(2018-07-10) Getting Back Ashton
Getting Ashton Back
Summary: A small group risk life and limb to rescue Ashton from his kidnappers before it's too late.
Date: IC Date (2018-07-10)
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NPCs: Luiz Salcedo, Jerry King, William Burrows
Scene Runner: Ashton

Ashton had only been able to impart a small amount of information through his dream messages to Besa and Loukanos. Most importantly when they were moving him and that they were taking him to a private airstrip. There really are only so many possibilities. It is not like there are that many private airstrips near Shady Cove, at least within reasonable driving distance. There are three in fact. The various students, teachers, staff, and associates, have been divided up to be prepared to strike at each of them, as if they arrive too soon, the kidnappers might be clued off and not show or worse, especially considering that a demon is somehow involved in all of this.

This particular airstrip is a small, privately owned strip. Its main purpose is to house a few single engine planes owned by various people in the area. It is nestled and somewhat hidden by the tall trees that grow in the surrounding area around Shady Cove. It is not usually in operation once the sun sets, and tonight is no exception. Almost the entire airstrip is dark, except for an occasional security light, which serves as a beacon to a flood of insects drawn to the light. There is one area however that is nto dark. Near one of the hangers, ready at the beginning of the only runway is a small, private jet. The door is open and the stairs are down. Lights within the plane are own, and a few shapes can be seen occasionally moving within. As the sun does set the headlights of three black sedans come into view. They come to a stop, as the middle car flashes its lights on and off three times. A corresponding flash a moment later comes from the door of the plane, as a man steps to the entrance with a small flash light in his hand to return the signal. The doors to the three cars open up as men start stepping out, one holding upright a very sluggish and drugged-looking form about the right size of Ashton. There is about a hundred yards between the cars and the plane.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mind+Sense Mystic: Good Success.

<FS3> Loukanos rolls Divination: Good Success.

Normally Rain would be wearing her team mission suit, but its white, which tends to stick out at night, so instead she is wearing more of a charcoal colored outfit, with her truncheons harnessed across her back. It seems like the team she put herself with is the lucky bunch since there are some suspicious figures with a familiar looking figure being man-handled between them. She glances to the others and around to get a better idea of the layout of everything. »>Are we going for a full frontal assault? Can you magic guys do something to conceal us?«< she says to them all through the psychic relay that Sky is concentrating on. Her twin is back and out of sight with a couple of the U23 gaurding him. All his focus has to be on the psychic link, poor guy will probably have a major headache tomorrow.

Koga had asked to go on this because well… demons. And he was one of the resident anti-demon types around. Even if he did show he was a bit scared having had enough encounters with them so far. Still, he was mostly hidden and keeping his magic completely and utterly in check as he checked out the airfield from afar. The sight of a light in a hanger, let along a drugged form? Yeah, check.

Either way, he knew this was going to turn into a fight against a kidnapping. His eyes take on a glow as he crouched around the side of a hanger. His particular hiding spot gives him a good view and he closes his eyes briefly, then opens them. Noting the signatures, and that his freaking combat uniform is needing a good resizing as well, has Koga frowning a bit. His eyes look to two of the kidnappers, then to the plane itself and his eyes narrow more.

Cursing a bit mentally, he sighs before responding on the psychic relay, »I doubt it. We have three sorcerers. Ones that make most of us look like amateurs far as power. The one with the full beard, and the one with the grey hair. One, which I hope isn't what I think it is, happens to be in the plane itself.« Glancing back around briefly, he looks carefully again, then ducks back around. »If that is Ashton, he is severely handicapped. Spells all over him.«

The wind picks up as Loukanos scans the guards and the figure that carries maybe Ashton. He frowns thoughtfully, his mind wrecking to find a solution that does not require a full fight. »We just need Ashton.« He shoots back into the psychic web (thanks, Sky!) for the others to hear. »So maybe we don't want to engage all of them. It might be worth checking out what's inside the plane first.« He contemplates that, tugging on the collar of his combat uniform. Even with the color change, he isn't fond of it. »I can't hide us from their mystic radar, but I can cast a fog over the place. That has the potential to backfire on us, though.«

It probably came as a shock when Quinn said he was coming with and was showing one of the few moments of absolute firmness to him. They even got him there with only a few moments of time where he seemed absolutely terrified. Now he was staring wideeyed at the plane. » Is that a plane?! « There's a certain amount of fear and awe in his mental voice. » Perhaps we will not need to fight all of them? I can try and use my voice on them.« He has a certain talent for using that. He doesn't expect to be able to do too much though.

Bryce decided to go on the mission even though he was a bit conflicted about it. His helpful/unhelpful ratio wasn't too good for missions. But he wants to go on the mission because he wants to help Ashton and because he knows that if he doesn't help keep trying that he will not will not ever get better. The entire telepathic communication is also most likely going to hurt his head, but he understands it. He nods when Loukanous says that the don't need to defeat them but to just get Ashton. »Maybe if we, uh, cause a diversion?« He even 'um's in his own thoughts?? »What, what if we destroy or, uh, damage the plane? I, uh, might be able to, er, damage or destroy it.«

The men from the car start to walk "Ashton" towards the plane. They are moving at a cautious pace. Six of the men are obviously hired guards and seem to be a little jumpy, watching the shadows. The man with the shaved head has no compulsion to hide the fact that he is armed, nor does King move with any hesitation. His pace set by the slowed step of the bearded man, due to his "helping" of the boy walk. Salcedo walks with an air of arrogance and superiority. While he tuggs on his charge, he does so with a firm and authoritative hand, like someone use to bossing and dominating people.

Two men move down the stairs of the plane, stepping to either side, waiting. Burrows waits in the door of the plane with his arms crossed. A look of irritated impatience can easily be seen on his expression.

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Good Success.

Rain is used to mental communication, but usually it is just from her brother. Having various mental voices in her head is kind of weird, but since when have things been normal? »>Are the spells on Ashton the reason he seems so pliable and out of it? Are they using the spells to control him?«< she can't do magic but she does know about it, at least enough to ask the right questions. »>Fog…make that a plan B, the less confusion the better.«< and fog is an unnecessary confusion to start out with »>Disabling the plane is a good idea. That will slow them down.«< as she speaks her brain is going, thinking »>Louk, is it possible for you to do a Thor impersonation. Bring down down some lightening…or cause some other distraction?«<

Rain looks to Quinn, of all of them she knows very little about what he can do. His question about the plan is ignored as rhetorical and instead she replies to the other bit »>Your voice? How many can you manage at once?«< she assumes this is some sort of mind control. Guess she will find out soon.

Sighing, Koga glances upwards, then hums. »Lightning is more my speciality, Rain.«

Considering, he glances around that corner again, frowning as he seems to think. »In fact… how sneaky can everyone be? My Cloth Brave form should be enough of a distraction. I can even take aim at the engines. If I do it, however, I will be stuck in combat with the two sorcerers at best. Magic will probably meet magic. Flashiness at it's finest, I would say.«

Koga glances around as he ducks back around the corner. He considers as he seems to be trying to figure out how best to do this. It's probably not a good idea, but well… it's Koga. And he's an Athenian. Go figure.

<FS3> Loukanos rolls Shapeshifting: Success.

"»The glyphs are intended to bind him and prevent outsiders from locating him through the mystical eye. The latter obviously proved to be not enough,« Loukanos explains. Mental conversation is something he's used to, as well. His mental presence and voice might be imposing to those who did not know him. »They likely have him drugged through other means.« There's a glance over at Koga, and the godling purses his lips. »My Thor impression might be lacking, but I can shape the weather just as well.« There's a shake of his head, not that anyone can -really- seen him when it is this dark. »I can get inside the plane…check out what's inside.« Where flesh and hair once was, a common pigeon stands in his place, preening. His psychic communication is unaffected. »Someone, give me the word.« He may be a god, but this is a team effort…and there's no I in team blah blah.

"»I am unsure. I have never tried to use my magic on many. My mentor could call lightning from the sky and ensnare the senses of this many but she was older. I can use my voice to deafen and harm others.« Quinn says across the link as he considers all of this. »I do not know what all I can do now but I do not have anything with me other than my voice for my magic.« He can work spells like that. Breathing in deeply, he considers screaming at them but from this distance it would be difficult. » We will get him out safely. «

Bryce takes a step to the side to get out of the way of Koga and Loukanos as they start talking about harming the plane. Bryce was going to try and use his claw to physically damage it, but a lightning attack does make more sense to him. »We, we may want to consider, er, disabling the cars too.« He is a bit startled when Loukanos transforms, but having see Fionuala do it recently helps him not react more. »If we attack the vehicles though, uh, they will either run or attack. Maybe, maybe both. What is the, the easiest to get him away?«

The older man standing at the entrance to the plane drums his fingers against his arm, as he watches the men. He has been waiting long enough already and is ready to depart and get back to England. His men are better trained than the six, and he finds the American hires to be less than capable - probably nothing more than rent-a-cops or the same ilk. For the time being, he remains unaware of those conspiring against him. He shouts out, "Just throw the boy over your shoulder, Mr. King, and enough of this wasting of our precious time. Luiz, I will make sure that your contributions will be well rewarded, once Madalyne breaks the human part of him and turns him into our own pet demon." Salcedo does not seem to be particularly motivated by his comrade to speed up his approach.

Has Rain ever seen Koga use lightening? Probably not. That is something that would come up in sparring and she hasn't been around when he has been in this kind of situation »>You be Thor than Koga. If we are lucky the electrical systems of the plane will fry and they won't be able to take off.«< She did know that Louk could do that and she nods at his idea »>Get in there than. You can be the ace in our sleeve.«< Bryce is given a thoughtful look »>The easiest way would be to put all of them to sleep and just walk off with Ashton.«< lightbulb »>Know any good lullibies Quinn?«<

Koga nods, then steps away from the building as he waits for the others for a moment. »I hope they do not sense this.«

Bringing his hand upwards, making a gesture with it like he is at some sort of rock concert, Koga takes a deep breath. »I will await your signal to begin.« The teen then swings his hand around as a circle of blue light appears over his head and drops downwards.

The transformation is rather quick, but easy to follow. Where that circle passes is left the larger, armored form that only a few present have seen in person. Azure colored material appears in the circle's wake, and Koga himself looks to be taller as he assumes his alternate form, standing tall for a moment before bringing his hands up in the same gesture and bringing them together again, then outwards as a large tasseled spear appears. The armored, dragon like head looks to the others before giving a growl and a nod.

If it wasn't exactly witnessed well… Koga's obviously not fully Koga if nothing else at the moment.

Crouching down, he leaps upwards to get to the top of the hanger they are hiding behind. The jump almost looks as if he was flying rather than simply jumping upwards as he lands nimbly and moves to where he can get a clear view of the plane as he crouches where he is.

With a confirmation from Rain, Loukanos is off. He swoops down, first gliding near the front of the plane and then at its side. «There are people in the plane, so I would recommend not destroying the plane.» 'Tis not his way, but he knows others aren't so opposed to taking lives. So he just voices that suggestion. «Otherwise, there's a room that is meant to contain Ashton. Going in. May Nike grant us victory.» And a wild pigeon appears in front of the men, swooping low under the wing and into the entrance of the place.

"»I know of old lullabies.« Quinn says through the link. He was trying to think of some of the old ones. Course they won't understand the words but that's not really important. »I will sing them to sleep… I do not think the old man will sleep though.« He says seriously. »It will take me a few moments before I am able to do it though.« His voice was soft on the link as if he was thinking things through. He stretches slightly as he prepares to sing.

"»Of course, we could just, er, steal the plane.« Bryce recommends thoughtfully. »Does anyone, er, know how to fly one? I read a book, uh, once on it.« What hasn't he read a book on? Bryce notices that Koga activates his armor and decides that while he shouldn't activate his full armor that he should activate at least the inner layer of it. His circlet flashes slightly as his clothes tighten indicating his armor that fits under his clothes is active.

Besa isn't with the rest of the group. He disappeared when they got there and has maneuvered his way around to a side of the hanger. He's not on the side they're loading Ashton in, but saw the Ashton shaped figured being drug around. He's close enough to the plane, picking up on the words said and filing them away (King?!?!). Stupid humans, messing with powers they shouldn't! «I can touch the cars. They will not take to the road with my skin touching it.» That will activate his curse, but stop the cars. Hope no one needs magic from him! He'll start moving towards vehicles, already having crushed several clay disks with Runes on the off chance he'll need them before getting to the cars.

As the pigeon flies into the plane, there is a woman's scream, as the stewardess is started, dropping a tray with a silver tea pot and a cup and saucier. Burrows turns and yells at the poor startled woman. "Oh for the love of God. Get a grip of yourself. It's just a pigeon. Get a broom and either kill it or chase it out. From his vantage point, he would have likely spotted Koga, had he not been so distracted by Loukanos's swooping in. Meanwhile the eight men with Ashton have reached the halfway point of their trek to the plane.

She isn't sure how she ended up being the one making the calls in this sitatution but for the moment Rain rolls with it. »>Louk don't land on anything conductive while you are in there.«< she suggests as the Loukpigeon flies in and starts to wreck a bit of havoc. There should be enough enough plastic and/or rubber to land on if it is needed. Luck be a lady tonight and let Burrows be touching some metal when the lightening stikes. »>Koga, Quinn do your things.«< another idea springs to mind »>Bryce, can you make a cage and isolate the guards from the rest with it? Don't answer, if you can just do it.«< there everyone is engaged except her. She realizes that the other groups need to be apprised of the situation, and she eases back to get into contact with the other groups so they can make there way to this location in case backup is needed.

Standing up, Koga brings the spear around behind him as he weaves a series of writing into the air itself. The tassel on the end spins, twists, and seems to almost have a mind of it's own at times as it acts as an overly large brush in a way before the armored warrior spins the spear overhead, through the circle, and the true intent of the spell begins as lightning literally cracks across the sky.

Bringing the lightning charged blade around, Koga wields the lightning as an overgrown whip even as he leaps upwards. Coming downwards, he brings the spear backwards overhead, then downwards just as quickly as he aims at one of the plane's engine(s) specifically in an attempt to blow them completely.

Landing with the unbladed end of the spear touching the ground, Koga rises up to his full heighth as he looks towards the foes he has to face. Lightning continues to arc along the large spear as he gives off a threatening growl, then roars out a challenge that has an all too inhuman echo to it even as he keeps the spear planted.

Mentally, he tells the others. »You have your distraction. Get moving.«

Pigeon Louk enters the cockpit after causing a ruckus and promptly shifts into his 'human' form as he lands there. He mutters the ancient Greek word for sleep and the pilot and his co-pilot promptly pass out, the magic word echoing in their heads. He holds out a hand and shatters the plexiglass of the cockpit's window. He leaves then, with the pair slung over each shoulder.

Standing up straight and walking towards where Ashton was, Quinn has to be within earshot. Taking in a deep breath, Quinn begins to sing. The words are old, from when he was young. It was the song that was sung to him when he was very very young. Now his voice is coming out loud and clear. In his head, he said 'Sleep'. As he sang, his voice split into harmonics. The tune soothing and seeming benign. Quinn hasn't performed like this in a very long time and it was only once. He was suppressing the fear of going back but for now he knew he needed to help put these men to sleep.

Bryce moves up as the action starts. When the lightning and singing and glass shattering all start happening, Bryce lifts his hand out towards the guards. He has made the arcade claw of his so many times now, that is starting to actually be a bit easier. A giant, multi-fingered claw appears in the air above them. The claw is large enough to easily pick up the cars they came in. With a quick motion, Bryce jerks his hand downwards causing the claw to slam into the ground. The pointed tips of each claw embed themselves into the ashfalt surrounding the guards. "Drop your weapons." Hey, he didn't stutter! "Or, or I drop the claw." Almost made it.

All Besa needs to see is Koga charging up and he's taking off fast as his little legs with take him towards the cars. He tries to chant in his own head a prayer, not only for the prayer sake, but to not get distracted by Quinn's song. He makes sure to firmly touch each car with the palm of his hand before starting to run at the men that have Ashton. Any powers from the runes he had activated are gone, so he starts to fumble for his pocket to get another.

It is a beautiful, clear night. Out of no where a bolt of lightning streaks across the air field from Koga, striking one of the engines of the plane. There is a small explosion as it is struck. The guards jump as Quinn suddenly starts singing. Perhaps it is the fact that their minds are just to banal, but they do not comprehend the magic and just point their guns at him. "Christ! It's just a kid!" King on the other hand knows that it is likely to not be "just a kid". Luck is on Quinn's side as Salcedo suddenly drops to the ground. If it wasn't for the fact that his primary job is to see that Ashton is delivered to Burrows. He cusses under his breath and grabs Ashton as he starts to fall to the ground himself. Meanwhile Bryce's claw surrounds the men, who are not really prepared for any of this. As soon as the first one folds the others do as well.

As the chaos erupts in the middle of the air field, Burrows snarls and steps inside the plane. The two men at the base of the stairs initially ducked for cover when the engine blew. They draw their handguns and shoots at the two most obvious threats. One of them fires at Koga. While the bullet makes contact with his armor, it does not make any penetration through it, though the force can be felt some. The other fires at Bryce. The bullet hits him but bounces off completely.

There's a sharp *PING* as the bullet bounces off of Koga's armored form… if it can even be called armor. The dragon-like helmet turns towards the two mercs. And he says one thing. "Ow." The metallic echo to his voice obviously conveys the sarcasm as he starts to advance.

Glancing to see how Bryce fares since he was the other target, Koga looks back at the two mercs before he crouches slightly, the spear being shifted to blade first behind him before he leaps forward in a gravity defying feat of movement straight towards the two. It almost seems as if he is flying the way his leap barely takes him off the ground and the way he almost literally bounces off the side of the plane to try to catch the two by surprise.

The spear is used as a defense as he brings his free hand around to try to employ his martial skills by shoving one of the men with a bit of strength, intending to try to send him into the underside of the plane. Koga's armored mouth gives off a growl as he looks at the other.

Loukanos takes an extra moment or two to set the pair of pilots far enough from the place that they are out of harm's way before joining the fray. It may not be their top priority, but he makes sure their out of the fight, anyway. The wind picks up around his frame as he is propelled into the air and brought directly in front of King who carries Ashton. "That plane won't fly. Let him go." His words carry a weight of their own and his eyes -shine-.

Breathing in, Quinn does something he probably hasn't shown to anyone that is alive at this point. He unleashes his voice as a scream, the mystical energies charging his voice. It's a scream with the full force of his mystical energy. The air ripples from the force of the energy that he unleashes towards the unsuspecting mercs. He doesn't really do any good but it felt good to release the pent up anger and frustrations of the entire time he's been alive. From the death of his mentor to the freeing from his prison to all the anger over Ashton's imprisonment.

There's no time to activate more than one rune, the clay bit falling to the ground as Besa zeros in on King and Ashton( and Loukanos! Woot!). There's also not enough time for him to draw his Khophesh, so his magically enhanced fist will have to do. Hopefully. He yells something as he throws his punch, for those of you that know Coptic, he just called King a 'Cowardly pile of camel spit.' (It sounds better in Coptic)

Bryce was shot! He was shot! He looks down expecting to see blood, a hole, something. Thankfully he had his armor on underneath his clothing or that could have been an issue. Bryce tries to take the fight to the Merc who shot at him even though fighting is not his forte. With his armor up, the claw around the other guards, Bryce is pulled in too many different ways. When his sword materializes, it swings slowly enough that the merc is able to get out of the way albeit just in time.

King is runnning towards the plane with Ashton slung over his shoulder. That is until Loukanos's divine gaze settles on him and his unnatural voice orders the man to release his prisoner. The man finds himself unable to resist the god's bidding. As he sets Ashton to the ground, Besa charges up and slams his mystically charged fist into the back of his head. There is a slight snap sound as the man's skull undoubtedly cracks. Depsite that, he man stumbles a bit but manages to remain on his feet. Unlike the men that Salcedo had hired, Burrows men are better trained. As Koga makes what seems like an impossible leap then attacks one of the mercenaries, the man deftly dodges. The two dance back and forth for a moment. Eventually Koga manages to land a solid blow on the man. Likewise Bryce charges the man. At first the mercenary manages a blow on the teenager, but then as the two dance, the man underestimates the "stupid kid". It was a fatal mistake as he finds his head soon separated from the rest of his body.

William Burrows steps back to the doorway and sees that things have greatly turned in the attackers' favor. He frowns and grabs the stewardess. "Thank you, my dear, for helping me." The young woman has no idea what the man means, but she doesn't have the opportunity. An antique blade is drawn across her throat as blood pours down. The man speaks in a foul tongue that few have heard before, though without the grace of Ashton's fluency. The effect, however, is the same. As the woman's body falls down the stairs, a burst of black flames engulfs Burrows. When they die down, the man is gone.

Koga brings his spear around, the dance definitely showing that he is trying to not use it on the poor merc. Sweeps of the shaft, parries with it to make sure the man doesn't get hold of it. He even spins it to force the man to back away before he finally lands that one good solid blow. Then he turns to look around and winces.

Looking towards where the rest of the hired help is, Koga starts towards them, making a bit of a show of swinging the spear and making more archaic writing as lightning starts to dance around the blade. He isn't sure if Bryce will go down from the well… decapitation and first kill scenario, but… well, Koga's prepared just in case. He glares at the men, and even gives a threatening growl in their direction. "Kick all weapons towards me. Now. Then lay face down. If you do not, I send the same amount of power that did that," He motions back at the plane engine one handed behind him, "straight at all of you. Your choice."

Loukanos lifts a hand and Ashton's body is brought up via wind magic to where the golden godling floats, hair rustling in the wind. »We have Ashton.« A flock of shimmering ethereal doves pops into existence all around him. »If they refuse Koga's offer, I think we ought to try and pull back.« A grimace at the decapitated man, but he narrows his eyes towards King. "You cannot win. Surrender now or face the wrath of gods."

Breathing in deep and slow, Quinn didn't want to do anything to interrupt whatever Loukanos was doing and even more he was feeling a bit… raw. His throat was sore already from the shout and singing. He closes his eyes and tries to recenter himself and just wait for things to be over for the time being.

Besa has dealt with demons for a very long time. And because of that, anyone associated with demons gets the same doubt that Alraxmargoth'ha's brood gets. All of it. His fists tighten ready to strike again, but then the old man on the plane is speaking that language that makes Besa's stomach turn and he glances just in time to see the poor woman fall as red sprays out in front of her. He knows it's too late for her, too late to capture the man from where he ran too. For now. But he can damn well make sure that King doesn't go anywhere. He moves to clock the man again, his belief the man won't lay down arms and come quietly.

…. Bryce freezes. His mind in turmoil. He just…killed someone. His eidetic memory which records in perfect detail everything he sees records this in its fullness to form the stuff of nightmares for weeks to come. He drops to his knees with the sword fading into nothingness. The blood that was splattered across it drops to the ground a few feet in front of Bryce. His eyes shifting down to it. The claw drops a few inches as well though it starts to flicker as though he is having a hard time keeping it up. He wants to, but his focus is gone. A few moments later, the claw disappears as well leaving only the holes in the tarmack. Only Bryce's under clothes armor remains in place as he kneels there frozen.

The mercenary fighting Koga takes his offer to heart and drops his weapon, kicking it in his direction. He puts up his hands. "You have it." Unlike before, King is not moved by Loukanos's demand. His eyes see the other man surrendering, one who knows more than the six idiots behind him. In a flash, his gun raises and fires once. His aim was not at Koga, but the man beside him. The bullet landing in the man's head, spraying Koga as the man falls first to his knees then slumps over. King does not even bother to wait to see if his shot hit true or not, he turns to face the foe behind him. The man knew that death was a possibility - one that he had accepted. He snarls, prepared to fight to the death, but death comes from another source, as his neck suddenly snaps to the side. Salcedo chuckles with an almost inhuman laughter. "Ah… well… You have my little brother for the time being… but not for long. " He looks at Besa, his eyes flicker to a glowing green. "Ah, and we will meet again, boy…" He looks at his hands and shakes. "So weak, these humans are." The light fades from his eyes, and Salcedo's body drops like a withered husk, pale green smoke wisping from his mouth and nostrils.

Loukanos watches warily as alliances are broken, and King falls to the ground dead. A hard gaze settles on the newly possessed man, but he says nothing. Only once the light flickers out does the godling sigh and drift down to his knees, bringing Ashton down with him. The dark-haired boy's head lands softly on his lap, and Louk touches the side of his face, spreading a piece of his divinity into Ashton's body. It may not take effect right away, but the prospect of the boy waking up eventually gives him enough hope to hold onto while he waits amidst the fallen foes and traumatized allies.

Besa lets out a strangled cry as suddenly the man he was trying to punch is dead from an unseen force. But then there's taunting and Besa bares his teeth, a look of pure hatred , so very unlike the ancient teen. He tries to launch himself at Salcedo, but it's too late, the man crumbles. Thankfully, no one here is an empath to know the turmoil Besa's in. He turns, ready to bark orders (When did he become the leader to give orders?!?), but seeing the state everyone is in, there's no way they could do anything but die and lose Ashton again. A shaky sob comes from him, but he keeps it together for now, moving to see who else needs healing.

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