(2018-07-08) Well That Escalated Quickly!
Well That Escalated Quickly!
Summary: It always starts out innocently… then out come the fans and buckets of sh!t…!
Date: 2018-07-08
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NPCs: Nesialora
Scene Runner: NA

Abandoned Hospital, Shady Cove
Sun Jul 08, 2018

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.


Daxton's had a lot on his mind lately, which isn't good. A cluttered mind makes for a tripping Speedster. So when he's not delivering the fastest pizza ever, he's been running. This time doing a combo of running and parkour. Eventually that old hospital is going to just crumble. But not today! Today it still stands as he walks out of it, covered in plaster dust where he went though a wall or floor. From the amount and placement, it could have been either really. He looks pleasantly tired, the left sleeve on his upper arm/shoulder is sticking to him, due to the goop that AfterThought put on it earlier. So goopy!

It appears that Daxton and Callisto have their own distinct ways of doing away with 'too many' thoughts. As the fates would have it, both of them are in the very same place! Of course Callisto, when she returned to the abandoned hospital on her own a couple of hours prior, had been 'operating' (not literally) in another section of the derelict old building. Having been here before and nearly fallen to her incapacitation (or worse, death) through a rotten section of floor… that basically qualifies her for coming here alone to explore. How's that for logic. Go figure Callisto is an urbex'er!

She just likes abandoned spaces for their stillness and their stories. So imagine how the girl feels when she hears SOMETHING crash through a wall or floor.. in another part of the building. The sound of falling plaster echoes after the sound of the wreckage, almost accusingly.

The mentalist stands up rod-straight, in what appears to be an old operating theatre. She's clad in dusty, tight black denims and a camisole.. it's been warm today, and that extends to the dirty old guts of the structure. Her eyes narrow, she moves to depart the room to investigate… and that's when an old pan of tools decides to fall from a cart and clatter noisily to the floor! This causes pigeons to erupt from one of the window maws, just over the Speedster's head as he makes to depart. He's not alone~!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton's used to things falling, but that sounded almost deliberate! Not alone! Despite being tired he turns and speeds back into the building. One thing Unit 23 has taught him, confront, never bolt. He's a blur as a trail of plaster dust trails behind him. Going up the stairs in the general direction he heard the noise, he stands, vibrating with his fists clenched.

Poor Daxton.. he's about to confront something altogether different. Is it a hobo? A thug? Someone squatting in this crumbling ruin and causing a ruckus?!

Footsteps. Callisto pauses, having not yet departed the old operating room. It's not empty, either.. for with progress and new facilities, what need have they of old equipment? There's the lighting fixtures (dead), the gurneys, some overturned and beaten-down monitors that surely haven't a hope of ever being useful again. It's all dated, surely… from the 60s? 70s? Useless. Except for one use.. and Callisto, hearing footsteps approaching in the eerie silence of the building… grabs the closest thing from what appears to be a supply cart. A lot of things were wheeled into this large, open space when the place was left behind.

Should the speedster step into the room, a stainless steel bedpan is flung toward him… headshot?!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Speed Phasing: Success.

Well, it would have bee a head shot, but suddenly the figure and the targeted area is vibrating. Shifting in seconds rapidly. The pan's aim is true, but it doesn't connect, instead it seem to just go through the clearly annoyed speedster. And yes, it's very obviously Daxton standing there, phasing through thrown objects, "What the hell, Callisto!"


So it's not a knife-wielding lunatic. It's… Daxton?!

Callisto freezes, hand already splayed to grab something — anything — from the cart in case her projectile missed. Which it did (?!) … kinda.. sorta? Then, in seconds, she realizes who it is when he speaks up.. she's already teed up another bedpan which is immediately dropped at her feet with a tinny 'CLANG'.

She looks dusty, like she's been 'into' things that she shouldn't have been. ".. Daxton?!" The fey girl blinks, squints… oh God, what if she hit him with a bedpan? How would she feel then?

"Was that you who.. made that sound?" She asks, brow furrowed. She must have been in a crawlspace or somewhere obscure, because how did she not hear the parkour?

Maybe Daxton is a knife's weird maniac! But not today. He folds his arms. "I make lots of noises." She is studied, "Were you in the basement?"

If he was wielding a knife then it'd be a different story! But no.. it's just a dusty Callisto, now unarmed and no longer threatening to hurl something that patients of days long yore used to poop and pee into. Though the sight of the speedster elicits in the mentalist a different sort of heart-tripping… not necessarily borne of fear. Still, she did not expect to see him here. Callisto studies him — so much studying — dust bunnies hovering in a shaft of sunlight through a grimey window, and finally.. she exhales.

"I was." She admits, no use lying about it. She went down to that level in the building, beyond even that which she traipsed when they were last here. "Earlier. I was in here when I heard you." She admits in her lilting way.

Daxton glances past her into and around the room. Huh. "…Alright." He was here too, so he doesn't have much room to judge. "Have fun I guess." In the basement. Weirdo. The speedster turns to leave, he was done anyway.

The girl tilts her head gently, eyeing him. What was she doing here? Looking for? Who knows, with Callisto. She opens her mouth to ask a question, but then… something beneath the old operating table! It bursts out! Callisto yelps loudly, stumbling backwards as an utterly enormous raccoon explodes — much as the pigeons had done — from the equipment, sending bric-a-brac scattering loudly. But something else scatters! The dark faerie tips over backwards with a cry and just about sprawls into the pile of junk that she pulled the bedpan(s) out of.

The furious raccoon, however… is the next thing to barrel after Daxton. It's huge!

This is.. causing quite a commotion. It echoes throughout neglected halls.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Speed Phasing: Success.
<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton tenses as he's suddenly being attacked by a raccoon now? What the crap. Instinct kicks in and he phases again. The raccoon goes through Dax's legs, slamming into the wall behind him. He speeds over next to Calli, slightly in front go her. "Jesus Christ, is that mutant?"

The girl sits up, now in possession of a supremely dusty ass, finding herself in the presence of two things: Daxton speeding over beside her, bewildered. And whatever the holy hell that was. Callisto is so astounded that it's comical, and she looks from the raccoon's retreating backside to Daxton.. or up at Daxton. "What—" She blinks, and pushes to stand. The creature hit the wall so hard and fast that it left a dent in the drywall! It's claws can be heard skittering away, followed by a sort of screechy 'hissing' sound. Forgetting herself, Callisto instinctively grasps the back of the speedster's elbow, effectively holding onto him loosely as she stares after what had to have been a mutant mammal.

"T'was the first time I.. I hadn't even heard it in here." She's bewildered; the unnaturally large critter can still be heard rampaging down the hallways beyond the old operating room.

Daxton blinks those blue eyes of his, watching the critter scurry away. A very tiny inch backwards, into her hand more, "That wasn't some weird fey nightmare creature, was it?" His head swivels to look at Calli. "It's not like…a omen or anything, is it?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

"A.. fey.. nightmare creature?" Callisto asks him softly, looking surprised. Her nose wrinkles, "Nay. Certainly not. But I do not blame you for suspecting…. t'was just a coincidence. We've unnerved the resident pests, is all." Remarked with a canting of her chin; she tries her damndest to return to and retain that unflappable fae behavior. Hmmph. She returns his gaze briefly, still holding on, then squints into the hallway. "Maybe we should leave." Oh, so Callisto's voluntelling Daxton to get her out of here! As if that was the plan all along~!

The sound of a body thumping around, debris scattering… then a shriek! That raccoon must be furious!

Callisto's hands can be felt tightening, and her brow furrows. Was that a look of pain, however brief…? It fades quickly and she looks deeply unnerved. That was the sound of a retreating beast of a raccoon in terrible pain. The mentalist's hold tightens into clinging territory, her mouth pulling down into a moue of fear.

Daxton holds his breath and then turns to look in the direction of the new noise. "Yeah…let's go." He steps closer to Calli, flipping his arm around to take her elbow, "What's wrong?" He moves even as he listens for her answer. Time to get out of here!

The shriek rises to a strangled pitch then drops away with finality. Callisto blinks hard as if weathering some sort of thought or awareness. Abruptly she slides her arm out, as if to remove her elbow from Dax's grip, but she's reaching for his hand. "G-go, we have to leave. We have to get out. T'is time to run—" Hey, she's agreeing with him, soundly! If SHE could manifest speedster powers she would be OUT of here like a shot. But what was that earlier mantra of 'not bolting'?

Because Mr. Raccoon is abruptly thrown back against the wall that it originally hit while scampering out. Judging by the ragdoll-like way it HITS the wall and lands upon the grimey floor, it was rendered unconscious before it even got the heave-ho. Wait no, the critter is stone-dead, and not even from a broken neck. To look closer is to see it's eyes near-red with blood, and that same liquid is oozing out of it's nostrils and mouth. Dead. Callisto recognizes this manner of death and she can be felt buckling, a thin sound of fear rising from her throat. It's actually words: "She's here."

God DAMN it, Daxton is done. Something snaps in the teens mind, and he growls at Callisto, "Run." It's a command. And he runs as well, unfortunately in the direction of the dead raccoon, not with the fey girl. He's already reaching for the pocket knife he keeps on his person. It might not be large, but with his speed it can do damage.

"WE need to—" Callisto starts, upset. She is SICK of being hunted! The good thing is that this one faerie offshoot; this nasty creature.. she is the only one who physically searches. Callisto would be just another mark in the ledger, if Nesialora has her way. No better than the raccoon on the floor.

"Daxton!" She cries out after him. What if she does to him what she did to the raccoon? To some of her other brothers and sisters? But would Callisto's presence only serve to distract the speedster and put him at a disadvantage? Where does Callisto go? It doesn't appear that she follows the reverse flight path of the raccoon. At the start, where the poor critter initially fled.. there's a girl standing there. White-haired, shorter and a bit fuller-figured than the sister she hunts, Nesialora could be called attractive were it not for a severely arrogant, cruel face and black eyes like her mother. Her mouth pulls into a gleeful smile as a sheer 'dress' of dark red, black and silver swirls around her. "Oooh~… t'is boy! Not bitch sister Daedhelwen! Cowardly whelp sister! Tut tut.. move now!" Nesialora snorts, dismissively. "Is easy and quick.. go, go now. Waste not your time." English isn't her first language.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxron=physical Vs Nesquick=3
< Daxton: Good Success Nesquick: Failure
< Net Result: Daxron wins - Solid Victory

Did she just tut tut him? Daxton sneers as he runs at the attacker. The blade vibrating in his hand. He's moving fast. Faster than humanly possible, which may be the reason he gets the drop on the assassin. The blade (VibroBlade?) catches Nesquick solidly in the shoulder. He doesn't know if she needs her hands and arms to do her magic (physic is kinda like magic!), but hopefully he's impaired her. The trick about moving this fast is to never stop a few steps and he's using the wall to push off and turn. He's going to come in for another strike.

You bet, Dax, that she just taunted you. But it's hard to concentrate when a knife is biting into one's shoulder and the fey girl shrieks, the vivid red blood spurting from the wound. Pain is a great motivator for a mentalist; so, too, is rage. She did not expect this! Nesialora's downfall is that she is used to killing other psychics. She knows what can cripple and destroy either her kin or poor dumb beings like the raccoon. She is cocky and volatile and she has never before fought a speedster who has been around the block with assholes like her.

At this point Daxton is bouncing back and making to rush her again. Nesquick's eyes flash balefully and she calls forth her slippery grip on English: "Fool boy! Go now! Daedhelwen must die, traitor whelp! Die like other traitors!" She screams out and bears down, and all of that rage — that intent to hurt — rushes out in a psychic force against the approaching speedster.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nesquick=6 Vs Daxton=Mind+1
< Nesquick: Success Daxton: Good Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=Physical-2 Vs Nesquick=2
< Daxton: Good Success Nesquick: Failure
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Solid Victory

Daxton's been attacked a lot. In a lot of different way, but surprisingly not by a psychic. It's akin to when the ship in space time jumped and it crushed his brain pan a bit. But he's a soldier first and foremost. The speedster cries out, surprise and pain but then turns that and. Uses it to fuel his own attack. Indeed rage is a powerful force. He He rushes her again, intent not only to stab her, but knock her to the ground.

Psychics aren't fun, especially bitch psychics. Nesialora finds that foothold and holds fast, aiming to twist and rend and ultimately tear. What does her 'target' look like when trying to lay siege to a boy's mind? It's a bit more complicated than the act of 'thinking' an attack. She's razing nerves; she's targeting the actual pain response and if Nes can have it her way — which is her complete intent — she will eventually see to it that ever nerve in this big lug's body will be on fire. But then again, she doesn't count on the very pain she tries to inflict as being a weapon. Against HER!

Daxton knows how to soldier and that is the clincher. He rushes in, and thoroughly slams her down and breaks that painful stranglehold on his mind. The volatile fey flops backwards, prone and easy — for this brief window of time — to stab. There is no begging; no pitiful mewling or appeal to win over Daxton's merciful side. There's hatred in her eyes even before her back hits the floor and if she gets but one more chance, she's gonna try to strike again! Another set of footsteps can be heard running in the dirty hallways, closing in.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daxton=Physical Vs Quickshake=6
< Daxton: Good Success Quickshake: Good Success
< Net Result: Daxton wins - Marginal Victory

More pain, he may throw up after this. But Dax is a smart boy. If this was a weapon hurting him, he'd target the weapon, her hand. Whatever it was. But it's not visible, so instead he uses his full body weight to fall on the tiny girl, his free hand knotting in her hair before slamming her head into the ground.

While durable enough, beyond the typical scope of human physiology, some of the same things that destroy humans can do the same to a dark faerie if executed quickly, and powerfully. The last earthly gesture that Nesialora can make and even inflict upon Daxton is a glare. Full of loathe, insult and hatred. Her lips move to deal an insult; for hadn't Mommy Dearest in-turn fed her certain details? Not many but Malachite had intruded upon the boy's nightmares twice. She's seen things. Goaded them. Surely, it is Nesialora's intent to bark out something along those lines to Daxton, an ultimate insult—-

But he's bigger than her, faster, and in the act of moving to clout her head a good one off of the floor.. all it takes is one wrong wrenching of the neck and the sound of what kills Nesquick is actually… an efficient, clinical 'CRACK'—because even dark faeries can die of broken necks. The one beneath Daxton experiences that same fate… and it's more merciful than she deserves.

That's a sound that Dax unfortunately recognizes. Even if he doesn't remember where. Falling over, one hand reaches for his head, the pain still echoing there. His other hand has dropped the knife and is fumbling for his phone of all things. Missions he can prepare for, steel himself. He was not ready today, not for this.

Too late.. but not. Too late to kill the one who hunted her, but more importantly.. too late to prevent someone else from having to do the terrible deed. It happened so quickly; in minutes. Callisto peers into the room, her gaze wide and terrified. She shouldn't have heeded his command; shouldn't have left! But in the grand scheme, it was against the likes of the speedster that the dead mentalist was at the biggest fault. Callisto pauses, looking down at the body of her sister.. already beginning to fade into the aether. Her cruel counterpart's hair, mercifully, hides her dead, startled expression. Callisto doesn't even give Nesialora a second glance; steps over her, even.

"Daxton—" The Metis girl whispers, "I am so.. so sorry." She reaches for him, as he fumbles. "I should not have left!" Sometimes listening to commands can simply suck.

Daxton winces at the sound of Calli's voice, but it's his phone he's trying to operate. "Call…call Inferno….clean up…" After a another attempt he shoves the phone at the fey and closes his eyes. He's got he start of one doozy of a migraine. When she touches him, it becomes clear part of the reason he was having such a hard time working his phone is because he's vibrating, hard.

The girl shakes her head quickly, "We needn't touch her.. h-her foul body—" She starts, indicates the other faerie's form with a sharp canting of her chin. Already, Nesquick is just about 'gone'; her supine, broken form is already pulling away from the ground in a series of tiny, pulsing will o' wisps. Magical creature (even psychic-based); magical 'departure' / disposal. No clean-up needed! Even her clothing, attuned to her fae physiology, dissipates with her.. albeit differently. It falls in pitiful shreds. Her late sister is not with Callisto's time.

She takes the phone and takes his hands, pauses, lifts her hands to his head and rests them alongside each temple. "Shh. T'is for the greater good. She killed others, cruelly.. she… shh, now." Callisto tries to reassure but her tone is shakey. She wishes she could take the pain away but that is beyond her at this time..

"I am so sorry.." She mouthes, wishing she could have done what he was capable of doing. Still kneeling before Daxton, Callisto has the sense to find the leader's name in the contact list, and dial it. Her eyes do not leave Daxton's face, lips pressed together and trembling. She's doomed.

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