravado. Callisto eyes them and says gently to Daxton. "They whistled." And ruined it!

So.. no immediate danger, persay. But they. ruined. the moment! Q_Q

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

One moment Dax is there, the next he's a blur on top of the largest of the loiterers. Who knows what he actually does, as then he and the dude are just gone. The remaining members of the group give out frightened yelps and gasps before they all turn and run in different directions.

Huh! Serves them right. Callisto swears that she heard one scream like a girl!

Wait, wasn't it the one that Daxton set himself upon initially? The other teens scramble in fear, but what happened to the one guy? And Daxton?! The fey girl breaks out of her reverie — a mixture of big emotions — and begins to jog in the direction of where the lot of 'em were congregated. "Daxton?" She asks, moving to the side as one boy scrambles past her, screaming about psychotic man blurs. Huh.

Ignoring the scattering group, Callisto looks around almost desperately. Where did they go!?

Daxton spends 1 luck points on To not hurt a civilian, even though he really wants to..

Look all you want Callisto, Daxton isn't there. In fact, the dude he grabbed after about 10 minutes comes run-in back, looking for his friends, out of breath, but no Daxton.


Callisto pauses; even the activity in the skate park has ceased as the few kids hanging out there try to see what's going on but don't have the guts to approach. Even though now it is only Callisto, standing tall and willowy and unnerved in her fancy black maxi dress. She shoots the returned goon a baleful glare. "Where did he go? Did you hurt him?!" The fey girl barks out at the winded boy, the Northlands heard easily in her tone… how icy she can become when she needs to. Her hair behinds to quiver at the ends, swaying in the air…. maybe it's just the breeze.

The mentalist continues to peer around, urgency coming into her movements now. "Daxton!?"

The poor dude, he's not even the one that whistled. He shakes his head, "No, we were suddenly by the beach nd he told me I needed to be polite or he'd run me out into the ocean." Poor guys is frazzled! He gasps for air, and on his side as he tris to edge away from her.

There's no answer from Daxton.

That.. sounds very Daxton-like. Callisto lets the poor bastard go, seeing as how he got quite enough of a scare. The beach..?! But then.. where…"

The girl hugs herself and looks around slowly, suspecting that it may not be a wise decision to remain here. But now she's remembering Daxton's response to… might she have overstepped? Caused something problematic? He seemed to both accept and welcome the contact and… gah!

The wolf whistle was the tripwire, it seems. Callisto takes one final worried look toward the playground, then a brief scan of the immediate area, and begins to speedwalk back toward the good part of town.

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