(2018-07-11) The Morning After
The Morning After
Summary: Ashton, Besa, Callisto, and Quinn talk the morning after Ashton's rescue on the back patio.
Date: IC Date (2018-07-11)
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Back Patio - Winbarry Esates

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

After last nights rescue, Besa's not slept. A thing that has not escaped poor Cocoa, who stayed up with him the whole night and is now snoring at his feet. The ancient teen has his note book of Runes out, along with book of maps. Currently he's ignoring the maps, tapping his pencil on the paper where there's several scratched out runes. He looks exhausted, but healthier than the last time Ashton saw him in the flesh. He has at least changed his clothes from last night, now wearing a pale colored tank top which shows off his dark coloring (Thanks Rain!) and cotton shorts. He clears his throat softly , to not wake up Cocoa, before dropping the pencil and rubbing his face.

Loukanos and Besa made sure that Ashton's body was fully healed, and Louk made sure that he slept, not really leaving him while he did. This is really the first time that he's gotten to move about on his own. He needed to be able to do that. He knows that the interrogations will have to be dealt with later, or rather, him giving his statement to the various authorities, much less being told that his grandparents will be here later this afternoon. While he looks physically well, there is a slight haunted look in his eyes. He is dressed in a pair of jeans and a vintage Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' tour shirt. He steps out on the patio, flinching slightly at the morning's light. "Good morning, Besa… Am I interrupting anything or can I sit?" His voice is softer than before, a bit uncertain.

If Loukanos hadn't done what he did, Quinn was prepared to do to Ashton what he did to one of the bad guys, put him in enchanted sleep. The young/old teen was dressed in the normal plain white t-shirt and blue jeans, both a bit large for him. Fingers rake through his hair as he walks out of the house not too long after Ashton. "Hello, did you both get enough sleep?" He asks softly of them both, seeming almost scared to ask that question and looks unsure in his own skin again.

There is another close by, though she is making her way back toward the estate from an early swim down on the beach. Hearing gentle voices… Callisto freezes briefly, glances toward the hedge.. then slowly in the direction of the patio. The past couple of days, the fey girl has been skirting contact with others… not being avoidant but not being profoundly social, either. One can only do this for so long, and Callisto takes a quick breath through her nostrils and makes for the back stairs.

She joins the three boys then, though luckily she has had the grace to obscure the bikini that she favors with a gauzy, pale lavender cover-up dress. Her hair has been pulled up and back into a wet, shiny coil at the back of her head.. the swim has rejuvenated her. "Good mor—" Callisto's voice flutes, and silences upon seeing.. Ashton…!? Ashton! Cerulean eyes widen considerably.

Besa drops his hand at the voice and straightens. To be fair, he'd do that if anyone found him, he's learning that showing he's tired or weak just scares people and stresses him out more. "Of course, Ashton. Please sit." He does close the notebook though, no use staring at it if he's not working. A deep breath but before he can say whatever is on his mind Quinn appears. "Hello Quinn. I hope you are well this morning?" Yeah, he's not bothering answering about the sleep, it's very apparent he did not. "Would you like to sit with us?" Seeing everyone so shell shocked is sobering to Besa. Is this how he is after Alraxmargoth'ha's realm? Dark eyes swivel in the direction of the dark fey that's joining them. A small tensing of his body, he's ready to jump up and intervene if it looks like she's going to rush Ashton, "Good morning Callisto." No one wants to be rushed after being rescued from torture.

Ashton smiles softly. "Thank you… I mean…" He sits down, about to say something, but then he looks up to Quinn's voice. He almost doesn't recognize the boy who seems to be more at home in his skin now. He looks to the two, "I.. I want to say thank you, for you know… rescuing me." He chews on his lower lip a bit, "I'm sorry that I put everyone through all of that." Like he was the one responsible for everything. He looks up with unfamiliar eyees at Callisto. It is not until Besa addresses her by name that he realizes. He offers her a smile, soft and meek, but genuine. "I guess I should be thanking you as well… It's.. um.. nice to meet you?"

"It was… nothing. I have never worked so much in the open." Quinn says softly to Ashton. "I am well… My throat is a little raw from the shout." He was being honest about his problems as he sat down with the others. "Morning Callisto." He says giving the Fey girl a small weak smile. He is still seeming a bit unnerved at the moment,"So many demons last night… I could hear the wrongness." He isn't talking about Ashton so much as men who had given themselves to demons.

Come now, Callisto ain't rushing anyone. If she does, in a bathing suit.. think of how hokey that'd be. Hand-to-hand combat or grappling in a bikini + cover-up? That's like the makings of an awful movie… and Callisto doesn't have the rack to fit the part.

But in all seriousness, her startled look passes between the three boys; Besa, Ashton, Quinn. They all look… worn down. Troubled. Unsure. Callisto may not be an empath but she is yet a mentalist, and things just… feel… as if they are at the tail end of a tribulation.

The fey girl's startled look softens into a truly kind expression. She does not smile, but it's just a softening of her eyes and a slight bowing of her head. "You have been returned to us. I am most relieved." There, a crooking of her lips. "T'is nice to meet you here, beyond the dreamplain. There is nothing to thank me for." Said kindly, too. It is to Quinn and Besa, next, that her attention moves. All three of them, a hard sight. Mention of demons hardens her look some, and she adjusts her dress.

"May I bring you all some tea?" Because that stuff is amazing in a crisis.

Besa lets out a silent sigh, thankful for not having to get up. He's tired. Ashton gets a soft hand wave, weather he's waving of the thanks, or indicating later is up to Ashton to interpret. Instead of responding to Quinn's talk fo demons, he shifts and turns to Callisto, "I think tea would be nice for Quinn's throat." And he'll not turn a way a cup either. He should get something in his system.

Ashton looks to Quinn, "There were demons there?" He shakes his head, "I don't really remember anything about last night, except for just looking up at Louk from the ground, after everything was over." He pauses, as his mind drifts a second, before he shakes his head. "No, I do need to thank you… everyone really." He swallows slightly, then forces a smile on his lips - and it is obvious that it is forced. "But I guess that it can wake until later when people are more in a mood for it." He pauses, "You really don't need to—" Then Besa agrees to Callisto's offer, "Tea would be lovely."

"Yes please. I have found tea has a soothing affect on a great many things." Quinn says in a soft voice, he wasn't talking too loudly. He looks at Ashton and nods,"Yes. At least one, but it was not all there… It is difficult for me to explain." He says looking down at his hands as if embarrassed by his inability. "Have you eaten today Besa?" He asks curiously of Besa. He knew the other teen had a tendency not to take care of himself. He breathes in slow and deep.

Sleep is Callisto's gig, too; one look and she can tell that not one scrap of it has been had.. between any of these three. She's not Captain Obvious, though.. she's not about to blurt out 'you all look exhausted' because it's just… well, obvious. She studies all three for a time, the tips of her ears pinkened as she is already taking on 'too much' of the morning sun. How long was she out in the water?!

It's an affirmative all 'round! Though Callisto is already considering things… these guys need some care and it is a testament to just how far she's come in her altruism, since joining this school. Quinn's quiet, strained voice decides her. "I shall return." Said softly, and she pads past the trio near-soundlessly to enter the kitchen beyond.

Besa looks down at the notebook infant of him and simply says , "Ar'giran possessed one of the men at the end." He keeps his breathing even, no need to start a panic attack now. It's over. The question from Quinn has him looking up, a soft frown furrowing his brow, "I…I had water earlier when I fed Cocoa." Not wanting to dwell on his failure to eat he turns back to Ashton, "Is Loukanos resting?"

Ashton goes to say something to Besa about needing to take better care of himself, but he stops. He shrugs slightly, "As much as Louk rests… I needed to be able to move a bit on my own. It took a bit of convincing for him to let me out of his sight." He looks at Besa's expression and doesn't question anything more about the demon. "Um… do you remember me? You know after the ritual… You warned me that you might not… I am assuming that the ritual worked, right?"

"Food is good. I do not wish for Rain to berate me for not having you eat when I knew you had not." Quinn says sounding very scared of that possibility. He was scared of Rain for good reason. He smiles at Ashton, "Well I will help you." He says softly to his friend, eyes closing for a moment as he just listens to the world around him again.

The fey girl is gone for quite some time, though anyone listening closely will hear the 'whiiirrrrrr' of a blender operating. Minutes pass and Callisto, being a multi-tasker, is preparing the easiest form of sustenance that she can think of. Kettles boil, blenders mince.. plenty of interesting sounds for Quinn, out on the porch, to tap into.. though surely mechanical sounds are nowhere near as beautiful as nature.

The three are left to talk as Callisto works, though even in their presence the fey girl was quiet and watchful. Before long she pads back out onto the patio with three empty mugs, and what appears to be a bone china pot and three tagged strings sticking out from beneath the lid as the tea steeps. She made this brew strong. On a small round table she sets all of these things down, complete with honey and lemon. Callisto does not like granulated sugar. Her pale blue-gree gaze peers between the boys, "Give it a few minutes, let it strengthen. Ginger lemon tea, t'is good for calming. There's more." Said wth a flourish as she pads back into the kitchen. The blender is still going. c.c

Besa nods, he can understand Louk's worry. "He cares for you greatly." Raises a hand to gently touch his chest, tapping where his now restored heart is, "Yes. My heart is whole. And…I remember enough." What's 'enough' though? "It takes time, but some memories do return." a moment and then he says, "Thank you for the ship and bracer….it helped." And then he can't help it, the first smile of the day goes to Quinn, "Rain can be quite formidable when she decides to." That smile soften, but stays when he sees there's honey on the tray. He like honey. "Thank you, Callisto. This is very kind of you to-" And then she's headed back in? He tilts his head, glancing to the other two boys in confusion.

Ashton smiles, possibly the truest smile of his yet. Yes I know. The feeling is more than mutual." He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "The trick is to not act like she intimidates you." He grins slightly, "I infuriates her a little, I think." He looks at the tea, pursing his lips just slightly. He waits to pose a question to Callisto until she returns.

"Why would I wish to anger her farther?" Quinn asks staring at Ashton like he'd grown a second head or something. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of flavoring the tea. The truth was it was one of those things of the modern world that he did like. When he was born it was water or wine or mead. "He is a good person." He says of Loukanos. "She is fey… She would not be such if she made sense to us all the time." He says with a little smile on his face as he looks towards where Callisto left.

The blender stops, there's the sound of preparation… and to supplement the tea the fey girl has made smoothies! Certain people laugh at her love of juicing but it's good for the body, it is! And she's damned good at it!

This is why she can prep this particular drink so quickly. She returns to the patio to stay, this time, and again she is bearing three tall glasses. Nothing for herself, for she has seen to herself already. "I pray that nobody here is allergic to peanuts." The fey girl starts, setting down the three glasses on the patio table and indicating the smoothies. "T'is a peanut butter banana smoothie. Lots of protein, dense. It shall nourish you." Calisto exclaims succinctly, giving Besa in particular a knowing gaze. "I implore, if it is to your tastes, to drink all of it. For you've been through a difficult time and you need nutrition." And with a regal motion, she plunks herself down into an empty chair. To sample the drink is to find that, indeed (depending upon one's tastes for the ingredients) … it can be called tasty!

Besa may be the only person on the planet that has never really gotten the Rain look. Something about the ancient boy brings out the soft spot in Rain. Besa takes. Deep breath, while be prefers his special blend of tea, this smells nice too. He watches the direction of the kitchen wondering what she could be doing. There were no fey where he grew up, just gods and demons and cults. Fey seem better. He blinks at the smoothies. That looks…sweet. But he forces a soft smile, "Thank you Callisto." He'll try it , even just to make everyone else feel better about his empty stomach.

Ashton looks to Quinn. "Because it's fun… especially when it makes her flustered." He looks over at Callisto, "I mean no offense, but you're a faerie right? Is there any unspoken conditions to these refreshments? I mean I know some of the old stories about accepting food and drink from the goodly folk."

"I…I… I don't think that I will do that." Quinn says shuddering and shivering looking incredibly nervous. The smell of the peanut butter banana smoothie makes him look a little green. He has decided he doesn't like peanut butter. "The tea smells very good." He says softly as he has a cup of tea for himself with a little bit of lemon and honey to soothe his throat. His eyes watch the others with an almost nervous energy to him. He smells the tea softly before he takes a small sip of it.

It appears that the girl is hardly bothered by Ashton's question. Had she weathered such a question before? Surely. It is with a look of knowing that Callisto considers the half-demon's query, and she shakes her head slowly. One long leg folds over the other, "No conditions." Said simply, so easily that one can be certain of there being no hidden terms. In fact, when Quinn doesn't appear to be keen on the blend, Callisto will take up what was meant to be his portion and sip it gently.. once she is certain he does not want it. Nothing more is said in regards to the offerings and she does not move to push anything on anyone. Instead, she appears content to dry herself further in the sun.

"I am one to go against the grain of my ilk. There are no hidden agendas behind this spread." Said with a slight smile though, as if amused.

Besa stops pulling the smoothly to him as Ashton asks a very important question. He doesn't think Calisto would trick them, but… He waits. When it's al clear he brings the glass infant of him, looking down. His reaction is certainly not as bad as Quinn's , it's not the peanut butter, but just the sweetens he's not fond of. But he's take a few sips to hopefully calm everyone. It's not terrible. "Thank you, Callisto." Cocoa groans I her sleep and rolls over to her other side, pressing into Besa's leg.

Ashton is quite content with Callisto's answer. He shrugs slightly, "I understand not having a choice in family." He happily accepts both tea and smoothie. "Thank you, Callisto." He chuckles at Quinn. "Rain is really not as scary as she seems, especially when you get to know her." The dark haired sorcerer looks over at the sleeping dog and grins, not yet realizing that the bindings on him from the spellbook has been broken and that Cocoa will no longer be happy to see him. He looks back to Quinn. "How are you adjusting to the modern world?" He frowns, "I'm sorry that I disappeared on you so soon after you being freed from the spell." Well, he was meant to free Quinn, not necessarily anything else, so he guesses nothing else, his importance could very well be done.

"I have been adjusting slowly… It was not a thing you did on purpose. I have been worried about you karants." Quinn says using the proto-celtic word for friend as a matter of inflection without thinking about it for even a moment. He smiles at Quinn weakly, "She is a terrifying woman to me." He says shuddering a little bit as he tries to relax his body. "I have seen a movie… I think I shall try a comedy another time when it is a little bit less scary and my nerves feel a bit less frayed." He says weakly.

The girl bows her head once in response to all of the thanks, simply going on with sipping her own portion of the blend, gauging all of the responses here. "Forgiveness for having not been there to lend aide in that which happened, to bring you home. I am sorry for all that you three have experienced." Callisto can easily assume that it's been a bitch of a night, silencing again and watching Ashton for a few seconds. Talk of Rain being a terrifying woman doesn't quite warrant a response as the fey girl doesn't quite know the aloof Masters girl that well. Her gaze drops to Cocoa as the three talk, and she listens. She looks rather pensive, the sterling silver pendant catching the sun, glinting at her breastbone.

Besa's brow furrows again, "Rain is a good person." She's not really terrifying! She's his sister! The Promethean shifts uncomfortably, the comment from Callisto makes him uncomfortable for some reason. What he's experienced? No. That's not up for discussion currently. "Once everyone is grounded we should speak on what to do next." Better to forge forward than talk of the past!

Ashton sits back and sips the tea, closing his eyes as he does, enjoying the warmth on his throat, the slight sharp hue of the ginger and lemon. Like Besa, he doesn't really want to think about what has happened in the last little bit, even if he doesn't remember all of it. He shakes his head, "There is no need for apologies from anyone." He looks over and nods with Besa's comment. "Yeah, in a few days, I'm sure." His shoulders relaxes a little bit and smiles to Besa, "Maybe Cocoa would like to join me this afternoon for a nap out on the lawn in the sun."

"She is a good person and absolutely terrifying!" Quinn says seriously, "She's very intense." He says in a casual manner. His blue eyes watch the others curiously. "I am not terribly tired just a bit, drained." He says the last word after a small pause. "Being terrifying to me, is not terribly difficult." He says laughing with a weak little laugh.

The still-damp fey girl offers fewer words, following her apology for not being 'present'. Likely for the best that she hadn't given all that has transpired! Blessedly Callisto isn't one to perpetuate conversation — especially difficult patches — and she goes on to finish off her drink. It appears she had herself a rather strenuous workout afterall! She goes on to watch the loyal pup a bit distractedly, before looking up again. "I shall not linger here for very long, for I must head back into town this afternoon." For 'reasons', "I just hope you all get some measure of rest." Says the girl, again startled at the level of exhaustion here. Nonetheless, Callisto does not nag; it is neither her way nor her intention. People will do as they must!

Talk of a nap on the lawn, in the sun, appears to agree with Callisto and she nods once to Ashton. "T'is a lovely idea, that." Said as she rises to collect any of the empty cups, to prepare it all to be eventually brought back to the kitchen.

Besa clarifies in case Quinn doesn't understand, "She is my sister." Clearly adopted. A glance down to Cocao, "She may be napped out. We will have to see how she is fairing. She…did not sleep last night." Meaning neither did Besa. He got about half the smoothie down before handing it back to Calli to take back in, "Thank you." He'll then go about preparing a cup of Tea, which is what he'd prefer anyway.

Ashton offers a sympathetic expression to Quinn, "It is just the uncertainty of everything. I am sure once you have adapted to your new life here… erm.. now, most things will seem less terrifying." He grins, "I can recommend a few movies for you… but even better than a comedy is Star Wars… You need to catch up on the important things about modern life." He nods sadly to Besa, "Well, maybe another time…" He smirks slightly, "Besides, I have a feeling that any napping in the sun I have for the next little bit won't be with a dog, if Louk has anything to say about it." The dark haired boy looks to Callisto, "Thank you for the drinks. I appreciate it, and you are welcome to linger as long as you like. I'm just not really in a great conversational mood, I guess. I'm sure everyone can tell you that I'm normally not this quiet."

"They had me watch Tomb Raider…." Quinn says shuddering a little bit, "So many explosions." He considers this Star Wars,"I might try the Star Wars some day." He says nervously as he looks to Ashton before he nods to Besa," I know. I say nothing against her. She is a good person. She just absolutely terrifies me, but many of the people here do so." He says running his fingers through the longer hair atop his head though. He smiles slightly at the others.

"Conversation needn't be a must, in any situation. The sound of silence and being at rest can often be most favorable." A clear sign that the fey girl takes utterly no offense to the 'mood' here. Maybe another subtle hint for people to try getting some sleep, later! Callisto's lips curl up at their corners slightly, "I've things to see to, before I can consider myself worthy of a moment of respite. I shall say once more that I am pleased with your return." Said in gentle earnest to Ashton, as she accepts Besa's glass. She hasn't the flourish of a waitress but, she's still quite careful and efficient in collecting multiple cups.

One brow quirks. "Star… Wars? There is one girl who can manage a most.. intriguing impression of what she calls a 'Wookie'. I know naught of what a wookie is, but it sounded rather unsettling when she did it. And apparently.. like a wookie." At the risk of alt-fu, she meams Fionnuala. c.c … Callisto heaves a soft sigh, and looks between the three. "I must depart.. please take it easy today. I shall see you all again before long." Said as she bows graciously, and takes some of the dishes into the kitchen.

Besa tenses, he doesn't know what tomb raider is, but he's found out enough of what happened to Egyptian mummies that he immediately doesn't like the sound of the movie. He offers to Quinn, "The Star Wars is…interesting. There are explosions, but you know they are coming." For the most part. Besa's mouth quirks to one side and he nods, while he doesn't think Louk would be mad at Cocoa, he'd rather not chance it. "Have a good day, Callisto."

Ashton cocks his head, "Which one? The first two were pretty bad, even if Angelina was pretty fun… and I haven't seen the newest one." He frowns, "Yeah, well, I guess I can see how that might be not up a good choice for your first movie." He looks over at Besa and grins, "You know, it's about time that we do another movie night… That first one was fun." He sips on the smoothie. "I think a lot of us could use a night with some silly movies and snack food." He looks between the two pondering to himself for the moment.

"I believe they said it was the newest one." Quinn says seriously to Ashton, "It was very nerve-wracking. Lots of explosions and no one I really knew very well." He says in that soft voice of his as he shifts his weight a little bit and sips his tea some more. "I should probably see about getting clothing that fits me properly."

There's 3 movies about desecrating his culture? Besa schools his face, looking down into his tea. "I….do not wish to watch the tomb raider films. Or mummy films." Ugh. He doesn't remember what movie he watched with Ashton before, hopefully not a mummy movie! His tea is studied and then sipped on, guess Quinn didn't take up Besa offer to have Rian help him with clothes!

Ashton smiles, "I would not include any of those for a group movie night." Last time it was mostly Ashton's favorite genre of SciFi with a pinch of action. "Like I said, soemthing silly and pointless. Hell, even if it was just a couple cartoons… or Monty Python." He looks over at Quinn, "Now, that is something that I could actually be helpful with. Depending on how things go with my Grandparents. I can see them possibly deciding to pull me out of the school and taking me home." He frowns slightly, "Not that I can't understand it if they do."

"I won't let them." Quinn says with a surprising amount of vehemence, before he realizes what he did it and turns a bright shade of red. "They were not raiding Egyptian tombs." He says in a soft wary voice to Besa. There's a blush to him. "I think a comedy or something silly would be a good thing." He says casually as he pulls his knees to his chest and sips his tea. There are advantages to being as slender as he is after all. His blue eyes watch the other curiously. "And the woman was trying to stop bad men from raiding tombs."

Besa glances up, dark eyes going from one teen to the other. He thought this might be an issue. He clears his throat, "I think I may try to go take a nap after all." He stands, waking Cocoa up. She looks up groggy at her boy, tail thumping. He nods to Quinn, "That is good. Enough has been lost, making a mockery of it in stories does nothing but lose more." Then shouldn't the title be 'Tomb Saver'? He sighs, modern society is so weird. Cocoa stands, but the wagging tail stops as her head slowly turns and her gaze falls on Ashton. While she doesn't growl just yet, she does position herself with her hackles raised slightly between Besa and Ashton, protectively.

Ashton looks at Besa and smiles, "Good, go try to rest. I think I would, but I'm going to have to get ready for my Grandparents' arrival. I need to change and make myself look presentable." Presentable? The boy has been held hostage for weeks, having suffered unknown things, and he's worried about looking presentable. When he sees Cocoa waking up, he smiles and slides down to his knees, expecting her to come over to him the way that she usually does. The smile disappears instantly from his face. He frowns and slides back, pressing his back to the chair. "What's wrong girl? Have you forgotten me already?"

"We could put an illusion around you?" Quinn suggests to try and help make him presentable. "Sleep does not sound like a bad idea for me either." He says in a soft voice as he moves to stand as well. "I feel a bit drowsy and I wish to sleep in a bed again. They are very nice."

Besa frowns down at Cocoa, knowing exactly what is going on. "No…she knows what you are. The bindings of the book must have been something they took from you when they had you…" Makes sense if they wanted a demon. So…congrats Ashton, you can cast demon again? Yikes. He sighs, kneeling down to try to calm the dog, " Cocoa…it is well, Ashton is not like the others…" Not that Cocoa has ever dealt with other demons, she just knows what doesn't feel right. That frown on Besa remains as Quinn says he's going to bed as well. He was trying to leave them alone so they could work whatever that was out!

Ashton swallows softly. The look on his face can only be described as hurt. He just nods sadly to Besa, "I.. I guess you're right." Well, if that isn't a mood killer. Wonder how much blood it would take to make a dog like he did the spiders. He slowly rises to his feet. "I would have given you a hug before you left, but considering now… " He offers a forced smile, "Well, I'll hopefully see you both later." He looks at the dog one last time before heading back into the building first, at a slightly quickened step.

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