(2018-07-11) Ugh! Vanilla Divas!
Ugh! Vanilla Divas!
Summary: Turns out hippies are good for the mental health of flustered werewolves.
Date: 2018-07-11
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Wed Jul 11, 2018

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


Why do people do this? Why, why why can't people just come in, select their roast of coffee, and go doctor it up as they see fit? But noooooo.. there has to be the one lady that wants to apply scientific formulas to the composition of their drink, making it as complicated as possible. So then all that's left is a frankendrink that hardly resembles what it was meant to be… with a frustrated customer and a frustrated barista who cannot show her frustration for two reasons: the customer is always right and… she's a werewolf. Anger is not good.

"THere's too much vanilla in this! I can taste it, I can't taste the coffee!"

"But you requ—-" Grace starts, is cut off.

"That doesn't matter! Remake this! I'm late for my hot yoga!" Blusters the hipster.

There are about three others in line, each observing with a mixture of embarrassment and pity the exchange between the girl and the irate customer. Who, in fact, wanted extra vanilla. c.c

Brier arrives at the coffee shop, having found it a nice little spot in town to visit. He knew they were all moving into a different building soon, but for now he had settled down well enough in the mansion. The blonde hippie dresses in his usual attire, his long wavy hair left to hang free just below his shoulders. As he steps inside the coffee shop, he already hears the woman complaining about her vanilla drink tasting like…vanilla? Wasn't that the point?

Approaching the end of the line, he stands behind the three already gathered and watches the exchange before looking to the menu board. Brier keeps quiet for the moment, hands in his pockets, but his gaze occasionally goes back to the scene unfolding.

<FS3> Grace rolls Mind: Failure.

It's, mercifully, not a prolonged exchange. It ends in Grace having to re-make the drink that the fussy patron reluctantly accepts, with a discount. Ie. for //free/. Grace watches the individual go, her expression flushed.. and thankfully the next customer is easier to deal with. And the next… and finally the wolf girl is looking up from her closing register drawer and into the face of a certain hippie!

"Can I help you?" Grace asks in a tone that is… strained. Somebody should send this girl on a break! Cripes, she looks as if she needs it.. red-faced, troubled. The hipster couldn't have been that nasty, could they? IT looks as if Grace is fighting something, though Brier's arrival distracts her briefly.

"Oh hey.. you go to Coral, don't you?" The brunette asks in a tight voice, though her expression is trying to be kind.

Brier is glad the one sided confrontation is over quickly, not wanting to make a scene but also not one to keep silent if somebody is being mistreated. Waiting his turn, when it finally comes the soon-to-be Junior steps up to the counter and offers a smile. "Hey!" The question about the school gets a brow raise of surprise before he nods. "Yeah totally. Do you?"

"I-I do, too." Grace smiles slightly. Brier came into the fold not too long before (or was it after) exams and studies were over for the season. It was then that Grace had been swallowed up into a vortex of extra work shifts! So it makes sense as to why and how she only knows this 'new' boy by way of spotting him in a crowd at school. "I'm really sorry about the hold-up.." She wants to say more, probably along the lines of saying that people were being assholes, but that may not be a good idea. Why does she looked pained though…? Grace watches Brier thoughtfully, "Can I get you anything at all?" The girl gestures to the case, filled with a variety of goodies.

Someone out on the patio, beyond the service case, responds unhappily to a marauding wasp. The fear from this person filters in.. and for some reason, Grace looks a bit peaky.

"Cool. I'm still new and realizing there's a lot of people to meet!" Brier then shakes his head and waves his hand dismissively "Nah you're fine. She seemed intense. I'm sorry you had to deal with that." The young dude then looks over to the display case and looks thoughtful a moment. "Hrm. Sure, I could go for some grub! What do you recommend?" He asks, looking back to Grace.

The girl cannot quite speak further on the 'intense' Vanilla Woman, seeing as how the broad is still in the shop though not for much longer… but she simply smiles at Brier in understanding. "T-those sorts happen.. I can sometimes handle it better but…" A deep breath… "Things make it a bit harder. School things." What does that mean? She must be trying to imply her powers. Grace points at her temple and mouths 'powers'. Brier asks for a recommendation and Grace gestures to the sweets case, "The trail mix bars were just made today. There's breakfast sandwiches, too.." She offers, hesitant to suggest something that she has been personally backing. She brought a new scone recipe into the fold for that one!

".. which are… actually really good." Sai with a shy smile.

Brier listens to Grace explain, giving a sympathetic smile "Ah. Well, once you're back at the school feel free to find me if you wanna talk yeah? Once you're able to without…consequences" he motions his head over towards the Vanilla Diva, but then plays the gesture off by pushing his hair behind his ear with his hand. "I'm usually in the attic. Or the kitchen. Or the library." Billiard room, but close enough. It's where he went for books! Her snack suggestions have him grinning a bit wider and he gives a decided nod. "Alright then! I'll take one of each please. Oh, and a medium hot green tea!" No frills. No fuss. No vanilla.

See, Grace isn't one to judge… boys have appetites. She does, too; her power set predisposes her to an acute need to eat a lot though many of her binges happen at Winbarry. To look at the array of treats and eats… Grace is certain she could mop the floor with this case, if given the chance. Even if some of it really doesn't float her boat. Still, Brier in his easygoing way places his order and Grace focuses upon his happy, easygoing manner as that emotion continues to boil away in her guts. The boy's understanding of her plight seems to temper the upset some. "Kitchen here," Grace indicates herself, "The attic seems to be a hot spot—" She is content to go on as she rings in Brier's order, but then another diva behind the hippie seems to be getting impatient. Grace looks back to the boy, "I'm on break in five. I'll bring your sandwich out to you and you can tell me more about yourself." Because it's good to know other students!

His tea and granola bar are handed to him, and blessedly.. someone else takes the register while she moves to deal with the sandwich prep!

"Works for me. Thanks!" Brier pays for his food, taking a few dollars and putting them in the tip jar. Figuring it'd make up for whatever Vanilla Diva didn't tip. He then takes his tea and granola bar, heading over to the prep counter and adding some honey to the tea. After that was read, the hippie heads over to an empty table and takes a seat, taking a bite of the bar while his tea steeps.

Minutes pass and the frazzled werewolf is released from the counter for a half hour, and it takes everything in her to not biff the apron. Customer service is hard and though Grace knows she can stick with it… surely, there has to be something more of her 'fit' out there….

Anyway.. details, details. Grace carries the saucer bearing a beauty of a breakfast sandwich: a cheddar scone, cooked whole egg, tomato, mayonnaise and slice of real ham. Nom! Provided the opening staff was on the ball, there's already some salt and pepper and offhanded cluster of ketchup packets provided at the table that Brier occupied. Grace sets it all down in front of him, "I hope you like this… I didn't catch your name, I-I'm sorry."

Brier is taking a drink from his tea by the time Grace comes over, setting it back down and watching as the sandwich is set down. "I'm Brier!" He offers with a smile, then looking to her "I didn't order the sandwich for me." He pushes the plate over to her "Consider it good Karma for earlier."

"Don't kill it with ketchup, though, i—-" Blink. Wut. Grace is just about to pull her own chair out when the noms are slid in her direction, and her lips press together into a tense line for a heartbeat. This, too, softens and she simply looks amazed.. touched.. and awkward. Scarlet irises flit from the food to the hippie's friendly face. "A-are you sure? You didn't have to… I mean, jerks come to the counter all the time.. and…" Gah. She lowers herself to sit, looking humble. "Thank you. IT's not always this bad. But I don't think I-I'm meant to be here, y'know?" Grace looks around, nostrils flaring delicately as if testing the air. "Working here, I mean."

Anyway! She picks up the sammich and takes an impressive bite, "My name's Grace… heading into sophomore year. How do you like Winbarry?" Asked after swallowing said bite.

"I'm sure…and I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to. The jerks may come around more often than sandwiches, but that doesn't mean the sandwiches won't come." Huh? Maybe there was some dual meaning there. When she gives her name, Brier gives a nod "Nice to meet you! I'm going to be a Junior…and yeah I'm liking Winbarry so far. Most people have been super cool." The blonde then takes another drink of tea, a breath of relaxation as he enjoys the beverage. Then, setting the cup back down on the table he looks to Grace again. "What is meant to be always finds a way. The coffee shop may not be your destination, but it's part of the road you're destined to travel. Some parts are bumpier than others, but when we look back we can appreciate the journey more fully."

Did Grace get that dual meaning.. behind the sandwich talk? Perhaps. Granted she looks a tiny bit puzzled for a few minutes but eventually it sinks in and despite her anxiety, she can't help but smile a tad. "T.. that's actually right. It makes sense." And the metaphor is food… the wolf girl can get behind that. Talk of Winbarry is nice, safe, distracting ground. "I transferred to Coral Springs back in February… it was a bit traumatic. But then the people there really made it easier." And quickly, too… Grace even had a boyfriend within two weeks of starting but she's not about to blather everything out upon first meeting this dude.

She works at dabbing her lips after thoroughly and swiftly killing that sandwich. How can such a petite, snippet of a girl eat so quickly?! Grace watches Brier, considers his latter words. "MY journey h-has been an off-road ride in a shopping cart." She's trying to be amusing, but she blushes lightly. "Where did you come from? Do you have family here?"

Brier laughs a moment "Yeah. Off road shopping cart sounds about right at times, but man don't you catch some sweet air on those hills?" Continuing along with her imagery. He then shakes his head, blonde hair moving about with the motion. "Nah, no family here. My mom is back on Colorado. I just got here a couple weeks ago." Another drink from his tea before he nods towards the door "Been getting used to Winberry and now trying to get a feel for the town. Any hang outs I should try?"

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Success.

Grace laughs softly, her voice hardly rising beyond a slightly happy inflection to her words when the boy's words amuse her so. She's quite softspoken, borderline meek, but pleasant enough. Odd, too; she doesn't make eye contact often. In fact, she goes out of her way not to.. but it seems to suit her shy demeanor. Too bad there's a far more 'difficult' reason. Notable, too, how her nostrils twitch and she's making a point to breathe often through her nose. Anyone who passes behind her chair? Grace has an almost minuscule startle response and her gaze flits toward whomever came into her bubble. She appears shy and anxious.

"I'm from Bellingham, WA." She offers, grateful to be in the company of another transplanted kid. Grace watches the hippie boy again, "Hang outs…? Um… well.." She taps her chin gently, gaze down in her lap. "There's a new outdoor mall that opened with a whole bunch of interesting stores and restaurants… lots of kids like to go there. And there's a dance club for minors in town too."

If he notices her mannerisms, Brier is decent enough to not point them out. Instead, he just offers a kind smile that seems second nature for the hippie. "Oh cool. I've never been outside of Colorado before, but I'd love to travel. Guess I'm starting to live that dream by coming here huh!?" A lofted brow then before a grin "Dance club for minors? That sounds awesome! Anybody from the school ever go?"

The brunette nods quickly, her ponytail bouncing. A half-smile then, she seems to be relaxing again. She is about to speak up again when there is some sort of commotion out on the front patio. Remember the Vanilla Diva…? She was just about to leave her table and she stumbled, splashing her ill-earned drink all over herself! Karma!

Grace both sees and hears this through the window but she has the grace (harrharr) to not gloat about it. Instead she addresses Brier's question, "Y-yeah… nobody allowed in, over 21. It's called Downtown Funk." She explains, and seems to be thinking again. "There's an amusement park…" Though she winces at that; she still doesn't get a good vibe from that place since a student was abducted from there. "And a gorgeous bookstore, called Silver Fable…"

Brier looks over to the window as bad Karma finds it's target. His eyes just widen a moment "Whoa…" Shaking his head, he just looks back to Grace as she continues to explain and mention places. "Awesome! I'll have to check it all out sometime. Maybe make a weekend out of it!" He seemed excited by the notion, but then again he also seemed the sort to get easily excited. "Bet I could find something my mom would like at Silver Fable."

"What are some things that your mom likes..?" Grace asks, then studies him. "Are you both a lot a-alike? They have books on everything there… and I think one of the students works there too." She ponders, no longer paying the happenings out on the patio any mind. Karma is a fierce thing, sometimes… though she seems to relax some after the snotty customer had her mishap. "Sometimes, students take day trips to Thunder Bay. It's a massive, massive city… I-I've not been yet." Because of reasons. The sensory overload would be horrific.

Grace rubs the back of her neck, "Y-you seem so calm and.. happy. You're so lucky. I take it you had an easy transition to the school, then." Because not all arrivals to Coral Springs have to be traumatic.. right?

Brier thinks on that a moment "Well, my mom likes a lot…but her favorite things are plants. She's an herbalist! Has her own shop back home and everything." There's a definite pride and love to his tone when he talks about his mom. "…a lot alike? I mean yeah, I'm like her. She's my mom, but…I'm like myself too ya know?" He shrugs "I like plants and meditation like she does, but then like…I do martial arts and she doesn't. I also eat meat and she doesn't." A meat eating flower child? Go figure! Her last statement seems to confuse him, but he grins and shrugs "…Well I mean yeah I'm happy. Not saying there's not unhappy too but…gotta focus on the sandwiches. Not the jerks. Yeah?"

What an.. intriguing boy! Something tells Grace that he and Constantine would get along well! Cripes, the both of them are blonde, even.. blonde, easygoing, friendly. Grace seems to attract the company of optimistic blonde people! She makes a mental note to introduce the two next time they're back on the grounds. "You're very lucky.. she sounds like an awesome mom. I wish I had any semblance of a green thumb… I'm awful with plants." Grace admits sheepishly, her lips curved into a crooked half-smile. "I-I would love to be able to meditate but my powers… don't often let me. It's one of those things that could help but, l-like… it's hard to actually do." Grace fidgets with a ketchup packet, then starts stacking packets atop one another, criss-crossed.

"And—" Oh hell, people are being harangued by wasps out there again. The little jolts of fear seem to make Grace uncomfortable. Like, physically so.

"Yeah. She's the best." Brier grins before listening to Grace talk about meditation. "Don't worry, I get it's not for everybody…but if it's something you'd like to try or think would really help, I can give you some tips?" It was just an offer. He notices her look uncomfortable then, not knowing what it was connected to. Instead, he figures it was to the meditation comment and he holds out a reassuring hand and shakes his head. "Hey don't worry about it. It was just an offer. Like I said, I get it isn't for everybody."

Oh dear, he misunderstood! Grace flushes and pats the boy's extended hand, though her touch doesn't linger long.. nor does her eye contact. "S-sorry, am I doing that again?" Doing what? She seems to chide herself, and watches Brief briefly before looking down at her empty saucer. "I must seem like such a weirdo. I want to learn how to be calmed.. because when I get upset, or angry.. or even if I am around people who are scared… it makes my powers act up." Cripes, what kind of powers has this poor kid been saddled with? She looks up at him again, "It's nothing you said or did, promise. It's because somebody hollered, outside." The way she's behaving, it's as if Grace was hurt physically in her past.

Really, she's just trying to not let her inner wolf be goaded by emotions… her own, and those of the people around her.

"M-maybe you can give me those pointers back at the school.. I have to get back to work, I'm afraid. Breaks really go by too fast."

Brier seems to relax again at the reassurance, but still looks worried for her. "Whoa…that sounds heavy…but nah. Definitely not a weirdo" he offers a reassuring smile then. "I'm sorry you gotta deal with all that. It sounds rough, but yeah I'd totally be down for meeting back up at the school later. Kitchen buddies yeah?" He chuckles. "Thanks for sitting with me on your break. I hope you have a good rest of your shift."

The blonde boy's friendliness is contagious, and Grace — despite her responses to the people around her — finds herself soothed by his nature. "You're very kind, really. I appreciate it. It was nice of you to visit with me for a bit after… what happened with that lady. T-thanks for helping me to calm down." THe girl offers, meaning it. Anyone who helps cool her down, they're doing a huge service. Brier has no way of knowing just how important his calm presence ended up being!

Collecting her dishes, Grace smiles shyly. "H-have a good afternoon. See you back at the school." Said kindly, before she turns and pads uncertainly back to the counter. She does not quite look as if she belongs here.

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